Laundry Leads to Jesus

Did you miss last night’s webcast?  Then you know what I’m about to say…

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If you caught Week Two’s webcast, then you met my college roomie and our Friday contributor over at  Her name is Jen Thorn – a church planter pastor’s wife, homeschooling mother of four – who cares for her in-laws in her home – that’s a full house!


Jen and her husband Joe – and as a friend noted – he looks like a character from Duck Dynasty lol! Actually this guy is the only dude in the acknowledgement section of my book (who is not family) because he has been that instrumental in my walk with God at a pivotal time in my life!

One thing that is really cool about the group of women on our webcasts is we each blog on completely different topics.  One writes on marriage, another on cooking, another on parenting, another on daily devotions, another on organization and another on health and fitness.  So along comes Jennifer my roommie.  She was writing on Good Morning Girls and her writing is just beautiful.

Two weeks ago she began her very own theology blog at  And I did cartwheels because she’s rounding out the webcast girls with some good deep theology.

What is BEAUTIFUL about her writing is she intertwines her role as a wife and mother into her theology!

*Boom* I LOVE that.

So here is the start of one of her recent posts – and I hope you might visit her today to read the end.

This post is titled “Laundry Leads to Jesus”:


Last Monday morning I was sitting at our kitchen table and could see a large amount of crumbs that needed to be swept up, crusty dishes that needed to be dealt with and funky laundry that needed to be re-washed. It reminded me of the song by the Bangles,

It’s just another manic Monday
I wish it were Sunday
‘Cause that’s my fun day …Really you could insert any day of the week into that song, every day seems to feel “manic.” Along with that Monday came all the seemingly dull tasks that fill my life. Kids need help getting dressed, otherwise they will choose to only wear underwear, or less. Gook needs to be scraped off of counters and floors, bills need to be paid, toilet paper needs to be rolled back onto the toilet paper roll. The excitement of it all is almost unbearable!

Why is it so easy for me to have hard feelings towards those tasks that never end?  I know that in my work I am given opportunity to bless my family, but honestly, that doesn’t always make me feel satisfied.

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