The Proverbs 31 Woman’s Beauty Secret

Word Filled Wednesday: Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Next week the Proverbs 31 Series comes to an end! What a joy it has been to study this lovely lady with you! We have seen her beauty shine as she serves her husband and children with every bit of strength and love she has.

As we come to verse 30, we are reminded that this chapter was written by a mother telling her son what to look for in a wife (found in Proverbs 31:1). Ladies, if you have sons – listen up to the warnings you must give your sons!
1. Charm is deceptive – Charm is the use of the womanly ways of displaying kindness, agreeableness, flattery and affection to hook a man. Then once she is married, the real woman comes out and it was all a lie. For the charming woman is not nearly as kind, agreeable or affectionate as the woman the man fell in love with. This poor husband is now trapped in this marriage that began as deception!

2. Beauty is fleeting – Men desire something beautiful to feast their eyes on and guess what ladies? God made us all with eyes, hair, and curves that please your man. But marrying a beauty will not make a great marriage! The beauty will fade and if she is not beautiful on the inside, this husband is trapped!

Remind your sons to not fall into the traps of charm and beauty! But rather remember:

“A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”
The woman who fears the Lord will have a God conscienceness. She will be aware of God’s presence in her home at all times. She will work tirelessly and sacrificially to create a home that is filled with peace, joy and comfort. This woman loves the Lord and desires to please him. She serves her husband and children because of her higher desire to please the Lord. When marriage difficulties arise, this woman remains unwavering in her faith and dedication to pleasing God. She does not respect and submit to her husband based on her husband’s worthiness but out of her love and fear of the Lord. She knows when her husband is acting ugly that there is a God in heaven who loves her and whom she serves and so she presses through those difficult times remaining unwavering in her dedication to him.

This woman’s faith is her beauty secret.
Her faith makes her gorgeous, desirable, praiseworthy, admirable, noble and indeed RARE!
It’s the charming and beautiful women, who grace the cover of magazines. Have you seen the picture of a woman who fears the Lord on the front cover of a magazine lately! Nope? Me neither!

This world has fed us lies about beauty! And for far too long we have fallen for them! Why do we so painfully compare ourselves to these faithless, deceptively, fleeting beauties? We have been fearing man rather than fearing God.

Listen to meyour faith makes you beautiful! Your faith makes you praiseworthy! We must teach this to our sons and daughters!

Walk with the King!

I am participating in Seven Clown Circus Wordful Wednesday and Internet Cafe’s Word Filled Wednesday.

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  1. Courtney! Thank you so much for writing. This is so rich and encouraging. You are awesome! Thank you!!! <3

  2. This is so true. When I think of the beautiful older women I know, they radiate joy in Jesus. They truly are lovely, and I want to be like them!

  3. Amen…this was great.

    I've enjoyed this series with you.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a blessed WFW today!

  4. I have prayed this for my son's future wife since he was born. He is now 20 and I have often shared with friends how I worry more about him than about my 17 year old daughter. This is due to the fact that so many women are cunning and know how to tempt men, who are definitely more visual then women, and bring all sorts of chaos to their lives. May the Lord bless each of us with a virtuous woman for our sons and a God-fearing and honoring man for our daughters.

    Thanks for sharing this WFW. Have a lovely day.

  5. Wow… your paragraph about "unwavering in her faith and dedication to pleasing God"… this whole paragraph is so rich, so wise. Thank you, Courtney. I will print this and let it impact my marriage for good!

  6. It is definitely the heart and not outer beauty that shines. I pray that I can teach my son to see a woman for her heart and not what she looks like on the outside.
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  7. I really enjoyed what you wrote Courtney. Definitely good to remember those things. Thanks again!

  8. Just found your blog today, and LOVE what you shared! Can't wait to read more. So thankful to find women in Blog-land who share in the passion of Biblical womanhood!

  9. Last night, I just realized I needed to start praying this very thing over my children, my daughteres especially: that their beauty radiate from a heart full of love for God.

  10. Thank you for this article! I especially like your reminder about our motivation for respecting our husbands – the love of God.

  11. WOW! I definitely needed to hear this! I have two precious little boys that I need to share this with as the grow! And I know that I tend to compare myself with more worldly women. It's the pits! They are lacking the faith and confidence of a woman of the LOrd!! thank you for the wonderful post!

  12. Its so true that what is inside a woman is what makes her beautiful. But I think we need to be careful as Christian women not to use that as an excuse to let ourselves go or not be respectful to our husbands. Over and over in the Bible we see that women were valued for their beauty, perhaps wrongly so, but its something that happens in our world. If we love and respect our husbands we try to stay beautiful for them.

    I too am the mother of a son and hope that he marries a girl for her inner beauty, but I also hope she pays attention to her outer beauty (and likes to talk about shoes and purses)

  13. Thank you so much for writing this!! It was a wonderful post! I totally agree with everything you said. I have two sons and two daughters and I will be teaching them both these things! For my sons to choose God fearing wives and for my daughters because they need to know where beauty really comes from!

  14. As the mom of three teen/tween boys I needed to hear this from the mama perspective. I so need to make sure that this is the example of biblical womanhood I show my boys through how I live.

  15. I just recently started to follow your blog Courtney and am very thankful that I've stumbled upon it. Your faith in God and the wisdom He teachers others is a gift to women, wives, and mothers. Thank you for serving the Lord, following his path, and sharing your journey with us.

    I am excited for what's up next!!

  16. You are so right: faith is her beauty. And faith is her strength. Did you know that two women in the Bible are described with the same Hebrew root as "mighty warrior"? They are Ruth and the Proverbs 31 woman.

    May God continue to bless you.

  17. Such wise words, full of God's truth! My prayer is that God would continue to mold me into the Proverbs 31 woman.

    And from the look of your joyful picture on your blog, it looks like your husband is doubly-blessed; he has a woman striving to own Proverbs 31 who has beauty on the outside, too! 😉

  18. I just chaperoned a senior trip and got to tell a group of young ladies what I tell my sons about choosing a wife. It was a neat moment!

    (I have four sons…so I totally enjoyed being with the girls for a change.)

    Enjoyed your post today.

  19. I prayed for our daughters when they were young, to be Godly women and to marry men who love the Lord, and He answered my prayers. I praise God, for He does indeed make us beautiful by our faith!

    Thank you for these words of wisdom!

  20. Hi Courtney, I linked to your post from Sheila's blog, totally a divine appointment. Between you and Teri-Lynne @ Pleasing to You, the Wifey Wednesday links this week have pinpointed exactly what God has been trying to get through to me for the past couple of weeks.

    I try to mentor a small group of fellow moms in our home fellowship group, and have been feeling empty of a God message lately – and now I realize it's because I've been focussing on the "easier" aspects of Prov.31 womanhood… housework, parenting, pleasing a husband… and not nurturing the relationship with our ultimate bridegroom.

    Now I have something good to offer my mom group. THANKS! 🙂

  21. i've been trying to watch your videos on marriage and the home and it keeps pausing. is annyone else having this problem/ i'd love to watch them but it continues to freeze up every few seconds. just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this. love your blog, i just happened to get on it thru ''organizing the home for christ and pulled you up to add to favorites. wondering if the videos freeze up on anyone else…

  22. I am learning so much from this series. It is very convicting, in a good way. For the last 7 years, I prided myself on being a good wife. Come to find out I’m not the wife and mother I thought I was… lol! But praise God for this series because He knows that is my hearts desire. I have learned that just keeping a clean house and taking care of the children are not enough if my attitude is not right. I am striving to give God the glory in all of my task. I am now prayerfully folding my clothes. Praying that on the day my child wear this shirt he be blessed. As my husband walks on this clean floor his feet be guided by the Grace of God. While my Bestie sips on this cup of coffee, that she is given a Spirit of Gladness. I am not always successful at this but it is what I am working towards. Thank you so much for obeying God to do this series, it has truely blessed my soul and made me a better wife and mother!

  23. Unfortunately, many males believe that a woman’s beauty and charm equals to good character. I know men that married these types of women which led to divorce later on. The women were absorbed in their own beauty, the charm that they initially had turned into argumentative, narcissism, insensitive, problematic, showing revenge by taking custody of children, and other ways. You see many men who believed in the lies about charm and good looks and regret it. A virtuous woman who submits to the Lord fears the Lord. It means a woman who submits to the Lord completely honors and glorify the Lord through her words and actions in her daily life. God is always present in her life and she knows it. She communicates with God and considers as a the heavenly husband. There are too many women who rather ignore God and go against him like Eve in the bible and other women who God punished for their sins. God says in the Holy Book that wives must submit to your husband as you do to the Lord. The Lord is in charge of both the husband and wife and God is the main spouse in the marriage. He gives specific duties for man and woman. Unfortunately, many men and women will learn the hard way because they buy into world’s standards than God’s, but those who listen to the Lord and follow him will be blessed.

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