Our Back-To-School Daily Schedule

Let me just be honest, I love a schedule. I’m not sure if there’s ever been a day that I have perfectly stuck to it. But I have found that creating routines and a rhythm in the home creates peace. It also helps me to keep my priorities a priority and accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished in the day.

I have been practicing this schedule recently and tweaking it and I am sure it may get a few more tweaks by the end of September but here is an idea of what our days will look like this fall.

5:30am – wake and go for a run or do Pilate’s

6ish – Quiet Time

6:30 – Write/Post blog post

7-7:45 -Facebook, twitter, emails, surf Blogs

7:45 – Breakfast / Devotions with children

8 – Begin school with Alex (Math,Phonics)/ Alexis does chores and free time

8:45 – Begin school with Alexis (Math, Phonics) / Alex does chores and free time

9:30 – School with Alex (Language Arts) / Alexis participates in Alex’s school time

10 – Recess for kids (play outside if weather permits) /Facebook, twitter, email

10:30 – Snack / School with Alexis (Language Arts,Handwriting)

11:15 – School with Alex (Phonics,Handwriting)

12 – Make Lunch and eat

12:30-1:30 – Free time for Kids / Clean, facebook, email

1:30-2:30 – Finish School with kids (Art,Music)

**Note: History and Science done all day on Fridays

2:30-3:30 – Quiet Roomtime for kids / Clean, read

3:30 – Snack & TV time (usually Curious George) / Facebook

4-5:30 – Kids have freetime/ Clean, make dinner

5:30 – Family Dinner

6 – Chill

7:30 – Begin bedtime stories and talk time on each child’s bed

8pm – Write the next day’s blog post

9pm – Chill with my man

10ish – Fall into bed for some beauty sleep lol!

Through out the week I will insert different activities for the children such as baking together, swimming and gymnastics lessons, flag football practice, women’s Bible study group for me and other fun things like play dates and trips to museums.

You may notice that showering is missing in there. I’m not sure where I’ll put it lol! During one of the school breaks I’ll squeeze it in. This schedule is simply a goal. In an ideal world, everyday I would have my quiet time, exercise, post my blog, homeschool the kids all of their subjects, clean, give my husband some lovin’, and interact with my blog readers. But we live in a fallen world – so this will be our goal each day.

And for those who haven’t seen my cleaning schedule let me just throw this in there too:

Monday – Menu and Market (Grocery Shop)

Tuesday – Toilets, Tubs, Towels
Wednesday – Wash (Set timer and rotate laundry every hour)
Thursday – Dust
Friday – Floors

If you are a “scheduler” have you written yours up yet? Please share it in the comments section. If you are not a scheduler, do not let my methods frustrate you – this is NOT for everyone. Different personalities really hate this type of thing and flourish under flexibility. God wired me this way and wired you that way – each for his own good purpose. This is what makes the body of Christ beautiful. God uses us all for his glory!

Walk with the King!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

My New 2010 Weekly Schedule!

It’s a new year – it’s time for a new weekly schedule! A while back one of my readers, Nicki, shared her weekly cleaning schedule in the comments section of of a post titled “Smiling At Home”. I loved it! I saved her comment and when I pulled out my shiny new 2010 calendar, I also pulled out her schedule. As I wrote birthdays, important phone numbers and other information into my new calendar, I also added this schedule along the top, above the days of the week.

My 2010 Weekly Schedule

Mondays – Menu and Market Day
Tuesdays: Toilets, Tubs and Towels Day
Wednesdays: Wash (laundry day)
Thursdays: Dust
Fridays: Floors

I am very excited about this NEW schedule!!! It’s easy to follow since the task matches the first letter of the day. I will not follow it rigidly – so if you bump into me at the grocery store on a Friday – do not be dismayed! I use my schedules as guides to be sure I get everything done every week.
It’s easy to write a schedule -the hard part is following it! It takes discipline, diligence and eagerness to get it all done every week. I am reminded of Proverbs 31:13 which says “she works with eager hands.” Do you have eager hands today? We must role model this eagerness for our children and train them to have eagerness also – the home is a classroom for our children and mothers – we are the teachers. So pursue an eager spirit as you take care of your home today.

If you have a weekly schedule – please share it in the comment section – you never know – it might become my 2011 schedule lol!!

Walk with the King!

Back-To-School – Weekly Schedule and Routine

I have recently joined the twitter world and am posting my tweets along the left side bar. One person I follow on twitter is Kay Arthur. Saturday when she tweeted, she said “be rigidly flexible”…”be intentional”.

This sums up for me what a “weekly schedule” – or for a more affectionate term – a “weekly routine” should be. It should be intentional – by nature it’s rigid, but in reality it is flexible.

This week – most kids are going back-to-school and all of their activities are going to change the flow of our week. So as we assess the different days of the week and see that some are busier than others – we must also assess what day is best for grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, or outings. If we wait until Monday has begun to make these decisions most likely we will procrastinate and be stressed out by the end of the week – and end up trying to accomplish a full week’s worth of tasks on Saturday!

So I sat down and wrote up my new fall schedule/routine! Here’s mine:
Sundays – Church
Mondays – Clean up from the tornado that hit over the weekend!
Tuesdays – Outings and errands
Wednesdays – Cleaning
Thursdays – Grocery Shop

Fridays - Laundry Day
Saturdays - Watch Ohio State Football

For some, organization does not come naturally, I feel that I fall into that category! Now you may say, “no way – you LOVE schedules so you must do this naturally” – but honestly I have read many good books, systems, websites and CD’s to come to this place in life (as my mom and husband can testify – in my younger years, I was apt to over book myself and be completely stressed out – now I accomplish much more but with ease and joy). If you regularly feel overwhelmed by all you have to accomplish in a day, week and month – then I’d suggest you pursue learning the skill of organization.

It may seem like a lot of work to put a routine into place but in the end you will save a lot of time and guess what you get to do with your free time!! Relax and cuddle with your chicks and nuzzle with your hubby. Enjoy the fruit of your labor!

Proverbs 31:28 “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her; Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

Walk with the King!


Back To School – My Daily Schedule

If you have read my “about me” page, then you have read number 17 where I say “I love schedules – I love typing them up, living by them and dreaming of the next one!” So I am excited to say – “no more summer lazy days – it’s time for a NEW SCHEDULE!!!! Hooray!”
Why do I write out my daily schedule? Because it keeps my priorities a priority.

What are my priorities?
1. To have a morning quiet time

2. To be sure all of my husbands needs and wants are met

3. To train my children in the way of the Lord

4. To home school my children 2 1/2 hours a day

5. To keep a clean and orderly home.

6. To get enough rest

7. To exercise daily

8. To keep up with this blog

So how am I going to squeeze all of this in every single day? I have a plan – I call my plan – my daily schedule. The reality is life happens and I will not be able to stick to this schedule perfectly – but my schedule is my guide and it keeps my priorities a priority.

So here is our Back-to-School Daily Schedule:
6:30am – wake and have my quiet time

6:55am – post my blog (which is written the night before), email the Good Morning Girls, Check Facebook – post a status, read my favorite blogs.

8am – make and serve breakfast – read the Bible with the children while they eat their breakfast

8:30am – Do morning chores along side the children

9am – School begins

– free / play time for kids while I exercise

-School time

– prepare lunch

12:00pm – Serve lunch

– free/play time

1:30pm – finish school work for the day

2:00pm – kids rest time/room time while I check email, Facebook and blogs

3:00pm Snack and television time for kids – while I do housework

– free time / housework

5:00pm – make dinner

5:30pm – serve dinner

Family time

7:30 – Story time

8pm – bedtime for kids

Chill time for mommy / Write the next morning’s blog

9:30pm -10:30pm- time with my husband

10:59pm – bedtime (my goal is to go to bed while there is a ten on the clock and to get up while there is a 6 on the clock – this guarantees 7-8 hours of sleep every night – 7 days a week)

Through out the week I will insert different activities for the children such as baking together, swimming and gymnastics lessons, flag football practice, women’s Bible study group for me and other fun things like play dates and trips to museums.

Have you written a fall daily schedule? I’d love to hear about it – feel free to share it in the comments section. To see my spring schedule I posted last March go here…

Walk with the King!