Finding Contentment with the Girl in the Mirror


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Psalm 139:13,14 “For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

I linger in front of the mirror for a moment…what do I see? A grey hair popping out, that big sun spot on my cheek, those bags under my eyes. And then there’s my beloved muffin top – possibly the thing that makes me most insecure. For me – all it takes is a mirror to get me discontent.

Join me over at The Better Mom today where we are talking about Finding Contentment with the Girl in the Mirror.

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    Courtney ~

    Realizing that your sunspot is a reminder of all the fun days you’ve had in the sun, I thought I’d share anyway…

    I too am “that age” when sunspots start to appear. I have one on my cheek for a couple of years now. At the end of this summer I noticed it had darkened slightly. I started putting a dot of Tea Trea Oil on it every night before I went to bed. In the meantime, I had my yearly “skin check” at the dermatologist. When she saw my sunspot she said “I’m sure it’s nothing, but I would still like to biopsy it, just to be sure. I wouldn’t want to miss something.” Turns out it is actinic keratosis (which is usually nothing, but there is a 10% chance that years and years and years from now it could turn into a skin cancer – not high odds, but still…) So, the dermatologist recommended removing it. I have an appointment scheduled for next week. The ironic thing is that the sunspot has faded very dramatically from the use of the Tea Tree Oil. So much so, that I’m wondering if there is anything to remove!

    So, if you’d like a less noticeable reminder of your fun days in the sun, maybe a little Tea Tree Oil?? :)

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