It’s Friday…But Sunday’s Coming {Reflections on the Cross}

On Good Friday Jesus hung on the cross and died and the enemy thought he had killed the Son of God. It's Friday - but Sunday's coming! #Matthew #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

{For those following this week’s Good Morning Girls Bible Reading plan – I am skipping ahead to next week’s reading in Matthew because of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday this weekend.}

We have come to a place of holy ground. (Exodus 3:5)

A time to quiet our souls.

The cross is the ONLY reason I blog, pin, youtube, tweet, instragram and facebook.

Because Jesus shed His blood for me and He shed His blood for you.

And so as I read of Jesus going before Pilate and Herod – I am simply still – in awe of how Jesus stood before his persecutors –heading to the cross to die
–for me.

And as I read of how the soldiers ridiculed and mocked Jesus – I hang my head that he had to endure this
–for me.

And then as I read of the crowds that shouted “crucify him!”, and I think of how he could have escaped this situation but He stayed there
–for me.

And then as I read of the creator of the universe’s hands being nailed to a wooden cross – as if He were a criminal and He died there
–for me.

I am stilled —
for me.

Because I need to stop the pace of my crazy full calendar and life to simply worship the King of Kings for being nailed to the cross
–for me.

This video is 3 minutes long…please pause for just 3 minutes with me and focus on the power of the blood of Jesus:

(I miss quoted the reference for my scripture. It is found in 1 Peter 2:24 (not 2nd). Sorry about that.  If you cannot see the video – click here. )

Be still.


It is a challenge in our culture to simply stop and not ask God for anything in our prayers but just give Him thanks.

Reflect on the pain and suffering Jesus endured for you.  He shed His blood for YOU!

All of our sins are forgiven because of His blood!

Sweet victory in Jesus!

Sing a song of worship today. Read a Psalm of praise. Write out a prayer of thanksgiving. Get on your knees, humble yourself before your King and give him glory and honor.

It’s Friday…but Sunday’s coming!

Have a great day of Celebration this Sunday.

He is Risen and because He lives – I can face tomorrow.

Walk with the King,


*Chime In*
Give thanks to God for your salvation!

If you have not placed your faith in the blood of Christ to save you from your sins – do it today!  Repent and believe!

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  1. Thank you Courtney! For your time that it takes away from your family, to teach and minister to us.
    Have a lovely Easter and much blessings to you.
    Heidi x

  2. Thank you Courtney for posting this video, it really helped open my eyes. I didn’t realize just how much Jesus has sacrificed for me and for each one of us. I appreciate your ministry and all your work. God Bless you and your family.

  3. Your faith and convictions are so inspiring, Courtney! As someone who came into a relationship with God later in life (I blogged the short version of that story today), I had to overcome many doubts and questions. People with unwavering faith give me such hope on my journey. Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Courtney, a great reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, and that we should make the effort — I’m being convicted right now — that I need to make more of an effort to give thanks to God. I appreciate your resources too! Happy Easter to you and yours! God Bless!

  5. Happy Easter to you and you family. I just want to thankyou for your work and women living well . In my family I have to keep my faith to my self, every one in my Irish family are very proud of their atheism. Easter is such an important Christian celebration but I feel I have no one to share it with, I cannot explain how important you and other bloggers are to me, God bless you this Easter and thankyou, Lisa

  6. Good Morning Girls has changed my life. Although I have been a Christian for many years I have never been in His word. God gave this to me when I needed it most. Thank you Courtney for your dedication and sweet spirit.

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