Introducing…Our Puppy!!!!!

Introducing…our puppy!

Snowball has arrived and stolen our hearts!  She is now exactly 4 months old. Back in April I wrote a post titled “What I’ve Feared All My Life.”  The secret is out – I’m deathly afraid of dogs!  But I’m hopeful this puppy will help me face my fears. This is my first pet (yep, never even had a goldfish friends) and google has been so helpful! So do you want to see how this adventure is going for us?  How the housebreaking (gross),  groomers (there’s blood involved) and vet (hello – cats!)  have been going? Lexi and I made […]

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4 {Radical} Ways To Love Your Husband & Children

playful family hand in hand running in forest

The modern women of today, want it all. We want husbands, children, college degrees, corner offices, a big house, weekends away with the girls, designer bags, a size zero waist, no wrinkles and to be –world travelers. But keeping a family together in the midst of those pursuits…is tough. Let’s face it – husbands and children get in the way.  Husbands take time, compromise, and energy to please.  Children stretch our waist lines and fill our designer bags with diapers and sippy cups – hardly the life we imagined. And so when reality sets in that our husbands and children […]

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10 Disney Frozen Party Ideas – Food, Games and Fun!


Last Friday we had a fabulous Disney Frozen Pajama Party with Lexi’s 3rd grade Homeschool Group. (The group is called Classical Conversations – sadly we were missing two of the girls.) Alexis wanted me to do her hair like Elsa’s coronation. So this was our version. (I followed this video >> here <<. There is ribbon in her bun but it’s hard to see.) Pizza was on the menu but is not show below. Here was our menu: Blue Party Punch with snow<<<click on the link for recipe The Craft While waiting for all the girls to arrive, we cut snowflakes out […]

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Hope For Single Moms

Hope for Single Moms

Are you a single mom? Angela Thomas was a single mom for 7 1/2 years.  Her story and the hope she offers in this video below is simply beautiful.  I pray you will find comfort, wisdom and encouragement from her here. (If you cannot see this video – click here) Walk with the King,

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Teaching Our Children To Judge

Teaching Our Children To Judge

A great post by Mitchel Owens at Does the notion of teaching children to judge make you nervous? Does it seem wrong? Aren’t we suppose to love one another, not judge one another? The world tells kids (and adults) not to judge because judging equals intolerance.  In an effort to bolster the argument, some may even point out that Jesus said we shouldn’t judge each other. Such reasoning sounds good, right? Wrong. We MUST teach our children to judge if we hope to prepare them to one day stand firm in their faith. The irony of the world using […]

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For Moms – Embrace This Season of Life

Embrace this season of life

  Mother’s Day is this weekend, so I want to celebrate Moms! Sometimes we can grow weary. The noise and chaos that children bring can make us frazzled. The toys spread through out the house and the dirty clothes pile – it all seems unending… BUT there IS an end.  One day the children will grow up, and they will leave.  This season of life does not last forever. In our home, the door of the little years has slammed shut in my face.  No more Barney. No more Matchbox cars.  No more Big Wheels or picture books. I seriously […]

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5 Gift Ideas For Your Mom or Dad

Grandpa Collage2 copy

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you are like me, sometimes I’m stumped as to what to buy for my mother.  So here’s a few ideas if you are in this predicament. My grandmother passed away last summer and when we were cleaning out her house – a Mother’s Day Gift our family made for her was on her dresser.  I was blessed to be the one who got to take it home. It’s a memory jar. All of the grandkids and great grandkids wrote out our favorite memories on 52 slips of paper so she could […]

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When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go To Church

when your child doesn't want to go to church

From our guest Lynn Donovan: Wow my friends, one week passes swiftly. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me to your home here on the web. Thank you Courtney for allowing me to be part of your amazing family. I love you! I remember a time when my daughter said “Mom, I don’t want to go.” I stood staring at my daughter’s small face glaring back at me with pinched determination, her arms crossed in a defiant stance.  In that moment I felt a panic creep up my neck, followed by a twinge of fear; but […]

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Notes From the Sally Clarkson “Mom Heart Conference”

Me & Sally at MomHeart

Me and  Sally Last week I flew to Dallas, Texas to Sally Clarkson’s Mom Heart Conference. I was blessed to get to spend the weekend with Angela and Whitney. And lots of other friends:  {pictured below – top row L to R: Kristen Kill, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Kat Lee, Angela, Whitney; bottom row: Deb Chapman (mother of 11 – wowsa!), Me } As I wait to catch my plane home, I’m reflecting over my notes and want to share some of the key thoughts on motherhood that challenged or blessed me this weekend. Motherhood is from the cradle to the grave. […]

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The Women Living Well Book Club – Chapter 15 {School Choices}

A reminder to our children

Let’s Discuss Chapter 15 If you want to start disunity in the body of Christ…just talk about school choices.  Ugh. I am aware of this, so I tread very carefully into today’s blog post 😉 As chapter 15 says, I’m a product of public schools.  My parents walked alongside me, discipling me and teaching me how to be a light in darkness for 12 years and when I graduated, I was on fire for Jesus. My parents lived out Deuteronomy 6:6-7: “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to […]

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Women Living Well Book Club – Chapter 14 {When Moms Lose Their Temper}

chapter 14 header

Let’s Discuss Chapter 14 Do you struggle with losing your temper –you are NOT alone!  Long ago I turned to the book of Proverbs in my Bible, grabbed a highlighter, and marked every.single.verse that referenced how I am to communicate with others (there’s a TON of verses between chapters 10 and 31 regarding our speech). Some of the verses I both marked and committed to memory are: “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.”  Proverbs 13:3  “A quick tempered man does foolish things.”  Proverbs 14:17  “A gentle answer turns away […]

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“Your Parenting” Webcast & Extra Resources

session 4

 {image credit – Jen Thorn} I just love today’s webcast featuring Ruth Schwenk from and  Her keynote runs for the first 15 minutes.  Then Darlene from and Angela join me on the couch to talk about Motherhood. (if you cannot see the video – click here) Here are some extra resources from From Grouchy to Great – a 30 day series to help moms overcome grouchiness What Every Weary Mom Needs to Know Bi-Weekly Whole Food Meal Plans A Dozen Little Ways to Connect With Your Teen Casting a Vision in the Heart of a Child Lighting […]

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