5 Disciplines ~ Week 5 – The Discipline of Work

We are to the final week of the Discipline series and I want to encourage you.  If you’ve fallen off the bandwagon – don’t beat yourself up – just get back up and start again. Do not give up! And in case you are wondering…I fell off the bandwagon this week with my week 1 challenge – to lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks and I’m at 2 pounds in 4 weeks – so I really need to be disciplined this week.  I’m not giving up! This weeks Discipline is Work. Let’s begin with the origin of work.  You may remember […]

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5 Disciplines – Week 4 ~ The Mind

  If you want to revisit the first 3 weeks of this series here are the links: Week 1, the Discipline of the Body. Week 2, the Discipline of our Time. Week 3, the Discipline of our Spirit. How are you doing with the challenges?  Update us in the comment section – this is your accountability!  On weight loss I’m around 3 pounds…on time management…I’m feverishly writing lists and on Spirit – I consistently (but not perfectly) gave the first minute of everyday to being in God’s word last week. Now we are to week 4 – Disciplining Our Mind! Do you feel like […]

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5 Disciplines – Week 3 ~ Spirit

karate orange tip belt

 Week 1 & 2 Update:  My week 1 personal goal was to lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks and so far I’m at 2 pounds lost…right on target.  My week 2 personal goal was to pray over my to-do list each day.  I made some really long to-do lists…I’m not sure what I was thinking lol! I fell really short at getting everything done that I wanted to get done…old habits die hard…I’m still learning to pray “thy will be done” and not “my list be done.”  I’m using the “Plan of Attack” from Saturday’s post this week – we’ll […]

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5 Disciplines~Week 2 – Time Management

weekly cleaning schedule

First let me begin with a Week 1 update:  My “Body Challenge” goal was to lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks.  As of today, I have lost 1 1/2 pounds and I think if I eat one jelly bean I will gain this pound back.  lol!  So this means I must continue to skip my after dinner snack and exercise 20 minutes, 3+ times a week to maintain this loss and continue to lose more.  If you took the week one challenge and have an update – please leave it in the comment section – this is your accountability :)! Now let’s […]

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New Series: 5 Weeks 5 Disciplines 5 Challenges

5 weeks 5 disciplines

In the past, all of my series have been about how we can minister to others…for example the Marriage Challenge was about blessing our husbands, The Making Your Home a Haven Challenge for our familes,  The Gentleness Challenge for our children.  But THIS challenge is going to be all about US! I’ve learned that much of my ability to bless my husband, children and manage my home – stems from how disciplined I am. So for the next 5 weeks I’m going to be working on 5 Disciplines following 5 Challenges.  The 5 areas of Discipline are: Mind, Body, Spirit, Work & Time Elizabeth Elliot writes: “Discipline, […]

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