Women Living Well Book Club – Chapter 13 {Motherhood Mess-Ups}

motherhood is not a sprint (3) (2)

Let’s Discuss Chapter 13 “Have you ever lain in bed awake at night and wondered, Why me?  I don’t understand these circumstances, God!  Have you ever felt like a failure, as if the rest of the world has it figured out, and you are the only one who just can’t seem to pull it together?  Your two-year -old won’t let you buckle her in the car, your three-year-old bites, your four-year-old hits, your ten-year-old struggles with reading, your teenager is defiant, or your grown child is making poor decisions –you sit there, helpless.” ~page 133 Oh friends – have you […]

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The Women Living Well Book Club – Chapters 11 & 12 {Motherhood & Technology}

the influence of a mother

Hooray!  We are at the half-way point. We have completed the first half of the book  Women Living Well – on Your Walk with God and Your Marriage.  Now we are up to the section titled: “Your Parenting.” Let’s Discuss Chapter 11 – A Mother’s Influence In Chapter 14, I write about the influence of a mother. Abraham Lincoln reportedly said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother.” The Statue of Liberty was said to be modeled after the sculptor’s mother.  When Super Bowl football players look into the camera – they don’t say […]

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10 Ways to Protect Your Children On-Line

My computer vomited on me – and my kids. It was a big picture of a beautiful…naked young girl! {so unexpected and my kids were beside me!} I shrieked in horror – quickly clicked away and held my breath – oh dear. What do I say? So we had a little pow wow – me and the kids. And after I was done talking with the kids about mommy’s massive mistake {face palm}, I went back to the computer. And I felt dirty. Dirty from the image that had vomited on my children.  It came in the most unexpected place […]

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When Kool-Aid Matters & Your Legacy


6 days before the conference…we buried my wonderfully strong and Godly grandmother. It was a shock when she passed away…even though she was 90 years old. Her hands were gnarled from arthritis – Yet she continued to work with limitless energy in her home until the day God called her home. Grandma lived alone up until 4 months ago, when my sister’s family went to live with her.  My sister is in the midst of building a new home and so grandma opened her arms in hospitality to her family during their temporary stay.  Actually, grandma LOVED the company – […]

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The Day I Met My Hero

The day I met my hero

  In 1994, Elisabeth Elliot came to my college, the Moody Bible Institute, to speak at a conference AND to our dorm floor for a visit!  Elisabeth is someone I highly admire.  This is a blurry picture from the day I met her.  I’m on the left and on the right is my roommate – Jen.  And sweet Elisabeth Elliot is in the center!   Before meeting her, I had read her book Passion and Purity and I had read her book Through Gates of Splendor, which was her biography of taking the gospel to the Auca Indians in Ecuador. Her husband was […]

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DIY: Outdoor Lawn Twister


  This is such a fun outdoor game to play with a big crowd!    I’m always looking for fun party ideas and I found this idea on Pinterest. It’s pretty much self-explanatory on how to do it!     I bought some paint and made a pattern out of cardboard.  Then I picked a spot and started painting.   If I did this again, I would measure between the circles because the lines were a little crooked – oops! You can make the grid extra large if you are expecting an extra large crowd — that way everyone can play at […]

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Are You Leading a Summer VBS or Neighborhood Bible Club?

Are you leading a summer VBS or Neighborhood Bible Club? This is a great way to share the gospel with kids. You can do it on your driveway, in the church parking lot, or even on a dry erase board. You can make it small or make it huge and sit the kids around the square…the kids always love it!  **Chime In: Are you leading a Summer VBS or Neighborhood/Backyard Bible Club?  What materials are you using and do you have a special way you present the gospel?  Share it with us! Walk with the King,        

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Slowing Down {In Opposite World}

Slowing down in opposite World

2 weeks ago, my family went on vacation.  One of the things I looked forward to were the walks on the beach.  My plan was to walk briskly for about 30 minutes daily to enjoy the sand beneathe my toes, the water splashing on my ankles and in the process burn some calories. So I announced to the the family I was going on a beach walk -“who wants to come?”  My daughter cheered and grabbed her bucket and off to the beach we went. Little did I know that her plans for the beach walk were nothing like mine.  As we […]

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The Highlight of My Year!

1 WLW cover

This October 1st, my first book – titled Women Living Well: Finding Your Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids and Your Home, will be released.  {squeal} {confetti} {cartwheels} {calm down!} Most would assume –this would be the highlight of my year. Goodness, this could qualify as the highlight of my decade! Right? But it’s not… I remember listening to Kay Arthur, one of my favorite Bible Study authors, speak about her son who is not walking with the Lord.  She said that often young people line up to talk to her after speaking events.  She has published over 10 million books and […]

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Having Babies {in Opposite World}

having babies in opposite world

  I was scrolling through my facebook feed recently when a friend’s status hit me in the gut.  Melanie, a beautiful young wife, from my church (pictured above) wrote: Aside from my close friends and family… How is it that 9 out of 10 people who talk to me about my pregnancy have negative things to say?? The comments are endless and quite creative in their effort to convince me that I should not be as thrilled as I am. It is usually prefaced by “JUST WAIT……(insert: miserable experience/undesirable life change)” Although they have me well prepared for “impending doom,” for now I […]

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Parenting a Wild Child

Disney silly face

  My son was 2 years old when my daughter was born.  Everytime I sat down to nurse my newborn baby, he began stomping on books and tearing the room apart.  I was at a loss –how do I nurse this little one all day long, while my son is so out of control.  I started buying parenting books by the dozen. lol! I tried every method and technique under the sun to reign my little guy in.  My heart was to raise children that would be a blessing to this world…but by the age of 4 it was clear […]

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Our April Fool’s Day Tradition

alex's birthday

 If you hang out on Pinterest  – you have seen some fun ways moms are being playful with their children on April Fools Day. image via KateherineMariePhotography      But this is our tradition… It’s Lexi’s Birthday –she is my little April Fool’s baby and trust me, when I was delivering her, I was feeling sorry for the day she was coming out. lol! April 1st is her day –she’s 8!   We had her party at a bowling alley –here she is with some of her cousins and daddy.     And the Grandma’s came and watched. My Grandma on the left […]

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