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Here at Women Living Well, we discuss lots of topics.  We discuss theology, marriage, parenting, homemaking, homeschooling, my daily life, recipes and other odds and ends.  Do you know what the number one topic is that I get the most email questions about?


I believe that the foundation of the family is under attack.  Many of us come from broken hearts, broken homes, broken pasts and let’s just face it – even if we come from a solid Christian home – we are sinners and we married a sinner and that makes marriage hard.

The culture has made it difficult to love God, his word and his ways.  And so we need each other.  We need each other for encouragement, inspiration, accountability, advice, a listening ear, prayer and fellowship.

This is why I am so excited to share something new with you!

I was recently invited by my friends Darlene and Jennifer to join an amazing community through Facebook for wives called Faith-Focused Wives.  This is a closer kind of community.  Instead of a regular page of encouragement on Facebook, where you may miss some of the posts, this is a private group where women can truly connect in an intimate way.

Darlene, Jennifer, and myself are bloggers who are all passionate about sharing God’s love story and helping wives persevere. Our hope is to pour time into this group and really be available for you to connect with us and others.

To Join The Group Just Click HERE And Then Join!


I would love for you to get to know the wonderful women I am contributing with in this community – if you don’t know them already!

Darlene Schacht is an Evangelical Christian whose number one priority is to serve Jesus Christ in every area of her life. She started Time-Warp in 2010 out of a place of grace, with a passion to encourage women in their marriages. She and her husband Michael live in Manitoba Canada. Married 25 years, they have four children (three still at home), a bird and two pugs who are everyone’s babies, especially hers! Their lives are basically surrounded with three things: faith, music and everything books. She’s an award winning and New York Times best-selling author who is nothing without the grace of God. Her newest book is The Virtuous Wife of a Christ-Centered Life.

Jennifer Smith is a Christian, a wife and a mother of one.  Those are her three most important priorities in life, in that order. In March of 2011, she launched, Unveiled Wife. She started the blog to share with other wives the struggles and the healing she encountered in her first few years of marriage.  By God’s grace it has grown into much more than she ever  imagined, reaching women from all around the world who have joined together in her Facebook community of almost 200,000 women. She believes that if you want a thriving marriage, you must be intentional about it. Jennifer has also authored the popular book called, Wife After God: Drawing Closer to God and Your Husband.

If You’d Like To Join Our Community, Visit Us On Facebook. Hop On Over, Click The “Join” Button, And One Of Us Will Add You To The Group. Also, Please Take A Moment And Share This Great News With Other Wives You Know!

Walk with the King,



  1. Carol says

    I’m excited for this new community. But there’s one group that is constantly ignored. Public School or private schooled families . We have challenges unique to us and could use equal support,too. Different issues like, bullying, special needs students, standing for Christian values in a community opposing it. Or dealing with the judgments of those who think you failed because you don’t homeschool. The home school community can be the most judgmental group. I have 2 public school students that are successful and love and serve God with all of their hearts. Please, include public/private schooled families in your community. Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Carol,

      I am so sorry you have had such a difficult experience with homeschoolers. :( You will not find that outlook here at Women Living Well. I happen to homeschool my kids but that is not my identity. I attended public school for 12 years, one of my sisters teaches at a public school, I have a close friend who is a public school teacher and MOST of my friends off-line send their children to public school. While I LOVE homeschooling I clearly write in both my book and on this blog that I believe that this is a personal decision for each family and it is not a permanent decision. Many homeschool the little years and then send their kids to public school in the older years. Some send them in the little years and bring them home in the older years and others choose Christian school. There are no cookie cutter ways for schooling decisions.

      All ladies are welcome in the Faith Filled Wives Facebook group – our topic there will only be marriage. We hope you will join us!

      Lots of Love,

    • Nikita says

      I had this same question. I would love to be connected to a group of Christian women, but facebook just really is not an option for me. I understand the convenience of having a group like this on facebook, but is there any chance for those of us who do not use facebook to connect with the group?

  2. says

    Hey Courtney,
    Thank you for the invite! I just clicked to join, not sure how active I will be for the next few weeks at least I have been dong intense ‘weening’ off of social media and through prayer and reading your book and trying to live more in the present with my family and kids. I was spending WAY too much time online and not nearly enough in my walk with my Lord or even as bad as it sounds, with my children! by the way I am loving your book, it speaks so well to me, is easy to read and understand, and introduced me to the SOAP method and I actually am using the bible memorization tools as well and memorized my first verse. (I know tons of verses through my dad being a minister, but none that I ever intentionally learned on my own or where to find them in the bible) so a huge thank you for writing that book! I am doing a type of series over at my blog on social media and how its affectd my family and walk with the Lord, I hope it somehow helps other women that might read it :)

  3. says

    Thanks so much for sharing. I was just talking to my dad yesterday about my need to connect with other women (I have three boys, my husband, my FIL and my dad – and that is all that I see on many days). God-centered women of faith is a much needed element for my life!
    Be blessed!

    Oh – and I joined the Facebook group even before I finished reading the post!

  4. Amy Filice says

    I am so excited to join this group. I have only been a wife for a little over 2 months now, and I could definitely use the guidance and insight from some more experienced and seasoned wives. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you so much Courtney, Darlene, and Jennifer.

  5. Debbi says

    Hi! This sounds like a wonderful group – I’m looking forward to being apart of it! I am wondering, however, if it is a “secret” group – where my comments will not be seen by anyone outside of the group. I know I am part of a few “private” groups that are not labeled “secret,” and my facebook friends that never changed their settings, can see that I made a comment or posted in the group. I am also part of a few “secret” groups, and those comments are only seen by others in the group.

    I ask this, becuase I do not want to be asking a private question to the group, and have my mom, husband or other friends see it…. Thank you for the info! :)

    • Debbi says

      I just looked at this group “closed” and it appears that my secret groups actually say “secret” instead of closed. May I suggest that you consdier changing to a secret group for the privacy of conversations? Thank you!

      • Debbi says

        I see I was wrong and it is private! Yay! Sorry – you and delete my messages if you want so they don’t cause confusion! Looking forward to this group!

  6. Ada says

    I know it is easier for most women these days to have groups and posts via
    Facebook. But I was wondering if there was some other form of online
    grouping that can be done. I purposefully chose to close my Facebook
    account because I found I was spending entirely too much time trying to see
    what other people were doing. Every few minutes when I got a break in the
    day, I’d check the feed to see what was new. I would actually be a little
    bummed out when there were no new postings. I decided I needed to spend
    those extra few minutes (more like 3 hours total when I added up the “few
    minutes” a day) devoted to being a better wife and mother, and using that
    time to pray.

    Anyway, that is my personal conviction. But I just thought y’all should
    maybe consider having a group some other way so women who choose not to
    have Facebook can have an opportunity to join in. Thanks, Ada

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