Good Morning Girls Resources

Read Through the Bible With Us!

All are welcome to join us anytime! There are no sign-ups or enrollment!

These resources will continually be added to as we read the Bible cover to cover. Look below to find the links to the different books of the Bible we have covered and their associated resources.

Proverbs 2717 iron sharpens iron

Use the My Bible Reading Plan printable to mark off the chapters as you complete them!

How to Start a Good Morning Girls accountability group

Invite some of your friends to join you.  Pray about who from your church, Bible study group, family, neighborhood or workplace would be a good fit. Groups that are smaller generally work better – 5-12 is a good number especially for email and text messaging groups. Facebook groups can go quite a bit larger and still work.

How to Use The soak Method to Study Scripture

PLEASE NOTE: There are no assigned passages to SOAK – please follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and do what time allows. Some may not want to SOAK at all – simply work on the daily discipline of being in God’s word. Some may want to SOAK 1 or 2 verses, others may want to do 5-10, still others may want to write out the entire chapter. Do whatever time allows you in this season of life. Grace.

SOAK graphic

Helpful resources for Your Bible Study Time

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