An Announcement at GMG – A NEW Contributor!

Today over at Good Morning Girls we are announcing our NEWEST contributor Jen Thorn!  And here we are 15 years ago – rockin some BIG rather dark – hair lol!

18 years ago, I arrived as a nervous freshman from Ohio, at the Moody Bible Institute. I settled into my new home in Houghton Hall dorm on 9 North and there across the hall lived this sweet girl with a beautiful smile. Jen had arrived in Chicago all the way from Germany and little did I know that God had a special friendship in store for me. Over the next four years, we’d become roommates, life long friends, we’d laugh, cry, share clothes, talk boys and surprisingly talk theology half the night! This girl runs deep!
During those four years of college, I was dating my husband long distance – so this poor girl had to endure me monopolizing the one phone in our room (there weren’t cell phones or email yet – just long distance calling cards!) and me writing snail mail nightly letters to my man. She helped me to enjoy life while my heart ached to be with the man I was head over heels in love with and trust me – that was a bigger task than you realize…I told LOTS of Keith stories people! lol! Which means this girl is a patient listener!
Jen was also head over heels in love with a very wise and intelligent student named Joe (who blogs at – who also happened to be one of my close friends. This guy’s theology rocked my world – he was the source of Jen and I’s very late night theology discussions! lol! I think he taught me more about Theology than all three of my Theology courses at Moody combined! But I’m off track now – back to Jen! They married! Yes, they married the week after graduation and I was in her wedding.
And then I married 3 months later and she was in my wedding!
That’s Jen on my left and surely you recognize who’s on my right??? It’s Angela my partner at! What huge blessings these girls have been in my life and I am SO excited to be coming together here and serving along side of them…
You want to see an updated photo of Jen now – along with her four children and read her bio?  Come check it out by clicking here!
We will also be announcing a second NEW contributor on GMG on Friday – so don’t miss it!
Then get ready for the BIG launch Monday as we begin an on-line study of the book of Ephesians!  Click here to open your free Estudy guide!!!

Walk with the King,


  1. says

    I remember you all from Moody!! – though I wasn’t on your floor – mostly I remember riding elevators with you – sometimes late at night – and seeing your hair in ponytail curlers and pj’s :)

    Good times!

  2. Kathy says

    Courtney Thanks for sharing the old photos. I love that you had such a good christian friend and now God has put you back together to minister. He is such a good God. Looking forward to getting to know Jen through your ministry blog. God Bless you both.
    KathyM in Illinois

  3. says

    What a fun day to click over to your blog. I love a trip down MBI memory lane. Not sure if you remember me… Sarah (Bademan) Wolfe… I remember that about Joe Thorn too. And I think that he and I were the only people at Moody who took Dr. Foos classes on purpose :) I look forward to checking out Jen’s blog as well.

  4. says

    I love a good story with a happy ending! Beautiful photos…thank you for sharing on your special friendship. I look forward to ‘meeting’ Jen and learning from her.

    God bless!

  5. stefanie says

    I hate to seem shallow but I just have to ask – HOW do you manage too look younger today, than you did then???


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