I Lost My Voice…the Week of the Rachael Ray Show


All of the contributors at TheBetterMom.com are taking turns telling their stories in the month of June.

Today it is my turn – so I invite you to click on over to TheBetterMom.com where I’m sharing my testimony along with a lesson I learned when I lost my voice…the week of the Rachael Ray Show. Bah!  > Click here <

Rachael Ray Show

Walk with the King,



  1. Love this post and LOVE that verse!

  2. Yessica guerra says:

    I completely admire you and the way that you run your home. Any negative comments come from a place of not understanding .

  3. Keep speaking the truth for His glory! You are such an encouragement to most of us. Any negativity is just the enemy trying to quiet you. Keep speaking. This world needs more voices like yours!

  4. Debbie Rhoades says:

    Courtney, I am very glad to see you and to read you, and I admire you and your husband and the life that you lead. I am sorry some people hurt your feelings — I can tell you that there are hundreds and thousands of women who would cut their right arms to be able to have the stay at home life of wife and mother. The detractors just simply don’t understand what joy can be had to have that life. Thank you for sharing!


I love hearing what is on your heart.