Lifting Our Children to Obedience & a GIVEAWAY!

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I am super excited to have this guest writer with us today and a giveaway of her latest book at the bottom of this post!!!  The first time I met Tricia Goyer, she was so friendly and open and so easy to talk to.  I asked her a myriad of questions about publishing and she just oozed a love for Jesus and serving him through writing.  It is a gift to have her with us today!

 Tricia Goyer has written more than thirty-five books, including both novels that delight and entertain readers and non- fiction titles that offer encouragement and hope. She has also published more than 500 articles in national publications such as Guideposts, Thriving Family, Proverbs 31, and HomeLife Magazine. John and Tricia have six kids ages 2-23 and the in-laws to Katie and grandparents to Clayton. They live in Arkansas. You can connect with Tricia at

Tricia writes:

When John and I married we had two different ideas of what good parenting looked like. I was the oldest child and grandchild (ie Princess of Everything). When I wanted something my sweet, dimpled smile usually got me what I wanted. Or the guilt trip often worked. I was an expert at that. To me being a good parent was being attentive and loving … and at times indulgent. Children need to know they are loved, right?

            John was a middle child of godly parents who set boundaries. He believed in respect and in obedience. It’s not that I wanted to raise kids who disobeyed, at times I felt it was just too hard, too much work. I’m so thankful that God got ahold of my mommy’s heart and showed me that raising children to obey was the most loving things I could do for them. I talk about this in my new book Lead Your Family Like Jesus that I co-authored with Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges.

High Hopes, High Calling

What’s your highest hope for your children? Does it include living well and having a long life, growing in wisdom, stature, and in the eyes of God and men, developing a love relationship with Jesus Christ, and fulfilling the purpose God has for their lives? If it does, you’ll want them to know and practice the true meaning of the word obey.

            To help your children attain all you hope for them, show them the benefits of obedience. The level and consistency of your trust in and obedience to God will pour blessings into their lives.

            Leadership is about going somewhere. It’s about making a difference. When you lead your family like Jesus, the difference you hope to make is that your children will not only obey you, but also obey God—and be a beneficial part of His family as well as yours.

How have you and your spouse handled your varied ideas of parenting and your children’s obedience? Have you taken time to sit and talk about this issue? Or perhaps you’re a single mom who wishes you had input and help.

Below are some The Pause and Reflect questions below can help you think about your parenting. If you can, take time to think over these questions. The truth is we often we spend more time planning a family vacation than we do planning on how we will help our children live well—live godly lives!        

Pause and Reflect

• Which two of the following were your parents best at? Which two did they have the most trouble with? Which two are easiest for you? Hardest? Which two do you think your children will need most from you during the coming year?

___ standing your ground

___ not letting fear set your agenda

___ tailoring your tactics

___ modeling obedience yourself

___ building trust

___ testing for understanding

Which of the following do you think would help most as you work on developing the skills and qualities you just identified?

___ your spouse’s support

___ prayer

___ reading Lead Your Family Like Jesus

___ finding a mentor

___ other

Once you’ve identified your needs and goals pray and ask God to bring the people and resources you need to help your children know and practice obedience. Jesus wants to be there to help you. Turn to Him. Jesus was a hand’s on-leader who taught as he walked along with and served his disciples. He can help you do the same.

            Just think of it this way, as we teach our children to obey we are giving them a boost up—lifting them—to obey God better!

Thank you Tricia so much for this encouragement!  Tricia has a new book that just released that she co-authored, titled: Lead Your Family Like Jesus!



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    1. Hello my name is LaQuitta. This is o request for the free book I have been married to a pastor now for 3 years together we have 5 children my daughter is 12 years old, he has three boys that are grown and I also have another son who was in the Navy and he is 21. I’ve noticed that it’s been difficult raising a daughter with all the guys but I do realize that she loves being told what to do,or to the . being instructed with instructions as to what to do now the boys say that I’m strict on her but she’s only 12 and the youngest boy is 19 so they they’ve already gone through puberty. it often comes up what do I think about a girl wearing a long skirt and a halter top with a sweater over it. well I say that thet the children should do what the parents say if the mother does not like what the girls is wearing then the girl shoud to change her outfit. I would love to win a copy of this book, iTs well needed an our home. sometimes it can be hard raising a child when you want a child to be respectful and to live a godly life.

    2. My husband and I have been gathering information on how to better raise a Godly daughter! I also shared on Facebook.

  1. I must admit, I lean to more towards the indulging parent. I am fighting my way through old habits, thoughts, and beliefs. I try to absorb as much as I can through other mothers, books, and any other learning resource that comes my way. I desire to raise obedient godly children, not children who think the world revolves around them. I feel in some areas I am succeeding and others I am still struggling. Our children are young, ages 1, 3, and 4. The two older children have been adopted through the Foster Care system in our state. Thankfully they were fairly young when they were taken from the biological parents and I believe that the residual damage will be healed through prayer, love and good parenting. I am thankful all of our children are so young because it give us a little time to gain the necessary education to raise them as Godly Children. If I were to win a copy of your book, not only would I be greatly appreciative but I think it will be a useful tool for us to help cultivate our young children as God would desire. ~~Thank You~~

    1. Nicole, We are in the process of adopting two children out of the foster care system, too. Our kids are ages 5 & 2 and we’ve had them since January. They came with a lot of issues, but prayer has helped so much. We also have some amazing therapists who are helping me know how to deal with their specific issues. Hugs to you!


  2. Families at my church are struggling to get their teens to come to church where I work as a student ministry assistant. I think this book could be a great tool to help them!

  3. My husband and I also have different ideas of how guiding and disciplining our children should look, and I often find myself throwing my hands up in frustration, just not sure at all what the “right” way is. This book sounds excellent!

  4. I would love to read this book. As a mother who wants to raise her children to follow Jesus this would be a blessing to me. Thank you for the opportunity to hopefully win a copy.

  5. Being a single mom during the week (dual household), twin 4 year old boys who are just growing so fast and are wild childs– I would LOVE to get this book, to help me guide my children on the path of Christ, because that is what I want more than anything for my babies <3

  6. I would love a copy of this book. As a new mom and babe in Christ, I’m needing guidance in how to parent my step children and 3 month old as they age. Any resources would be helpful and this look like it is exactly what we need. 🙂

  7. We’re still in the planning stages of our family but it’s never too early to learn! I’m hoping to have a good discussion with DH using some of the topics in this post. The book looks great too!

  8. I would really love to win this me and my husband both came from parents that where not good examples and it is a struggle for us to raise our 3 kids right. Thank you

  9. Thanks for introducing us to this book and author. This topic has been close to home lately … our children range in age from 22 to 2 …. and I still have so much to learn about this topic!

  10. A needed book to help parents prepare our next generation to glorify the kingdom of God

  11. My family would benefit from any extra guidance. I would live to read this book! Thank you!

  12. What a great blog, thankyou 🙂
    My partner and I were talking about a similar topic a few days ago.
    The children in our neighbourhood seem to have no boundaries, no direction, no guidance.
    They play on the street without supervision and are out till late in the evening, I’ve even seen one as young as 5!
    I’m raising my boys to be obedient respectful young men and it’s very concerning that not all parents are giving their children these important life skills. I worry that these children will attempt to lead my boys down the wrong path.
    I will continue to try my best to raise them in a healthy way with having a loving relationship with the lord, obedience, patience and humility.
    Times are really hard for parents and this book is most certainly a blessing.

  13. i would absolutely love to have this book for when i am married ..and start having children of my own .. i am wanting to raise my children in a godly home..and learn how to raise my children in a godly manner and for them to become godly men and woman 🙂 thanks for this giveaway:) God Bless

  14. These principles are SO important. I can’t seem to read enough about the importance of boundaries and proper discipline to raise responsible and well-adjusted, God-loving children. Would love to read this book!

  15. Lovely post! This is what I’m trying to do with my son! Thank you! Would love to read the book!

  16. I would be ever so blessed to win this book it is tough raising 7 children to be god fearing individuals but we keep on keeping on and every good book helps to encourage and uplift in that process! 🙂

  17. Im all the way from South Africa. This post really struck a cord. I have 2 daughters, the youngest one is extremely strong willed. Keeping our eyes on the Lord is of utmost importance to me and raising my girls in a Godly home and environment is important. Your post is a special post for me.
    Thanks you.

  18. My husband and I don’t have children yet but I enjoy your blogs so much. We want to raise our children to be responsible and well-adjusted. We want to raise God-loving children. Your blogs teach us so much about what kind of parents we want to be and we would love to read this book and learn even more about how to be good parents when that day comes. You can never be over prepared about how to be a good parent and how to raise your children in a loving way! 🙂

    Dakota! 🙂

  19. “Your children not only obey you, they also obey God.” I want to teach my kids to obey God, but how to teach them is a little more difficult for me.

  20. This post and giveaway couldn’t be more timely! My husband and I were just discussing discipline strategies for our preschooler and toddler, seeking to lead them to be Christ-like and not just showing outward obedience. I’m excited to read this book!

  21. I would love to win a copy of this book- not for myself, but for a coworker raising 3 children on her own. Her oldest-a 12 yr old diva is starting to show her colors and not in a great way. I believe it is because Mom is not a great example herself. I know she believes in God because I gave her some advice to attend Church and she says she went. But I think she needs a lot more prayers and guidance! I am her boss, so I am extremely limited on what I can say to her, but a gift I think maybe God would help me get away with giving her and maybe make another crease in her mind towards Truth? Either way-I will keep praying for her and the children!

  22. Winning this book would give me an additional blessing to enjoy during the next few weeks of convalescing after breaking my ankle and having it surgically put back together last night. I will pin, tweet and fb this!

  23. i love to hear more about the richly blessed for bringing light on this important subject!
    thank you!!

  24. I think this book would be helpful as my husband and I work on a daily basis to raise our kids to be godly especially since we are first generation Christians on both sides!

  25. This book sounds like something I need to read. Sometimes I feel so ineffective in teaching my children to obey.

  26. Great article! I look forward to reading the book. So nice to have some Christian parenting articles to read in a world gone haywire. Thanks for writing this!

  27. I have been praying about how I can get our youngest daughter (almost 6) to fully understand the benefits of obedience. We adopted her in 2009 from Taiwan at the age of 2.5. She loves Jesus and really wants to do the right thing, but, at times falls short, as we all do. I would love to win this book to help me to help her be all that she can be for Jesus and walk in His ways!!! thank you!!!

  28. Thank you for this opportunity! Our children deserve the best and this could be a helpful tool in achieving that!

  29. Hi!! Thank you for the chance to win this book. I usually never win anything but I’m hoping this will be the time I actually do win and what a great prize it is. Love your blog and encouraging posts.

  30. I would love to win a copy of this book…any Godly help we moms could get in parenting is Awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  31. I would love a chance at this shared on facebook and googlet I am new in my christian journey and still on very rocky feet. I have been having a hard time with my daughter shei is 4 and I have a 6 month son. Please consider me This book sounds so great…

  32. I have enjoyed reading in Luke more about Jesus life. I would enjoy reading this book about leading like Jesus. Thanks for the give away.

  33. I would LOVE to read this! My husband and I are having serious discipline issue with our three year old. The little love has a language delay – has progressed greatly but we made the “mistake” of not training earlier because we were unsure of what he was comprehending due to the delay or if it was something that he could not help. Now he’s a very self willed very demanding little boy that responds in a manner as if he’s going to discipline me!! We have our hands full but it is my heart’s desire to honor God and help my son by teaching him to respect and to obey the authority placed over him in his life.

  34. I have 2 children – 18 and 22 yr. old; I must have raised them differently. Because the 22 yr. old is living a life of drugs, bad boyfriend and financial problems and my 18 yr. old is a very mild, calm boy who doesn’t cause problems at all. Please pray for me and my family as we continue to grow closer to God and for my daughter that she will turn from this life she has now.

  35. I would love to win a copy of this book. I struggle so. Hard with parenting. My husband and I are on different pages when it comes to parenting and our daughters are 9 &6 now. I need him to read this also. I tend to give in to their wants or am too hard on them. I need to find a happy, healthy ground. My husband is a pastor, but we still struggle with raising obedient, godly children. Thank you for your black g Courtney!!!

  36. This is an area that I always love getting new ideas and refreshing my resolve in parenting! This looks like a great resource!

  37. I would love a copy of this book. Thank you for the opportunity and considering me. 🙂

  38. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. It’s been one of those weeks (months!) where I don’t feel equipped to parent my child’s specific personality and am constantly reminding myself that He will equip me.

  39. First off, I would love to win this book! Thank you for this chance! But even if I don’t win, I am going to get it! It has been one of those weeks, months, years that seem to never end. I have 3 little ones and it seems no matter what I try, they are choosing to be disobedient. I am at my wits end, and I feel like I am barely hanging on. I know things will not be like this forever, so I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, praying, and having faith that God will intervene.

  40. Parenting is hard enough, let’s look to Jesus as our example! Love that it is spelled out in a book for us now 🙂

  41. I was raised by a single mother who is bipolar and an alcoholic. Some weeks were good most that I remember were not. I learned a lot of unhealthy ways to relate to and raise my children. This book may be one of the pieces of arsenal that i need to set me nd help keep me going in the right direction. Tank you for the chance to win this.

  42. I love the concept of this book! Looks like it contains practical tools that are based in scripture and would be helpful for our family of 6! I’d also love to share the info with the families of our church.

  43. This would be a great book for my Husband and I to read together to help in raising our three children. Thanks so much for the chance to win it!

  44. I’d love to win a copy. I try not to be too indulgent – as in, I try being a compassionate, loving parent who sets rules and limits, but I have to admit, obedience is something we struggle with around here. Sounds like a great book.

  45. I thought raising kids would come naturally, since we both come from well working and godly families (not my husband) and we both worked with kids a lot. Well, we have a 10 month old and already I discovered it is not as easy as I thought8). I would love to win the book!

  46. Been wanting to get this book. We have three kids (2-13) and are struggling with obedience. My husband and I are especially struggling with my 3.5 year old son. I am desperate and am trying so hard to “lead like Jesus” but seems futile at times with him. I really like your perspective on parenting and I think the book will offer more clarity on what we need to be doing. Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your gift!

  47. First time parents of a 15 month old and obedience to God and parents is very important. My husband and I grew up different styles of parenting, but our goal for our children is the same. This book would be a blessing to help us start planning in the early stages and help us work together. Thank you for this post!

  48. In our household, I am the disciplinarian and Dad is the permissive enabler. What I really need is a book that helps believing moms raise children with unbelieving dads. 🙂 many times our parenting struggles are rooted in our differences in this area. But probably can’t really solve that in a book anyway, I suppose. *sigh* the book sounds wonderful. I think any mom, equally yoked or not, would greatly benefit.

  49. With five kids! I need this book. My #1 desire for my children is Godliness! And I know that obedience is first on that road. Thanks for your blog.

  50. I am so excited to read this book and would love to win a copy! My husband and I came from very different families, and we’ve had many tough discussions and disagreements about discipline. I would say, though, that our relationship has grown because of it. I am the harder, stricter parent and his patience and understanding have softened my edges.

  51. I would LOVE to read this book. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, so a lot of this doesn’t come naturally to me. I love reading books that can help me lead my children to Jesus!

  52. I have two neices that I would love to give this book to. Two beautiful young Christian women ready to start their families.

  53. Teaching obedience to our children is being obedient to God ourselves. I would love to win this book. I posted on Facebook and pinned it. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

  54. Would LOVE a copy of this book!!! You asked what goals we have for our children. My husband and I have a 19 year old daughter (my step daughter) and triplet 5 year old boys. I long for each of them to really know Christ and love Him. My prayer is to be the kind of Mom that makes recognizing Him in the everyday more clear and demonstrates hoe irresistible loving Him is.

  55. I would love a copy of your book. My husband and I share a similar story. With 2 different backgrounds came 2 different views on parenting. Thankfully God has blessed us with a church centered on Marriage and family, and they have helped us so much to get closer to 1 view on parenting. It is a lot of work , but with God daily, it is possible. Thank you for writing on such a wonderful subject!!

  56. Love learing more about parenting, and of course the Goldy model! Thanks for the encourgaing challenge!

  57. Thanks Tricia for being a guest writer! I’m a first time mom with a 6 month old that is starting to communicate through tantrums, not fun! 🙂 Does, Lead Your Family Like Jesus, talk at all about ways parents can start encouraging children as young as 6 months to communicate in other ways? Or are there any books you might recommend that could help?

    Em in Jersey

  58. I would love to win a copy of this book, I’ve heard so many people have great things to say about it!

  59. Posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. My daughter has a 20 month old absolutely beautiful boy.(Mamaw’s lil man) He’s wonderful. She and my son-in- law are godly parents. But want to make sure they get it right. She sometimes has questions about discipline. I think this book would be great for them!

  60. I struggle daily with trying to be a good disciplinarian because I know my daughter needs it. I’m doing what I can to uphold her with consequences and hold her accountable, which is so hard to do with a 3 year old that looks just like you! I loved this excerpt, was so refreshing to read this morning!!

  61. Although my children are grown, my prayer is that they will be the guiding parents that will lead their children to desire to serve God and follow His will. Right now, that isn’t happening so I continue to pray diligently.

  62. Hi. I am married and have a young son. We have actually been blessed that he is pretty well behaved and good listener. He does have his moments of disobedience, but no child is perfect. The reason i would love to win this book is to implement more of a Godly structure to his and our lives. Thank you.

  63. Two different blogs for women highlighted the same book this week. Both addressed different topics in the book that spoke to my heart. I need to read it!

  64. As a homeschool family, with a husband in seminary, we are always looking for deals and giveaways for our childrens’ homeschool library. This would be an amazing addition.

  65. Sounds like a timely book! My husband is from Mexico, and sometimes from a completely different planet when it comes to raising our little girls.

  66. Always looking for more parenting advice and inspiration for our ever growing family! This book a would be a blessing. 🙂

  67. When I discipline my child I pray I am doing it right but when someone says I am too strict I doubt myself. When I read posts like this I feel like I am on God’s path which is more important than others opinions. Thank you!

  68. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to receive help as we guide our children to Jesus and also as we daily to try model for them how to leave a God centered life! You and this site are both huge blessings to me and my family!

  69. I am a part of the Good Morning Girls bible study for the first time this Spring and I have heard all about this book on the blog posts. I’m so excited to possibly win it!

  70. This has been a big issue in our house this week. I’d love to read more…I’ll be getting this book soon.

  71. I would love to win a copy of this book. I was just reading about it yesterday and I think my parenting could benefit greatly from reading it. Thank you!

  72. I would LOVE to win this book! This confirms what I have been trying to do with my children, as well as sharing with other moms, that if our children will obey God the same way they obey us. If they gripe and complain to us, they will gripe and complain to Him. If they quickly obey us, without question and with a good attitude, they will do the same with Him.

  73. Oh do I need to read this book! This is my constant worry, that I’m not doing good enough as a Christian mom. I have 4 kids ages 3-12 so I have a wide range of discipline issues to deal with and I could use a good resource right about now! 🙂

  74. My husband and I were raised by strict, and unpredictable disciplinarians. Now we foster and adopt. We have children trying to conceive and one who turned 5 Monday. We know that learning obedience is one of the most important things God gives us parents for. But are kids are special needs. We are special needs. Really, everyone is. The world is such a different place that we grew up in (mid 1950s – mid 1970s). We just don’t know how we should be doing it. I would love to have someone tell me how to get it right.

  75. I would absolutely love to win this highly recommended book. I could use all the help I can get. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home and would appreciate all the guidance I can get. I definitely want my daughter to grow up following Jesus and having a strong faith in God. Thank you for offering this giveaway and for the chance to win this book blessing.

  76. This book sounds wonderful. My husband and I always feel we could learn more and do more with our handling of our children. Growing together to make them the best God wants them to be. Thank you for the opportunity to win a helpful book.

  77. Thanks for the opportunity Courtney and Tricia! I am really interested in this book and would love to win a copy!

    Be blessed,

  78. got a 3yr old, 1 1/2yr old, and 7 weeks pregnant. this book would be helpful! would love to win a copy!

  79. At the end of the day I always reflect, asking myself if I did my best–if there is anything I need to apologize to my children for, and was my behavior pleasing to God. This is an awesome resource and giveaway!

  80. I would LOVE to win this book!!! I think this book would be a great benefit for my family and I!!

  81. Jesus came to show us the way in all things. When we follow Him and trust in Him for our lives, we set the example for others, especially our children who learn by example.
    I am the mother of twins, now 21, and I am walking through one of the most difficult situations a woman could experience. My concern in all of this is for my daughter and son. I need to show them what unconditional love is about, the strength Christ gives us, and the grace that He continues to bless me with. It is very hard but ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil. 4.13. In all of this I pray that they will see the loving mercy of God and His mighty healing work.
    God Bless all moms this mothers day.

  82. This sounds like a great book, a must read! From what I understand it would help me implement a plan in our home that would could work more effectively. That’s what I am really looking for also, so I am hoping I’m a winner 🙂 It was very nice to hear Tricia speak on the video to bring the post to life and I always appreciate good mama advice.

  83. I understand the difficulties of differing parenting styles-at times I find myself to be the bad guy disciplining our 2 year old because I am home more and when daddy comes home he’s the good guy, will “rescue” her and does not like to discipline because it takes too much effort. This book would be a great help to sort out parenting differences with putting God in the forefront of this effort.

  84. I would love to have this book! I have a very hard time standing my ground and when I do stand I usually ended up feeling guilty :0(

  85. My prayer is that I will lead my children like Jesus and to Jesus each day. I continually pray that their accountability transfers from obedience to their parents to a love and obedient walk with their Lord. Seeing them grow in this area is so thrilling. Would love this book to learn more.

  86. This is something my husband and I have really been thinking about, praying about and asking other parents about as our son will be two in a month. I’d love to win this book and share with my friends.

  87. Oh, I would love to win this book. I just have one 14 month old daughter, so we are just getting started in parenting and would love to get off on the best foot possible!

  88. Just this afternoon I was faced with my own “obedience” chance. My husband asked me to please stay home from a baby shower. He was only going to have a small window of time this evening to work on some gutters on our house. But if I was gone, he’d have had to tend to our children instead. For a moment, I was seriously worried about what my friends would say. But, the peace I have in my heart for obeying God and honoring my husband is much greater! Whew! 🙂

  89. I needed this post more than ever today! I have 4 kiddos, ages 1-8 years. I feel like I get one calm and the next one goes crazy and so on. It is very difficult and I just want peace in my home. I would love to be able to have a chance at winning this book for sure! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway 🙂

  90. This looks like a great book. Thank you for the guest post. Thanks for the great givewaway!!

  91. I found out last night that I am four weeks pregnant with my first. My husband and I are fairly new Christians. We would love to have some resources on Godly parenting!

  92. Thanks for your faithfulness and encouragement! I would love to win this book as I desire to help my 3 children grow up to love the Lord and serve Him and others!

  93. This would be a great book for where i’m at right now. I have 2 daughters, 4 and 2. I need to be constantly reminded of principles of parenting and discipline. I’m doing the GMG study now and love looking at Jesus’ ministry, extra things that take it deeper make it even better. Shared this on fb too. Thanks for giving away such a great resource!

  94. This sounds like a fabulous book.I would love to give it to my daughter who has two boys that want to live for Jesus!

  95. I am currently enjoying the Bible Study on and would love to have a copy of this book! Thank you for the wonderful posts and videos, even my daughter enjoys your videos!!

  96. Every parent should want assistance on how to raise our children to be closer to god. Thanks for the chance of winning a great prize!

  97. Hoping it is not too late to lead my children down God’s chosen path. What we believed was a divine appointment by God and the blending of 2 grieving families has become a divine, divided mess. Guilt for loss of spouse and lack of attention, rebellious, destructive children who pit one parent against the other. And the list goes on….would love a copy of your book.
    Thank you,
    Karen g

  98. I would love to win, I am starting a Women Bible Study Group and just would love to add this to our study list.
    God Bless you for the giveaway.

  99. I have seen her book and I would love to read it! This is a topic that my husband and I have been talking about lately.

  100. I’ve been wanting to read this book! Would love to win. Seems like it would be incredibly helpful!!

  101. We just took our first placement of foster children and it has started to give me a little different perspective on parenting. The smallest, basic things really are the most important to give to your children. Love, discipline/the ability to obey, and grace are at the top of that list. Would LOVE to read this book!!

  102. I would love to read this book! We are raising 3 strong-willed boys, ages 12, 7, and 6. As an only-child myself, I often feel “in over my head” and my husband and I have completely different parenting styles and the result is lots of inconsistency, which is good for no one.

  103. Shared this on Facebook =) BTW, I sent you a friend request on FB but it’s still pending =)

  104. Not only would I love to have this book, I need ! I want to lead my family like Jesus and raise my daughters to know they are beloved daughters of Christ & to love and serve him!

  105. My husband, Ryan, and I have an amazing almost-2-year-old and are expecting our second baby girl in July. We are both committed and passionate about raising our girls in a Christ-centered home and pray daily that they will develop a personal love relationship with Jesus. This book looks awesome. Definitely going to buy it if we don’t win 🙂

  106. We will begin homeschooling this September. The Lord has been showing me some things with my two youngest regarding obeying. Sadly they don’t. I can see how we have been lazy with it and their discipline. Also not dealing with their hearts. I am excited to begin this new journey and I am reading a couple books right now and I think this book would be great to help show me how to lead as Jesus did:)

  107. I am new to reading this blog and have not only enjoyed it but feel I have benefited spiritually from it. My daughter is just 14 months old (and we have another baby on the way!) but I’m realizing already how important it is to teach obedience. I feel there is such a correlation between learning to obey our parents and learning to obey God. Teaching our children to obey us sets the groundwork for them learning to obey God’s word, His will written out clearly for us all to obey.

    I am interested in the drawing for the book. I have shared on Facebook and Pinned this post.

  108. I was at the Chick-Fil-A leader cast this past Friday and the theme of Christ’s leadership is truly the best example of what we should attain here on earth for leading ourselves, our families and any others we are humbly placed in charge of. Looks like you have many people interested in how to lead better.

  109. I would love to win this book. I am a new mom and getting started on this parenting journey and this would be a great resource.

    Also, I pinned this to pinterest, shared it on Facebook (Alyson Worley Tamer) and shared it on Twitter (AlyWTamer)

  110. This was an inspiring and encouraging article! I would be honored to have this book in my collection of inspirational books! Happy Mother’s Day to all !

  111. I’d love to win! Thanks for doing this giveaway! I’m currently reading Shepherding A Child’s Heary & it is wonderful!

  112. Thank you for this and all your wonderful posts. As someone new to Christianity, I have really gained a lot from reading your blog. This book would benefit my family greatly!

  113. A copy would be awesome i have 5 children i homeschool married for 14 years. I alsi shared on pintrest. Good luck to everyone Courtney thanks for the opportunity. .

  114. I really needed to read this. The biggest passion of my heart is raising children to obey God and to love Him deeply. Thank you for this.

  115. This book sounds amazing, and would be such a blessing to my husband and I! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

  116. I love Tricia’s books, she truly is an amazing woman, and knows how to share what the Lord is telling her.

    I’d love this book!

  117. AMAZING! This is EXACTLY what our sermon was about this morning! Our preacher said the same things! Love that we have an AFFIRMING God!

  118. We had a HORRIBLE weekend with my 4 year old son, culminating in being kicked out of Sunday School for the last week until fall. He has had a monstrous attitude. Nothing we take away or do has seemed to make an impact. He is normally an easygoing child. He is not able/willing to tell us if something has changed recently. I am at the end of my rope–I am so hoping this is just an isolated thing, but I really am afraid that there is something more I could be doing. I know that I need to model discipline better.

    Thank you so much for such great, godly resources.

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  119. This is just the type of book I need to read at this point in my life. Hope I’m not too late for the giveaway!

  120. Hi Courtney,
    Thanks for sharing! I’d love to have a copy of this book! We’re just about to give birth to our first daughter and what have promised to God and want most for her is to raise her to know & love God. I agree that obedience plays a huge part in that!

  121. Having a “blended” family, my husband & I often disagree on parenting. He was a single parent with his two eldest children for many years before we got married. He had pre-conceived ideas about how a mother should behave and did not grow up in a Christian family. I am glad that there is a book about Biblical principals of raising a child because the ones based in psychology usually go against most of my Christian values.

  122. If it’s not too late, I’d love a chance to win the book for my son and new daughter-in-law. Not parents quite yet but eager to start their family. What an awesome gift the book would be when the time comes.

  123. Any book or advice on raising our children to have a heart for God, is worth it’s weight in gold.! Thanks for making this book available! Would love to win a copy to share!

  124. I am so happy to have found this on pintrest. I would love the book and thankful for the insight on parenting. My husband and I have five children ranging from 25 to 3 years old. Our parenting style has changed as we have gotten older. I have been praying for encouragment as I have found parenting at this stage in my life more challenging than in the past.

  125. This book would be a blessing. As a single Mom of three smaller children, I often find myself as a “pushover” or bending after I have already made consequences/instructions/requirements. This would be wonderful to help me (as the only adult in the household) to allow myself to be human, but give my children more structure and follow-through in daily routine and instruction. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!

  126. Cannot wait to dig into this. Important for me and my family. But also important for those in the church, as well. Can’t wait to pass this book along.

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