10 Disney Frozen Party Ideas – Food, Games and Fun!


Last Friday we had a fabulous Disney Frozen Pajama Party with Lexi’s 3rd grade Homeschool Group. (The group is called Classical Conversations – sadly we were missing two of the girls.) Alexis wanted me to do her hair like Elsa’s coronation. So this was our version. (I followed this video >> here <<. There is ribbon in her bun but it’s hard to see.) Pizza was on the menu but is not show below. Here was our menu: Blue Party Punch with snow<<<click on the link for recipe The Craft While waiting for all the girls to arrive, we cut snowflakes out […]

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What I’ve Feared All My Life

Lexi's birthday

This is a really random post that has no spiritual implications but I have a confession…something I’ve feared for 38 years… Dogs. Yep – it’s lame I know. It’s been a problem that has hounded me (no pun intended) since I was a child. I LOVE people. And when you are afraid of a family’s dog – let’s just say – that family…does not love my fear of dogs. I’m a huge inconvenience to have over because these poor dog owners ie. my real life friends – have to put their dog in the basement or their bedroom or laundry […]

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My Birthday Present

birthday fitdesk

August 26th, is my 38th Birthday – cue the confetti!! And it also happens to be my dear friend and recipe extraordinaire’s birthday too – Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen! This photo below was taken of us on our birthday 2 years ago.  We are birthday twins – – I love sharing a birthday with her and I love how God works even in these small details of our lives. My gift to myself is a day off from writing (so this will be a very unspiritual post lol!). But I’ll share with you a present I got on Saturday […]

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DIY: Outdoor Lawn Twister


  This is such a fun outdoor game to play with a big crowd!    I’m always looking for fun party ideas and I found this idea on Pinterest. It’s pretty much self-explanatory on how to do it!     I bought some paint and made a pattern out of cardboard.  Then I picked a spot and started painting.   If I did this again, I would measure between the circles because the lines were a little crooked – oops! You can make the grid extra large if you are expecting an extra large crowd — that way everyone can play at […]

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Our April Fool’s Day Tradition

alex's birthday

 If you hang out on Pinterest  – you have seen some fun ways moms are being playful with their children on April Fools Day. image via KateherineMariePhotography      But this is our tradition… It’s Lexi’s Birthday –she is my little April Fool’s baby and trust me, when I was delivering her, I was feeling sorry for the day she was coming out. lol! April 1st is her day –she’s 8!   We had her party at a bowling alley –here she is with some of her cousins and daddy.     And the Grandma’s came and watched. My Grandma on the left […]

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My Greatest Teacher


Today (March 11th) my greatest teacher turns 10 years old! My first born son, Alexander, has taught me more than anyone else about sacrifice, enduring love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, patience, joy, self-control, anger, endurance, obedience to God, and humility. In just ten short years, this little guy has taught me lessons I have needed to learn to mature in my walk with God.   Psalm 127:3 says “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.”     This boy – this little boy that God has given to me for a short time – is my reward. Some days […]

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My Grandmother’s 90th Birthday Party

This past weekend we had a family reunion.  It was my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday. Here’s my mom and her three younger brothers with grandma.    Grandma has a been a rock to the whole family. She loved her husband till the day God took him home, despite some very hard times including my grandpa being too weak to walk and an invalid for years. She truly is the most grace-filled and hardest working woman, I have ever known –a real life Proverbs 31 woman!  Grandma loves Jesus and loves her family.   To get to the reunion, some family traveled from far away and others […]

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Happy Birthday to My Husband!

i love you

Photo Credit: Fawn at HappyWivesClub.com Today (Saturday) we celebrated my husband’s birthday!  The kids decorated the kitchen to surprise him when he got home from a business trip yesterday.    He’s 38 today!  Happy Birthday honey!!   I love you yesterday, I love you still.  I always have…I always will! Walk with the King, **For those who have recently subscribed via email to Women Living Well – you should find the link to the eBook right below these words in your email inbox. Give the ebook 15-30 seconds to open. Sometimes it’s a slow load. If for some reason it does […]

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Another Birthday Came and Went!


This weekend we celebrated the kid’s birthdays…again! It wasn’t long ago the kids looked like this: Alex – 6 months Alexis 1 year birthday And then they grew SO fast!  Above – turning 5 and 7.  Below – turning 6 and 8.  Years are passing rapidly! And yesterday we celebrated Alexander turning 9 and Alexis turning 7. Silence… The evening ends with wrapping paper, plastic cups, pinata shavings, dirty dishes and toys scattered. Mommy gulps as she reflects on the memories of her little ones who each day grow a little bigger. Silence…Reflection Time seemed so slow during the Barney days. Tear* Time is […]

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My Birthday and the Start of a New Series!


I may be on a bloggy break BUT I still love a Party!  So let’s keep my birthday party going with Women Living Well’s Wednesday Link-Up Party!!! Join the fun, do a little blog hopping and don’t forget if you join below -please add the Women Living Well Wednesdays button to your post so your readers can find us here! (Posts can include the topics of marriage, parenting, homemaking, finances, recipes, organization and more!) To find the code go to the sidebar – or right click and “save as” the button and then upload it into your post! You will […]

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Our Weekend Birthday Bash

Alex turned 8 last week and Alexis is about to turn 6! So this weekend we had our big birthday bash!It started out with a massive snow storm! It was breathtakingly gorgeous outside!Then daddy took Alex on his annual trip to Friendly’s for his birthday breakfast! (Side note: Friendly’s is a chain of ice cream shops in the mid-west. I worked there for 4 years as a waitress! We LOVE Friendly’s in my family!) The theme for the birthday party was dogs! Alexis wanted 101 Dalmation Dogs. And Alex wanted military dog fighting planes. The centerpiece was our pinata! Mommy […]

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I’m 35 Today!

I woke to a new beginning. The age 34 is behind me and today I’m 35! A lot happened in my life last year – I began my first year of homeschooling and LOVED it! We moved to a new home. The blog grew with the Rachael Ray appearance. The Good Morning Girls groups began on-line and grew to over 600 ladies this past summer! My husband began a new business. We lost two loved ones to death. We made many wonderful memories as a family and have grown spiritually. I grew as a wife, mom and friend. It was […]

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