Media Mondays ~ How is Media Affecting Us?

Today is the beginning of a new 8 week series titled Media Mondays.  I want to answer the question:

How is social media and this digital world of ipads, iphones and ipods affecting our relationship with God, our marriages, our parenting, our homemaking, our friendships and our health?

I have been reading Tim Challies, the author of The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion, who writes:

“Our lives have become saturated with sounds and images flashing in front of our eyes, blaring into our ears…At work we spend forty hours staring at computer screens. at home we watch television or visit our favorite websites. Between work and home we check our route on the GPS and dash off a few text messages. Even at church we watch our pastors on screens before returning home to watch sermons on the Internet. Life is mediated by the screen.” p.89

Times have changed. Jesus lived in a different context than we do.  Never before have women carried access to all the world’s knowledge on a tiny device in our purse!   Screens are everywhere – at church, work, gyms,  in my homeschool room, on airplanes, in the car, and in our pockets.   Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Youtube have become the new front porch affecting all of our friendships. In 60 years, we’ve gone from zero screen time to an omnipresent screen – they are everywhere and we don’t even notice them!  There has been a massive pace change in the last 100 years and I want to explore how this is affecting us – both the positives and the negatives. 

Here is the series schedule:

Monday, July 11 – Media and Our Walk with God

Monday, July 18 – Media and Our Marriages

Monday, July 25 – Media and Our Parenting

Monday, August 1 - Media and Our Homemaking

Monday, August 8 – Media and Our Friendships

Monday, August 15 – Media and Our Health

Monday, August 22 -  Media Monday Wrap-Up and Conclusions  We are never getting rid of screens, so how can we live in this bizarre world in a way that honors God?


Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”


So let’s get started.

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3.  If you have thoughts or questions you want me to address in this series, please leave a comment above.  I will try to answer as many as I can either during the series or in the comment section.

Walk with the King!

How Much Time Do You Spend On Blogging?

So the question comes from time to time, “How much time do you spend on blogging?” and I shrink back.  Why? Because when I say the truth – you might think less of me. It’s not the actual blogging that takes a lot of time.

I spend about 1 hour max on each post…times 3 times a week – that equals three hours. I also post twice a week over on so that’s 2 more hours. So I could say, I spend 5 hours a week on blogging – but this would be half truth.

The bulk of my blogging time is spent on social media! Social media includes – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, reading other’s blogs, commenting back to comments and on and on it goes. Social media keeps me hopping because well…it’s so…SOCIAL!

Then there’s email – 10 emails a day come from my Good Morning Girls to read and respond to. Emails come from readers, emails from real life friends, and emails from people who “want” something from me or my blog.

So the real question is “how much time do I spend socializing on my computer each week?”

Let me pause here for a moment and enter my mother into this scenario – if you could interview her and ask what one issue she fought the most with me in high school about the answer would be – “my extensive amount of socializing”! lol!!!

I have always been a social butterfly. My philosophy in life with friends is “the more the merrier“. I LOVE people!

So, social media enters the picture and immediately I was sucked in! It is this part of blogging that is like a little monster in my life. The monster needs fed about every 3-4 hours during my day. If I don’t feed the monster – I seem to get behind with messages that are coming my way, life happenings of friends or blog posts others are writing that I want to read.

This may seem strange to you that I am giving the monster this much time…by the way I’ve neglected to tell you how much time I give the monster – haven’t I?  It varies based on home happenings but I’d say 2-4 hours a day on week days. UGH! Did I just say that out loud?

Okay – you are all shaking your heads…I have issues don’t I? lol!!!

Then you ask – “how do you balance that and all the other stuff – like reading your Bible, homeschooling children, cooking, cleaning, loving on hubby, serving at church, maintaining real life relationships etc.”?

God? That has to be my answer. I believe that this is the work that God created in advance for me to do (Eph. 2:10). He gave me a supportive husband, two widely wonderful children, supportive parents, sisters, friends, and a church that meets my spiritual needs.

The other truth here is that some things in real life are GIVING! They have to. My home is not perfectly tidy…dirty dishes do sit in the sink and laundry piles up waiting to be folded while I do my social media sometimes. My television viewing hours are down to nearly non-existent not because I’m anti-television but because I prefer to be on-line.

My blog and social media is a labor of love.  It wakes me early in the morning and keeps me awake late at night. It woos me to the computer in the middle of the day when the kids are playing to take a peak and chat for just a bit.  I have heard many other moms and bloggers struggle with the time issue as I do and so I must ask:

How is social media and this digital world of ipads, iphones and ipods affecting our relationship with God, our marriages, our parenting, our homemaking and our friendships?

Starting next Monday, I will begin a new 8 weeks series titled “Media Mondays”.  I will explore the way this digital age is affecting us all and look for your feedback via link-ups and comments.

I hope you will join me next Monday for this interesting discussion!

Walk with the King!

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