Advent – Keeping Our Hearts Focused on Jesus

Christmas time can be one of the busiest times of the whole year!

With gifts to get, Christmas parties to attend and traveling to see our families and friends……our hearts can sometimes become focused on everything but Jesus…..the “reason for the season.”

As you go about preparing for Christmas, we hope you will also join us in “Keeping Our Hearts Focused on Jesus” this Christmas season.

This journal is free to download to your device right now!

Inside this journal you will find:

  • Weekly devotions for each theme of Advent: Hope, Love, Joy and Peace
  • A daily verse focusing on the four weekly themes
  • Daily activities you can do as a family
  • Christmas recipes to fill your home with with the sweet smells of Christmas
  • Daily SOAP journaling pages for each verse

Here’s a Look Inside:



The Advent Study for Kids includes:

  • Tips on teaching children (toddlers-teens) the Bible and tips on helping kids memorize Scrpture
  • Christmas Around the World lessons and activities
  • Weekly Reading plans
  • Weekly memory verses
  • A daily verse focusing on the four weekly themes
  • Daily devotionals and activites
  • A daily prayer to pray with your child

How is this different from other WLW journals?

  1. This journal is 6 days a week rather than just 5 days a week.
  2. I will not be leading this as a Bible Study on-line.  But you can do it with friends and use the daily Bible readings.