New Series: Giving Thanks for the Ordinary

When great things happen to us and when God answers prayer, we're thankful. But wouldn't it be good to build a habit of giving thanks for the ordinary? #WomenLivingWell #givingthanks #Thanksgiving

The 6th Annual “Making Your Home a Haven” series has come to an end, but I don’t want to stop building on the foundation we have already set.

So while our candles are going…
and the soft music is playing…
and the fun mom is smiling…
and the tasty smells are lofting through the air from dinner in the oven…
let’s add in “Giving Thanks”!

In November in America, we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, so it is fitting that we apply 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 in our homes this month.  It says:

 “Rejoice always,  pray without ceasing,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

We are told to rejoice, pray and give thanks because this is God’s will for us!

I believe we will be greatly blessed by living this out in our homes. Let’s do this together!

This month, I want to keep our candles going and each time we see the flicker of the candle, give thanks to God for something ordinary.  I’m not talking about the big things like our home, family and jobs (which I am deeply grateful for!) but the ordinary things we take for granted – without ever giving a prayer of thanks.  For example:

  • The candle we just lit
  • Our pillows
  • Our toothbrushes
  • Washcloths
  • Pencils
  • Eye glasses
  • The refrigerator
  • Windows
  • Socks and underwear
  • Chairs
  • Electricity
  • Phones
  • Clean water

These are things that we easily take for granted but they are good and generous gifts from God.

As we carry in our groceries, let’s remember to thank God for the mustard and ketchup, the vegetables and meat, and the toilet paper and tissues.

Let’s give thanks to God for the warm sweaters and coats that hang in the closet.

Let’s give thanks to God for books and teachers and libraries and post offices.

Let’s give thanks to God for our computers, cell phones, iPads and social media.

Let’s give thanks to God for love and joy and hope and faith.

Let’s show our family how grateful we are for the things God has given us and teach our children how to give thanks as well.

Let’s get our families involved by inviting them to say a prayer of thanks when they pass by the candle each day too!

Give Thanks for the Ordinary

Just look around in the room where you sit right now.  I am positive there are 10 ordinary things we could easily give thanks to God for – right this minute –  but we haven’t done it.  Now’s the time!

It’s time to take our focus off of the things that are bothering us and focus on what we are thankful for.

Sometimes it’s very hard to give thanks.

But 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says to give thanks…in ALL circumstances.

Why did God include the word “all”?

It is hard to give thanks when circumstances are bleak.

In the coming weeks, I want to address how to give thanks when we don’t feel thankful, when we are stressed and our mind is overwhelmed with worry, anger, resentment or bitterness.  I want to talk about our focus and how prayer and giving thanks is a powerful way to transform our lives and homes.

So join me here next week for the 2nd post of this series. But for now…

Take This Week’s Challenge:

Buy an extra large candle and light a candle everyday in your home.  Each time the candle catches your eye, give thanks to God for an ordinary thing in your life.  Encourage those who live in your home to join you.

Let’s be intentional this week!

Walk with the King,



Are you in?

Let’s begin now – list 5 ordinary things you are thankful for in the comment section below.  


  1. I love this idea! <3

    I would say some ordinary things are: 1) My Computer (some of my favorite people live in there! HAHA!), 2) Sharpie Pens (my all time favorites!) 3) Candle Lighters (because I don't like matches or actual lighters!) 4) Pumpkin Spice air fresheners for my car 5) My rain jacket (because the rain still hasn't stopped! BLAH!)

  2. I’m so thankful for: 1. Sharp knifes to chop my veggies. 2. Bubble bath to relax in the tub with. 3. Clean sheets for restful sleep. 4. My birdbath to watch the birds. 5. Courtney Joseph for her help and encouragement.

  3. 1. That I FINALLY launched my own little ol blog
    2. Highschool football and God keeping my boys injury free another week
    3. Christmas movies on Hallmark
    4. Deodorant soap (did i mention 2 HS football players?)
    5. Crisp air outside

    1. I’m so watching Hallmark movies and we have had our Christmas tree up since October 31st. It’s a tradition at our house. It has a history behind it so I will leave it at that.

  4. I’m in with the November thankfulness. My 5 thankful things would be soap to keep myself clean, toothbrush and toothpaste, a nice comfy bed while some are homeless or don’t have a comfy bed, fans for those hot flashes, and books (I love to read).

  5. Thankful for….family, french’s cheddar fried onions, my blankie, time to read to my children, and my husband who loves all of me! (These were compiled by my children and Me). We’re so excited to do this with you!


  6. I am so thankful for a warm bed, my socks, shoes to wear, a shower, my Bible although I neglect it because of electronic everything ?, my children,and my health.

  7. Love WLW one of my favorite sites – I have learned to be thankful for the little things:
    1. the breath I have in the morning when I wake
    2. the ability to put my 2 feet on the floor and stand
    3. the ability to think clearly to make my own decisions
    4. the gift of my family
    5. My cognitive mind


  8. I am thankful for:

    * my treadmill that was given to me.
    * little shoes filling the floor
    * fingernail clippers
    * lightly blowing fan in the window
    * clean white socks

  9. I am thankful for a Wooly Bear caterpillar we found that my kids will watch if the little guy or gal ever makes a chrysalis! Ahem…Also, for a yummy crockpot meal including chicken, curry, and sweet potatoes. My senior dog who has Cancer and the vet said this spring she probably only had 2 weeks to live…she is STILL kicking! Only God determines how much time she has! Faithful friends who will pray with me through some very trying and confusing circumstances I am going through. God daily reminds me of how deeply He cares for me and values me and cares about what is dear to my heart, my desires. He is soon good! <3

  10. I am thankful for…
    Cozy slippers
    Story time with my daughter
    A couch to curl up on after a long day
    Lotion for my dry hands!
    Pumpkin cookies yum!

  11. great idea – i love lighting candles and it finally rained. so that’s #1 rain in drought, #2 nieces out to dinner and shopping #3 a husband working hard and steady-eddy #4 a heater #5 puppy training (one accident only in 3 days!) #6 homemade broccoli carrot soup hmmm oops that’s six

  12. I don’t remember what started it, maybe my Mom prayed that way when I was little (I can’t remember exactly), but at least since I was a teenager, I’ve started my prayers out with thanking God for my family, my friends, and another day. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve added the “boring” things of life. I especially think about it when I see someone post the saying about “If you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for…”. There are a lot of things I want to wake up with, a soft bed, my home, vehicles, money in the bank, jobs, animals, clothing, electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, the ability to talk and walk, good health, relatively pain free… I could go on an on. Also, thankful to breathe air, have sunshine, wake up to another day, or if I don’t wake up… Jesus and Heaven. Okay. You got the idea.

  13. Thank you so much for being such a mentor and always giving us “homework” that will change and encourage us! I am thankful for… 1. The kitty watching me type 🙂 2. Warm blankets 3. Music 4. Pictures 5. Cozy PJ’S

  14. I am thankful for our pets- 3 dogs and 3 cats, relaxing on the couch with my blanket and my dog laying on my lap snoring, for indoor plumbing, for the remote control and for paper plates when it is my turn to wash dishes.

  15. I love this. Giving thanks for ordinary things. My list of five ordinary things:
    1. My Kindle Fire…best and easy way to attain all the wonderful and inspirational reading materials
    2. My pet dog Ellie…she reminds me to take time out for fun every day
    3. My bed to sleep in
    4. My fans to help keep cool during this humid hurricane season in Hawaii
    5. Scented candles that leaves a sweet scent throughout my home

  16. This is a great thing to do!

    I would have to say that the ordinary things I am thankful for would be
    1. Rolling pins
    2. Baking with my daughter
    3. My fireplace
    4. Highlighters
    5. All things pumpkin

  17. I love to give thanks for my ordinary things !!
    1) My Mirror – where I look myself every time I pass it.
    2) My pair of rubber slippers – It walks with me everywhere I go when Im home.
    3) My hair Ties – They help me to keep my hair in proper place. Some are too old now, but yet they do their job well 🙂
    4) My glasses – It helps me to see the world clearly. Im thankfull for my contacts too, but my pair of glasses does not irritate and dries my eyes.
    5) My Denim Jean/s – They are my favorite items from my clothes. I could simply put them under the sun for sometime, then they are ready to jump on me again – No hassle to wash once worn.

  18. 1. Internet (unlimited research)
    2. Inspirational success stories
    3. Sippy cups with straws
    4. Laundry Baskets
    5. Laundry detergent PODS

  19. Hey Courtney,
    First time commenting on your blog even though I love receiving and reading your mails. So blessed by them.

    Thankful for my 1) washing machine – thank God all the time for inspiration given the inventor evrytime I see the wash load or kids dirty clothes. 2) thankful for my freezer – the ease of storing things for later use 3) thankful for my smart phone – it’s been a tool for my spiritual growth 4) Grateful for locks on doors that give me privacy 5) Grateful for my wide comfortable sofa that enables my kids n I cuddle up as we watch cartoons… oh so grateful for Satelite TV. (LOL!!!)

  20. I am thankful for the dishes I have to wash because this means I have food I can eat out of them. I am thankful for the vacuum cleaner noise I can hear from the apartment above mine because this means I can actually hear noises and I can hear people talking. I am thankful for my slow printer because this means I am able to print my learning materials for university. I am thankful for the opputuinity of staying in education after having finished grammar school because this means I am able to read and to write and to count and I have learned other competences. I am thankful for my family praying everyday for me.

  21. I’m Thankful for my job that gives me time to be of service to my friends and family, for my safe and reliable car, for my health, for electricity (we often don’t have this here in SA) for my precious friend and housekeeper (little fairy) for the ginger cat that adopted us ( he is such good company when I am on my own) for being on the sea shore which we take for granted.

  22. the quilt on the back of the yellow chair
    my favorite coffee cup that I am drinking out of
    the turkey shaped candle holder that the sisters gave us
    the square basket with the cover that holds my needlework
    The coffee table that came from my mother’s house when she moved. I love that it already had a
    head start on creating family memories when it came into our house.

  23. I am thankful for:

    1. COFFEE 🙂
    2. All my crocheting and knitting supplies.
    3. Books!
    4. My Pug, Roxy.
    5. My comfortable chair.

  24. This is such a wonderful idea. We always take the ordinary for granted. I’m grateful for the coffee I drink in the morning, the pot is is brewed in and the cup I drink out of. I’m thankful for the warm blanket I have on my bed and the silky sheets I sleep on. God is such a magnificent provider.
    This goes along with something I started to do a few months ago. Before I get up in the morning I think of five things I’m grateful for such as waking up, the car I drive, … I also list five gratitude’s before I go to sleep. I have found that this has helped me take the focus of the bad and put it on the positive.

  25. I am thankful for:
    my online studies that keep me sane
    socks to keep my feet warm
    books to read

  26. Thankful for coffee in the morning, a car to get me to work, clean sheets to sleep in, music that makes me smile, and the sun rising an hour early!

  27. So many blessings for sure! I love this idea!
    1) so many coffee cups that sometimes it is hard to shut the cupboard door, and coffee to fill them. 🙂
    2) my printer
    3) blankets to cozy up in
    4) my desk-especially because it was free!
    5) a couch big enough for my whole family to sit on together (6 of us). 🙂

    Thanks for this challenge!

  28. I’m thankful for:
    1) quiet time in the morning
    2) ice to keep my drinks cool
    3) a safe neighborhood
    4) my big cosy chair and ottoman where I can sit and read
    5) 7 hours of sleep

  29. Yay! We continue on:)
    Thankful for
    1) breakfast time around the table
    2) a encouraging email
    3) warm house
    4) sticky notes
    5) a working dry erase marker


  30. I’m thankful for my bed, because I live in it practically with having chronic illnesses. I’m thankful for the heater because it’s starting to get cooler in AZ. I’m thankful for my computer as well because I’ve read some great blogs like this one. I’m thankful for my eyeglasses and contacts because they help me see what I normally can’t see.

    1. I love the weather now in AZ! finally we feel the cool of autumn in the state known for unbearable heat for months! I’m thankful for books, libraries, my cat, a loving husband, a noisy house full of teenagers and that our son is ok after suffering a chemical burn a work in another state. Oh and pumpkin spice anything! Oops, that’s more than 5.

  31. 5 things I am thankful for: 1) my time with God ever morning (so glad I have yearned myself to get up. If I didn’t I would be a snappy lost puppy 2) fresh air( going outside and smelling the fresh air and playing with the girls is rejuvenation) 3) I am thankful for my washing machine and any other machines that help me clean. 4) klove Internet radio. Picks me up every time. 5) arts and crafts( I love doing them with my kids and for special events.

  32. Love this idea.
    5 things I am thankful for:
    1. A place to call home
    2. A bed to rest on
    3. Good Morning Girls study of Numbers. This is not the easiest book to study.I love reading what the other women got out of the chapter for the day which sheds a different perspective for me to ponder.
    4. Resources
    5. Colored pens, pencils and markers to make my world a little more colorful.

  33. I LOVE THIS!!!

    Right this moment, i am thankful for:
    1 – coffee
    2 – my computer
    3 – glasses & contacts so that i can see
    4 – my comfy jammies
    5 – my snuggly comforter that is waiting for me again tonight


  34. Five things I am thankful for:
    1. A loving family that supports my dreams and goals and is there when I need help.
    2. Reliable transportation to get me to school and my job.
    3. My job that allows me to put a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table, and gas in my car.
    4. My close group of girlfriends whom I know I can call on whenever!
    5. Knowing how to sew, crochet and can food at the young age of 30. (and it comes in so handy!!!)

  35. I am thankful for
    1. My blender to make my morning smoothies
    2. My “control journal” that keeps me organized
    3. My car radio
    4. My feather duster
    5. My 31 bag that carries all the stuff I lug everywhere each day

  36. 1. My six pillows that keep me comfy at night.
    2. My microwave oven. Cooking is not my favorite thing.
    3. Flannel shirts in winter.
    4. TV – I get to visit the whole world right in my easy chair.
    5. Calendars — they keep me oriented and organized.
    THANKS, Courtney. This is GREAT!

  37. First and foremost I am thankful to the Lord for giving me a child AND secondly that that son is perfectly normal in every way.
    Third I am thankful for my iPad with Kindle app AND several Bible apps.
    Fourth and fifth I am thankful for really good moisturizer and my curling iron.

  38. 1-my morning coffee
    2-the purring cat on my lap
    3-my cell phone without it I would not be connected to family
    4-my chihuahua Chanel
    5-my glasses

  39. I never thought to say thank you for all of these little things- yet I am so thankful for them! I am thankful for my new dishes, for my warm clothes, for coffee, for my socks and under wear and toothbrush… so many little things I overlook… I am bummed that I missed the making your home a haven- I’ll have to read through that- but I am glad to have found Courtney’s Youtube videos, this website, and for the impact it has had on my walk with the King!

  40. This is an awesome challenge and I am excited to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies. Thank you for sharing and being such an encouragement. My 5 ordinary things are :
    1) coffee!
    2) snap chat (because distance would prevent me from having the best friendship with my closest sister in Christ).
    3) all my bible study supplies
    4) my young living oils that keep us healthy and uplifted
    5) prayer ( not so *ordinary * but I know I take it for granted.)

    I am also very thankful for the interaction with WLW !!!

  41. I am thankful for:
    1. Coffee – love that first sip of the morning.
    2. Hallmark Christmas movies – watched one last night.
    3. WLW website – your site has helped me so much thru the years.
    4. Proverbs 31 First 5 app!
    5. Beautiful fall leaves.

  42. Thankful for my husband taking out the trash this morning, the rain that made sleep so peaceful last night, my extra large coffee cup, my sneakers to go for a walk today and no longer being antibiotics for a sinus infection.

  43. 1) Chai Tea, Soy Milk, and Stevia ?
    2) Fly Lady
    3) My Smart Phone
    4) Books
    5) The ability to be a stay at home mom with my second (even though sometimes I don’t see it that way ?)

  44. I am thankful for…

    my candles
    my computer so I can read your posts!
    making cookies with my daughter
    crafting (I have a whole room of stamping and scrapbook supplies!)

  45. I am thankful for…
    1. Technology, we are homeschoolers, my PC and Kindle have opened up exciting new worlds for my kids.
    2. Candy, I love candy
    3. The yarn I was able to buy yesterday to make Christmas gifts for my mom and kids.
    4. Harry Potter, lol, he brings my family together with happy faces.
    5. My dryer. Even though it doesn’t heat anymore, God’s made it so it’ll still spin and fluff my laundry… no one wants crunchy towels.

  46. I’m thankful that everyday, since I found this site, I find new things to help me stay focused on God and bear good fruit for His kingdom. Ordinary things I’m thankful for:
    1. The candle that I burn throughout the day and how it fills my heart with joy because now I have something more to do than just smell it.
    2. The warm covers that keep me snug and comfortable as the weather is getting colder.
    3. The Starbucks Green tea Lemonade that has become my weekly treat because it taste so good and doesn’t break the budget.
    4. My car, Lord despite all the financial struggles just the ability to have a car to get my family around, as well as other Christians.
    5. The cushioned walking shoes I was able to get because walking has been so painful since my surgeries.

    I like this idea of thanking Him, even for the little things…I’m thankful for you Courtney for this blog and for everyone who participates on here and the FB page; you will never know just how encouraging all of your comments and questions are!

  47. Today it’s for
    1) my husband and our marriage
    2) healthy, unprocessed foods
    3) a body for my spirit
    4) being able to read & write
    5) having enough to share with others

    Today’s gratitude list had 15 items. Some big, some small but these are my top 5.

  48. I am thankful for 1) quiet mornings alone with TheWord, (2) a cozy couch, pillows and throws to snuggle up in, 3) candles, 4) being able to cook yummy food for my family, 5) fall!!!!!
    Blessings to you all this morning… Thank you Courtney for reminding us of the importance of doing this:)

  49. I am thankful for….
    1. Coffee in the morning
    2. My iPod to listen to music while I walk
    3. The joy of knitting
    4. Quiet times
    5. Family

  50. I have been trying to post daily things that I am thankful for. It’s funny to come across this page today. Many time we do take the little things forgranted.. I am thankful for my morning cup of coffee to get my day started. The frost on my car windows in the morning -reminding me of the cool fresh air. The colors on the changing leaving because we are all different but also very special. Paper plates because it saves time when I am in a hurry. And lastly for my blush that helps to add alittle color to my face to give me that little boost of confidence when I may not feel quite ready to take on the world.

    Thank you for reminding us that the little things count too.

  51. I’m in and thankful for my warm home, because it’s freezing outside, my health-that I’m not sick as I could be. My warm blanket I’m snuggled in, the Internet…I wouldn’t be able to do this if it wasn’t for that. And of course God who gives me life.

  52. I’m thankful for so many things!
    1. I’m thankful for this reminder today to be thankful
    2. I’m thankful for the ability to still safely open my Bible and read His truths. There will come a day when it will take a strong faith to risk even acknowledging God.
    3. I’m thankful for the sun that is shining in on me right now.
    4. I’m thankful for the warm bed I slept in and the arms that were around me (my husband!)
    5. I’m thankful that no matter what happens today, I have a Covenant-Keeping God, Who will never leave me nor forsake me. That is why I can be thankful in all circumstances.

    God’s blessings for all of you today!

  53. I am thankful for:
    1) my warm bed,
    2) my happy dog Lucky,
    3) electricity,
    4) make up ha!,
    5) the Lakeview out my window:)

  54. I am thankful for:
    1. Bananas (my 10 month old loves them)
    2. Extra large coffee cups
    3. Pandora ( I can play a mix without a 20 cd- player
    4. Crockpots
    5. My phone because it captures moments and helps me keep in touch!
    Such a great way to be thankful in ALL things!!

  55. I am thankful for my camera to capture moments forever, napkins (yup….there’s a pile here in front of me — what would we do without paper napkins???? lots more laundry!), binders that contain my children’s school work – what a blessing that God has given them such intelligence – and someone who thought of ways to contain all that paper!, the prescription bottle(s) sitting on the table – what is contained inside saves us from so many trials, and yes, the Velociraptor puppet that makes us laugh and helps us be silly 🙂

    1. Leona,

      We are working on it now. I’m not quite ready to announce the new study but I will share it before the end of the month here. 😉

      Thanks for asking!

  56. “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

    The candle does not work for me for various reasons. But, this is a great memory verse for the month to just think on, mediate on and repeat throughout the day.

    I am going to write this with colored markers real pretty on index cards and post it throughout the house so I can see it all day.

  57. I am thankful for 1. cheese, 2 my bed that helps my back, 3. my yarn, 4. my books and 5. coffee especially from the Keurig.

  58. I’m thankful for:
    – the colors of fall
    – sunsets
    – indoor plumbing
    – the birds that visit my feeders
    – the wonderful books I get to read to my daughters while we homeschool

  59. I did your Fall Challenge for the first time and loved it. I am also going to be doing the thanksgiving prayers with you. Thank you Courtney so much!!

  60. I am thankful for:

    My new warm coat
    The photographs on my shelves, reminding me of family
    My free weights which help keep me strong
    Hugs from my daughter
    And the beautiful paintings my grandfather painted that are hanging on my walls.

    Have a blessed week!

  61. I am thankful for:
    1. drinks (Pepsi, Coke, Sweet Tea)
    2. “undo” on my word processing program at work
    3. the internet – because I would have never found out about your site
    4. cheese and crackers
    5. Taco Bell

  62. 1. watching the neighborhood kids walking their dogs 2. leaves blowing in the wind 3. laundry detergent 4. giggles 5. toilet paper 🙂

  63. Love this challenge! Although we don’t do candles, may have to come up with something else.

    1. This morning I am thankful for the smoothie I just made.
    2. I have a mechanical heart valve, so I am thankful for warfarin and a few other medications I need to take.
    3. I am thankful for warm water to take a shower.
    4. Even though we are low tech,(no texting, no smart phone etc.) I am thankful for the many ways of communication we do have.
    5. I am thankful for the baskets of clothes that need to be folded and put away.

  64. I’m so thankful for your “Making your home a haven”
    Other things I’m thankful for are: what hearing I have left to hear my kids voices and listen to worship music as I clean my house, my talent to tutor kids…teaching them ASL and to sign to worship songs, thankful for my coffee maker because there are many quality times I spend with my mother drinking coffee and also during my “time alone with God”, I am sipping on my hot French vanilla! 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  65. Good morning! Ugh I needed this. Small things are all around. I’m in an office setting now so first I’m thankful for my computer! I’m thankful for photos so I can “see” my daughter all day. I’m thankful for my coffee in the cup and the overflowing paperwork that is here everyday providing a job for me. God is good all the time.. Even when the coffee runs out. Amen!

  66. I’m so thankful for:
    1. My morning cup of coffee
    2. My comfy bed for relaxing while watching HGTV
    3. As I sit here, I think of the comfortable shoes on my feet
    4. My thick sweater that kept out the cold air this morning
    5. On November 4 it’s supposed to go up to 16 degrees in Oakville today.

    Be blessed.

  67. I am so thankful to God for:
    1. Electricity
    2. Coffee
    3. My 3 puppies & 1 dog
    4. Garbage bags
    5. My back porch swing

    Thank you Courtney for encouraging us to be thankful for the ordinary things we so often take for granted!! I believe I am going to start back on my gratitude journal, adding 5 things I am thankful for each day, along with my 30 Day Thanksgiving Scripture writing. ❤️

  68. 1. New house with a new roof and double pane Windows to protect us when El Niño hits!!
    2. Rain in Northern California!!
    3. Beautiful autumn-colored leaves
    4. An eating plan that is actually working!
    5. Coconut Pumpkin Pie scent in my Scentsy burner

  69. I am thankful for the roof over my head, clean running water, electricity, a refrigerator filled with food, and my dishwasher! ?

  70. I am a stay-at-home mom so I feel
    like I have many, many opportunities throughout the day to notice all the blessings in my life :-). Five simple, everyday items I am thankful for; my crockpot (love the smell of soups cooking in the fall), my cozy fireplace, my slippers, crisp fall leaves scented body wash, and encouraging text messages throughout the day from my husband.

  71. My five things I’m thankful for right now:
    1. Coffee
    2. air conditioning (still high 80s in FL)
    3. waking up and getting out of bed! (that should of been first!!)
    4. computer
    5. apple scented candles

  72. This is fun….. I’m thankful for:
    1. Coffee
    2. My 2 pugs Sadie and Oliver
    3. Chocolate
    4. Mason jars for cold drinks
    5. Laughter

  73. I love this! Fall is my favorite time of the year…, it has such a “warm-togetherness” feeling about it.
    My five things I’m thankful for
    1. My bible (it is my lifeline! Lol)
    2. My children (because of these challenges and my new walk with the king, I’m learning to embrace the good and the bad because before I know it, this chapter will be over…*tears filled eyes*)
    3. Women living well (because of you ladies, I now read my bible everyday…I have my personal reading and then my husband and I read along with you ladies!)
    4. My comfy bed ( my family was recently homeless from the loss of a job so I know the feeling of not having a comfy bed or a way to wash your clothes… will never take this for granted again!)
    5. My couches! (We were sitting on the floor for about 1 week after moving into our new home…not so comfortable lol)

    Its funny because about 2 weeks ago after moving into our home, my family and I started giving thanks at night for the ordinary things God has provided for us. We do take these things for granted too often and you never realize how important they are until you are without them.

  74. I am thankful for my job, my chair to sit in, my ink pens ,my computer and my desk fan, all used to do my job and for my bible that I can read in my spare time at my job.

  75. “I give thanks for the fleas!” If you don’t know what I mean, you have to read another thing I am super thankful for, great stories of faith!! The story where someone is even thankful for the fleas is The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Amazing story!

    Basically I give thanks for even the negative things in my life because God works through them all, so my ordinary things are:

    Stressful days at work
    Fruit in season
    My son’s stinky lacrosse gear!
    Clean drinking water
    My parents medical issues (faith that God’s got them)
    Texts from my children
    That my kids talk to me about their every day issues – good & bad

  76. 1. My pets
    2. an office with a window
    3. changing seasons – colorful leaves
    4. afternoon tea
    5. being able to walk outside

  77. I am thankful for
    1 – mobile phone that allows me to text, snapchat etc with my daughter who is away at college
    2 – for my iPad – as I can use it to do my Bible Study during my lunch time
    3 – for sore muscles ? – working out with my husband give us much needed “us” time
    4 – for yarn – I can crochet to help relieve stress
    5 – for windows in my office I can open to cool off since the air/heating unit is non-functional and it is really hot in here ?

  78. 1) the DVD player in my van. It makes car trips and hanging out in the school pick up line much more enjoyable.
    2) flip- flop weather in Nov. not ready to give them up just yet.
    3) DVR so my currently 2 be shift working hubby and I can catch up on our shows together
    4)Pinterest 😉 so many yummy meals and great ideas
    5) our public library’s story time program that our family loves

  79. My table large enough to seat all my family, big windows to look out at God’s creation, tv to entertain when needing a break, slow cooker to make suppers easier, vacuum cleaner clean up some of my kids messes 🙂

    Love this series, so glad your continuing it!

  80. So thankful for
    1. Fans
    2. Books
    3. Kleenex (to wipe my grand babies snotty noses)
    4. My grand babies (perhaps not so ordinary)
    5. Rocking chairs

  81. I’m so thankful for:
    1. Morning snuggles
    2. My scrumptious smelling office
    3. My tablet and the friends it connects me to
    4. A good hair day
    5. Leaving work early

  82. Love this post! 1. I am thankful for my phone, so I can read these posts while waiting for the children. 2. My hubby working so hard so I can stay home with our children. 3. Warm sunshine coming through my window. 4. Our sweet puppy curled up on a blanket. 5. Watching my boys playing together.

  83. My minivan (we’ve got 5 adopted children), our dinner table where we gather every night, hazelnut-scented candles, an old bookshelf that now holds everyone’s shoes in the entryway, and my Swiffer 🙂

  84. I’m definitely in, Courtney! Thank you for the reminders to keep the right focus! My children even remind me to light our candle!
    1. My crockpot (along with gentle reminders from Holy Spirit to fill it b4 noon!;)
    2. My hair “doolies”
    3. My non-leaking, non-condensating water bottle that goes wherever I do
    4. Chocolate
    5. Coffee, especially on the morns when I need a vigorous slap to go with it.

  85. I’m in 🙂

    * candy (my son)
    * family (my husband)
    * sleep (my other son)
    * spicy chicken (daughter)
    * her sister ( my other daughter)

  86. I am in! I am so grateful for:
    My husband
    My dog, who reminds me to treat everyone like you have been missing them terribly, every time you see them, only if it has been an hour or so.
    My chickens
    The windshield wipers I needed today.
    The sound of the rain tonight.

  87. I am thankful for…
    Warm blankets
    Family pictures
    My kitties
    Fall scents

    Love your site, our GMG study and all that I am learning from this amazing fellowship of women!
    God bless!

  88. 5 Ordinary Things I am Thankful for:
    1. Getting into a warm bed at night surrounded by my 4 furbabies!
    2. The smell of fall in the air.
    3. The freedom to study the word of God.
    4. Trim Healthy Mama: this lifestyle has changed my life.
    5. Running with my daughter!

  89. Today I am thankful for
    the fresh air that I breathe
    Clean, safe water to drink – (always take it for granted until you have a boil alert)
    electricity to heat or cool my home and run the appliances we use
    indoor plumbing that I don’t have to go outside in the heat/cold to use the bathroom
    shoes to keep my feet protected

  90. This is my absolute favorite time of the year!! I’m so happy to be doing this with you all!!!
    1. My yoga mat
    2. My iPad
    3. Warm, comfy blankets
    4. My toothbrush
    5. The fan that is on for white noise at night

    Blessings to each of you!

  91. 5 ordinary things I’m thankful for are my computer, my cats, my favorite chair, my shower and my restful night’s sleep!

  92. I am Thankful for Red Wings Hockey, My little diva Boston Layla to snuggle with, Avocado to replace my cheese because I am now allergic to Milk, Epson salt and baking soda to soak my feet, Hallmark Christmas Movies And all you beautiful God fearing women who give me inspiration and encouragement!

  93. Wonderful idea Courtney!!! Five things that I am grateful for are 1. Being Saved (not so ordinary – but wonderful all the same). 2. the cool fall air at night. 3. My three little pugs 4. Being able to run and 5.Hot bubble baths. Thank you for extending this challenge into November. Giving thanks in all circumstances , not for all circumstances is the key here. There is always something to be thankful for and I truly believe that this is the way to always be happy and joyful!!!

  94. I am thankful for the couch where I sit to read my Bible, my lamps (I love lamp light), my candles, my cozy blankets, my cats who run around and play during my quiet time, and oh so much more.

  95. purple pens (ordinary but my favorite), my oil diffuser, my travel bible and the soft leather cover it has, the dishwasher and my knitting 🙂

  96. I thankful for,
    The church I can attend
    My brothers and sisters from church that I call family
    My kitty
    A pillow to rest my head on
    The air I breath.
    I can go on and on. So many things to be thankful for.

  97. I am grateful for:
    My dog who loves me!
    Hearing the sounds of my family in the morning because it means they are in the house!
    My computer for Bible studies and connecting with friends.
    Hot showers and baths available every day along with toilets that are clean and flush!

  98. 1. I am so thankful my struggling friend moved into a beautiful low income apartment one week ago. So many gave her the items she needed for her apartment. 2. So thankful for my husband of 40 years. 3. Monies coming in for Mission Solano Christmas 2015 (This is our 7th year of hosting this event. 4. Memorizing and meditating on chapters of the Bible. 5. Retirement

  99. I am thankful for:
    1. My 2 dogs that keep me company every day
    2. My phone I am using to leave a comment.
    3. The loveseat I am sitting on.
    4. The lamp that is giving me light.
    5. The carpet that keeps my feet warm on these cold mornings.
    6. The slippers on my feet.
    There are so many things to be grateful for.
    Thank you Courtney for making me stop and look around.

  100. 1. My glasses and contacts because I could see NOTHING without them
    2. My kitchen
    3. Mountain Dew
    4. Laughter
    5. This cute little owl rug I just got for my porch!

  101. Only 5? : )

    Today, as I look around…

    1.) Being able to stay at home/send quiet alone time in the word. (Thanks Babe)
    2.) Nature/ birds chirping outside my door
    3.) Hot Coffee!
    4.) Great Smelling Candles & Scentsy (Apple Pumpkin)
    5.) My Crock Pot/ smells up whole house, dinner is ready! Family coming in to home cooked meal, and all the compliments-makes me feel like “yup I’m doing something right”

  102. hi Courtney!
    This is very timely as we are doing a One Thousand Gifts study, love the idea of the candle!
    I’m thankful for oatmeal, an early morning with the Lord, Tim Keller’s work, this blog post and my giant mac screen!

    thanks for everything you do!

  103. I stumbled upon your blog this summer and am really enjoying it. Every year during Thanksgiving I like to write a letter to someone I am thankful for to let them know how much I appreciate them. So this series is going to tie in so well!

    5 things I am thankful for:
    1. Only 38 days left of nurse practitioner school!
    2. My 6 month old daughter who gave us multiple scares during pregnancy, but came out perfectly healthy all because of God’s grace!
    3. The warm fire that heats our house
    4. My amazing husband who has supported me through my NP schooling all these years
    5. Friends and family who have kept me going the past 2 years during school.

  104. I’m thankful for;
    1) quiet time in the morning before anyone else is awake.
    2) pillows, I sleep with four of them to keep my body from aching
    3) clean water to drink , wash, bathe in and most importantly to make ice cubes! I like lots of ice in my drinks
    4) my safe neighborhood where I sleep and live with no fear
    5) my big chair where I cosy up to read

  105. I am thankful for:

    1. Our guinea pig! My 12 year old daughter wanted him and I truly love him!
    2. Our local Christian school and the godly teachers there
    3. Books!!! I just love to read
    4. Medicine
    5. The ability to listen to sermons online

  106. This is suck a great idea…

    1.) I am thankful for the ability to homeschool my 5 girls.
    2.) I am thankful for Bath & Body Works yummy smelling antibacterial soaps (I’m a germaphobe!)
    3.) I am thankful for my morning coffee with hazelnut creamer!
    4.) I am thankful for true friends that are loyal and have stood the test of time.
    5.) I am thankful for a hubby who loves to read God’s Word…and tries to live it! 🙂

  107. I’m thankful:
    A laundromat: our washing machine broke, praying for God to provide a free one!
    A cute little foster guy, snuggling with me this morning
    My pumpkin decorations
    My awesome couch where I sit and drink coffee and read my bible
    The fan that is drying out carpet because of the leaky washing machine.

  108. Wow!! I am thankful for the water that we use to drink, wash clothes, cook food and clean. I am thankful for the air that I breathe. I am thankful for the plants that I take care of. I am thankful for the road that I drive and walk on. I am thankful for the leaves that are falling from the trees. I am thankful for the trees that I see daily. So many things to be thankful for.

  109. 1. I’m so thankful for my washer & dryer
    2. I’m thankful for food on my table
    3. I’m thankful I have a vehicle to get around
    4. I’m thankful to have heat, electricity & water in my home…growing up my family struggle monthly to pay these bills. especially during the winter. There were times we went months w/o one or the other of these necessities.
    5. Thankful my children haven’t had to experience #4.

  110. I am thankful for 1.the days that I don’t have a fibromyalgia flare up 2. Coffee, coffee, coffee! 3. The strength to work and take care of my kids 4. Christmas music 🙂 5. Gods mercy and grace daily!

  111. I am so excited to begin this on my blog each day… love it.. just found your site btw. My list

    blogging friends
    gentle reminders
    morning coffee
    soft music
    God’s work in my heart No small thing, but because I am spilling over with that this morning)

  112. 1-The candle to light so that I can remember to give Him thanks.
    2-The dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer that I hear running.
    3-Social media for connecting with my family, new friends, old friends, and people I never dreamed I would connect with and who have blessed my life.
    4-Stevia and all the delicious things I have made using it.
    5-My email inbox because I can receive such great devotions as this one. Thank you, Courtney!

  113. I’m thankful for
    1) Happening upon this blog
    2) My son-in-love
    3) A room in my home dedicated entirely to my grandchildren
    4) My Bible (I love my HCSB translation)
    5)Finding a new recipe my husband likes

  114. Today…… The beautiful tree I watch outside my bathroom window that greets me everyday
    The soft purr of my cat on my lap
    Sunshine streaming in my windows
    A washer and dryer that keep working
    A heated mattress pad when you live alone on a chilly night!

  115. I am thankful for….
    1. My cat who eats her breakfast while I eat mine. ?
    2. Getting out of the bed without physical pain.
    3. A warm shower
    4. Pictures of my friends and family smiling at me from frames around the room.
    5. The quiet stillness of early morning.

  116. I’m thankful for 1.The trees in my yard. 2.The serene neighborhood I live in. 3.Sitting around our fire pit, 4.The music on the radio, 5. A Soothing hot bubble bath.

  117. before I get started on this, I always say i am thankful for something every year also I felt that I am not exactly being thankful for it. So, this year I am determined to make my thankful’s with meaning which I am able to express with feelings and be able to start thankful book with kids. I am little late due to my illness but I can make it happen!
    5 things that I am thankful:
    1). my kids– they are crazy and wild to love for!
    2).cooking–I love to cook and experment on food to see what we like rather than being in rut
    3.) crafting to save money haha
    4). my dog, Poppy the pug! she is the first dog that I felt strong bond with her!
    5). my husband, Eric, I continue to have faith in him and be strong for him when he needs me to be for him.

  118. Hey, I am new to this site, and having trouble finding the rest of this series! Has there been another reading published after this one?

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