Due to an overflowing email inbox and the desire to keep my husband, children and home first priority in my life, I am no longer able to answer emails.

 I value each and every one of your emails and will read every single one!  I faithfully pray for my readers and those who email me.

 I do my best to try to answer comments on my facebook page and blog but I must admit I even struggle with keeping up with those and I feel just awful about it.  :( Please forgive me.  And thank you for taking the time to comment – I value and treasure your thoughts – and many days they keep me going.

If your email is about reviews, giveaways or guest posts

please know that I take them on a very very limited basis.  They usually take me double or triple the time to manage vs. writing a blog post – also, I have a blogging schedule that runs out a few months at a time – and often they simply do not fit.  I apologize that I can not serve better in this area – but on average I am getting about 3 requests a day – and I cannot keep up with them.  So I apologize in advance – but you will only hear back from me if my answer is yes. :( I really really want to do every review and guest post that comes into my inbox – but it’s simply not humanly possible.  I apologize :(.

Do you have a personal question for me?

I am young and on this journey WITH you – I am not a Titus 2 Woman…yet. I get a lot of hard questions in my email inbox I simply am unable to answer – I’m so sorry.  If you need advice or a counselor –please call Focus on the Family’s free counselor hotline at:  1-800-A-Family (232-6459) or email them at:

Walk with the King,



My email address: Courtney(at)