The Jello Secret – How To Make It Firm Enough to Cut



I LOVE this recipe from Janelle at Comfy in the Kitchen – because I am famous for making Jello that must be eaten with a fork – not the fingers! 

Janelle writes: Have you ever made the Jell-o Jiggler recipe on the back of your Jell-o box only to be disappointed because it just wasn’t solid enough to cut? Well, here is secret you all have been waiting for…..drum roll please! (lol)

Knox Gelatin.

Making finger Jell-O for the masses….lol.

 Finger Jell-O

3 small boxes of Jell-O
4 envelopes of Knox gelatin (the secret!)
4 cups boiling water
Whisk all together in a 13×9 pan (no cleanup) and refrigerate until firm. Before cutting, dip the bottom of your pan in warm water.
~Enjoy- Janelle :)
That’s it!  How simple is that!  I love it! 
Thank you once again Janelle for making us just a little more Comfy in our Kitchens! 

Walk with the King,



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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this; my JELLO Easter Eggs have not turned out…ever! I can’t wait to make successful JELLO now; my husband will be shocked! :)
    Thanks for the ‘secret’!
    Mackenzie :)

  2. addie jane says

    I make it in the microwave. 3c cold water. 4 plain gelatin. 3 flavored jello (we usually use sugar free). Add the water to the gelatin in the microwave safe dish you are going to use (i have this awesome ~ the boys call it the jello pan, it’s about 8×5). Stir til mostly dissolved. Microwave for 2 minutes. Stir. Microwave for 2 minutes. Do this until is completely dissolved. Usually only need the 4 minutes. Add 1 T lemon juice. Refrigerate. This clearly wouldn’t work for cutting the shape kind but just to have it, it is wonderful.

    My grandmother always had finger jello in the fridge. Sometimes I do better than others at having it constantly there.

  3. says

    I’m gonna be the weird one and share my secret…I taught my kids to suck their jello through a straw. I know…but I did it as a kid and it makes the most awesome noises as you suck it up the straw. They love it, and it makes me laugh!!
    They might not know how to react to jello that they could literally pick up with their hands!! LOL!!

  4. Missy says

    Way to funny….I just made a Jello dessert Tues night and the Jello was not solid enough. Will be trying this!! As always “Thank you” for your tips.
    Have a very blessed weekend.

  5. says

    When I was growing up, there weren’t “Jello Jigglers” there were only “Knox Blox”. My mom made “Knox Blox” all the time when I was young. I remember the first time I saw an advertisement for Jello Jigglers and thought to myself that they were stealing Knox’s brilliant idea! Ha!

  6. Wanda says

    On behalf of my children (now teenagers)…thank you…I love to create things in my kitchen but for years have felt like a jello flunkie …you know it’s bad when you fail in the jello department…thank you for the chance to redeem myself! I’m off to find the Knox at my grocery store!

  7. says

    YESSS! I have learned that secret! I used to be so disappointed when I would make jiggles, cut them out in cute shapes for the kids and they just fell apart. Now I know, but my kids are older and I don’t make them so much anymore. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Kim says

    Thank you for the secret!!! :):) I unfortunately only bought 2 small boxes:( could you please tell me how to make it with just 2 boxes.. Do I still use 4 envelopes and 4 cups water?? So sorry!! Thanks!!!

  9. Valerie says

    We always called them Knox Blocks. I learned how to make them when I was in grade school. My children now make them for their kids. I love this recipe. There are tons of ideas for this recipe if you google it.

  10. Cindy says

    I was just wondering if the “Knox Blox” need to be refrigerated once set. If anyone knows, please share info. Thanks!

  11. Vicky says

    Thank you! I will try this! :)
    Anyway, is it better if we put the pan in the freezer so that it cools down quicker? I don’t know if this will affect the end product or not, that’s all..
    Thank you again!! :)

  12. says

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