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These were some of my favorite reads from around the web this past month.

1.  Boy Dads – it’s a new blog for dads!  I personally know some of the Daddy contributors to this blog and am SO excited to see them pulling together to write for our men!!!  My husband has subscribed via email.  Maybe your husbands would want to subscribe too?

2. I loved this post by Jen Wilken: New Year, New Self-Control  here’s an excerpt:

 January is typically a time when we talk a great deal about calories, work-outs, and weight loss. What if we didn’t? What if we didn’t talk about body sizes at all? What if we made it a point not to mention our own calorie sins or victories in front of our girlfriends and daughters?

….Sure—hit the gym, eat the Paleo diet, run six miles a day, wear Spanx from neck to knee. Just stop talking about it. Stop telling your friend she looks skinny—instead tell her you love her sweet spirit…

 …Historically, padded women were considered beautiful, because only the rich and idle could achieve such a figure, and because curviness indicated fertility. For women of past generations curviness was extremely hard to achieve unless you had the money to eat well and work little. Thanks to trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup, this is no longer the case. Ironically, the rich and idle of today strive to look undernourished and overworked. And the rest of us rush to follow suit…read the rest here.

3.   Recovering Lost Disciplines by Burk Parsons – here’s an excerpt:

The missionary and martyr Jim Elliott wrote, “The devil has made it his business to monopolize on three elements: noise, hurry, crowds…Satan is quite aware of the power of silence.”

It is difficult to escape the busyness, noise, and crowds of life. We are bombarded by a host of amusements and contraptions, most of which we have enthusiastically welcomed into our lives, homes, communities, and churches. We have conditioned ourselves to distraction, and we are leading the next generation down the same path in a hurry. C.S. Lewis wrote, “We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private.”

We stand at a crossroads, and we will either rediscover the lost virtues of listening, meditating, and thinking, or we will amuse ourselves to death.  To read more click here…

4.  The Local Church and Why It Matters by John MacArthur –

Do you have a church you attend regularly?  John MacArthur speaks frankly to this topic:

“I can’t understand people who don’t have a similar love for the church—who aren’t eager for every opportunity to worship together with other like-minded believers. I can’t understand people who go to church on Saturday nights so they don’t “mess up” their Sundays. Why are they so eager to get away from the church? Where else would they rather be?

There was a time when coming to Christ meant coming to His church. As far back as the New Testament, salvation brought you into union with the visible, gathered Body of Christ (cf. Acts 2:47). Becoming a Christian meant entering into fellowship with the people of God.

That’s changed. The contemporary emphasis in evangelicalism is a believer’s personal relationship to Christ. Individual faith is the pervasive theme, and rarely is there any discussion of how believers are supposed to fit into the church.”  To read more click here…

 5. Five Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Jane Roe’ by Justin Taylor – here’s how the post begins:

Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the controversial Supreme Court ruling that progressives want to enshrine and conservatives want to overturn. Few rulings have been more consequential. According to Planned Parenthood’s Guttmacher Institute, 22% of all pregnancies now end in abortion, with 3 in 10 women terminating their pregnancy by the age of 45. There have been approximately 57 million legally induced abortions in the U.S. since 1973—nearly the current population of California and Texas combined.  To read about the 5 things you didn’t know about ‘Jane Roe’ click here…

Walk with the King,




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  1. Those are some great links, thank you for sharing! I love that you shared little excerpts from each one to wet our appetites! Also, glad to “see” you again and thanks for hosting!

  2. I have just started reading this , and I am already enjoying it, thank u so much for this. I really need more encouragement at this time, going through a lot. My boyfriend of 16 and 1/2 yrs. is in jail on charges of being around guns, but let me start from the beginning, it was Oct.2,2012, he walked me to our door to give me a kiss goodbye and to say hello, to my best friend Adrienne, who is one of our Women’s Minisrty leaders.Then we lest he went in and got our Rockweller, lulu, to take her for her walk since I wouldn’t be home to late, so he did and when he came out there were 2 guys by our house selling and buying drugs. Well he asked them to not do that there, and it lead into an arguement,, they left and he procedded to take our dog for her walk, well on his way back they came after him and threatened him,, he ran into our house and the one came up on our steps and try to get in our door, well my boyfriend called me, and when he did the one guy thought he was calling the police, so he called and said my boyfriend came after him with a gun, so the police came, and locked him up, and found out he had 3 felonies from his pass, like I said past, 1 was 30 yrs. old, 2nd one was 20 yrs old, and the 3rd one was like 12 or 13 yrs old, all because the last one was under 15 yrs old, he falls under some type of lines that he can get 15 to 20 yrs in jail for this. Well the state charged him with 1st degree assault, 2nd degree assault, using a gun in a voilent crime, 2 guns charges, well the state drop all the charges cause there was no edvadence, and the feds, was picking up the gun charges. Let me fill in some parts, his dad just past away in May,2012, and left his guns to my boyfriends brother, we even showed the police the well,but they did not want to hear that, plus he had witnesses telling the police he never had a gun no where, and these guys chased him and threatened him, but they did not want to hear that either, see my boyfriend’s dad, and brother are hunters, and all the guns were locked up, the police did not have permission to search, they did not locked up the other guys, not even the one who came on our steps and try to gety into our house, he is the one who told the police my boyfriend came after him with a gun, and there was guns in our house, he was suppose to been a friend, now the man, iws scared to go and testify, cause he is suppose to have warrents on him, this gentleman, has a bad recorded his self, he even beat up his grandfather, and threatened them, they are scared of him. I know my boyfriend well be home, but he just has to seat in there and go through all of this. We are both recovering addicts with 5 yrs and 4 months clean, he works everyday, they are trying to hold his job for him,he worked for 3yrs, and he loved it, he never comes out of the house, some of the neighbors told the police u never knew he was there, cause he nevewr brothers no one, the only time we know he is home is when the Ravens are playing and the get a touch down or they win cause he will yell out the door.We were suppose to get married on Feb. 16, 2013, we are hoping the judge will let us still get married in the court house, when he goes back to court soon, so please keep him and I in your prayers, and that he will be home very soon and we will be getting married next month, and our family, thank u so much for letting me join

  3. Courtney,

    For some reason the image from my blog didn’t link properly. I’m sorry about that. Feel free to delete it and I can try and link up another time. By the way, I so appreciate your blog!

  4. Hi Courtney! (We’re name twins :)) I recently started watching some of your YouTube videos and now I’m enjoying following your blog as well. I’m not a Christian but I read a lot of Christian homemaking blogs because I find them so interesting! I’m glad I stumbled upon your corner of the internet. You’re positivity makes me smile 🙂 I just wanted to say hi and I hope you don’t mind me following along!

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