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10 Creative Ways to say “I Love You” to Your Husband

I loved your response to last week’s challenge.  Many of you commented how you were pouring on the praise! Way to go!

Some of you shared how your husband  reacted.  One husband thought his wife’s facebook page had been hacked because he was so surprised by her compliments.  Another asked his wife if she was feeling okay…he was concerned after her gushing praise.  So cute!

This past week – I sent my “I Love You” text that I shared last week:

I Love You Collage

Also, my husband had a business trip so I had my daughter paint some hearts and we hid it in his suitcase before he left.  He loved it!

Dr. Emerson Eggerich says: “When you touch your husband’s deepest need something good almost always happens!”
So let’s keep going!!!

The “Pour on the Praise” List:

1. Write a love message on the mirror.  Use lipstick or if that’s too messy – write little love notes on  post-it notes and hang them around…by the coffee pot, on the mirror, on his steering wheel and on his pillow.

2. Pack a love message in his lunch.

3. Use sidewalk chalk and write a love message on the driveway.

4. Write a list of ten things you admire about him and give it to him in letter form or use a small notebook and write out the ABC’s of why you love him.

5. Make a toast to him at dinner with friends. Or raise your glass at dinner and list the things you admire about your husband for your children to hear!

6. Buy or make your husband a trophy and engrave it with the words “The Best Husband in the World.” (I found a cheap trophy at a party supplies store – the kids loved presenting it to daddy)

7. Write a poem – even if you can’t write – it can be goofy. Include in it references to your favorite movies, restaurants, places to go and memories. He will enjoy the trip down memory lane and the laugh!

8- Blow up balloons and put a loving message in each one. Fill your bedroom with balloons as a surprise or one helium balloon for each year you’ve been married.

9- Take a roll of receipt tape and write a long message with the things you admire and respect about your husband – then roll it up and put it in a bottle for your husband to open and read. (I made many of these for my husband in college when we were dating long distance. I mailed them in packages.)

10. Frame the lyrics to your first dance.

“The wise woman builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”
~Proverbs 14:1

Get creative this week.  This list is just to inspire you – feel free to do your own thing.  We can’t wait to hear about it!!!

Your husband’s are going to be SO blessed this week!

Chime In: Once you accomplish praising him at least one time – leave a comment in the comment section telling us what you did – we can all benefit from your inspiration and creativity!

Walk with the King,

Are you searching to find joy in your walk with God, marriage, parenting and home…

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  1. I wrote “I love you” on his mirror in red lipstick about 3 months ago. It’s STILL there and even my daughter (5yrs old) notices it and makes comments on it!

  2. Waoooo,am so blessed by all I just read on your message and am ready to act on it. Thank u so much,pls keep sendn me your articles. Looking forward to hear from
    Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊и̣̣̣̣̥ again.
    Do have a fabulous week.

  3. I want to say my husband ,well soon to be husband, we have been together for 16 & 1/2 yrs. and I love more and more each day. We ment on May 20,1996, and at the time we were both seeing someone, but our relationships were on the breaks, anyway 3 weeks later we got together and we started seeing each other on June,9th, 1996, and been together since. And he was a real gentle man, he respected me, and fell in love with my 2 sons. They even loved him, they would go to games together, and all. Well no lies we both got into drugs, and we had our moments, but as of today we have been clean for 5 yrs, and almost 5 months, and he worked everyday, even went to church, he is the one who invitied me to church, and I loved it and been going ever since, and found out what it is like to have friends.. Well lets get to him and I now, he is sitting in jail for and arguement, he had asked a couple people not to sell drugs by our house and the people started argueing with him, chased him in our house where my dad was who can’t walk that good, and My husband grab a pipe to scared them away, well one of them called the police and said my husband came after him with a gun, which was a lie cause even the neighbors told the police, he never came out with a gun or anything, but they did not want to heart that, cause see my husband has 2 feloies that are 30 yrs old and 20 yrs old, and his dad just passed in May,2012, and he left his guns to my brother in law, well they locked him up and charged him with 1st degree assault, and 2nd degree assault, and being around the guns, well the state drop all charges, but the feds picked him up, cause he had them felonies, and it was on the news, but we are waiting for him to go to court with them so he can come home, but either way on Feb.16,2013, we are still getting married, that was the date we set to get married. So please pray for him and us, but you gave some great ideas to send him to help lift his spirits up and show him I love him no matter what, and I am here forever. See we already send each other little letters. well I better not say anything on here, thank u again

  4. Not sure what to do for this week. My husband really doesn’t do anything with Facebook, and he doesn’t take his lunch. I am thinking maybe the deck of cards that you write on that I have seen on Pintrest, I saw some heart/Valentine’s day cards at the store the other day.

    1. I made the deck of cards one for my man and he loves it. We aren’t married but hopefully soon. He keeps it by his bedside always. I thought that was charming to find out considering I was sure it had been thrown away or lost at this point. I made that deck over 2 years ago.

  5. My husband and I are still pretty much newly weds (4 months tomorrow!) 🙂 And doing this “Be My Valentine” challenge has been a lot of fun – he has to leave pretty early ever morning for work, and I get up with him to make his lunch, which gives me a pretty good opportunity to leave notes in his lunch box. One thing I’ve done (I got the idea from a list on Pinterest) is to write a secret note on the banana in his lunch – if you use a tooth pick to “write” the note on the banana skin, it will be pretty much invisible until later when the “writing” turns color.

  6. Today I wrote (with a Sharpie) “I love you!” on the sandwich bag of my husband’s lunch…it was hard, too! Because he kept coming over to where I was preparing his and my son’s lunches! (I also wrote it on my son’s sandwich bag…)

  7. Last week during our sunday school class I said I had a praise and I praised my hubby for supporting me and my kids 🙂 <3 he works hard for us and told him thank u 🙂 he asked wht I wanted and said nothing just need to tell u this <3

  8. This week I’m going take christmas lights and stick them in a small mason jar and on the outside take chalkboard paint and write “you light up my life” <3 thanks to pininterest for the awesome idea 🙂

  9. Today I left a glass jar filled with 365 slips of paper on which I typed up reasons why I loved him & am thankful for him beside the bed on his nightstand. I decorated the jar & tied it with a bow. I left instructions that for each day he can only take “1” slip of paper (I threw in extra because I know he won’t just take “1” some days) He came downstairs after breakfast & had a shimmer in his eyes and told me he was very surprised & just how very deeply my words spoke to his heart …then he said he can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s slip says. That made me smile 🙂

    1. Now that is an AMAZING idea!! I think I am going to share that with my woman’s group. I’ve been wanting to meet and make something simple and cheap for our husbands – this is the perfect thing. I might have my son come up with some things too and maybe decorate some of the slips of paper so it’s from him as well – love this one!!!!!

    2. Our first baby is due a couple days after Valentine’s Day, so I think I’m going to do this for him but also include some slips noting the things that make me so confident he’s going to be a great dad, and prayers for him and us in his/our new role(s) as parents. I keep hearing that for those first couple weeks with a new baby, couples feel like they’re ships passing in the night, so hopefully this will be a neat way for him to continue feeling valued by me through that time!

  10. Remember in high school when we’d doodle in our notebooks of the boys we had crushes on? I’d put hearts all over them, I’d pretend I was writing my name with his last name.. it’s was my favorite past time..

    I decided to do it again, but do it in word and tinker with fun fonts and save it. Then I made it our computer wallpaper and shared it on FB.
    It was a hit! Some of my high school friends commented that they remembered those day of me doodling in my notebook.

    This is the tutorial I used..


  11. Thanks for all the great ideas, Courtney and ladies! Keep ’em coming!!! I’m making a list of my favorites and how I’m going to use them! Thanks for sharing!

  12. thesee are awesome ideas! i think i will try the song lyric one…need to make a trip to hobby lobby! 🙂 xoxo

  13. After a few compliments he asked me what I was up to. Then this morning he asked me if I wanted something. I asked why and he said I have been so nice and complimentary toward him; I must want something. I told him that i loved him and wanted him to know how much I apprecaite him. He said that as long as I was sincere he’d take it! I guess I’m going to have to keep it up! Thanks for the motivation!

  14. This weekend I was sick, and my husband took care of everything. I used post it notes to write him a message on our bathroom mirror. He really liked it!

  15. You know, these are things I wish my husband would do for me but I never think about doing them for him so thanks!!

  16. love this. but right now i need help respecting my husband. spent season so lost and angry that I
    verbally torn him apart. i am now reading” love and respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. by following. I am learning to respect him.

  17. Im struggling a bit too. But im still going to try it feelings aside and maybe they will come later. I somehow wonder if men put this much thought and work into showing and learning how to love there wives?

  18. Thank you for this Courtney for this wonderful challenge. It is already making such a difference in my home. I have left “I love you” sticky notes this week by the coffee pot and have received a note each day in response from my hubby.

  19. I went on a search for pictures of things that “go together” like peanut butter & jelly or cream & sugar or chips & salsa. And every day I will text my husband an encouraging note that ends with “I need you like chips need salsa” – and then attach the pic 🙂

    1. I love this idea! Very cute and very good for those who don’t have time on their side but rely on technology. Love it

  20. Thank You! I’m excited about week 2 challenge ideas! Yesterday, I put our felt red heart in his laptop so when he opened it at work he would know I was thinking of him with much love.
    There is a 12 year story of the felt heart being passed back and forth between us. Wow! It’s been 12 years! 12 or 13 Christmases ago my husbands very nice robe I had just gave him fell into a candle and burned a hole in the collar. He was just heart broken that it was ruined. And we were thankful the house haven’t burned down. Big thanks to God that Christmas. Shortly after, I got the creative idea to cover the hole with fabric. The robe is heavy terry in navy blue. I found red fabric in my supply 😉 I cut big hearts and sized them to the hole. I sewed then to both sides of the collar with my sewing machine :-)) it worked beautifully. Not only did it salvage the robe but all these years later we smile at the sight of the heart on the robe and remember God’s protecting in not letting us burn down but we pass this red heart. I never know when it will show up again. The best was one morning at church, I opened my bible to find it in the text we were covering. I can’t help smiling big when I see it. It really makes me blush. I love my husband with all my heart. I’m looking forward to reading more of the comments to get new creative ideas to say so to my husband. I pray he feels it more and more each day. (Side note, we don’t really keep track of the heart … Once it disappeared for a long time … I don’t know which but we misplaced it … Several times … We find it and it continues :-))

  21. I couldn’t wait for this weeks challenge. I am verbal but I like to do things big! Everything is bigger in TEXAS!
    Last night I made a very loud and flamboyant toast to him just us two, since we don’t have children. Today I will post up four pieces of paper one for each letter in LOVE.

    L= Lucky
    O= Overjoyed
    V= Va Va Voom
    E= Exceptionally Excellent

    He will get to come home to all these notes saying just how wonderful I think he is. More to come this week!….

  22. My pastor has often said “Wives, you do not realize how important your words are to your husband.” This is so true! A kind word of praise will make him stand so tall. I love the idea of writing on the driveway with chalk. I plan on doing that so when he comes home at lunch it will surprise him!

  23. Thank you for the encouragement! I think we get too comfortable and forget what it felt like to do these things for our hubbys on a regular basis. I am going to continue to work on praising him and loving him more.
    Dani Joy

  24. I have been leaving those little “conversation heart” candies for my husband. I left them on his wallet, on his contact case, etc. He kind of liked it at first, but I could tell he really wasn’t that into it. So I tried “plan B”, which involved chocolate! I found chocolate “XOXO”‘s at the store, and hid them in his suitcase (he just flew to Atlanta today). He just called me and said he found them and was thrilled. The way to my man’s heart is through his stomach! For those ladies out there who may find it challenging to engage their hubbies, I say “don’t give up!” Not all guys like the mushy stuff, but we still love them anyway!:)

  25. Courtney,

    Thank you for your blog that reinforces Christian family values! One thing that I consistently try to do is to greet my man at the door everyday when he gets home from work. I show him that I am excited to see him by kissing him and engaging in some fun conversation with him. I think it makes his day.

  26. So sorry, I accidentally linked up here…. thought it was the Women Living Well Wednesday link up… OOOPS! So my blog is totally random in there. You can delete it if you want… I couldn’t figure out how. Thanks.

  27. Great ideas. I remember I found your blog another time… were you featured on a news show or something? Anyway, great to find it again! I am putting it in my reader this time. Love these ideas!!

    Lindsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

  28. Loved the chalk idea and since I’ve been holding onto a piece of purple sidewalk chalk since last Easter (guess I know why I stored it all this time), I wrote a love message to him on our sidewalk. We live in a section of row houses, so all the neighbors who walk by will see it as well, not to mention our biblestudy attendees tomorrow night!

  29. Last year I gave me husband 30 notes in a little box- one to read each day- just little things I appreciate about him. He Never Even Read Them! He never even opened the box. I asked him about it once and he said he didn’t have time. I’ll never do that again. 🙁

    1. That’s heartbreaking. I’m so sorry. I honestly know how that feels to be so excited to give someone you love something and have no response or worse a bad one. Pray about your relationship. Things will get easier.

  30. I really enjoyed this week, because it was my hubby’s birthday. I decided I’d do something to represent his 33 years of life.
    1. On his birthday – I sent a text telling him how blessed I was so have been a part of his life for 1/3 of it and I sent him 10/32 reasons I loved him and told him more to come

    2. The next day – He was on night shift, and he is obsessed with his iPod and music. I went and bought him a iTunes gift card and placed 10 songs that make me think of him, and for each I types specifically why it makes me think of him. (side note, this morning when I went in he told me that was the best gift he’d ever received and it choked him up a little)

    3. Today my daughter and I are going to use Index cards and complete the last 12 reasons why daddy/hubby are awesome and hang them over his closet door.

  31. I had a great time with this! My husband was out of town (actually out of the country) all week. So each day I sent him an email along the lines o f: Day 2 of missing you. I told him about things at home, something I loved about him, and hopes, dreams, and thoughts I had for us. He told me he looked forward to them every day. 🙂 Made seeing him tonight even better!

  32. My husband is actually better at this than I am. He has left me a lipstick message on the mirror (drew a big heart positioned so I would stand in the middle accompanied by “the girl I love”) and multiple messages on a big dry erase board he keeps. One night I had exceptionally bad period cramps and he just held and cuddled me the whole night. So the next morning I wrote a note that said “Thank you for holding me when I hurt” and slipped in the the pocket of the top pair of jeans on the pile. I got a text an hour after he got to work telling me he was choked up when he found it. Awesome.

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  34. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

  35. Thanks so much for the receipt tape idea, that’s the one I’m doing this week!!! I am always looking for new ways to say I love my husband! Thanks for all the suggestions.

  36. Dry erase markers work great on mirrors too!
    Each year on Valentine’s Day, my kids cover the inside of the front glass storm door with paper hearts so that the messages can be seen from outside. Each of the messages is about how much they love him or something they love about him. It was a tradition that I started with them when they were very small and he worked 3rd shift – it was a great way for him to be greeted. Now it’s something that neighbors, visitors, and even the mail lady notice and ask about! 🙂 He looks forward to it every year, and if it falls on a day he is home from work, we try to come up with an errand for him to run so we can put them on the door real quick!! (We make all the hearts in advance so that it doesn’t take as long to put them up.) This would also work on windows or taped to the outside of another door in the house!

  37. Hello all so I have a question. My daughter’s 5th birthday is on Valentines Days. So every year it’s like a two in one double =) She’s my lil valentine and she even has a heart shaped nose ♥ My question is… How do I make it a special day for her and also a special day for me and my husband. I decided Ima share my valentine (Daddy) because daddys are a daughters first love. I have another baby girl too she’s 1yr old. And 3 crazy boys who love their Mama and most likely gonna make me tha cutest Valentines. So I’m thinking Valentines Day in our home is more family oriented than overly romantic. How can I juggle both? Any ideas =) Thanks for reading

  38. Its a sweet idea letting your husband know how much you love him in creative ways. However I have tried many of these things many times. Yet he never responds. Not that way anyway… If you have any advice on how to make him answer back I’d love to hear it…

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