“Your Ministry” Webcast & Extra Resources

session 6 group 1

We have completed Part I of the book. Next week, we will begin Part II on “Your Marriage.”  I’m super excited about that!!! This book was written with our inner world in mind – but we MUST not forget that there is a hurting world outside of our home that we are called reach out to and love! So, today we have a treat.  Many of you know and love our Wednesday recipe girl – Janelle from Comfy In The Kitchen.  She has a warm, inspiring message for you.  The first 20 minutes are Janelle sharing her heart and the last 22 […]

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When Christians Mock Christians

when christians mock christians

I have watched as the church – just like the world – has divided into the “cool kids” and “not so cool kids”. I mean the uncool wear dresses to church still…the cool ones wear jeans. The not so cool – put verses on their twitter – cool ones tattoo themselves with verses. The less trendy –  love going to church – the cool ones prefer to hang out in a coffee shop – they might even brag that they don’t have a church at all.  They don’t need it. The uncool don’t drink – the cool ones explore their […]

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Highlights of the Proverbs 31 Conference – She Speaks


  After an 8 hour drive to North Carolina – I arrived at the Proverbs 31 Ministries Conference called She Speaks.  The hotel was buzzing with women – women who are professional speakers, authors, ministry leaders in their churches or just starting out in these areas.  Suddenly, I became very nervous as I thought about speaking in front of these sophisticated women!  The highlight of my first evening was meeting my good friend Karen Ehman.  Karen and I have been on-line friends for almost two years but we have never met!  We have spent hours chatting on the phone together but to hold each other in a tight squeeze […]

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My Feelings About The Woman Who Confronted Me & WLWW Link-Up Party!


2 weeks ago, I posted a blog post about a woman who confronted me for being immodest. While the post was mainly about modesty, a huge part of the conversation to follow was about this woman who confronted me.  To be honest, the focus was not meant to be on her and I didn’t expect the huge response that post received! (It was shared on facebook over 9,959 times – and in one day I had a whopping 89,000 visitors to my blog!) I’ve received emails and comments from women begging me to say something about this woman who many called…”legalistic, […]

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Spring Cleaning Your Facebook Account

During the year of 2010, 250 million NEW people joined Facebook bringing the total users on Facebook at the end of 2010 to 600 million! Facebook is growing and the pressure to be there is not going away.  It’s the new front porch.Last summer I went on evening runs through my new neighborhood and it was the dogs, crickets and me outside.  Everyone else seemed to be inside enjoying their family, air conditioning, computers, and televisions.  I thought – I know my friends on Facebook, blogland and twitterville better than my next door neighbors! So let me preface all that I am about to say about Facebook with […]

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