Nothing Is Too Hard for the Lord {Genesis 18}

Genesis 18 discussion question

Good Morning Girls! Can you imagine if God came to your front door?  What would you do? Today we are reading in Genesis 18 and that is exactly what happened to Abraham and Sarah. Genesis 18 The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day. 2 Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby. When he saw them, he hurried from the entrance of his tent to meet them and bowed low to the ground.  3 He said, “If I have […]

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10 Disney Frozen Party Ideas – Food, Games and Fun!


Last Friday we had a fabulous Disney Frozen Pajama Party with Lexi’s 3rd grade Homeschool Group. (The group is called Classical Conversations – sadly we were missing two of the girls.) Alexis wanted me to do her hair like Elsa’s coronation. So this was our version. (I followed this video >> here <<. There is ribbon in her bun but it’s hard to see.) Pizza was on the menu but is not show below. Here was our menu: Blue Party Punch with snow<<<click on the link for recipe The Craft While waiting for all the girls to arrive, we cut snowflakes out […]

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Women Living Well Book Club – Chapter 14 {When Moms Lose Their Temper}

chapter 14 header

Let’s Discuss Chapter 14 Do you struggle with losing your temper –you are NOT alone!  Long ago I turned to the book of Proverbs in my Bible, grabbed a highlighter, and marked every.single.verse that referenced how I am to communicate with others (there’s a TON of verses between chapters 10 and 31 regarding our speech). Some of the verses I both marked and committed to memory are: “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.”  Proverbs 13:3  “A quick tempered man does foolish things.”  Proverbs 14:17  “A gentle answer turns away […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day Gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day!   My friend, Renee Swope’s Confident Heart DEVOTIONAL eBOOK is #FREE TODAY only! This is Renee’s newly released Confident Heart DEVOTIONAL. {NOT the same BOOK that was FREE in January} Grab this FREE  60-day Devotional eBOOK and let GOD love you today! Downloads available in the U.S. at the links below:  Amazon – click here B&N – click here CBD – click here iTunes Store – It’s there too! If you don’t have an E-reader, you can also download a Kindle E-reader App on your computer. Find out more about the FREE Reading App in the Kindle store. So go and get yourself a copy and be blessed!!! Walk with the King, Courtney

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My Girls Night Out with Candace Cameron Bure


I apologize that my comment system is not working right. I am in the process of having it fixed. It appears comments are either going to a spam folder or disappearing all together. I apologize Last week Candace Cameron Bure (aka – DJ Tanner from Full House) came to my hometown in Ohio to stay at my “real life” friend’s house – Clare from I’m sure Clare will have lots of fun pictures on her blog soon from their weekend together. Anyhow, on Friday evening Ruth from drove in from out of town and Janelle from Comfy in the […]

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Last Week

playdate may 2013 Collage

Last week was a VERY busy week.  So my Opposite World post is on hold and I thought I’d just share a little of my life with you all. First, Alex got his green belt –hooray! Then we had a playdate with homeschool friends –which put my kids on cloud 9! The next day I dropped my kids off at my parents house in the morning and Keith and I went on a little ride:   Now I must admit. I’m not a natural biker chick…I did this to make my husband happy.  He bought me the jacket.  I on the […]

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Slowing Down {In Opposite World}

Slowing down in opposite World

2 weeks ago, my family went on vacation.  One of the things I looked forward to were the walks on the beach.  My plan was to walk briskly for about 30 minutes daily to enjoy the sand beneathe my toes, the water splashing on my ankles and in the process burn some calories. So I announced to the the family I was going on a beach walk -“who wants to come?”  My daughter cheered and grabbed her bucket and off to the beach we went. Little did I know that her plans for the beach walk were nothing like mine.  As we […]

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In Loving Memory…

Family by Tree Tgvg 2011crop

My Aunt Lori lost her battle with cancer this weekend. So this is in loving memory of her… (this picture was just taken 6 weeks ago as she sat across the table from me at my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday party).   And here she is at Christmas with my uncle and cousin – such a beautiful family inside and out! Aunt Lori was a faithful wife, loving mother and never had an unkind word to speak.  I was always so glad when she walked in the door.  I enjoyed our long talks – she was a tender and caring listener.  She always […]

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How To Make A Rainbow Birthday Cake

Look what Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen made for her daughter’s 4th birthday! Janelle is here today to share with us how she made her Rainbow Birthday Cake – she writes: My “Baby” had her 4th birthday party with some of her little friends. When I asked what she would like her theme to be…she yelled “RAINBOW!” Ok girlie…rainbow it is I’m not the most “creative” genius there is {remember, I am “comfy” NOT “creative”)…but I have a willing heart, so I scoured Pinterest for some inspiration. I truly enjoyed making this special cake for her and thought to share […]

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Happy Birthday to My Husband!

i love you

Photo Credit: Fawn at Today (Saturday) we celebrated my husband’s birthday!  The kids decorated the kitchen to surprise him when he got home from a business trip yesterday.    He’s 38 today!  Happy Birthday honey!!   I love you yesterday, I love you still.  I always have…I always will! Walk with the King, **For those who have recently subscribed via email to Women Living Well – you should find the link to the eBook right below these words in your email inbox. Give the ebook 15-30 seconds to open. Sometimes it’s a slow load. If for some reason it does […]

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Your Words…

let your words

      Walk with the King,   **For those who have recently subscribed via email to Women Living Well – you should find the link to the eBook right below these words in your email inbox.  Give the ebook 15-30 seconds to open.  Sometimes it’s a slow load.  If for some reason it does not open, please email me at courtney(at) and I will send you the direct link

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