RooMag Contributor Party

12 of the Roo Mag Contributors are gathered in Harrisburg, PA this weekend at a blogging conference called Allume.

We gathered in our hotel room and skyped with Candace! So fun!


Top Row L to R: Darlene, Angela, LeAnn, Rachel, Glynnis, Mandy
Bottom Row L to R: Stacy, Sheila, Darlene, Clare, Ruth, Courtney

It was a great time of hugs, love and lots of chatter! We wish you could all be here with us!

Walk with the King,


  1. says

    probably too busy to read your comments, but if you run into my friend Dee Kasberger give her a hug for me! she’s there too! Have a great weekend!

  2. Iris Linkletter says

    Wow so many beautiful women in one place at one time and having so much fun. I do not know you personally just pop in and out of your blog site, and I have enjoyed the diversity in them all, and Mandy is it with the curls and lovely long red hair one word “stunning.” Bless you all

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