The “Messy Beautiful Love” Book Club {Begins Here – November 3rd!}

Book Club Announcement

  I know we are all in the midst of the Making Your Home a Haven Series on Mondays and we aren’t really thinking about November’s Monday series quite yet BUT since it’s a book club, I want to be sure you have enough time to order your book before November 3rd! So here are the details: When: Every Monday and Thursday in November we will be reading and discussing the book Messy Beautiful Love* by Darlene Schacht, the Time Warp Wife. Where: Here at Why: Because marriage is Messy right? But it’s Beautiful too. This book is an […]

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When You Go Through Deep Waters

Overcomer Deep waters

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years and the emails never stop.  I love hearing from you all so very much and I read every. single. one. (I do not have an assistant ) but I am not able to answer every. single. one. I love reading your stories and meeting you via email but some of your stories – break my heart and some of your questions go much deeper than I could ever answer.  You see, I have a Bible degree – so I can answer your Bible questions – but many of your questions are more like […]

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Coming Soon…A Virtual Marriage Retreat & Messy Beautiful Love

Messy Beautiful Love Freebies

I am so excited to share with you the “Embrace Your Marriage” Virtual Marriage Retreat! I am partnering up with some of my favorite marriage bloggers every Monday in the month of September, to focus on our marriages! Each week we will include a challenge and links to the other writers so you can virtually visit us all! While we all hold the same Biblical principles, we each have our own unique perspective and life experiences. We pray this will bless you! Join me back here this Monday, September 1st as we begin! And while we are on the topic […]

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Do Not Be Discouraged When You Feel Judged

wims roomies 2

I am still on my blogging break but I am in Dallas, Texas this morning at a Women in Ministry Summit with Kay Arthur (author of over 100 Bible Studies!) and Logos Bible Software. I had the opportunity to sit next to Kay Arthur and ask her many questions during breakfast yesterday. My mother has led her Precept Bible Studies for over 35 years. I am a product of Kay discipling my mother and my mother discipling me. So this was truly a joy to meet Kay, at the age of 80, in real life. I was also trained on […]

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I’ll Be Back Mid-August…


It’s time for me to take a little blogging break while I work on a new writing project! I can’t wait to share it with you all! I just love the the topic and can’t wait to have a little extra time to spend on it. While I’m away, here’s some links to things that might interest you: The Women Living Well Webcasts from last summer – {Seven 45 minute sessions featuring some of my favorite bloggers} – all posted over at! Join Darlene over at for the second half of the Women Living Well Book Club happening […]

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Happy 4th of July!

snowball 4th of July

Our  puppy is ready to celebrate the 4th of July!!!!  (a puppy update is coming very soon ) Our house is almost set for a huge family shin dig and today we’ll be making our annual Dirt Cake (recipe found here) which we always gobble up fast on the 4th of July. So while I’m preparing for our party – here’s some links from Week 1 of the Women Living Well book club that is happening over at Monday’s post – What Voice Are You Listening Too? Tuesday’s post – But Did I Share the Gospel? Wednesday’s post – […]

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Today It Begins!!!


  The Women Living Well 4 week Summer Book Club begins today! Join us over at!!!   There’s a bonus Facebook group created for extra discussion that we’d love for you to join too –just click  >> here <<.     I’ll be back tomorrow with the conclusion to our {Radical} Women –Living Well series. Until then, Walk with the King! Courtney

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July Book Club –Coming Soon!


  Coming this summer, during the month of July, my friend Darlene over at will be hosting a Women Living Well Book Club!  Hooray! This is a short and sweet four week one — it’s a perfect summer refresher! You’ll be able to read along at your own pace, chat with other women in our Facebook group (join here) and glean extra encouragement. Here’s the July Schedule: Week 1: Your Walk With the King Week 2: Your Marriage Week 3: Your Parenting Week 4: Your Homemaking If you’d like to buy the book, the ebook version is on sale […]

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So Excited To Share Something New With You!

faith focused wives banner

Here at Women Living Well, we discuss lots of topics.  We discuss theology, marriage, parenting, homemaking, homeschooling, my daily life, recipes and other odds and ends.  Do you know what the number one topic is that I get the most email questions about? Marriage. I believe that the foundation of the family is under attack.  Many of us come from broken hearts, broken homes, broken pasts and let’s just face it – even if we come from a solid Christian home – we are sinners and we married a sinner and that makes marriage hard. The culture has made it […]

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Summer Book Club


  Are you looking for something to read this summer either on your own or with a group of friends in real life? Can I recommend my book Women Living Well?   Ya – that feels kind of awkward to write but I believe in the message of the book and have had so many positive reviews that I hope it will be a blessing. Back in the day when my kids were little and totting around –I had multiple summer book clubs in my backyard.  It was not formal.  It was not a Bible study but it was Biblical […]

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New Series Announcement: Truth in Love

Truth in Love New Series

  I have been blogging now for nearly 6 years. This series is born out of what I’m experiencing within my blogging community.  During these years of blogging, I have watched as Evangelical bloggers have splintered over their liberal and conservative views.  I have also watched as some have been quite brave and bold in their stance – to the point of being mean.  This has made the blogging world less friendly than you might know.  You might see pictures from our conferences where we are hugging and smiling and sharing platforms – uniting around the gospel – but there […]

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New Series Announcement: Thriving In a Spiritually Mismatched Marriage

  Next week we begin a week long series titled: Thriving in a Spiritually Mismatched Marriage. I can not wait for you to meet my friend Lynn!  I had the privilege of reading in advance and endorsing her most recent book she co-authored titled, Not Alone: Trusting God to Help You Raise Godly Kids in a Spiritually Mismatched Home.  I LOVED this book and the minute I closed it I knew we needed her voice here at Women Living Well.  I get emails on a regular basis from women in this very situation.  I pray that her words will be […]

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