My 2 Favorite Guys!

Happy Father’s Day to my 2 Favorite Guys in the Whole World!!!

My Dad – who’s a super amazing Husband, Father, Grandpa (he helps me homeschool on Fridays!), Chemical Engineer, Deacon, and ABF Leader at our church!

And my husband who is wildly intelligent, successful, visionary, fiercely strong, quick witted, a fun dad, a patient listener, a leader, loyal, trustworthy, dependable, generous, supportive and He loves Jesus!

I love you guys!
Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s a little something to make you laugh!

Walk with the King!


  1. That's wonderful! I like that your dad helps you homeschool. They played that video at our church! Too funny!

  2. Very sweet courtney! I love that your dad helps homeschool as well! That will be a great memory for the kids.

  3. I just stopped by to wish a Happy Father's to the men in your life. I hope you're enjoying this Sunday with them! Your dad sounds pretty special to help with homeschooling!

  4. Happy Father's Day to your two wonderful men! May God bless them and keep them strong in serving their families.

  5. Hi Courtney, I have to agree that our Dad is one of the best and deserves a very Happy Father's Day! He's the kind of Dad that you can call with any need, and he will drop everything to help you. There is such security in that kind of love, and believe me, I have had to call him frequently in the last few weeks (car issues). It was so reassuring to hear his voice on the phone say, "Hi Jennifer, what do you need?" It makes me cry just thinking about him and how wonderful he is!! We are so blessed to have him for our Dad. What an example of Jesus' unfailing love he is to us. Thanks for the tribute to him. Love you, Jen

  6. What a sweet post! I'm very blessed to have my dad and husband in my life too; I enjoyed reading this.

  7. Oh Courtney, I love my family so much. Still, we grew up with a watered down view of Christianity. It was kind of taken off the shelf, dusted off on (some) Sundays, then put away again as soon as we got home from church. It certainly wasn't lived out in our home.

    I read about your dad and it made me feel sad that I didn't have that same Christian example growing up, though I love my dad for so many wonderful reasons.

    But at the same time, I'm amazed that God reached down into my family, as it was, and redeemed ME. I'm a sinner, so very much in need of my Savior, and God changed me and the course of my life and that of my husband too, who was basically raised agnostic. Incredibly, God also changed the course for my children (born into cycles of addiction, abuse, and negelect), placing them with my husband and I, where we are all moving forward as a first generation Christian family. Oh, how I pray this change will impact our family for Jesus Christ for generations to come.

    Hope both the special men in your life had a most blessed Father's Day. Thank you for sharing a bit about them with all of us.

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