Our Daily Homeschool Routine and Curriculum ~ Part 3 of 5

This is my children on the day all their boxes of homeschool stuff arrived this past July!!! It was a VERY exciting day!!!This video gives you a peak inside a typical homeschool day in our home. Every home will look different based on the ages of your children. Some of you will have little ones that need managed during homeschool time, others will have teens who are self sufficient. This is what our home looks like right now in this season of life. (and please, if you are a homeschooler – share in the comments about what your day looks like! I’d LOVE to hear about it!!! And if you have a blog post about it – pretty please link it up below!!!!)

I will share with you our curriculum choice in the video below. Some of you will be disappointed with our family choice – you will be surprised to find that we do not use Christian curriculum. This is one reason I hesitated to do this series…this post is sure to upset a few of my faithful followers who I love and care about. In July, I shared about our curriculum here and the comments were ugly.

(updated note: – since this post – we have changed curriculums and we now use Classical Conversations, Saxon Math and the Rod and the Staff Resources for the 2011-2012 school year.)

There are tons of awesome choices for curriculum out there – we each must do our homework and choose the one that works best for our family. One reason we chose this one is because my oldest sister – who I adore – used this curriculum for 7 years with her 3 boys and she loved it. She currently works as a virtual High School Math teacher for our on-line school. Be assured, there is no shortage of spiritual teaching in our home. I will talk more about this on Friday. But for now – here’s part 3!
I mentioned above my chore pack system. If you’d like to see the video covering that – click here.

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  1. ~Lindsey says

    I loved hearing about your typical day. I watched your "chore pack" video awhile ago and made them for my daughters!! I appreciate you sharing the bible your family ready because I've been thinking about starting something like that and I value your opinion!! Thanks so much!!

    • says

      This is our first year homeschooling and we to live in ohio. We use the ohio public option but we use
      Graham Digital Academy. I get to choose the curriculum and the school pays for it. We use beutiful feet for our history and it incorporates biblical teachings. Most of the curriculum cannot be too christian based since it is state money. I use and sell Doterra essential oils so that I can be home with my boys and homeschool them. We ran into Chandlers 1st grade teacher at WalMart last night and she said we made the right decision and that the school system is really dumbing down education.
      We go to the Digital Academy on Fridays for enrichment classes and social time. The boys also take guitar lessons there on Mondays, we go to the library on Wednesdays for chess club. They are also involved in wrestling, basketball and baseball so there is no lack of social interaction which was a huge concern of ours when making this decision.

  2. Kim says

    We do the K12 program too (In Indiana). But, we do the school part (my daughter goes 2 days a week and we are home 3 days). I have loved it compared to completely doing it on my own. It's not a perfect program, but it works for us!

  3. Melissa says

    I have to say, after the beating you took last time I'm surprised you were willing to share with us on this topic again. I'm glad you are though. I started homeschooling this year and it was a real struggle for me to find what works for us. There are no free options in WV (I would be all over it if there were) so I'm researching and I think I have next year all figured out (I hope). Thanks for sharing, your blog has been a huge blessing in my life.

  4. House Revivals says

    Loved hearing how you structure your day! I did not home school until my kids were a bit older. I had sat on a public school curriculum committee, and so I had copies of our districts "scope and sequence", which I merged with the Core Knowledge scope and sequence. Then I put it all together using "real books" in addition to math and science texts. I loved every minute of it, and it was just what my family needed at that time. Enjoyed your video!

  5. Becki says

    Thank you for this series! We'll start kindergarten at home with our son next year, and I'm with Melissa – if we could get free curriculum in WV, I'd definitely give it a try. My son watched this video with me today and got excited about doing chores. Yay! :)

  6. No Ordinary Me says

    Honestly, I aso surprised (not really) that people condemn and judge they way the do.

    Anyways, I enjoyed this and I have hear good things about the K12. It is not available to me. I checked. Blessings!

    Thanks for sharing the type of Bible you use.

  7. Anonymous says

    As a new homeschooler this year, I especially appreciate your thoughts on the topic! You are SO lucky to get K12 curriculum for free! Here in Illinois, you have to live in the City of Chicago to get it free, otherwise it is quite expensive! Thank you for risking facing your critics again so people like me can learn different perspectives!

  8. Stephanie says

    Great video! Thanks for sharing! I homeschool my 5 children and I always love hearing about what other moms are doing. You do a wonderful job with your blog!

    Visit me at homegrowncozy.blogspot.com

  9. Clair says

    Thanks for sharing! Homeschooling seems like such a great option for a patient parent. I so hope I can be that for my children. God is doing such great things in your life to share your walk with Him with us!


  10. Annie says

    I want to say that I can't believe that people gave you grief over your curriculum choice, but sadly, I can believe it. Everyone has an opinion. Mine is that I agree that homeschooling is not a forever decision, nor is the curriculum. And with both curriculum and the choice to homeschool there's nothing that "should be" or "shouldn't be" done across the board. Thank you for sharing…I learned a lot in those few minutes. I love the family reading Bible. I might look into that.

  11. Kenna says

    Homeschooling is a very personnel choice. You have to do what works for you or you will go crazy. I know I would. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Kim says

    I have homeschooled our daughter all the way through so far…she's currently in 5th grade. We always used My Father's World until this year when the Lord moved us to Student of the Word which includes everything but math. We are liking it. Our typical day is she's up at 9am – gets dressed, does her chores, play time with the dog and breakfast. We start school at 10 spending time in praise and worship, the Bible, praying, and devotionals at 11 we do science. We eat lunch at 12 and then she can play the wii (fit) until 1. After lunch she does math (Teaching Textbooks after some previous struggles with Singapore & Math U See:), history, language arts. She's usually done with school between 2-3 depending on if we're lapbooking that day. She's not allowed to watch tv until 4 unless it's Magic School bus or Fetch (which I count both as science). So she reads until 4 – getting through about a book a day these days.

    If I've learned one thing through this journey it's to NOT judge others and how they are doing it…God will lead each family the way they should go…it's up to them to be obedient with where He leads them.

    My blog rittercoolschool.blogspot.com

    Thanks for doing this post…it's been fun – never heard of the K12 program…Missouri doesn't offer it.

  13. Jenny says

    Great video. You are so adorable and a great speaker! I think it's great that your state has this program for you to use.

    I love your chore packet idea! Also that you read the bible daily and record the dates. What a cool idea. I'll have to look into that family bible.

    I homeschool my first grade daughter and we don't really have a schedule or typical day. I mostly plan it around our other stuff. For instance, my sister homeschools her boys too, so we'll plan things during the day to do together. I will either do school stuff with Abby before we go out or after we get home.

    I've to plan a typical day, but it never works! LOL!

  14. Katja says

    I love reading about your homeschooling experience!!! For me – as there is no chance for us to homeschool – it is like a wonderful story to read and some dream to dream… however, we are not having it sooo bad in the end :-). Keep on going! Hugs, Katja

  15. Janna says

    Thank you so much for posting this series. I live in Ohio also, and my husband and I have been considering using OHVA for next year when our kids will be in K & 2nd. I haven't met anyone in my area currently using the program, so hearing a bit about your experience with it is very helpful and encouraging. I have so many questions… can't wait till the info session come to my town in a few weeks!

  16. David says

    Courtney, thanks for sharing this week about your homeschooling experience. This is our 7th year to homeschool and our daughters are in 6th, 5th, and 3rd grades. Even though it's "old hat" to me, it's nice to hear what others are doing and to be able to "steal" ideas from other moms when you find a good one. I've been encouraged by you sharing. Thanks!

  17. Susan says

    Kudos Courtney! I'm so glad you shared this with us. We just enrolled our oldest daughter in the OHVA a few weeks ago (we were able to get in mid-semester). We are truly enjoying the curriculum, which is an advanced curriculum compared to many. We too are Christians and love the Lord and have received some resistance for our choice. But, we also believe it's the best choice for us right now in our lives. We teach our girls about the Lord and are active in our church, so that part of our lives hasn't changed simply because we use the K-12 curriculum.

    Great job Courtney on this video series! Look forward to hearing tomorrows!

  18. Arvil's Wife says

    What a great post! My littles aren't quite school age yet. My 3 yr old is learning through puzzles and play time now. I LOVE the sound of your curriculum. I am not creative either and the thought that there are curriculums that offer a plan.

  19. DEB says

    I have only been a follower for a few weeks so I was "shocked" to hear your curriculum choice. But I have to believe that the Lord leads you and your hubby as he does me & mine…so YOU have to make the choices for your family. We do a mixture of all sorts of curriculum. Anyway thanks for sharing your typical day with us!

  20. Anonymous says

    I read your blog almost daily. You are so encouraging! I also use k12 in South Carolina. After I read your post in July I was apprehensive to share:) I prayed for two long years for God to change my husband's heart, and He did, only if I used k12. It's a great curriculum and very challenging. Thank you for sharing your routine. I struggle with doing both (dgt-kindergarten & son-2nd grade) so I always welcome suggestions!
    Peace & Joy to you!!

  21. Lisa Maria says

    Hi Courtney,

    I don't have the option to homeschool where I live, but I wanted to just say that I believe that most of a child's belief in God and the grounding of their faith happens in the home. Nobody should expect teachers to teach this to their children.

    Even when my children were in a Christian school, I undertook to teach them about their faith at home. I made a difficult choice to move them from that particular institution because of issues we had, then went through some guilt because they were no longer attending a school that taught them anything about God. I did realise though, that I had to continue to teach them about Him myself and I'm happy to say that it worked out because they got a good education and the grounding in their faith that I gave them has served them well.

    I'm sorry that people upset you by judging your choice, but I have to say that nobody is in a better position than you are to teach your children about God, just by living out your faith the way you do.

    Love and Blessings

  22. Jenna says

    I am really surprised to hear that your curriculum choice was so controversial. I personally like the fact that all the materials and supplies are free, aside from the taxes you pay that you would be paying even if you were not using it. I also think that the secular items that pop up that you mentioned are great teaching opportunities. Who better to explain the differences of what the world believes versus what we as Christians believe, than mom and dad! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Lora says

    Oh. you are the cutest. This is so fun that you do this. And I love your kitchen/dining room. :)
    It's cool that you are so open about what you do in your day. Sometimes I feel like we are FAILING because we don't do every single possible wholesome thing all day long… and i would be worried to admit it.
    you've inspired me by helping me realize that we're pretty normal, and I just might take the challenge of sharing just how it works in our homeschool day… maybe encouraging another mom that she's not so off the mark herself, being "normal" and all. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks and many blessings! :)

  24. Christine says

    I really enjoyed hearing about your day, Courtney! I home educate my 4 children and I absolutely love it! Blessings!

  25. Anonymous says

    I don't think anyone should judge you for what your family chooses to use! I was talking with someone yesterday who will be homeschooling next year and is worried about how to afford it. I think a lot of time, money for the books is what holds them back. So if you are able to get something free like you do, it would be a HUGE blessing those who can not afford to buy books. Now I don't know much about the program your using, but if people put there kids in public school, there are getting free education, your just getting the books and doing the rest! Keep doing what works for your family!!

  26. Sarah says

    I am loving your homeschool series. I'm still fairly new to it and so it's so helpful. I do a mishmash of different curriculum. As always thank you for your insight.

  27. Missi says

    Thank you so much for this series. Your attitude regarding the criticism from others is very uplifting and really shows your heart. As Christians we are taught that we will be persecuted for our beliefs. Unfortunately, a lot of the persecution is from other professing Christians, which in my opinion is a lot more difficult to handle. Your example for responding to that persecution is helpful to me and I'm sure many others.

  28. Tracey says

    As many above me have said, thank you so much for sharing this series on homeschooling! My daughters are currently in a Christian school, but we are considering homeschooling them in the future.

    I appreciate your being so transparent about how you homeschool – and for sharing your curriculum choices with us. I had never heard of K12 prior to this, but would be interested in seeing if it's something available to us.

    As you emphasize, each family has to decide for themselves what they feel God is leading them to do in everything from schooling choices to curriculum. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series!

  29. Emmie says

    I don't have children yet but my husband and I have already discussed homeschooling. We live in Sweden but are moving to the UK in the future. I don't know whether homeschooling would even be possible for us, I hope it would, atleast for the first few years when children are so impressionable. Thank you for sharing so many things on your blog, you inspire me!

  30. Audrey says

    I saw your post back in July, but I never read the comments until just now…. WOW! I can't even believe it! I don't remember reading anywhere in the Bible about what curriculum you should use if/when you homeschool! Whatever happened to Romans 14, Christian liberty? Don't we all have different convictions? It's not wrong for one person to put their kids in public school, it's not wrong for another to homeschool, and it's not wrong for someone to fall firmly in the middle.

    If we raise our kids with a Christian curriculum, and they're super smart, go on to a private college and graduate top of the class, but they don't love Jesus, then we've missed the point. Nothing else matters. As long as you raise your kids to love Jesus, who cares about petty things like what curriculum you use to educate them?

    I think it's awesome that you're following what God wants you to do and not following what fundamentalist, legalistic religious folk want you to do. I'm glad to hear that you love your curriculum!

    And although my kids are still pretty young, we have slow mornings too…. the best thing about homeschooling, I think! :)

  31. Christin says

    First of all, I think it's a shame that people were nasty about your curriculum choice!! Christianity does not come boxed. LOL You could use the best "Christian based" curriculum out there and completely miss the point.

    Well, anyways. Thanks for sharing!! Your day sounds soo simple compared with mine. I don't know, maybe I tend to complicate things! LOL I have 5 children, so obviously that plays a role. But there must be SOME way for me to simplify so more is getting accomplished with less headaches. LOL
    Love you Courtney!!!

  32. daningo says

    My boys go to a public charter school. They attend school 3 days M-W and are home Th-F doing schoolwork online. I LOVE the school! It is a great fit for our family. I love being a little more involved with their education than if they attended school 5 days a week. Also, this has confirmed for me that fully homeschooling would not be healthy for our family for many reasons. The 2 days a week with them home is perfect!

  33. Sarah Jean says

    I had to go look at the post/comment thread Courtney mentioned, and I hesitate to comment here, however I do want to say that while I strongly believe that choosing a Christ-centered curriculum is crucial, I was disappointed that many got so livid about it. I don't think I've ever heard of a person being 'won over' by critical debate. If a Christian feels that another's decision is wrong the first thing we should be doing is PRAYING about our response. For me, that usually turns into God laying it on my heart to keep silent and keep praying for that individual, but never, never do I get permission to lash out in a heated debate! I can relate with the intensity, frustration and concern that some have over many "hot button" issues(trust me-if you only knew the history I have on this…) but prayer has the most potential
    Love your blog Courtney, it's encouraging and uplifting [even if we sometime disagree! ;)]

  34. Nancy says

    I had so much fun listening to your typical homeschool day . . . especially with my 8 year old listening over my shoulder with his mouth hitting the floor. We couldn't believe how similar your day is to ours. . . soooo many similarities. The only difference is that my kids are NOT allowed to play the wii during breaks, something he will be pressing for hard from now on I'm sure!! :) With four boys at home I would never recover from the chaos sure to ensue from a wii tournament mid-schoolday!!

    Love your blog, today was the first I saw it but will be sure to check in from time to time now. We are in PA and use Connections Academy which we love. Very supportive. I did take a minute and read through some of the posts from your July blog. It's too bad about the negative comments. I find being a cyber-schooler is an interesting position to find yourself in. People who send there children out of the home disagree with your choice and some traditional homeschoolers disagree with your choice. Fortunately for us the only one we answer to is our Lord and Saviour. Anyone who is fearful of public school cirriculum or thinks it's dumbed down has clearly not seen it or seen someone use it. Like you said, it's not for everyone but I surely am thankful for God's provision through our cyber school.

    Another GREAT book for family devotions is Leading Little Ones to God by Marian M. Schoolland. It's a book from the Sonlight cirriculum but I was able to buy just that book from Amazon. Perfect for teaching the attributes of God and many other Biblical princples to elementary age children.

  35. Kimberly says

    WOW- what a big pile of boxes!! (we don't use curriculum, so I'm sure it only looks like a LOT)

    and WOW- what a nice big kitchen, dining room area!!

    Sounds like things are moving along well for you!

    I will start to read something daily, but I am way too "A.D.H.D/ Absent Minded" to stick with it.So it takes us a long time to get through a book on this "A.D.D. Reading Plan"

    I'm here from the HHH. Visit us at:

  36. Jennifer G. says

    Wow, haven't watched the video yet, but after checking out the comments from July, I'm amazed you were willing to go there again. Oh my goodness! God bless you!

  37. Amber says

    I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerabilty in opening your life. Thank you for always speaking the truth in love. You are impacting so many people. God bless you, sis.

  38. Saved by Grace says

    Courntey, I use the same curriculum with my 13 yr old daughter. And we love it! I have a pre-k daughter and am praying about doing k-12 with her next year? How do you like the kindergarten with K12? This is our first year with K-12 and have used other virtual academys, but we have found this one to be the best out there. Thank you for sharing your day with us. And thank you for being transparent and such a loving encouragement to us.

  39. Courtney (Women Living Well) says

    I am breathing a sigh of relief!! You all have been so gracious – thank you so sincerely much…:-) I have thoroughly enjoyed your comments today and am glad I chose to go ahead and post this.

    Saved By Grace – this is my second time to teach K12 Kindergarten – and I have nothing bad to say – we just simply love it – it works perfectly for us :-)!!!

    Much Love,

  40. Jennifer @ Just Peachy in Dixie says

    I too enjoyed hearing about your day. I have pondered on the K-12 program, so it was great to hear your experience and point of view! Thank you for sharing! I'm sorry to hear that you received so much negative feedback previously.
    I look forward to reading more.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Jennifer @ http://justpeachyindixie.blogspot.com

    P.S. I linked my post on homeschooling, thanks for hosting!

  41. rebeccaann says

    Awesome video! Thank you for your courage to be open about your home-schooling experience!

    I am a college student and do not have kids, but I do love your blog and it gives me so much inspiration for my future experience as a wife and mom!

    I completely feel that God leads us in many different directions for a reason. For example, can you imagine the public school system without any Christians? We sometimes tend to forget that God uses us in many different ways :)

    I can remember you blogging about your high school experience in a public school and how you would tote your Bible around. I too grew up in a public school system and I remember having many spiritual conversations and being able to be a light for Christ. I also had many Christian friends. I do feel that kids can grow up Godly no matter where they attend school or what curriculum their parents use if they're home-schooled as long as Christ is in the driver's seat. God is good!!! :)

  42. Theresa says

    I just wanted to say thank you! I have enjoyed these videos so much and they have come at such a great time for me. Your joy and love to minister in your family and to women has made such an impact in my life. So… THANK YOU Courtney and to God be all the glory!

  43. Dina says

    This post came at the perfect time for our family. I have enrolled my daughter in public K for the fall, but am still considering homeschooling in the future as I'm not thrilled with the open concept of the elementary school here. And it's good to hear you reminding us that our schooling decisions are fluid! Just because I enroll her now, doesn't mean I can't change to homeschooling later.

    As an aside, after I read this post I spent time at the mechanic's waiting room with a father and his two boys, where he was teaching his 7 year old Bible lessons. We started talking, and found that he was homeschooling using K-12, and that only his first grader was homeschooled because they didn't like the particular class environment he was in (15 boys and 4 girls for 1 teacher = chaos). AND, although we are in NH, he is originally from OH! Very small world; and something tells me that I needed to hear this message a lot at this time!

  44. Crazy, but Happy - Mommy Heather says

    I am so glad to hear that you like the K12 program. Our public school experience with my oldest son is slowly falling apart because he is so BORED. Even though my husband and I are not quite ready to make the leap to homeschooling, I am doing a lot of researching and praying about the possibilities. I had heard about K12 through a Dobson book and here in Texas it is also free. To me it makes the whole experience seem a little less scary for starting out because there are so many guidelines and the virtual teachers to help out. Thanks for sharing!

  45. God is Good says

    I'm going to write in bullet points to avoid rambling on:

    *Great video series it has really opened my eyes on homeschooling.

    *I would love to homeschool but i live in the UK and i believe it would be more trouble as they have to send an local official to assess your home to make sure you are meeting the rightcriteria! That sounds scary and the UK is known as a nanny state/Big brother/Has the most CCTV in Europe! :(

    *I love that homeschooling is the right choice for your an your family you don't look streesed but joyful as you are doing God's will.Please don't worry if people don't agree with your choice,it is your life after all and you're pleasing God and it is evident in all you do!

    *Your routine has really encouraged me to be more effecient with my time and i love the chore pack so will do one also.

    Stay blessed!

  46. Coffee and a Mop says

    Hi Courtney! I can't believe people – especially Christians – can be so judgemental towards your decision on curriculum. My goodness! I think Christians nowadays need some teaching on what the Bible says about judging others and about being hypocrites.

    Anyways…I love the series you are doing. This coming fall my son would be starting first grade. Right now he is in public school and we will be taking him out for 1st grade and beyond…and we TOO will be using the K-12 program (I'm in Ohio as well).

    Take care! You are such an inspiration and God definitely used you this week to make some confirmations that He's been trying to tell me.

  47. ourhearts4home says

    I have no disrespect at all for your choice of curriculum. Each family has to decide what works best for them. I also am not concerned over the evolution taught, because I think we can do a pretty good job of teaching truth. I do have one word of caution to post, (again this isn't to judge anyone) the accountability to the ps system. If you are considering this option, just be sure you take time to pray about it. Some people have lost their freedoms because once they signed up for the free programs, then they had to become accountable. And if they were accountable to the gov't, all hsers had to become accountable. So that is my only word of caution. I'm not posting to stir up controversy, just to make someone aware who may not have known the freedom issue. In the end, do what the Lord calls you to do :)

  48. Anna Mary says

    Hi Courtney,

    I am loving your homeschooling video series. I am an "old school" homeschooler, by that I mean I don't use any type of online public school academy. I've been homeschooling since 1999 so I've been around the block a few times. I am a mama of 6 kids expecting blessing #7 this fall and this is what I have learned so far.

    *Every parent is a homeschooling parent. We all need to be teaching our children biblical truth at home. It is not the job of others to do this.

    *The curriculum we choose is a very small part of homeschooling and just because a book has some scripture sprinkled in it does not mean our kids will turn out with a strong faith.

    *Seasons of life change. My dear friend was a passionate homeschooling advocate. She never would have dreamed her children would go to public school She was a wonderful Christian wife and mother and she homeschooled her children up until her death. She died of breast cancer when her precious kids were only 9 and 12 years old. Homeschooling was wonderful for her in those final weeks. She was able to spend quality time with her kids could you have imagined what it would have been like to go to school everyday and keep up with book work while your mom was dying? At that season homeschooling was a God send to her and her children. After her death they went to Christian school and now they both attend a public high school and are doing well. None of us know what our futures hold.

    *Moms need to stick together and support one another. I have been chastised for not being a working mother and earning my keep, I have been chastised for being a homeschooler. I have been told that because I homeschool I am ruining the lives of my children. I am made fun of because I enjoy staying at home and having a large family. Some family members laughingly refer to me as "the little mama". I don't get what the point of it all is. Are we not all mothers? Don't we all want the best for our kids? If moms would spend more time supporting and building each other up instead of finger pointing and tearing each other down think about the impact we could have in this fallen world.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  49. Anonymous says

    THank you for sharing your typical day. I must say though, I read through your last curriculum post comments and I did not find a large percentage of "ugly" comments. We must be careful to label comments as "ugly" if they are challenging us in our decisions. There were a lot of people who disagreed with your choice, but I thought did so in a loving way, challenging the lack of "Christian" element of k12. As Christian women, we are called to challenge each other and our decisions. We should not be so quick to easily dismiss those who challenge our decisions, especially if they are Christian. God uses others to guide us and tell us His will. I thought they brought up good points that shouldn't be so easily dismissed as "ugly". Just some thoughts from a fellow Christian, homeschooling mom. :)

  50. Anonymous says

    As I read through the comments today, I was very disappointed in the many remarks that people should not "judge" you or your choices and how dare people "judge" you. And, as Christians we are not called to "judge". We must be very careful with statements like that. We are called to "judge" others choices are good or bad or right or wrong according to God's law. We are not called to "judge" people's souls and the state of their souls. Be careful when you say that if someone challenges your decisions or disagrees with your decisions, they are judging you. That is an extreme. People have a right to their opinion and if they don't hold the same opinion as you, it does not mean they are "judging" you. Jesus judged people's actions and challenged them. And, if you do not want to be challenged or have anyone disagree with you, don't put it all out there on a public forum.

  51. Cory says

    I am here from Kelly's, and I just have to say that I have already learned so much just from watching your video posts. I would love to homeschool, and you make it look doable. I also like that you use the public school kit because it is an opportunity to teach your children the correct way to see things. One thing I have learned is that there will always be critics, and someone will ALWAYS have a way to tell you what you should or should NOT be doing. For instance the two comments above mine… good greif. Keep up the good work mama.

  52. Extraordinary Ordinary Life says

    I am so excited to see you blog on this because we are using the K12 this year for our son in Indiana. We are doing a hybrid though were he goes to school for one or two days and we homeschool the rest of the days. You are an encouragement and I appreciate your perspective!

  53. Jamie says

    Thank you for posting about your use of K12. I am starting my first year with it on recommendations from a good friend who loves it. I can’t thank you enough for being brave enough to post, knowing some Christians will speak out against it. I feel nervous everytime someone asks me what we are using this year and knowing what they are thinking – it never stopped me from homeschooling or raising my children with Christian beliefs and steadfastly monitoring their exposure to things – so why now? Thanks again!

  54. Steffanie says

    Hey Courtney,
    I love watching your videos and am so thankful I found this blog! I just want to say too not to get discouraged when other people tell you that your curriculum is not “god;y” or “biblical”. I was home schooled all my life and my mom used whatever was available to us. We were blessed with a school superintendent at out church who supplied us with samples of teacher and student workbooks that the public schools used. We know God supplied all of that. People can be so narrow minded these days!! It sounds like you and your husband are doing a wonderful job raising your children and home schooling them. You have been an inspiration to me not only to be productive, but not to waste time watching TV! I do not have any children right now, but have been married for 2 years this coming Monday! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration!

  55. Ben says

    My wife and I are going to begin homeschooling this year with our five year old using Classical Conversations. Doing a little research on Google led me to this post. I shared it with my wife. We both think its rather humorous that a lot of the info is in video format as it is rather difficult to be able to watch a video without one of our three children interrupting.

  56. Kim says

    Thank you so much for sharing your schedule- a search of home school schedule led me to your blog. there is so much more I want to look at, when I get the chance!

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