For the Leader Who Feels Weak: A Call to Courage

For leaders who feel weak a call to courage

I was in 3rd grade when I realized I had a real problem. I knew I had a speech impediment because kids on the school bus had pointed it out – but it hadn’t really bothered me much…until the day speech therapy began.  I had trouble with the letters “s” and “z”.  For some reason, I said them out the side of my mouth. Once a week in my public school, I left my class and friends and headed to the speech therapy room where I wore headphones and repeated over and over…and over… the “s” and “z” sound correctly. […]

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When the Wicked Prosper and God Seems Far Away {Psalm 10}

When the wicked prosper and God seems far away

Do you find yourself troubled by the direction of our world? Turning on the news these days is a painful experience. Watching the oppression of women, children, the poor, racial tensions, and persecution of Christians around the world, is enough to make us all sit back and say: “God, where are you?” The corruption I see in our government mixed with the required political correctness in the media, suppresses truth and makes my heart hurt. A reader wrote me and asked, “How do we live with joy when all this is in our face and growing? How do we not […]

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When Your Story Doesn’t End Like Esther…or Cinderella

When your story doesn't end like esther or cinderella

Not all stories end like Esther…or Cinderella. Sometimes when we do what is right – in the midst of a bad situation – things get worse. Then what? That’s what today’s video is all about… (if you can’t see this video – click here) One final observation… Esther was a woman of courage – she risked her life to save the lives of her people.  But her courage goes further than just going to the king and asking for him to save her and her people. Esther did this IN the presence of the guilty man who orchestrated all of […]

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How to Respond to the Labels – Intolerant, Judgmental, Hater

Impossible to please everybody J C Ryle quote

 Some might think I live in a bubble because I’ve homeschooled my kids for the last 5 years…they’d be wrong.  For the first 18 years of my life, I attended public schools.  I also worked in the “real world” as a waitress for many years and later as a receptionist, Administrative Assistant and Business Sales Rep.  During those years, I made friends with all sorts – gay and straight, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist and every denomination from Charismatic to Fundamentalist to Methodist and Presbyterian. I sincerely enjoy people and anyone who is kind to me, I quickly adopt […]

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What I’ve Feared All My Life

Lexi's birthday

This is a really random post that has no spiritual implications but I have a confession…something I’ve feared for 38 years… Dogs. Yep – it’s lame I know. It’s been a problem that has hounded me (no pun intended) since I was a child. I LOVE people. And when you are afraid of a family’s dog – let’s just say – that family…does not love my fear of dogs. I’m a huge inconvenience to have over because these poor dog owners ie. my real life friends – have to put their dog in the basement or their bedroom or laundry […]

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5 Ways to Defend Truth

God's word defines truth.

Before we get started with the #TruthInLove series, we need to define some terms. Truth is reality…what really is. Subjectivism is where truth and reality are determined by the subject or person. Relativism is the theory that there is no objective standard by which truth may be determined.  There is no absolute truth. As Bible believers we believe in absolute truth which means we stand opposed to relativism and subjectivism.  Truth is not relative to time, location, and people groups.  Truth is not subject to peoples opinions or culture.  God’s Word defines truth. Whew – that was a lot of […]

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When You Are Embarrassed


A friend asks “What’s the book about?” and I swallow hard.  Almost embarrassed that I would even think of writing a book. I mean really – what could I possibly say that I have not already said on my blog?  And why would I sell something.  For 5 years, everything with my ministry has been free…then all of a sudden I’m holding a conference and selling a book.  This is new behavior for me. And I get a negative email from someone who says they’ve followed my blog for years and I’ve changed and she is not pleased I am selling […]

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A Big Flop, Overcoming & the WLW Conference

HealthExpoo9 001

  4 years ago, the Outreach Pastor at my church organized a Health Expo as an outreach to our community.  He invited me and Clare from to speak at this Expo (this is us 4 years ago).   She and I went out on a snowy January day and delivered flyers at local businesses, restaurants, and Dr. Offices inviting those in the community to join us. The big day arrived and I went to the room where I was scheduled to speak and got organized.  I put a pink Women Living Well pen on each chair along with my fill-in-the-blank hand out.  I had […]

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When the Bottom Falls Out


Last summer, my husband was walking down our deck stairs holding my daughters hand… they stepped on one stair (these are higher up than they appear in the picture) and it gave out – then they stepped to the next stair and it gave out too!  Thankfully my husband had my daughter by the hand and she did not fall through.  He strong armed her onto the 3rd step down but he got injured from gripping the railing – the wood punctured his hand and later developed an infection – it was just a mess! The bottom fell out literally for him that day. But I think […]

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The Biggest Disappointment of Relevant


Me with Ann right before we spoke on a panel about “Upside Down Blogging”. There was one HUGE lesson God revealed to me during the Relevant Conference… I’m a huge disappoinment and it’s time I embrace disappointing others –  to the glory of God! Let me explain. The closing speaker for the Relevant Conference was my #1 favorite blog writer – Ann Voskamp of  A Holy Experience.  Her writing takes me to the throne of God each time I read it.  I simply can’t get enough of her writing. Previous to her closing session, I had shared the platform with Ann in a session titled […]

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My Battles With Loneliness

After posting the picture of my Good Morning Girls Group, I received a few comments and emails from sisters in Christ who are lonely and long for Christian friendships. My heart broke, as I can recall the seasons in life where I was caught in the dark cloud of loneliness. I remember weekends in college in Chicago, when most of the girls either went home or out on dates with their boyfriends – I was homesick. I would sit in my dorm room alone eating popcorn and listening to George Winston’s Pachabel’s Canon play on repeat for hours(I still do […]

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This Is What I Do When Life Hurts

The Making Your Home a Haven Challenge is over and I miss reading all of your link-ups already!!! Thank you for helping me make October special in my home – your accountability truly helped me! I have the most amazing readers ever! Keep it up! Today I’m thinking about the reader who is frustrated with her home and feels that it is anything BUT a haven. I turn to Psalm 23 and I think about the inner dialogue of a woman who is hurting… 1 – The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want. (want. want. want. […]

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