Election Desperation



We are down to the wire! Both candidates  are pulling out all the stops in their final desperation to get out the vote!  My home state – Ohio – is a swing state and there is a thick political cloud of tension hanging over our state.  The Airforce One has landed here quite frequently this month and Romney was in our hometown this past Friday and will be back again this week.  We’ve attended rallies and posted our signs in the yard (and had them stolen once – then we got new ones and they were pulled out and thrown in the middle of the street at 3am this past Saturday night).  The phone is ringing off the hook with political commercials, polls and requests for money. 


What does desperation bring out in you? For some it’s the best – we perform well under pressure. For others desperation looks ugly and we buckle under pressure.

Often we see desperation at the end of a tight race or an athletic competition when the score is close or when there’s a deadline.  I wonder… do we treat life’s race to eternity with the same desperation. No one on this earth knows when Christ will return – we are just asked to be prepared. If we knew wouldn’t we live life differently? How desperate would our plea be to those around us to choose Christ or to spread the Word that He is the One to choose?

Have you been involved in any political debates or discussions over this election?

I hope that you will fight with the same vigor to share the gospel and convince people to choose Christ. These are desperate times when evil is called good and good is called evil.

2 Corinthians 5:20-6:2 says “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. As God’s fellow workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain. For He says “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.” I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.”

 Do you hear the desperation in the words “appeal, implore, urge, now, now”?

 Stand for truth. Stand for truth at the polls – and stand for truth in your everyday life.

I have already absentee voted because my husband was not sure if he’d be traveling on election day and he did not want to miss voting.  So we voted together at home.  I voted pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-Israel.  I desperately ask you to vote and then put it behind you – and go and be an ambassador for Christ. Be sure your loved ones and neighbors know – today is the day of salvation! They desperately need to choose Christ!

Walk with the King,





  1. Great post, Courtney! We need to do our part and then leave the rest in the Lord’s hands knowing He is in complete control. I didn’t know you live in Ohio. Lots of news coverage lately. You must be SO tired of all the political commercials. I live in CA but I am sick of the few we get for local politicians!

  2. I agree with your words of wisdom. What should matter most to us is winning souls for the Lord! It’s so easy to get sidetracked with things of this world, we need to keep our eyes focused on the King!


  3. I don’t necessarily agree with your exact political views, but I certainly agree that we should be most concerned with the eternal. I really don’t think God appreciates the amount of tearing people down that goes on in the name of politics, when it’s completely against His word ๐Ÿ™ It’s really sad. We definitely should have that same desperation and passion for sharing His message.

    1. I agree with Crystal. . .God can’t be pleased with the way both sides have harmed the other throughg words.

      My political views are this: JESUS 2012!!! How would Jesus vote? Would He even cast a vote in this presidential election?
      In other words, if a candidate’s political AND personal beliefs (as they’ve expressed them) do not fall in line with God’s Word, then as a Christian, I cannot support it in any way.

      Nevertheless, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ should never take a back seat to anything. For Christ and Him alone!

  4. I was just saying this tonight to my husband. I was so frustrated tonight by the commercials for the local politicians….the one side is attacking the other by using child support as the basis for the commercial. That’s true desperation if you’re willing to attack someone’s family. It makes me sad because like you said so well “what does desperation bring out in you?” It’s definitely something for us all to think about.

  5. I’m in Ohio too! I will be voting opposite of your choice. I look at the other things like the economy. I’m afraid my husband would lose his awesome union job if the Republican candidate gets in. He himself has flip flopped on his stance with the issues you’ve mentioned. As a cancer survivor I’m concerned that he would abolish the Affordable Healthcare Act, which would make me un insurable with my recent cancer diagnosis. The AHA isn’t perfect but it’s better than before.

  6. I live in Ohio as well. I’m voting the same as you are. I’m also a political science major in grad school, so I LIVE politics everyday, haha. Praying a lot daily for victory.

  7. Well, we are praying for your nation from over here in Scotland too. Your nation, I think, has seldom been in such need of prayer – but our nation is in a *worse* state than yours ๐Ÿ™ We are further down the line of having rejected God’s name, His Word and anything that speaks of what once made our nation great. I pray, pray, pray you don’t go down this line. I pray God would stem the tide in your wonderful nation and that God’s name would be truly honoured once more.

    Great post. The election *does* matter, but, oh boy, how much the things of eternity matter more.
    Anne x

  8. I agree with you, Courtney, as to the urgency of the times in which we live. We should always strive to live out truth and allow our lives to serve as beacons of our faith. I can not agree completely, however, with the stances of either candidate. They each stand for things that oppose Christ. I don’t believe the Lord would have us to choose either evil. I know that the prophecies of the Bible are sure. No matter whether we vote or not, God Almighty will have His way. Our votes will not supersede God’s will. I’m going to sit this election out, and just pray that God’s will be done. I’d rather focus on the perfect Kingdom to come than the temporal things of this world.
    โ€œPraise the name of God forever and ever,for He has all wisdom and power. He controls the course of world events; He removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.” Daniel 2:20,21

    Blessings! Lexy

    1. I love this, Lexy! I completely agree. Some say that not voting is irresponsible. But I just cannot, in good conscience, support a candidate that I fundamentally disagree with. And I agree that both of them support things that I fundamentally (and Biblically) disagree with.

      1. Amen, and amen! I completely agree with you both (I just commented on your comment, Crystal!)

        It is not irresponsible to sit an election out. Bur rather, as a child of God, you realize that EVERYTHING you do is held accountable to Him. Even our voting.

  9. Great post Courtney, it ties hand in hand I what I’m reading today in Genisis of
    Noah and the flood. Always be ready for the coming of the Lord. Easier said than done but I’m praying for him to be in the front of my mind always. Thank you for your words!

  10. Courtney and all you girls, please post about your thoughts if the election goes against life, marriage and Israel. By that I mean, how you will handle the sorrow of our country once again turning against God. I am very scared. God is soverign I know but we deserve Him to remove His hand from us if for no other reason but abortion.Forgive me for my negativity. I just wanted to be clear about the depths of my concern and I am looking for tangible hope.

    1. God will eventually do so. This Nation is wicked. The Bible says that “righteousness exhalted a nation”. I am sad to see people chosing to vote one way because the economy is more important than moral values. The economy is somehow more important than saving babies and keeping marriage pure. It is sad and we live in a nation who is just asking for God to smite us! No canidate is perfect, but as Christians, it would be wrong to choose someone who is against the things God says is right. This saddens me. If only all Christians would vote for moral purity……

    2. To be honest, I personally don’t think that a vote for the republican side is a vote for life or marriage. Romney has flip-flopped on this so many times. Not to mention that republicans in the past haven’t done anything to reverse Roe vs. Wade. I read a very interesting article recently, looking at abortion rates, and since Roe vs. Wade, the numbers grew a bit under Bush 1, fell the most they have since the peek under Clinton, and evened out under Bush 2. There is no evidence at all that a republican president will help the pro-life cause, and actually there is evidence that Democratic presidents might lessen abortion rates more than republicans, because they help raise women out of poverty, which is proven to reduce abortion rates.

      Crystal, I agree that it’s wrong to choose someone who is against the things God says is right, which is why I can’t in good conscience vote for either candidate. I think republicans have done an awesome marketing job of making it seem as if a vote for them is a vote for God, but sadly that’s not the case when you really analyze what is happening (see my point above). Here is the article I referred to: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/faithfuldemocrats/2012/09/if-you-are-truly-pro-life-youd-vote-democrat/

      1. Roe V Wade (and the overturning of it) is determined by the Supreme Court Justices…not the President??? The moral out cry of Christians is that our tax money – the money my husband is working hard today to earn that he is required to pay or he goes to jail…is being given to organizations to pay for abortions. ugh! Under Obama we are all paying today to help a woman have an abortion…right this second. That does not sit well with me ๐Ÿ™ My conscience does not allow me to turn a blind eye to this – I have to vote pro-life.

        1. Oh and I want to add – voting pro-life does not mean that Roe V Wade will be overturned – as I said we have to wait for justices to retire and be replaced for that to happen…what it means is my taxes will not pay for abortions. Currently they do. To cut the 16 trillion dollar deficit this is one of the fundings that would be cut under a new administration and I’d love to see that happen!
          Ps. This does not take away the woman’s right to have an abortion – it simply means my money won’t pay for someone elses abortion.

          1. Well, I think that Romney has been very wishy washy about this, so I really don’t expect that to change. i am very much pro-life, but I don’t think that politicians have proven their support for this cause, regardless of how that makes others judge me.

        2. I wouldn’t bet the bank that Romney is truly pro-life. His position on abortion and other topics have flipped many times throughout his career and even during this election. There are many that think, he will say anything to be elected.

      2. If the Democratic party was pro-life and against homosexuality, many Christians would vote for them. Do you see, however, that the Democratic party embrasses the sins of Romans 1? They built their platform on the sin of homosexuality and pro-choice. God says He’ll cast us away. Romans 1:24 says God will give us up to uncleanness. Romans 1: 26-27 says He’ll give us up to vile affections! This is what the USA is full of and it saddens me that some Christians look the other way. Not one person here on earth is perfect. Only the God of our salvation is, but He has commanded up to stand up for purity and what are we telling others when we vote against it? Gov. Mitt Romney has his flaws- all politicians are “liars”- aren’t we all? The thing is, to vote against moral purity is to vote against God. He will punish our nation according to Romans 1. Just b/c these sins are now “accepted” among so many, does not make them right. Sin is still sin in the eyes of the Lord and to go against Him is a very dangerous thing. No one is judging you, Crystal. We all have the right to vote for whom we choose- but voting against God is a scary thing.

        1. I actually wrote a comment about numbers of abortions per year based on democratic/republican leadership at the time, but Courtney deleted it. I do not in any way “accept” these sins. I completely agree that “voting against God is a very scary thing” (which is why I am personally not voting, because I believe that either candidate is a vote against God in different ways. Just because I choose to fight for God in a different way than you doesn’t mean that I am looking the other way, or that I am any less a Christian (as has been claimed in the comments here today).

          1. Crystal, let me just say that I never claimed you were not a Christian, nor that you were any “less of a Christian”. If you got that idea from any of my comments, I apologize, as that is not what I was saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. Crystal, I didn’t get that from you, just meant that’s what I was referring to with the judging comment because that suggestion was made elsewhere in the comments section. It’s all good. We’re all just trying to do what we feel is honoring to God, in a tough situation. Blessings to you.

          3. Crystal, vote your conscience — in your case, a non-vote. Are there no 3rd party candidates that you feel represent your views? There are other races that are important, too, and initiatives that need your vote. Here, we’re voting on legalizing homosexual marriage and marijuana. We left blank those races where neither candidate was a good choice, or we wrote in candidates. The write-ins don’t have a chance of winning, but their name becomes permanent record — even if that name is “Jesus Saves”.

            For the person who was voting because how it would personally affect them, please think about that further. It is not about us, it is about what is right. I’m not going to vote for a social program that financially benefits me at the expense of thievery from someone else. Theft by government is still theft.

    3. Sheila, the Lord will continue to take care of those who are faithful to Him. We shouldn’t be trying to make things comfortable for us here anyway, this world is not our home. Too many times Jesus has instructed us not to fear, to trust Him with the outcome of things. We forfeit sweet peace by getting entangled in worldly matters. Remember what Jesus said happened to the seed (the Word) that was sown among thorns– the worries of this life, deceitfulness of wealth, and the desire for things choked it out making it unfruitful. (Mark 4:19) One of the fruits we can’t produce while worrying is PEACE! (Galatians 5:22) No matter where this country is headed, remember that God KNOWS those who trust in Him. He will be with us even until the end. He promised! (Matthew 28:20)

    4. Sheila, I totally understand where you’re coming from. And I am dealing with that not only on a personal level, but with my boys. I am praying and working as hard as I can, but I do understand that God might have a different plan than I do, as hard as that will be for me. Here’s something that really helped me the other day to have peace. Habakkuk was looking around, seeing the ungodly nations prospering, and crying out to God, “Why? Aren’t You going to do something??” And God’s response was:

      Habakkuk 1:5 “Look at the nations & watch & be amazed. For I am going to do something in your day that you would not believe, even if you were told.”

      That doesn’t mean that “my” candidate is going to win (although I hope so! :-)). It does mean that God has a plan that’s bigger and better than mine. He is sovereign and what He wants to do is bigger and better than what I can see. He uses circumstances in ways I could never imagine, and even if things get tough, He has lessons for me and my family to learn, and areas of growth for us.

      This season has been a great reminder to me that, ultimately, the answers don’t lie in candidates, but in CHRIST! “In Christ alone, my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song. This cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm.”

      Hope this helps you breathe a sigh of relief like it did me last week! Hugs to you!

  11. The best way I heard it was that regarding policies and stances on issues republicans (and thus the majority of their candidates) tend to be in line with biblical principles when it comes to moral issues. Is this an act that is immoral. Democrats (and candidate) ten to be on the side of social justice. Helping the poor and needy etc. so neither way is right or wrong. We need both because God emphasizes both. I have pro-life friends voting for Obama because while they are against abortion personally, they believe that we need certain programs to help those who need them. Then I have republican friends who feel that if we got everyone on the same moral page morally (premarital sex etc), a lot of the programs wouldn’t be needed. There is no right or wrong except what goes against the Bible, God’s Word ๐Ÿ™‚ as someone said before, both sides do things that agree with God’s Word, and things that don’t. We just have to figure out which we believe to be the best to live with.

    Personally, I live in a liberal state, highly focused on environmental legislation. I voted for the candidate my husband didn’t so we would “balance each other out” I didnt like anyone this time and I just pray that God’s will be done

  12. I am also in Ohio and voted as you did. The bottom line is … we must put biblical values over our own selves. If we are not voting for what is right by Christ, the economic and other issues are a moot point. We will have sold out being a Christian for being “comfortable” or “secure”. Which is ironic because once we turn our backs on God’s values, our security is all gone anyway. It’s a lie from Satan to put someone in office who does not follow the bible. Gen 12:3 says God will bless the nation that stands with Israel and curse the nation who doesn’t. Psalms talks about God knowing us as we were “knit together in our mother’s womb”. The bible is also very clear about the definition of marriage. As Christians, I’m really not sure how one can NOT vote for biblical values and then sleep at night. Am I passionate about this? I am. Because another 4 years of turning our back on God as a nation and we may not EVER recover. I believe this election is that serious.

  13. I have a sweet older woman friend who told me years ago she would never expect God to bless a country that votes against him.

    1. I so agree with that Lucyt. I was just reading Romans 1:18-32 this morning and He is VERY clear as to what we should do concerning choosing. He is also clear about His wrath against mankind when we don’t.

  14. Everyone has an opinion and then we have the “Truth”-which is God’s word. The Bible does not change, it stands true. It tells us what is right and wrong. This world tells us if you want to do it it’s okay, it’s not! Even though almost everything is allowed, accepted and sometimes welcomed does not make it right. How did our nation come so far from the truth? Leadership! Pray before you vote!

  15. Read Romans 1:18-32. God’s promising wrath against mankind if we choose certain behaviors. Abortion (murder) is included here as well. No heathcare plan, union job or any other job will save us from an angry God. Voting Biblical principles or money is the choice I see. Sitting this one out doesn’t seem to be an option either.

    1. NO but my husband losing his job could potentially put us out on the street as it has done for so many people since the 2008 economic crash. Or if I were unable to afford health insurance because I’d be uninsurable due to my previous history of cancer(kidney cancer–which is currently cured but that doesn’t mean that it won’t reoccur in the future) so that if I did have a relapse, I’d go broke paying for treatment since I didn’t have any medical benefits. NO ONE should have to choose between eating and life maintaining treatments.

  16. I am voting “vertically.” Not voting is a vote in a sense. Not voting is abdicating your civil responsibility and privilege. Vote for your values that extend into eternity.
    I live in Florida – a crucial state in all Presidential elections (as is Ohio).

    1. That, in a sense, is throwing your vote away. Every.Single.Vote.Counts! Why don’t people understand this? No one is perfect, but if Christians would stand up for moral purity our country would be a better place. God is not going to bless a country that allows the murder of innocent babies and that destroys the way God intended the union of marraige to be. That is wrong. Everyone should vote. Righteousness exhalteth a nation!!! We are in for a world of hurt if we continue the way we are.

      1. AMEN!!! I so agree with you. My blood pressure has been up for weeks over Christians not choosing Biblical values or not choosing to vote at all. How can we say we have faith in God and vote based on money issues. We all have money issues now pretty much.

        1. There are a few of us who realize every vote counts and that’s why we can’t do it. Each candidate supports some Biblical principles, and each candidate rejects some Biblical principles. I know my vote counts, which is why I cannot vote for a candidate who supports things that aren’t Biblical. And both do this. I’m not judging your choice or name-calling because of it. Because I don’t think that’s honoring to God either. We all have to do what we feel God is leading us to do, and what we feel best brings Him honor and glory.

          1. I agree with Crystal (Serving Joyfully). The way I explained it to my children is this (since my kids like ice cream): both candidates are offering me a bowl of ice cream (some Biblical principles), topped with poison (unBiblical principles). Both candidates are trying to convice me that since it’s a bowl of ice cream, I should just accept it and ingnore the poison toppings. As a child of the Most High God, I cannot do it. Everything I do (including my voting) is held accountable to Him.

            More importantly, where does my faith lie? In a candidate? In a political party? In a political platform? In the economy? No. My faith is in Christ and Him alone. He would NEVER ask me to choose any thing that is against His Word, no matter how much “ice cream” is put on it.

  17. I am also voting the way you voted, Courtney. I believe life, marriage, and our alliance with Israel are more important issues than our economy–and this is coming from a person with NO money. And I believe that if our nation were to return to Godly principles, He would heal our land and our economy. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” ~2 Chronicles 7:12

  18. Great post this morning. It would serve us well to remember that no one is placed in authority except by God.

    Romans 13:1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

    However, we do have a civic duty to be informed and vote!

  19. Lucy soo well said. My thoughts are this: how can anyone who calls themselves a Christian vote for a party who accepts abortion. What Lucy said is perfect!!!!!

    1. Actually, statistics say that the republican party is also largely pro-choice, with up to 71% of GOP stating that they believe it to be a woman’s choice, which is why some of us choose to look at the values and track record of each party as a whole as opposed to just one issue that doesn’t seem likely to change anyway. And, it’s not your place to judge whether anyone is or isn’t a real Christian. Only God can do that.

      I believe that a vote for Romney is a vote against the poor, he has made that very clear. God advocates throughout scripture for us to help the poor and needy, and I think that the Democratic party has been shown far more likely to heed that command than the republican party. However, I would never presume to state that you must not be a real Christian if you’d vote against helping the poor. Because I can recognize that it’s not really so black and white. There are MANY things involved. (and as I said above, history has shown that abortion is more likely to decrease under a democratic president, because even if laws aren’t changed, situations that lead to abortion are changed and therefore abortions are reduced).

      I am very much pro-life, but the track record of politicians hasn’t shown that voting republican is in any way a vote towards pro-life values.

      1. Crystal, you are so brave to engage like this on this blog. You put into words how I feel about this election.

        A vote for Romney, in my opinion, is a vote against marginalized folks among us. The Ryan budget cuts would land on the poor disproportionately – 61% of all cuts would affect the poor. In my area of the country (NC) I don’t see the religious community stepping up to the plate to help the poor should the government recede in its help. Romney has also vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act which would affect those with pre-existing conditions, adult children under 26 and those who would exceed previous lifetime caps. Health care is a pro-life issue for me.

        I also do not think a Republican president would make inroads into Roe v. Wade. It is to the advantage of the Republican party to keep this issue front and center to rally their base. The figures you cite on the number of abortions decreasing during Democratic administrations is something I have read also.

        I voted pro-life and I voted for Obama.

        1. There is no way you voted pro-life AND voted for Obama! His second day in office he proudly signed away every abortion restriction we had, letting our girls get abortions without parental consent.

          1. Yes, it’s true, Lisa, I voted pro-life and I voted for Obama.

            Our President and our country do not require anyone to get an abortion. My focus is not strictly on the abortion issue, but rather it is on proper housing, living wages, nutrition, healthcare and education to name several of my important concerns. President Obama offered the clearest path to progress on these issues.

            If you’re interested in knowing more about this philosophy, you may google “Sister Simone Campbell”. She embodies my concerns rather well!

          2. Thanks, Deidre,
            I’m going to stick to my Bible rather than a philosophy. Either way, whoever is president, my eyes will remain on Jesus.

      2. Helping the poor is important. Taking from some to give to others will cause the poor to get less help eventually. The rich become poorer but the poor become poorer as well. It is a dangerous thing to make the poor comfortable in their poverty. I have witnessed so many foodstamp credit cards in the last four years purchasing better food than I purchase at the grocery stores. Look at Greece. The social programs have caused angry people to want to be hand fed by their government for life. There has to be a limit to encourage personal responsibility.

        1. Thank you for this! I believe that while God wants us to help the poor and needy, He also wants us to teach them to take care of themselves. As in parenting, if you do everything for your children, they won’t learn to do anything for themselves. It’s the same way here. Giving them handouts and having them rely on the government and grow “comfortable in their poverty” as you say, Sheila, does not help them become better people. There does have to be a limit to encourage personal responsibility. I personally think that is what the republican candidate is wanting to do–make them accountable. Of course help the people that truly need help, but “give a man a fish, you feed him for a meal, teach a man to fish, he feeds himself for a lifetime”.

      3. Just stopping by for a moment. I personally know people who have worshipped with and been involved in community events etc with Romney and his family. He is the real deal. He is a family guy and his religion centers on the eternal importance of family. I don’t think he is the “perfect” candidate or anything, BUT, I do feel strongly that his comments of the recent past about the people on welfare are not understood. I believe that his comments meant more that we need to help each other, pull together to help our neighbor/s in hard times and not be so quick to turn to the government for all assistance. The welfare program of his church is there for people in need, but it is not a mere handout; it is a help people help themselves and others type of program. His church is quick to respond to disasters and tragedies with food, clothing, shelter and other supplies all over the world. I think if Romney gets in, (and we all watch him and keep him accountable to “THE PEOPLE”) we could see some pretty amazing things!! Thanks Courtney, you ARE AMAZING!!!

  20. I will be voting for Romney because he is at least more pro-life than Obama. Romney’s not perfect, but I simply cannot vote for Obama. Not only does he think abortion should be legal for any reason (including simply wanting a child of the opposite gender), he actually voted to allow INFANTICIDE. Yes, that’s right. He voted 4 times against a bill that would protect babies born alive after an abortion attempt and require doctors to give them medical care. That’s not compassionate and it’s totally immoral.

    I do realize that there are other issues in this election. Many people see economic issues as being very important, and so do I. BUT, not all issues are equally important. The issue of abortion, where the lives of millions are literally at stake, is far more important than which economic model you prefer. I imagine there were those who voted for Abraham Lincoln who disagreed with his economic or foreign policy, but realized that they could not vote in favor of slavery and thus must do all they could to abolish it. Like slavery was in those days, the abortion issue is the civil rights issue of our day. The next President could very well appoint up to 4 Supreme Court justices. While Republicans do not always appoint pro-life, Constitutionally-minded judges, all the judges who are pro-life and Constitutionally-minded have been appointed by Republicans. With Obama, I guarantee that any justices appointed will be ardently pro-abortion. With Romney, he at least claims to be pro-life and we have a decent chance of having good justices appointed. If Obama appoints more pro-abortion justices to lifetime appointments, we may never have another chance to reverse Roe v. Wade in our lifetimes.

  21. Thanks for this post this morning, Courtney. What a great discussion has ensued because of it. I appreciated reading everyone’s viewpoints and the thoughts of all these believing ladies will give me much to ponder as I get ready to prepare my mail-in ballot tomorrow.

  22. Courtney, this a fantastic reminder that while we have the privilege to vote in this country, we as Christians aren’t to look for a political Savior. Thank you for pointing out that a Christian’s job is to be 24/7/365 on duty for HIM. My heart’s desire is for people to see Jesus in me and my family, to share the Gospel, and point folks to a real reason for hope and salvation: Jesus Christ. I really liked Irene’s comment, too, about Romans 13:1–Scripture always has a way of putting things in the right perspective.

    1. Your worldview affects every aspect of your life, AR. Every single one.

      If you disagree, I’m sure readers of your blog would like to see it. It takes a lot of courage to post what’s on your heart, knowing that it will not be well-received by all.

  23. Thank you for so boldly and courageously standing up for the Truth! This is not political, it is biblical! This administration and its party voted to have God removed from their platform! It wasn’t until numerous “revotes” that He was put back in. How can anyone think that anything can be accomplished without Him???? They have taken Him out of the schools and our culture and look what a cesspool it all is!

    Our very way of life, our civilization will end if this man gets re-elected. Our rights to freedom of religion and conscience have already been stripped of us! This is so very critical. These were the rights and values upon which this nation was founded! Our security is also at risk. Just look at what happened at Benghazi.

    No, Romney isn’t perfect. None of us are, are we? Let’s be real. A vote for anyone else but Romney is a vote for Obama and our children deserve better than to know that their parents voted to end the United States of America as a free and democratic society and make is a socialist one that has no regard for the Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was founded. Our president sure doesn’t. The very ring he wears on his finger gives tribute to allah. The man has taken us down a path to our physical and spiritual destruction. He even voted twice to not give babies born alive from abortion civil rights. TWICE! That is beyond sick and beyond evil. He is against the biblical definition of marriage. Those two things are in the Democratic platform. That is now what they stand for! We must have the lines at the polls that we did at Chick-Fil-A! We must stand up to the devil and let him that God’s people will not support evil any more in this country. May God help us all!

    1. Lisa, you might want to do a little fact checking through snopes.com on your allegation of Pres. Obama wearing a ring giving tribute to Allah. You wouldn’t wish to spread false rumors and gossip, I’m sure.

  24. I am very disturbed by both politicians. I personally cannot vote for either b/c both seem to be out of line with the Bible. I do not say that to say someone should not vote for Romney. God knows all of our hearts & our motives for voting for whom. I do not believe anyone who would vote for Obama could truly be in their Bible every day & fearing the Lord. The Bible is very very very clear that God is patient but He will not tolerate sin forever. Obama is pro gay marriage & abortion. He shakes his fist in the face of God by embracing sin. I will be praying that in His sovereignty God would remeber mercy. He is holy & just and we will ALL stand before Him one day. I pray that God will use me to spread the life saving news of Jesus Christ to as many lost people as possible. Jesus is coming & we do not know the hour. I want to be ready. I want to please God & fulfill His mission for me to bring Glory, Honor & Praise to His perfect name.

  25. Thank you for reminding your readers how important it is to vote. I will be voting for Obama next Tuesday. I am also a Christian and I don’t feel that my vote is against God. I believe that he is the better choice. Romney ran my state for 4 years. I was not very impressed with him. No matter who you vote for, just get out and VOTE!!

  26. I too, am Pro-life, Pro-Isreal, and pro-marriage. I am just worried about where this country is headed as the next guy. But that being said, I’m deeply disturbed by all the Christians voting for Romney. Are we voting for him because he stands for what we believe in vs. Obama what Obama believes? Why aren’t more Christians concerned about the effects of having a Mormon as President. Mormons, denounce the Bible, refer Jesus as a brother to Satan, and is considered a cult. With all of the missionaries floating around the world, isn’t it going to do more harm than good when they walk up to an unsaved person’s house and say, our Country just elected a Mormon as President and he believes, this, this, and this. Why are so much more concerned with how we should vote politically and where he stands on morals, than what this could do to all the potential souls who don’t know the Lord? Are they’re souls not as important as the ones we’re fighting to protect? I mean, we’re talking about a political leader who is NOT a Christian, but a Mormon who professes to believe something completely different and could lead people astray from God. There is absolutely NOTHING in the Bible that says we are to vote. And I don’t believe that I, as a Christian, as an Ambassador of Christ can vote for either candidate. I’ve been praying about this decision since I knew who the Republican candidate was and I do not feel peace about either choice. Our time on this earth is so limited compared to an eternity in heaven. As ambassador’s of Christ, shouldn’t our goal help the unbelievers come to know our heavenly father instead of help lead them astray?

  27. If you think you shouldn’t vote, please watch this video by Dr. David Jeremiah it is very helpful. http://vimeo.com/52163082 James 4:17 Says If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesnโ€™t do it, it is sin for them. I understand we don’t have perfect candidates running for office but we need to vote for the person who Best supports biblical values.

    1. That verse is not referring to voting. I can only speak for myself, I cannot in good conscious vote for a man who believes he will one day be a god over his own planet or that Jesus and Satan are brothers. I cannot vote for a leader who has a faith that clearly is not Biblical. Mormonism is a false religion & is leading people astray. The book of Mormon & the Doctorine & Covenants material are considered to be Scripture by Mormons. The ONLY REAL Word of God is the bible. That is not negotiable. I am not sinning by abstaining from voting b/c of my belief that it is wrong (for me personally) to vote for a leader who dishonors God by holding Mormon literature as Scripture.

      1. Very well said, Ashley. These concerns you mentioned about Romney are just as valid as the pro-abortion, pro-“gay”-marriage stance that Obama has taken. Neither one is Biblical. Period. As Christians, we are not to take part in evil, at all. I believe that includes our voting.

      2. I totally agree Mormonism is a false religion but we are not voting for a pastor but a leader for our country. Should Christians never vote because a candidate is not without sin or their doctrine never matches ours 100%.?? Wouldn’t that enslave us to those who have no moral compass? I believe it is our duty to vote and as such we have no choice but to select the lesser of two evils.

        1. When there is a choice between two evils I’m not going to choose one evil b/c it appears to be “less evil”. Evil is evil period. There beliefs will impact our daily lives & they are both unbiblical. So no, I’m sorry but your wrong. Christians who do not want to endorse a political candidate who disregards Him are not skipping out on any “duty”. I won’t endorse evil. Anyone is is not for God is against Him. I don’t have a duty to participate in electing a leader I don’t believe in. You really shouldn’t be telling others it’s their duty to something that doesn’t feel right to them scripturally. It was bad enough when you used James 4:17 in the wrong context to insinuate non-voters. You and all the others who want to vote can vote. That’s fine. But you shouldn’t use Scripture against non-voters or tell them they are shirking a duty.

        2. And it’s not that I personally am not endorsing either b/c they are “not without sin or their doctrine doesn’t match mine 100%”. They both are so out of line w what the Bible says is correct that I cannot vote for either w/out feeling as if I am participating in approving an ungodly leader. True they are not a pastor, but neither were the Kings in the Bible. And the ungodly kings of the Bible did all kinds of evil in their false religions.

          1. So far you have not answered my question nor have you cited Scripture in defense of your position. The Kings of the Old Testament were not elected they were appointed. The Kings themselves required civic responsibility of their subjects, some evil, some good, all had to pay taxes. When Ceasar Augustus called for the people to participate in a census and be taxed Mary and Joseph (Jesus’ parents) complied and obeyed.

          2. I don’t see where you asked a question Daniela? You accused non-voters of sinning by not voting. You took James 4:16 OUT OF CONTEXT. That verse has nothing to do with voting. Your not God so you are not the one who decides what is a sin & what is not. If you read the entire book of James & study it in depth you would see that verse isn’t to be pulled out & user to try and bully others into doing what YOU think is right!!! Just b/c your comfortable voting for a candidate doesn’t mean you should accuse others of sinning by not voting. And the reference to the kings was not to say anyone voted for them. I’m fully aware they were appointed. My point was the kings who were ungodly cause many problems. I’m not going to willingly take part in endorsing an ungodly leader. You should remember that this America and voting is not required of any citizen. We have a choice. You shouldn’t call non-voters “sinners” (the James reference) just b/c you don’t agree w/ their CHOICE to not vote. It’s great that you & the others are voting. That’s your choice. But you really need to stop accusing us of sinning just b/c you think everyone should vote. Voting for an ungodly leader is not “doing the good one ought to do”.

  28. To answer some thoughts above.

    A few have mentioned they are disappointed I’m talking politics on a spiritual blog…I have to be honest – I had a 4 part series planned and I nixed it because I knew it would stir the pot. So this is as simmered down as I can be lol! I seriously would LOVE to go gungho politics! My husband is very active – and I’ve had a lot on my mind. We have watched every single debate and I’m very current with what is happening. I do love you all and I don’t want to stir the pot – but if you have followed me for long – you know I’m a chick with convictions so I certainly have something to say about mamas killing their babies, or mamas marrying mamas and Israel our allies.

    In regards to the no voters – I love you all and thank you ALL for respectfully sharing your hearts. You guys have been great and have done a great job exchanging your ideas and ideals without being too harsh.

    The reality is we don’t have an Evangelical Christian to vote for. Both of them are from strange off shoots of Christianity…both unsound according to the Evangelical doctrines. Luckily, we are not voting for a pastor or spiritual leader or Chaplain but for the man who will lead our country in a secular office. The man who stands most closely to the original constitution will provide us with the most religious freedom…that happens to be the Mormon guy. The one man votes over and over and over always since he started in office Pro-Abortion. The other guy started out that way and as some say “flip flopped” to being Pro-life. The pro-abortion guy was pro-marriage and then he flip flopped and announced in the past year he’s pro-gay marriage – he flip flopped too – just the opposite way. None of it is ideal…but in the end – one does stand as pro-life and pro-marriage and the other as pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage.

    I will admit that this is not an easy decision and I respect everyone’s right to vote based on their convictions or not vote at all.

    I am voting based on my convictions as I said in the post – pro-life, pro-marriage and pro- Israel but in no way does this vote carry any weight as to where my hope lies. I love and serve the King of Kings and my hope is only in him. I will vote and move forward in my walk with God and our call to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.

    Thanks for letting me share my perspective. I know that this post has troubled some and I expect this comment to ruffle a feather or two. I don’t think it’s bad to have a respectful exchange of ideas. So there’s just a tip of the iceberg of my thoughts – I seriously could write for days on this but I’ll spare you all lol!!! Tonight I’ll post the link-up and this post will begin to get buried and we’ll all move forward. Vote your convictions and then go and with courage and vigor take the gospel to your community!!! That is what will truly transform lives!

    Love you all!
    Courtney ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. The only thing that really matters come Nov. 6th is that Jesus is still on the throne. He is still the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

  30. I love voting and sharing that responsibility with my child and why I voted the way I did. I too voted for Romeny. He is not perfect. But he is a good man who stands for God. I read his back history and it was really interesting. I might not agree with everything that he does, but I think he will help our country get back on its feet.

  31. Yea! Yea! Yea! Courtney!! I’ve been convicted of this same idea. I’m praying like crazy for our country 40 days before the election, but do I pray like crazy for our country the 1200+ days after the election?? I thank God that he’s given us the blessing of living in a country where we can make a difference. I agree with you. Let’s vote His principles – pro-Israel, pro-life, pro-Biblical definition of marriage. Thanks for sharing your insight & reminder to keep the main fervor about the main thing! God Bless You!

  32. After alot of thought and prayer, I have choosen to sit this election out. I would probably have voted for Romney, the lesser of two evils would be better I suppose. But something is telling me not to. Because deep down I don’t believe he is any less evil than the other.

    I love the political process and also get very involed in heated discussions. But this time something feels very different. We are at a crossroad. I believe both candidates shake their fists at God in one way or another and I cannot vote for either one of them. The times in my life when I have not followed my “gut feeling” or what I call “God tapping on my shoulder” is when I have regretted something I did. I feel a weight has been lifted and I am at total peace with the choice I have made.

    I respect everyones decision to vote- or not. Either way we have to live with what is to come. I wish everyone peace in the decision they make. We are all just moving along trying to do the best we can and I appreciate this space on Courtney’s blog for us to express our thoughts and feelings on this very important subject. God Bless.

  33. I wonder how your opinion has changed this election? Trump is no Christian, his behavior is appalling, and he changed his stance on several issues simply to run as a Republican. At least Hillary has consistently been a liberal. I am voting for Hillary. Trump is dangerous and the thought of him with nuclear access codes is horrifying.

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