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(picture taken from my airplane window)
On Monday, November 2nd my husband and I were flown by the Rachael Ray Show – 1st class – to New York City. We arrived to a Lincoln Town Car waiting for us and we were taken to the Helmsley Hotel (pictured below) where we stayed on the 37th floor – right in the middle of Manhattan!

Tuesday morning we were up bright and early – WHO can sleep on a day like this? Since I didn’t have to do my hair or make-up – I did what I do every morning. I read my Bible, prayed, blogged and facebooked. Then Keith and I prayed together and we headed to the lobby.

(Keith and I in the green room with Dr. Haltzman)

At 8:50am we met Dr. Haltzman and his wife (this Dr. sat on the couch with Rachael during our segment) and a Rachael Ray assistant walked us over to the studio. Outside people were lined up waiting to be in the audience. We headed up the elevator and walked past security and were ushered into our green room. There was a fruit tray and drinks waiting in the room for us.

(This is the green room)

Then we were taken down the hall for hair and make-up – Keith was not real happy about this part lol!! oom)

After hair and make-up, the Producer and her assistant (who were extremely personable and helpful) came into our green room to go over the questions we would have on the show. They said I would have 4 questions and 2 more places where I should “comment” and Keith would have two questions. They reviewed my answers and asked me to be more detailed and give longer answers – I was being too brief. That got me a bit nervous! We were told that while our video played we were to head to the couch. But once we were taping – not much happened like it was planned in the green room!

(The producer- Nicole)

After the producers left the room – the mic man came in and attached my mic. Then we walked down a long hallway, past a huge table filled with food for the RR staff, to the backstage. It was very cold backstage – I imagine they let it be cool because the lights are so hot on stage. We could hear a comedian warming the audience up and making them laugh and everyone clapping and having a good time. Nerves were creeping up on me!
The make-up artists came one last time and hair sprayed my hair and touched up my blush and lip stick…I realized I had forgotten my earrings. In a mad dash – the producer’s assistant ran back to our green room and appeared with my earrings in her hand!

At that time we were ushered into the front row and the comedian continued until out came Rachael Ray. We did not get a chance to meet her beforehand.
It happened very quickly – she introduced our segment – up came the Dr. to his seat and our video segment began to play – then she introduced Keith and I. We headed to the couch as the producer had told us… but Rachael motioned to stay put…I imagine that will be edited out – because that was a mistake!
From there Rachael brought the first question right to me…and the conversation began. It felt intense…we were both surprised when the questions that were coming our way were not the questions we prepared for in the green room. Some were similar but Keith’s question was completely different. He never did have the other 2 questions!
(2 assistant producers and Keith walking out of the studio after taping – you can barely see Rachael but she is standing on the other side of Keith. We were not able to get a picture with her.)
But it was so fun! We shared our hearts and then as quickly as it began – it was over. We were ushered out of the studio, out of the green room and out of the building! And from there Keith and I enjoyed a day of shopping on 5th Avenue and a carriage ride in Central Park.

It was definitely an experience of a lifetime. Today the show will air (if you can’t see it in your hometown – go to the Rachael Ray Show website – the video will be available after it has aired).
Tomorrow – all the excitement and hype will be over. As quickly as this all came, it will pass. There are so many wives and moms who are JUST like me – I am an ordinary wife doing ordinary work but I serve an extraordinary God! You deserve to be in the spotlight too…I wish I could have packed you all in my bags and said LOOK – I am not alone – there are many women out there who are just like me!
I’ts over now…and it’s back to reality. The daily grind of endless dirty dishes, training issues, messes and laundry are exhausting. God sees you – he knows your babies are sick today, your dryer broke or your husband just lost his job. Do not be discouraged and downcast by the daily difficulties that you face. Your work is significant!
If you feel empty and like you need strength so you have more to give to your family – sit down with your Bible – have a huge dose of daily bread and living water – and then go forward with peace and serve your family – not with your own strength but with Gods. And in heaven one day – your reward awaits you – and TRUST ME it will be much better than 10 minutes on the Rachael Ray show.
Dear Readers and followers – I love you and am praying for you. Continue to walk with the King as you fulfill your high calling as wives, moms and homemakers!


  1. Courtney that was an awesome blog!!! I was so encouraging! The first part was so neat because its so exciting and "not ordinary" but the second part was awesome because it was so selfless and uplifting to all of us out here trying to serve and love our families through Christ! I enjoyed not only reading about your experience but seeing your devtion to us women as well. Thank you for representing Godly wives on the show and we are all behind you saying the same thing!!!
    PS-Glad you got your carriage ride!!!! How romantic!!

  2. Courtney, I'm so excited to see you and Keith. I wish they would have let you shout "JESUS" as the reason for your hope. But, we know!!!! The Lord is using you in a mighty way! We are so blessed to know HIM . . . let's live to show the world the TRUTH! Thank you and bless you for being a beautiful example, encouragement, and sister-in-Christ to all your readers. Love you, Jenny C.

  3. Don't feel well enough to sit here and type, but wanted to let you know that I agree with the other posters…

    love you!


  4. That truly disappoints me! (That you were told not to mention God!) We're trying to catch the show…want to see your smiling face!

  5. Thanks for the behind the scenes look into the whole experience. You looked great! How did you ever decide what outfit to wear??? Thank you for turning your experience around to encourage “us” all out here! What a blessing to be given those words of encouragement , to serve our families and husbands with God’s strength … to keep on keeping on!! Thank you for the beautiful example you and Keith are. It’s a bummer that you couldn’t, at least, mention your website. I am sure that some will misunderstand – hey, even some of the women on my field would roll their eyes. It’s ok. God will be honored by your willingness to speak and your transparency and most importantly to live in obedience to Him and bring Him Glory!

  6. I'm proud of the bold stand that you always take for the truth!! I'm counting the minutes until 2:00 and can't wait to watch the show. Love you!

  7. DITTO to what Kimmi said. I actually teared up when I read this. Thanks, my beautiful, sweet friend 🙂

  8. Loved today's blog and can't wait to watch the show this afternoon. I cracked up about the part where they told you of all people that you were being too brief when answering the questions!

  9. Thank you for sharing! I knew there was something about that segment that was 'more than meets the eye.' I am not a regular viewer of the RR Show, but watch it occasionally as I am a stay at home mom and sometimes tune in to the talk shows but not too much. Anyway, something compelled me to go to the website to learn more about the segment and then I saw your blog link. Thank you for sharing your faith and encouraging other Christian stay at home moms and wives!! I'm glad I looked you up today! And I pray many more will and learn about our faith.

  10. Can't wait to see it. I'm also recording it so Mark and I can watch it together later. You are such a wonderful encouragement to me. Thank you!!

  11. What a fun experience!! 🙂 I am so sad for you that you weren't able to talk about Jesus at all, but I imagine that some people will be interested enough in what you had to say to find your blog through RR. So proud of you. 🙂

  12. I am so happy for you…yet at the same time I'm disappointed. I wish they had at least let you say something about God…they are allowed to add notes or whatever to say these aren't necessarily their beliefs…God is a major part of the reason you are the way you are…and how could anyone understand without knowing that? I am glad that you had fun though…`

  13. Hey Courtney! GREAT JOB on the Rachel Ray show! I was SO nervous for you when Jen told met that you were not able to mention Jesus or the fact that you do what you do to glorify and honor God! You really gave a positive look on being a "keeper at home"!! Thanks for your encouragement to others who have chosen the same path! May God continue to bless you and your family as you follow Him!

  14. Courtney, that was great… the only missing ingredient (after reading the comments from viewers of the RR Show)is the grace of God and your faith in God. The comments about the show demonstrate that the women are frustrated because they don't have a relationship with Him. We cannot do this on our own. As Israel Houghton says, Where would I be if not for Your grace… Great Job!

  15. Have actually joined the RR forum so I could post some responses to the people who are totally blasting you guys! It's so uncalled for. I can't believe the vehemence with which they are so against the way you've chosen to live your lives.

    I pray the Light of the World will be able to shine through regardless of whether or not you were able to mention "religion" or your website. Was bummed to have missed the show to day. I had to work. 🙁

    Mimi…was a SAHM for 15 yrs.

  16. Courtney, I was so excited to watch you on RR today! You guys did a great job. Yes, there will always be people that are critical, which is very unfair and frustrating. You radiated happiness/Godliness. No Doubt. I am sorry they did not let you talk about God, but I am so glad you still did the episode because God will use this and people will find your blog through this show, and lives will be touched and changed. Anyone who watched this will see the joy you have in your life! Praise God!

  17. Oh wow Courtney GOOD JOB. I have not viosited your blog in a while, so I did not know that you will be on RR. I watched RR this afternoon and during your segment I thought, wow I wonder if this lady is a Christian and then I heard your name and realized that it is YOU! Even though you could not mention Jesus you sure did shine for Him through your actions and story….James 1:22….You lived the talk! Well done Courtney and praise God for the opportunity and the giftedness He gave you to minister to woman.

  18. I just watched the clip on the RR website. The one I am watching is NOT you on the show but them filming in your beautiful home. What a shame you were not able to even mention God. LOVE your blog post and the example you set for others. Do not let any human discourage you. YOU know the truth and the truth has set you free. 😀

  19. I loved watching the woman's face behind you guys. She seemed so sad or angry or doubtful or something. I wish you both had been allowed to tell about the "glue" that REALLY holds your marriage together, but hopefully someone will google your name and find your blog or something.
    And ohmygoodness, your home is beautiful!
    Remember, with the nasty comments that blessed are you when men say all sorts of nasty things about you for HIS Name's sake… or something like that. I can't remember how the verse goes as my head is pounding right now. But your reward will be great!

  20. Wonderful job Courtney!!! God's love shined through you even if you couldn't say His name! 🙂 Thank you for being such a positive example for all of us who are "Walking with the King" right along with you!!!

  21. I've been keeping up with the comments left on the Rachael Ray site in response to your segment. It definitely started some great discussions, and I'm glad that you found a way to share the address to your blog. I was so excited that you actually had the opportunity to share Christ with one woman who seems to be searching for something more in life. God is at work here!! Love you!

  22. Hi Courtney,
    Susan and I had such a great time meeting you and Keith in New York. I was at a conference on Friday, so I saw the show last night when I got home. You two did an awesome job. Wow! I also enjoyed your post on RR's message board. It's so great to see how many other people support the things that you and Julia and Patrick said.
    Keep on keepin' on!

  23. I rarely watch RR but I SAW that episode with you on it!!!! I thought it was great!!! HOw fun is that!!!!

  24. Courtney, i think it could well serve Chris in the end that people do not know the connection between religion and the lifestyle, I mean otherwise they may just categorize the whole thing as " ahah, she is forced to do this, because of her religion", I mean, God´s guidelines are the best and work for everybody and sometimes it is really good for unbelievers to find that out by themselves (before their defense mechanisms that says "religion- i dont want to associate with it" kicks in).Later on, when they realize that it is, in fact biblical, they just may go aahh… I have found out that to be true in so many cases with my unbeliever friends that I usually introduce a biblical principal without them knowing it is that and when they realize later on that they have chosen and agreed with biblical message without "wanting it" it seems to make a way for further discussions.

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