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A Quick Semi-Homemade Chiletti Dinner!

When my husband was in college at The Ohio State (Go Bucks! lol!)  he introduced me to this restaurant called Skyline Chili.  I think it might be an Ohio thing, so I’m not sure if you all can find it in your freezer section – but it’s in ours.  Since college my husband has requested it regularly – often it’s when he arrives late at night from a flight on a business trip – I’ll pop the frozen chili into the microwave, whip it up and serve it to him at 9pm at night!  It’s one of my favorite dinners to make because it’s Semi-homemade…I just add the cheese and he likes Oyster Crackers (mini-saltine crackers) sprinkled on his – to cool off the spice of the chili.

Here’s Comfy In The Kitchen’s version – which I love because I hadn’t thought of sour cream to cool it off!

Janelle writes:

I get asked quite frequently if I make homemade meals every night…the answer is NO! I am good, but not that good! So here it is..a very un-homemade dinner that pleases just the same!

This quick semi-homemade chiletti dinner is perfect for a fall dinner. It is fast and easy to make, and will be one your family requests often. #WomenLivingWell #chiletti #easydinner
WHALA! My Un-Homemade Meal ! (HA!)

Skyline Chili is a Cincinnati, Ohio chain restaurant. “Cincy’s” Chili has a sweet yet spicy flavor due to a mixture of cocoa, cinnamon, chili powder and cloves. It is also typically beanless, but you can add on beans at the restaurant. They sell their pre-made products canned and frozen, and I take full advantage of them! If you live in KY, IN, OH, or FL, you may have had the awesome opportunity to enjoy their Chiletti..if not, here is a sneak peak into this fabulous yet easy meal.
Chiletti Ingredients:
1 container of Skyline Chili
1 package of Spaghetti
chopped onions
shredded cheese
sour cream
You may use regular pre-made chili for this dish as well! (add a little cinnamon and it will taste very much the same) My children prefer buttered noodles with cheese on top.

 Thanks Janelle – it’s great to have some recipes that aren’t from scratch for those busy school nights!  This a sure crowd pleaser!

Walk with the King,

If you are in need of some fresh new recipes for the fall – then visiting Janelle’s blog at Comfy In the Kitchen is a must! She also has a Feasting In Fellowship Friday Link-Up Party happening right now – join the fun!!


  1. I have lived in the Cincinnati area my entire life and eat at Skyline Chili all of the time. Among others – like Gold Star Chili and Dixie Chili – all about the same, except everyone around here has a distinct preference for one over the others. But I have *never* heard of “Chiletti.” We call them “3-ways” if it is spaghetti with chili and cheese, or a “4-way” if it is a 3-way plus either onion or beans, and then a “5-way” has all 5 ingredients. A “coney” is a hot dog with mustard and chili and cheese. Just a little Cincy FYI to help you out in your kitchen lingo across the country 🙂

    1. Agreed, nothing gives away local/visitor like “chili/spaghetti” or “3 way”, lol! My kids literally like their plates CLEAN when we have Skyline. They’ve been gobbling it up since they were able to have table foods. (Ok, 6 months, but don’t tell the dr ;)) Just fyi, I prefer the canned over the frozen. And yes, Go Skyline, NO Gold Star 😉

  2. Oh, that looks yummy! I wish it came in our freezer section. There is a restaurant here that does Cincinnati chili, though, and I always get it over spaghetti w/onions, tomatoes, sour cream and cheese. Probably a nutritional wasteland, but it tastes so good.

  3. Definitely an Ohio thing, I live between Cincy and Dayton. I personally don’t care for Skyline that much, and neither does my husband so we don’t eat it that often. One thing I do like though, is making a Skyline Chili dip. My co-workers at my old job use to always bring it to carry ins. It is cream cheese on the bottom, then chili and cheese on top and you heat it in the oven. Very good with chips. I have never heard it called Chiletti though, must be a northern Ohio thing! 😉 Down here it is 3-ways, 4-ways etc.

  4. While I’m not from Ohio, we do have a similar meal at my house: chili, rice and cheese. The base is plain white rice, then we add chili on top (we prefer no beans…) and then it’s topped with shredded cheese. Corn chips are also a fun thing to put on top to give it some crunch. We could probably eat it once a week, but I try to be a little more creative. 😉

  5. I had to laugh when I read your post. My husband grew up in Cincinatti and attended OSU as well (Go Bucks!) and we can’t get enough of Skyline when we go to OH for a visit. We live in Maryland so we can not get Skyline in the stores here but we did find a great recipe (from scratch) that tastes very, very similar. It took years of trial and error though. We had to get our 4-ways and coney’s any way we could! 🙂 Thanks for the smile today!

  6. Yep, it’s an Ohio thing. As a Hoosier, I definitely don’t get the whole Skyline obsession. It’s the worst chili I’ve ever tasted.

  7. Whenever you’re feeling good and hungry — Its Skyline time! (I’d sing it for you if I could!) I grew up in Cincinnati, but I met my sweetie in school in NC, and he is a Boston yankee! So living in the Boston Area, girls like us buy skyline by the case from eBay. I agree — its a not homemade meal that pleases all of us. In fact, of all things, skyline 3-ways were the only thing that would stay down while pregnant. This has to be the best comfort food ever! (Did you know the reason is that there is chocolate in the chili — true story!) Oh, to live in Ohio again near my sisters — you have no idea! I spent 2 weeks in Cincy this summer and visited Skyline 5 times! Nobody complained — lol!

  8. Skyline Chili is one of our fall traditions. We live in CA and order packets of the seasoning off of Amazon and the first chance we get we have a Skyline Party and watch some football together.
    We have never been to Ohio but love it’s chili. 🙂

  9. Sarah- what a great tip! Thank you! Tiff..that is awesome, maybe that is the reason why I love this chili so much…anything with chocolate, right?! I love living in Ohio…there are always negative things to say about where ya live, but I am as happy as can be around family. I bet it is so hard being away from your sisters! It makes it that much more fun to come into town though-tons of quality time and Chili! Wohoo! Love to you, Janelle

  10. Hi,
    I first heard of your blog off of Money Saving Mom, and was intrigued when, in the blog post she shared of yours, you mentioned buying used clothing at a store that is just around the corner from me, so I did a little googling, and learned that you live very near me, and I know several people who go to your church, etc… Small world, eh? Couple of things on the chili. First, my family lived in Cincinnati when I was in high school and I was a server during my senior year. I still love it, and still, nothing compares to walking into a Skyline Chili restaurant and smelling that wonderful aroma. Brings back so many wonderful memories. We used to drive up to Cleveland all the time just to get chili at one of their 2 locations, but I was thrilled, when, back in 2003, they opened one up in Stow. It’s right off of the Steels Mills Road exit, and I just had to share. Secondly, for those times when I want to make it at home, all the local Acme stores sell the spice packet. Then, I can make the healthier version with ground turkey. : ) I made a huge batch of it for all our northern Ohio friends in our homeschool co-op after teaching a semester of Ohio history. They all loved it!! I taught them the difference between a 3-way, 4-way, & 5-way. My favorite still is the chili-cheese-sandwich, just like the coney, but with no hot dog, and plenty of mustard and onion, please. Great blog!

  11. Skyline is one of my very favorite Cincinnati traditions! Fortunately, we have had our very own Skyline for several years now, so we don’t have to wait to satisfy those cravings (we live 2 hrs north of Cincy). 🙂 Love the Skyline Dip, too.

  12. So glad I saw this the other day. Had to run my kid to the doctor and forgot to defrost any meat. I am making this tonight! Now to go get something out of the freezer so as to not forget for tomorrow.

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