Blogging Through the Bible


Blogging through the Bible


Last week I shared my plan to begin blogging through the Bible – one chapter a day – 7 chapters a week – 31 chapters a month – 365 chapters a year until we have completed 1,189 chapters –the entire Bible.

This will take a few years to complete and I am sure I will need a break here and there during these next few years that will slow us down. But I am committed to working our way through the Old Testament and the New Testament until we have completed it all.

We will not start on page one of the Bible and read straight through. That is a very hard way to the read the Bible.  Instead I will mix in a reading in the Old Testament – then a reading in the New Testament. Then a reading in the Old Testament then a reading in the New Testament.

Some books are short and we will fly through them – so we may do a few New Testament books in a row, other books are very long and they will take 2 months to complete.

Some seasons of life are busy and you will not be able to join us, no worries. All of these posts will be archived for you to go back and complete at your own convenience.

The Schedule:

Sundays – I will post a monthly reading plan at the beginning of every month.  I will also post a weekly reading plan every Sunday morning so you can begin your reading for the week.

Wednesdays – I will write a mid-week devotional that correlates with the reading plan for the week.  I am hoping for discussion in the comments where you share what you are learning as well.

Fridays – I will post a 1-3 minute video about that week’s reading, to wrap-up the week.

So you may be asking:

Are you still going to do your typical September Marriage Series and Making Your Home a Haven Series?

I’m so glad you asked! ;)

Mondays are reserved here at Women Living Well for my typical writing on marriage and family.  I have a Marriage Series planned for September and we will do our annual “Making Your Home a Haven Series” in October.

Will you still be posting recipes?

Yes, on Thursdays!

How do I enroll for the monthly Bible Reading?

There will be no enrollment.

On the first Sunday of each month, I will ask those who are committed to that months’ reading plan to comment in the comment section. This is a month by month commitment. I hope this frees you to join a women’s study in your church or elsewhere on-line for a session and then when it ends – maybe join us here during your breaks.  Or if you have no other studies – join me on this journey every single month.

Do you have a schedule of what is to come so we can plan?

Yes – this is the tentative schedule for the next 7 months (subject to change):

September – Esther, I & II Peter, I, II, III John, Jude and Psalm 1 & 2

October - Galatians, Genesis (ch.1-25)

November – Genesis (ch.26-50) Psalms 3–7

December – Matthew, Psalms 8-11

January – Proverbs

February – Exodus (ch.1-28)

March – Exodus (ch.29-40), unsure

This past summer I began this reading plan pictured below.  The title of it is humorous: “Read through the Bible Program for Shirkers and Slackers”.  I like this plan because it does not have dates or time frames on it.  This helps someone like me who feels a tinge of guilt when I don’t successfully check off the boxes in just ONE year.

reading plan - CJ

I dug through my drawer looking for one of my completed reading plans and the only one I could find was my husband’s.  You will see below that his reading plan was setup to be completed in one year, but according to the dates he recorded, it took him 2 years to complete.

Bible reading plan 2Bible Reading Plan - 1

I plan to create a special reading plan with all the books of the Bible and chapter numbers listed for all of us to use.  It will not have months, dates or time frames.  My hope is that we do not feel condemnation when we miss a day…or week…or month but that we would get up and keep on going.

Please remember that checked off boxes do not earn the favor of Jesus. We are already declared righteous because of his sacrifice on the cross. This is an endeavor to know God more richly, to grow in righteousness, walk with the King daily and to be women living well.

Printable reading plans will be posted here within the next 2 weeks. ;)

What about Good Morning Girls Accountability Groups?


All of the details explaining Good Morning Girls and how to find a group or form one >>>> is here!

Within the next 2 weeks, I will also be posting extra Bible study methods including an explanation of the signature GMG method of Bible Study called the S.O.A.P. method.

I look forward to Blogging Through the Bible with you, starting Sunday, August 31st.

Walk with the King,


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Good Morning Girls Announcement




Update 8/17/2014:

My sincerest apologies for the hurt and confusion that has transpired since 8/15/2014 regarding the GMG website.

The inaccurate LGG “Clarity” email and post from the LGG contributor team about me has been removed from LGG online; therefore I have removed my response to this post.

I sent a proposal with a peaceful resolution to Angela and her husband at 1pm on 8/16/2014.  Unfortunately it was not accepted.  They counter offered a proposal that would include permanently ending the GMG ministry.  Unfortunately, we could not accept that. We have chosen to move on seperately.

I know that many of you have contacted me seeking access to the past GMG studies and content. I unfortunately no longer have access to this information and therefore cannot restore the GMG studies for you but with the help of a reader – some of the old studies have been found here on-line through – woohoo!

My husband and I purchased the domain over (4) years ago when I started this ministry and we still retain that ownership and it’s legal trademark.

As it has always been, it is just me (and my husband when he is not at work) on the WLW end; so please be patient with us while we work to rebuild the GMG ministry. It will take some time and planning.

I will go on here doing what I’ve always done…and this will soon be over.

Much Love,


Original Post:

If you are coming over from welcome!!!

I woke up this morning to the same surprise that you did! Good Morning Girls has been renamed!!!

My unique challenge with this is, I founded the ministry of Good Morning Girls off-line in 2007, on this blog in 2009 and on its own site in 2010.  I stepped down from writing this past spring and shortly after the administrator changed my passwords eliminating my access to the content.

Now the content has all been moved without my permission to a new site! WOW!

I am the owner of the website so the Good Morning Girls ministry will go on.

The Ministry of Good Morning Girls will go on here starting with the book of Esther…more details coming soon – but here’s a sneak peek at what I have planned for the future.

Have you ever read through the Bible from cover to cover?

The Bible has been read out loud and recorded. It takes a total of 70 hours and 40 minutes to listen to the entire Bible. If you do the math and divide that number by 365 days you get 12 minutes a day. 12 minutes a day! That’s it. In just 12 minutes a day, we could read or listen to the entire Bible cover to cover -


Now for some of us, this is not doable because when we read scripture we aren’t trying to speed read it but rather we want to meditate on it and let it soak in. Others of us are in Bible study groups where we are doing an in-depth study of God’s word book by book.  We may never make it through the entire Bible.

So I am not proposing we read through the Bible in a year.  That’s just setting some of us up for failure.

Instead, I want to invite you to read just one chapter a day from God’s word with me – that’s more like 5 minutes of reading a day.

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament and 260 chapters in the New Testament. This gives a total of 1,189 chapters.

If we read one chapter a day – it will take me 3 1/2 years to blog through the entire Bible.

This is my goal as the writer here–and I hope you will join me.  This will take some steady endurance for me to complete.  All I ask of you, my reader, is that you take it month by month (or day by day and week by week).

In our fast paced society that may feel like a crazy long time to stick to this…but grace.  Do what you can. You can join me for a month or two. Take a break and start back whenever you can.  I’ll just be here plugging away for those who want to join me.

Let’s just do what we can because this is not an endeavor to earn Jesus’ favor. We are already declared righteous because of his sacrifice on the cross.  This is an endeavor to know God more richly, to grow in righteousness, walk with the King daily and to be women living well.

I will be here keeping you accountable every step of the way. Some will fall off the band wagon early – just hop back on whenever you can. Others will join us midway.  I’ll archive my old posts and make them really easy for those who join us in the middle to go back at the end and complete the loop.  I’ll also have a check-list for those who want to mark off which books they have completed and which ones they want to go back and complete.

How will we do this together?

First, I’ll provide a weekly reading plan every Sunday starting Sunday, August 31st and post it here and on my social media (at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).

Then on Wednesdays, (mid-week) I will check in with you all here on the blog with a devotional that goes along side this week’s reading.

Then on Fridays, I will have a wrap up for the week post with extra resources and other interesting things – perhaps a video or two. ;)

Does this mean that the blog – Women Living Well is changing?

No – this is in addition to my typical weekly posts. I will continue to have a Monday series focused on Marriage, Parenting or Homemaking and I will continue to post one recipe a week.

What do I need to participate?

Your Bible (I’ll be using the ESV version)

Optional: a journal and pen to write out your reflections and prayers.

Do you have a certain method for reading through each chapter?

Yes and No.

Reading God’s word does not need to be hard and complex.  If time is short – simply read your chapter for each day and pray. Let God speak to you through your reading of His word and then you speak to God about what you have read, your confessions and requests.

Optional extra method:

SOAP out your daily reading in your journal:

S- The S stands for Scripture- you physically write out the scripture……you’ll be amazed at what God will reveal to you just by taking the time to slow down and actually write out what you are reading!

O- The O stands for observation- what do you see in the verses that you’re reading. Who is the audience? Is there a repetition of words? What words stand out to you?

A- The A stands for Application- this is when God’s Word becomes personal. What is God saying to me today? How can I apply what I just read to my own personal life? What changes do I need to make? Is there an action that I need to take?

P- And finally, P stands for Prayer. Pray God’s Word back to Him. If He has revealed something to you during this time in His Word, pray about it. Confess if He has revealed some sin that is in your life.

Should I do this alone? Or ask a friend? 

You can do this alone, alongside your husband, your children or with friends from church, college, your homeschool group, or work.

If you have been around this ministry at Women Living Well long or you have a copy of my book – then you know that I am the founder of the accountability ministry named Good Morning Girls.

Having friends to keep us accountable in our quiet times is such a blessing and sometimes we just need the structure in place to have the courage to ask our friends.

What is Good Morning Girls?

Good Morning Girls Group is a group of women who love Jesus and love their sisters in Christ. The main goal is to keep each other accountable in their daily quiet time with God.

After you have your quiet time, each morning you email (text or Facebook) the group just to say – “I read xyz in my quiet time today.” The first person to email for the day begins the “thread”, then everyone else responds through out the day to say what they learned during their quiet time.  Remember grace, not everyone will be able to check in every single day.

I am already a “Good Morning Girl” – how is this different?

I am passionate about women being in the word and the concept of accountability.

When I created the original vision of Good Morning Girls, it was meant to be primarily an accountability group.  So a Good Morning Girls group does not have to all be reading the same passage. I know of many groups (including my own) with members who are each using different resources for their quiet times. Some are doing Kay Arthur or Beth Moore studies, some are doing topical studies and others are using “Read through the Bible” reading plans.

After 2 decades of leading Bible studies, one thing I have learned, that is universal, is that we all struggle to remain disciplined in our spiritual walk with God. So if you need accountability, ask a friend to join you and create a  “Good Morning Girls” group.

Not the morning type – then create a “Good Night Girls” group. Before your head hits the pillow, send your group a quick email sharing what you read in scripture that day and then say “Good Night”.

Grace. ;)

Do I have to enroll or sign-up?

Nope.  On the first Sunday of each month, I will post that month’s reading plan and that week’s reading plan on  All I ask is that you comment to let me know if you are joining me for that month! ;)

I’d love to encourage you along this journey. If you are not already subscribed to Women Living Well – simply enter your email address on the sidebar to subscribe. Then all of my posts will come directly to your email inbox.

Join me as we drink from the Living Well.

Jesus said, “whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 14:4

Walk with the King!


**More details coming this Monday!

The Women Living Well Book Club – Chapter 5 {Never Walk Alone}

Book Club header week 2 chapter 5

Welcome back to the Women Living Well Book Club!

Chapter 5 Discussion

sally clarkson community

Image via Sally Clarkson

In Chapter 5, I list the 4 ways I have found community, accountability and friendship within the church.

1. Women’s Bible Studies – raise your hand if you have been in a women’s Bible study!

Women’s Bible Studies are not all created equally. Depending on the leader, the book choice and the group that attends – experiences can vary.  For me personally, this has been a huge piece of the puzzle of my spiritual growth and connection with other Christian women.  I LOVE Women’s Bible Studies and highly recommend you join one or start one in your home or at your church!

Hebrews 10:24 says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”

2. Mentorship/Discipleship Ministry – When I was in 9th grade I was mentored/discipled for the very first time. I talk about this mentor named Holly in my book.  Holly and I met – one on one –  on a weekly basis for 2 years when I was in high school.  Holly was only 2 years older than me – but she had a huge influence in my life. She held me accountable for my daily Bible reading and walk with God and she listened, counseled and befriended me.  When she left my high school youth group, to attend the Moody Bible Institute – it wasn’t long until I followed in my mentors footsteps and joined her on her dorm floor as a student too!

Holly took the time to invest in me.  Who can you invest in? You are never too young!  And now she is a missionary in the Ukraine {she continues to inspire me through her life} and the last time she was home on furlough – our kids played together – here are some pictures below.

Holly Rist 2011

Holly's visit kids

3. Titus 2 Worshops – connecting with older women - If you are a young woman, the Bible says we NEED older women and if you are older- the Bible says you need to be with the younger women.  We need each other.  We need your wisdom, insight, leadership and example.  Young ones – if you don’t have an older woman to learn off of  - pray for one.

Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

4.  Good Morning Girls – (the background story) When I started the very first Good Morning Girls Group at my home church  (which was previously titled the ’6AM Club’) in 2007 – it was all about accountability.  I knew I needed accountability for my daily quiet times and that is just what Good Morning Girls provided for me.  This sweet group of 5 ladies emailed each other for years and years.

first GMG group

But little did we know that our little group of 5 would one day in August of 2009 – turn into 120 Good Morning Girls here on Women Living Well!  These groups kept on multiplying and multiplying, to the point that I was at 600 women and I needed some on-line help to manage it all.

This winter, GMG enrolled 13,000 women in our on-line Bible Study – Praise God!

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Let’s Discuss:

Here’s a – very brief – 1 minute video of my closing thoughts on this section of the book – “Your Walk with God”.

(if you are reading this in the feed – click here to view the video)

1.)  Tell us about a Bible Study you have  been involved in or a mentor or a Titus 2 Woman in your life, that you have connected with on a spiritual level.  How did that affect your spiritual growth?

2.)  Read Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (posted above), how can you apply this in your life?

For Extra Discussion go to the Forum and click on the thread that says “Chapter 5″

Walk with the King,


“Your Walk With God” Webcast & Extra Resources

Book Club header Week 1 Webcast - Resources

What a great first week!!!  You all did such a great job giving feedback here and on the forum and out on facebook!  Way to go!  Next week we will continue the discussion about our spiritual walk – but until then, I want to provide you with some resources.

First, the Webcast below features Angela, Whitney and Jennifer (and me) talking about “Your Walk with God”.

Session 2 Speakers

The first 21 minutes is Angela’s keynote and the last 25 minutes are a couch discussion that I had with the contributors.  I know this is going to encourage you!

(if you cannot view the video – click here)

The Good Morning Girls are launching their winter Bible study THIS Monday!!!  The title of the study is “Intentionally Focused”.  Check out all the details >>>here.  We’d love to have you join us!

Intentionally focused


Some other resources for your spiritual growth:

Putting My Prayer Life in Order

How to Study Your Bible With Colored Pencils

My Children’s Devotional and Spiritual Growth Books

A Solution for Keeping Your Little Ones in Bed {so you can have your quiet time}

A Vlog Demonstrating My Bible Study Tips

How to Take Sermon Notes on Sunday

I hope something here encourages you.

Chime In: Do you have a favorite on-line resource – please share it with us in the comment section!

Walk with the King,



Let It Snow and an Advent Bible Study

Starting next Monday I am back to regular blogging! Hooray!  Monday’s post is titled “Celebrating Christmas {In Opposite World}.

But until then – I have two fun announcements!!!

First, if you have the Hallmark Channel - you don’t want to miss this!  Candace Cameron Bure is starring in a special Hallmark Special titled Let It Snow , this Saturday, November 30th at 8/7c!  I’m so thankful for Family Friendly movies!

Let_It_Snow 2

 What is it about?  Hallmark writes:

When Falcon Resorts acquires family-owned Snow Valley Lodge from retiring owners Karla (Gabrielle Rose) and Paul (Dan Willmott), driven executive Stephanie Beck (Candace Cameron Bure) must spend the week before Christmas in Maine preparing a proposal on the property’s renovations. Determined to impress Falcon’s president, her detached father Ted (Alan Thicke), Stephanie reluctantly departs her warm Arizona home to immerse herself in the lodge’s property and decide how to change it to fit the hip, young Falcon brand. While preparing to rebuild the Snow Valley Lodge from the ground up, Stephanie butts heads with her property guide, Brady Lewis (Jesse Hutch), Karla and Paul’s son, who has decided to leave his family’s business over creative differences with his dad.

A self-defined Grinch, Stephanie begins her stay at Snow Valley Lodge immune to Christmas sentiment. But as the lodge’s festive traditions provide the Christmas Stephanie never had growing up with her distant father, Stephanie finds herself enjoying every minute. To complicate her professional duties even further, the combative feelings she felt toward Brady turn into romantic ones. With Stephanie’s newfound Christmas spirit and unexpected holiday romance, she begins to question Falcon’s overhaul. As her Christmas Eve deadline approaches, she’s faced with a decision: should she transform the lodge into a new winter hot spot or embrace tradition and let it snow?

For more information go here >>


Second, we are about to begin our Advent Series over at  We have a free Bible Reading plan for you, along with devotionals, videos and lots of spiritual encouragement through out the month of December. For all the information – go >>here<<.

advent 2013 info

See you all next week!

Walk with the King,