Good Morning Girls Leader’s Training

I would like to invite you to join us as a Good Morning Girls online Bible study group leader!

Good Morning Girls Leader Resources

Below you will find links to my series of four posts, plus the videos, to help you learn how to become a Good Morning Girls’ online Bible study group leader.

The Good Morning Girls Leaders Manual is available as a digital download for free here.

Paperback version of the Leaders Manual is available on Amazon here.

Do you have a passion to lead women in learning more about God’s Word?

Have you been wanting to lead a women’s Bible study, but didn’t how or where to start?

Online women’s Bible studies have grown increasingly popular because they fit so well into our busy schedules by allowing women to study and check in with their groups as they are able throughout the day.

This is how Good Morning Girls came to be!

Good Morning Girls was created in 2007 in my home church and then I brought it here online to Women Living Well, in 2009.

Since then, tens of thousands of women around the world have been a part of Good Morning Girls Groups!

We’ve had women from all 50 states and translators from over 25 countries, leading Good Morning Girls Groups.  We’ve even had groups in prison!

They meet in online groups each day to keep each other accountable in God’s Word and in prayer as we read through the Bible cover to cover just one chapter a day.

Good Morning Girls Leader Training Videos