52 Weeks In the Word

52 Weeks in the Word: Your Guide For Reading The Bible Carefully, Studying It Prayerfully & Living It Out Practically

Do you long to have a vibrant time alone with God, connecting consistently with him throughout your week and growing deeper in your faith?

Packed with 52 weeks of content, this practical resource will equip you with all you need to read the Bible carefully, study it prayerfully, and then live it out practically. Each week’s entry contains a four-page spread that includes the following:

Scripture to Study: This section includes the chapter of the week along with the main focus verse that will be explored in-depth.

Read it Carefully: This space includes ample room to write out the verse for yourself and then circle or highlight any keywords, jotting down initial thoughts about the scripture. It also gives you a few other corresponding scriptures on the same or a related topic.

Study it Prayerfully: This section contains content meant to help clarify the meaning of the scripture with commentary on the biblical context. There is also a call-out portion that highlights the Hebrew or Greek meaning of a word in the passage that helps to make the original intended meaning come alive. Finally, there is a “My Prayer to God” section where a prayer prompt is provided to enable you to craft a personal prayer on the topic of the passage being studied.

Live it Out Practically: This section repeats the highlighted verse of the week again and contains a few practical application questions. It is meant to help you implement the directives discovered in your study into your everyday life and relationships. There is also a “Where I Saw God Today” section to record how you saw God working in your life that week or to list something you are thankful for. Finally, there is a second blank bordered section entitled “Where I Need God Today,” where you may jot down a prayer request or two.

This beautifully designed study guide will inspire you, equip you, and allow you to experience a deeper and more consistent walk with God for an entire year!

Inside this journal you will find:

  • A chapter of the week along with a highlighted verse to explore for deeper study all week long.
  • Space to write out the verse of the week plus 2-3 corresponding verses on the same topic.
  • Content that explains the verse of the week in the biblical context along with a Hebrew or Greek meaning.
  • Weekly prayer prompts, with space to write out your prayers for the week.
  • Weekly personal application questions with space to write down your reflections.
  • And more!!!
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Here’s a Look Inside:

How is this different from other WLW journals?

  1. This journal is 52 Weeks long.
  2. This journal does not use the SOAK method.  It includes a chapter and verse for the week, thoughts and reflections on that verse in its biblical context,  application questions for the week and space to write your weekly prayers.
  3. I will not be leading this as a Bible Study on-line.  But you can do it with friends and use the weekly reflection questions as a discussion question.
  4. This journal was written alongside my two dear friends from MyMentorshipCourses.com — best selling authors -> Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk.

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{For ages 10-110}