When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer

When God doesn't answer prayer, sometimes we get disillusioned, discouraged, or angry. But here is what you should do when God doesn't answer your prayer. #Biblestudy #Judges #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Have you ever prayed and suggested to God all the ways he could reasonably answer your prayer? Perhaps you thought of the perfect solution and asked God to make it happen and so now you wait and wait and wait on God – wondering why He has not answered your prayer, the way you asked him to.

I’ll admit – I am in this place right now.  If you’ve been there or are in this place right now too – then this video is for you.  I hope it will encourage you in your waiting.

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5 Verses to Remember While You Wait On God

1. God’s ways are higher than our ways.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55: 8-9

2. Our God is able to do far more than we ask or even imagine!

20 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
Ephesians 3:20,21

3. Give your burdens to the Lord and he will sustain you while you wait.

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
Psalm 55:22

4. If you are worried – pray, pray and pray some more.  God wants to give you peace that guards your heart and mind, while you wait.

do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

5. Do NOT give up!

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9

I hope as you watched the video and were reminded of  God’s mighty power displayed through Gideon’s courage to obey God – no matter what the cost – that you will find strength to persevere in prayer.

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Is there something you are praying for today and would like extra prayer from this community?

Please share it in the comment section and I will pray for each comment privately and I hope that you will join me in praying for one another.

Walk with the King,



    1. April, I pray that the Drs will find the source of your illness and will be able to stop the pain and discomfort. I pray for our mighty God to heal your body of this illness.

  1. Oh Courtney, how timely is this message. I am so anxious for my husband’s law practice to be able to support us financially. I have been helping him out part time and am wanting to be home full time to work on my online ministry. Not to mention there is a great deal of conflict with his law partner. I left today with a terrible migraine. It’s so hard to wait after over a year of praying.

  2. This message hit home big time. After the flu took out my family for over a week, I am struggling to make ends meet. I missed 7 days of work, unpaid. I’m a single mom. I prayed for 2 weeks that my work would offer overtime so I could make up some of the differences. They didn’t. I’m not sure why God has not answered this prayer. I’m trying to trust that He has His reasons, but it’s hard when you are worried about paying rent.

    1. So thankful we serve a God who knows our every need and hears each prayer. I pray that you will rest in His provision and love. This morning I prayed for your financial needs and for your family.

      1. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I was able to have enough courage to reach out to my family for help, something I don’t normally do. They are helping me through this rough time. I in turn am praying for other people to find work. When you are stressed it’s hard to see what you are grateful for, and I am blessed to be employed amongst other things.

  3. Please pray for me and my fiance. We are struggling with a number of issues. Only God can resolve this situation as it’s a mess. Thank you so much!

    1. I will pray for you, Shannon. Stay focused on Christ and He will give you both peace and will answer our prayers according to His good and perfect will. He is for you, not against you. ????

  4. You can’t even imagine how timely this message is for me. Please pray for me and my fiance. We are struggling with a number of issues. Only God can resolve this situation as it’s a mess. Thank you so much!

      1. I have a huge praise to our mighty and wonderful God! We still have a long way to go but this weekend He answered one prayer. Thank you, Lord! Only You could work out this detail so all praise goes to You and You only. It was totally unexpected, too, so — WOW!

  5. Please pray for my husband to be healed of his serious, life-threatening illness. I’d take so much comfort in knowing that others were covering him in prayer. His initials are CG. Thank you SO very much. I’m blanketing the other requests with my prayers for you as well. Hugs….

  6. I’ve been praying so long for a man to love. I’m a widow now 10 years and i know waiting on God is the best. It’s just so hard. I want relief in my financial life so I’m not a burden to the one God has for me. Thank you so much for your prayers! Feel very blessed to have found you all!

    1. Lord God, I plead that You would grant _____ genuine faith, a faith that trusts in Jesus alone and surrenders to Him as Lord and Savior (Eph 2:8-10)

      Praying God’s Word is powerful. I have prayed for your husband and marriage.

      May I also suggest reading Love and Respect? Through your obedience to living a godly life, your husband may see this and want to turn his life around to be the godly leader in your marriage. He may see his need for Jesus in the ways you extend love to him. Don’t give up!

  7. There are so many health and financial issues right now. Family relationships and responsibilities. Sometimes it’s all so overwhelming. Prayers your direction, too.

  8. Your message was an answer to a prayer, it was so timely. Please remember in prayer my son. It is his second go around away at school after failing freshman year. He so wanted to return and after attending county college he is back. Although, he is making poor choices. I worry about him and don’t understand why. I pray that God stays with him and if he comes home again, he finds his way. On a bigger picture , I pray he lets Jesus in his heart.
    Thank you and God bless you and your wonderful ministry.

  9. Please pray for my daughter who has been diagnosed with epilepsy at 25. She is in a new town without friends or anyone who cares and cannot drive for 6 months. Her faith is is dwindling. Please pray for God to send her faith and a friend.

    1. my son struggled with this disease also for several years. He was on many medications. Nothing worked. His doctors told us to try him on the oil through realm of caring site. He’s been seizure free for over 6 months now. It’s a miracle.

  10. My marriage is an absolute mess. I don’t know from one minute to another where we are. It’s physically & emotionally exhausting ….. for my husband’s salvation and his personal relationship with God. That he will seek the Lord and in turn our marriage will be healed.

  11. A word of encouragement to ALL who feel that God is not or has not answered your prayer(s). In His Word He promises to answer our prayers and He is doing just that. While my husband was out of work for a year we discovered 3 ways in which God answers: Yes, No, Wait; with the main point being “Trust Me, I know your needs and I know what is best for you.” We have to look for what He IS doing not what we think He IS NOT doing. I don’t know how He will meet the needs of each person here, but I do know He will meet them. Many times we ask for the wrong thing. God taught us in that year that He has more resources than we can imagine and they will come from places we never thought possible. We also learned that we can trust Him with everything, our health, our emotional well-being and our spiritual well-being.

    Sometimes we pray to be taken out of a situation we don’t like (especially physical or financially) and what we need to pray for is to be patient and learn something about ourselves and God. God uses many difficult situations to bring us where HE wants us to be – fully trusting on Him and not on our own abilities or health. Many times it isn’t even about us, it is about a world that is watching how we handle the things in life we can’t control; how we as “Christians” handle the difficult things in life; is our faith what we say it is.

    It isn’t an easy road to walk, but remember dear ones you are never walking that road alone; God is right there beside you and many times carrying you. I can speak from experience, it isn’t until after you have given everything totally to Him and quit fighting or telling Him through prayer what you want or need that you will find peace and the ability to continue walking with Him.

    May prayer is that each of you will truly be able to “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

  12. Thank you for this post!!! I needed to see this today. I am for peace as I wait for a series of heart tests to come back.

  13. I am praying for a restoration/salvation for my ENTIRE family. For all of us to have a personal intimate relationship with our FATHER. To have a restored marriage but for me to grow through the waiting to realize what GOD wants me to know. The enemies hand to be removed from us and for GOD to change & use me through waiting. For GOD to save my home but also for me to receive GOD’s plan. For me to not give up or quit. For my belief to grow. That i will become a studier/learner of GOD’s word and to learn how to listen for that still small voice and to trust when He is giving me confirmation and not doubt that HE is speaking to me. Things are so difficult but i need to look to Him.

  14. My daughter just started chemo and she has two young children. I’m praying that she keeps her strength and stays well for the year of treatments and that she is healed.

  15. My husband has worked out of town for 5 years, leaving me to raise my kids pretty much alone. I have prayed for years that He would move us to that city so my kids could see their daddy every day. He has not answered that prayer, and I have finally given up. I can feel bitterness creeping in…….I needed this post today. I’m determined to keep praying.

  16. Our house caught fire on Sunday…. Which was also my birthday. It wasn’t a total loss but it is unlivable until repaired. They say it could take 2-6 months. Our church has let us borrow a house until Nov 18th. I know God has everything under control I’m still nervous though and Everytime I go to the house to help the cleaners go through things I get sick to my stomach and can’t breath. Please just pray for a place to stay and peace. Thank you.

    1. Elizabeth, you and your family are in my prayers. So very sorry you’re going through this. So grateful no one was harmed.

  17. My daughter and son-in-law have been trying time have a baby for almost five years now, it’s been very very difficult as they want a family so badly. We have many grand children and each time someone announces their pregnancy it’s so hard to see my daughter hold back her tears. Lord we know you are in control, help us all to trust in you. My daughter has a very strong faith and trust in the Lord, but I know, as her mother, it’s still so painful for her. Praying for a miracle!

    1. Shelly,
      What a hard time! My church has a special service every year in January for infertile couples. It’s called Presentation Sunday. We pray over the couples and have received overwhelming amounts of testimonies of positive pregnancies after prayer. We’ve had these services for MANY years. Couples travel from other states, and it has become so well known that we even had Muslim and buddhist couples that came this year. Anyway, she doesn’t need to come, but she can (along with her husband) watch the service online and get prayed for that way. You can look it up at cedarpark.org. We are in Bothell wa. It has info on the website about the service. I will pray for her now also.
      Love, Katherine

  18. I have been praying to find a home to rent for my daughters and myself for close to 2 years and still nothing. I have placed application after application and nothing, at times there seems the person is willing to rent to us and then nothing. My girls and I are not in a peaceful safe environment living with my ex husband, he had asked us to move back in saying he wanted to reconcile in Dec of 2013, we moved back home and it was all good for maybe 6 months and it all went bad after. We have been struggling now since then, I now share a room with my daughter and things are not good emotionally, and verbally things are bad for the girls and I. It’s hard to live like this, and when I pray to God to help us to open doors and nothing it crushes me and shakes my faith, I try to be strong and to remember it is His will not mine, but I am human I am made out of flesh. Please please pray for us that we find a place that is safe, peaceful and affordable
    Thank you

    1. Dina,

      The Lord hears your/our prayers on your behalf. He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Trust in Him. He will work your situation for good. In the meantime, your must stay strong for your daughters. They need a strong example from you. They need stability. You are in a tough patch right now but stay faithful and the Lord will bless you in due time.

  19. My daughter is away at college but she is still only 25 minutes from home. Since middle school she has had a tough time making friends. She is on her 2nd roommate this year and now the current roommate is not working out. She is involved in 3 clubs and I know she has met people but she doesn’t take it the next step and ask them to do things. She mostly hangs around a few girls from high school but they have gone a little wild while at college which thank God she does not partake. No other people have invited her to do anything. Her dorm is not very active and she talks to know one on her floor. I have been praying for years for good friendships. I prayed diligently for her roommate prior to college. She struggles somewhat with anxiety. So I would ask you to pray for her and making friends.

    1. I am praying for your daughter, Leigh Ann. Is there a Christian student group that could reach out to her and invite her to their activities? I also have a daughter that struggles with anxiety. Anxiety is so perplexing for a parent to know how to react or how to handle it in their child. My daughter has had success in meeting with a counselor. The counselor suggested she journal and that has helped her a lot. God bless your family and I pray that your daughter finds friends and mentors that will pour into her life.

      1. Thank you Lesley. She is involved with Delight Women’s Ministries on campus and lives it. She has met people there some which live in her dorm. Outside of those meetings and activities she just doesn’t have contact with them. She waits on people to ask her to do something and that hasn’t happened. She has little confidence that people will like her. God bless you.

        1. She sounds like me. I have a Supine Temperament. This means that I am shy, quiet, and mostly keep to myself. I do desire to be included, but rarely make the first effort to join in. I need to be personally invited instead of just receiving a general invitation. I have studied alongside my husband who is a licensed Christian counselor about temperament and have learned a lot about ow we are all different in our responses to each other. It is fascinating. I now understand why some people can walk into a room knowing everyone and some help to keep the walls standing. My prayer for your daughter is that she will recognize her God-given temperament and learn how to interact with her classmates in ways that she feels comfortable. I also pray for Christian friends to come alongside her so she does not feel alone.

  20. I would sincerely appreciate prayer from my sisters in Christ. I have been without a job for 2-1/2 months now and have been applying for nearly everything I see. Just this week I had a second interview with a Christian organization for an awesome job. The opportunity would be great. Could I please count on all of you to petition the Lord on my behalf? Thank you so much. God bless you all.

    1. My prayers are with you Lesley. I’m sure the waiting is difficult but I’m sure it will be worth it. God bless you

  21. Please pray for God to move-to give me my sign. My parents aren’t saved and haven’t met my boyfriend yet, who wants to propose. Please ask God to protect us (as my family is Muslim) and to make a way for a miracle–that my dad will say yes to meeting my bf and more importantly be saved, along with live a long healthy life here on earth, to experience God with me.

  22. Please pray for God to move-to give me my sign. My parents aren’t saved and haven’t met my boyfriend yet, who wants to propose. Please ask God to protect us (as my family is Muslim) and to make a way for a miracle–that my dad will say yes to meeting my bf and more importantly be saved, along with live a long healthy life here on earth, to experience God with me. I need God to tell me when to talk to my dad and what to say….and for Him to prepare my dad’s heart.

  23. My son (9) is having some learning issues, that are causing him to really struggle with school. It has been going on for the past 4 years, but we just finally found a source to help us figure out what is going on. We homeschool and the stress of not knowing how to teach him is starting to make this momma physically ill, as we have tried a TON of curriculums. We are in the process of waiting on test results and have been for the last 12 weeks. I could really use some prayers. Especially since I have 2 other children ages 5&2 who also need a lot of mom’s attention as well.

  24. My husband and I are going through a really difficult legal battle both facing serious time for charges which we are innocent. This has taken an emotional toll on my family and my boys are having a hard time with it. My husband being in jail has also led to major financial problems. I have had to go back to work after being a stay at home for 15 years and even working full time I don’t make enough to pay all the bills. Please pray that my boys find some kind of peace and happiness during this trial. Please pray that we come out of this 100% victorious and I know everything happens in gods timing so please pray that this is all resolved quickly. Please pray that we are back together as a family so much sooner then we could have dreamed possible. I know that I’m asking for a lot of prayers but we need them. Thank you so much

  25. I have been praying for a Wildlife Biologist for myself. My husband and I have been praying since we got married a year ago, and I’ve been praying a while before that. I have worked seasonal wildlife jobs since center I graduated but, since I got married, I have been looking full time that way I can have a healthy marriage and see my husband. I’ve looked and still looking all across the country. Aso so excited give me emails of position filled and some I never get a reply. This last week I got another position filled email, and yes it was an answer but not what I was hoping for. It’s been frustrating and emotional. The waiting is tough. But we are still praying and trusting get God will provide the right job for me and my husband soon.

  26. My boyfriend was given 2 to 4 months to live this week by his doctors. He has stage four cancer and his liver is failing. I pray that God will provide complete healing: mind, body, soul and spirit. I pray that even if he is not healed on this earth, that he will except God’s everlasting love and be healed in heaven so he is no longer in pain. I also pray for comfort and peace for all of those who know and love him.

    1. My prayers are with you both! I realize this is several months since you posted but I know God answers even before we call out. Praying for spiritual and physical needs. May Gods peace encompass you even beyond human comprehension.

  27. Such a timely message. I stand amazed how God provides strength to persevere when I need it most. My husband is living with another woman in my home. My prayer is for God to provide a Damascus Road experience and for him to see how much he needs Jesus in his life. My husband was a deacon in our church and we served on several Mission Trips over the years. We even led a small young adult Sunday School class. After years of financial struggle and instability I found him a job and he scored the interview. Within 2 months he was involved with his secretary. It’s been 2 years and I still have trouble believing he could do this. We have 2 adult sons and they are furious with him. I miss him and still love him.

    1. Kim,

      I have been praying for the same for my husband, for a Damascus Road experience – he began an affair with his coworker after I found him a job (our stories seem similar.) I will pray for you and your spouse.

  28. Please pray for me and my family! I have a four generation household- my 91 year old mother, my 31 year old son, his wife and their two daughters, ages 5 yrs and 10 months (born exactly 5 years apart!). I am the only one working full time. My son has a drug problem. I have prayed so much that the Lord would take this addiction away from him so his life would be better and before it ruins his relationship with his wife and children. I have had the burden of making his car payment, insurance payments and his share of the rent for almost a year and a half. I have used my bonuses and worked countless hours of overtime to make ends meet but I’m afraid I can’t keep pulling this off. My overtime was cut for awhile and I fell behind on the payments and will soon be two payments behind again. My son was attacked a month ago walking right outside our neighborhood. It was not drug related but we will never know why or who as he has no memory of it. He had a concussion, multiple fractures to his face and skull and a brain bleed. That was such a terrible night, for a mother to see her son that way in emergency then pray for the two hour drive to the hospital he was transferred to that he would still be alive. I prayed that this would be a wake up call for him but it sadly has not. I love my son dearly but don’t know how much longer I can financially support him and his family. I live paycheck to paycheck as it is. We can’t afford a rehab facility. I want him to get his life right with God. He has struggled all his life. His father’s death a year ago really took a toll because we don’t know if he accidentally shot himself or if it was suicide but that’s a whole other story. I know God answers prayers in His way in His time. He showed me that this past Sunday when he took my 13 year old Jack Russell, Buster, over the Rainbow Bridge to be with Him when I asked Him to ease his suffering! Sometimes I am afraid of how He will answer my prayers about my son. But I know no matter how much it may hurt, I would accept His will. Please pray for my family!!!!

  29. Please pray for my significant other. He has been without a job for over a year now, and it is not the lack of trying. He has applied and applied, but all doors seem to stay closed. Neither of us understands why, and needless to say he is very disheartened and lost. He is emotionally and spiritually down. It affects our relationship of course too. And I also do not know how else to support him. It’s been so long- this situation-and there is no ray of hope. He needs a break thru. Please pray that a miraculous door will open up (from God) and that he will finally get a job in his field of expertise. Thank you!

  30. I look over all these prayer request and the people that respond and my eyes fill with tears at how amazing our God is and how he works in this community. I am praying for all in this blog community that we continue to pray and send each other this love.

  31. I have a huge praise to our mighty and wonderful God! We still have a long way to go but this weekend He answered one prayer. Thank you, Lord! Only You could work out this detail so all praise goes to You and You only. It was totally unexpected, too, so — WOW!

  32. I need prayers for a divorce I’m currently going through that has the potential to leave me in a tremendous financial burden that I never saw coming.

    1. Missy, I will pray for God’s peace and direction for your life and that He would supply your needs. I went through a divorce several years ago after 28 years of marriage. Long story —- but God used this to teach me to trust Him. Try to look at this as an adventure — not a problem. Praise God every day for His faithfulness. Psalm 92:1-2 says, “it is good to give thanks to the Lord; and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High. To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning, and Your faithfulness every night.” God bless you.

  33. Please pray for my son and his family. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Really, please pray for all my children, husband and me. I will be praying for you all as well.I thank God for this blog.

    1. Dearest Angela, your son is in my prayers. Please believe me when I say there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was diagnosed bipolar last year and it was like a bolt of the blue – plus the stigma that goes with it. One year on I’m on medication and my life is back to normal, I’m endlessly grateful to God for helping me through this. I prayed every day and cried every day, but He was at my side all along. You can have a near-normal life with bipolar, yes it’s a battle to live with, but you learn to manage it. I send you all my love and prayers.

  34. Please pray for my son to get God’s will post doc offer for him this week so we could plan ahead as a family. My husband is about to retire and may God give him wisdom on how to have a secured retirement life but first and foremost am also praying for his salvation too. May God give me the courage , strength,wisdom,perseverance and love as I also experience some oppression in the workplace.

  35. I’d like prayer for myself in several areas. First, that I would find a job QUICKLY and obtain some IMMEDIATE financial assistance to help my family with rent. I’m one month behind and November is due by the 5th and I want to prevent my family from being evicted. We live in a different city from our family so we’d have nowhere to go. Also, a better relationship with God and a loving relationship with a Christian man. I recently broke off a relationship with a man because we were deep in sexual sin and had very different religious views. Most people tell me its unrealistic to believe that I can be in a relationship nowadays without having sex, but I disagree. I pray to meet a man who believes in sexual purity and living a holy life even if we are middle aged. I’d also like God’s blessing on my accounting business. I’m just getting started and would love to have the clientele to support my family full-time.


  36. This site was sent to me months ago and I only today watched the video. It is timely now as my job is not going well and I have been praying to be able to do what I think is needed to fix our problems at work. This reminds me I need to be patient and let God work his plan for me.

    I haven’t read every request here but I have read many and I am praying for you all.

    Please remember at times it may feel your problems are insurmountable but be patient and take comfort in the fact others are praying to God on your behalf.

  37. First, to have time for GOD each day, second, to have a nice and well-paying job, third to own our own home and for our business and projects to prosper in JESUS’ NAME Amen.

  38. I am seeking clear direction and guidance from God for a number of issues. My husband was in an accident a few years ago and is battling depression and pain. I made the decision to work from home and start a business which will require his financial support and give him something to do to keep him busy. He wants to move to a new city and wants me to go to law school instead. We have two daughters -1 in high school, 1 in ; I feel this would not be a good decision for us at this time. The girls are I are opposed to moving. My husband is being heavily influenced by a relative who has expressed that my business will fail. The relative is a successful businessman, but does not have any experience in the industry. I have been seeking advice from other experienced, successful operators and have the support of city officials and community leaders. However, I am not able to finance this business without my husband. I have some potential ininvestors, but feel conflicted on what I should do.

  39. My husband and I have been trying to conceive. And well haven’t gotten pregnant. I’m not going to lie each day I pray for a beautiful child. Lately we are buying our first new home and I get distracted about the baby thing. But it does come up to mind when I see someone pregnant, or people ask me when are you getting pregnant, this that. I’m not going to lie I sometimes get jealous, or depressed and I don’t want that. I don’t want to lose Faith or patience. I will continue praying and maybe one day it will happen, I just need to be strong, and in a way I’m not alone because I have 4 beautiful coworkers that are going through the same thing and we try our best to be strong and pray for each other.

  40. My best friend Laura, who was just diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. She has two young children, ages 10 and 6. Please pray for her.

  41. I write this with a completely humble hard. We serve a jealous God who loves us and will go to great lengths to reach our hearts. I am thankful and beyond grateful to Him for putting blocks in my path when I find myself straying away from his righteousness and glory. My desire is to grow closer to the heart of our Loving God and Father! To rest in His abundant love and Grace and FORGIVENESS. I am a mother of five and until this year I had homeschooled our five children. The Lord placed it in our hearts to put the older ones in a Christian private school. They are thriving and growing much in the Lord. A couple years back my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and then with terminal spinal cancer, my husband left us and after a night out with some friends I had a dui after two drinks. That time in our lives was hard but fruitful. My mom still battles cancer but hasn’t given up faith and my husband has come home. Our marriage is growing stronger in the Lord everyday! PRAISE the LORD for that! HOWEVER even though I never have a drink when out anymore I happened to have one the other night at home. Hours later I was POSITIVE it was out of my system when I left the house. IT WASNT! On my way home I answered my cell phone on a country road and ran through an embankment and totaled our family car. The police came and ended up running a check. I came across barely over the limit but was charged with a dui again. This time the charges are much worse. I face a mandatory one month to a year in jail and will not have a license for three years if convicted. This means my children will not be able to attend their Christian school as I cannot drive them without a license as well as jail time. I LOVE being a mother more than anything. My children are my greatest JOY and BLESSINGS in my life! I now see that I cannot handle any form of alcohol and the Lord is vying for my heart. He wants ALL of me! I believe in miracles and I have FAITH that the Lord will come through for us. I am here to ask for others who will PRAY for our family that these charges will be miraculously DROPPED completely so that all who see and hear will know it was the Lord and his GRACE who provided for our family. I desire to give God all the GLORY and HONOR in this situation. We need a life changing miracle for our family. I believe in prayer and when two or more are gathered in His name prayers will be answered. My heart is humbled by His love and grace and mercy. THANK YOU for your prayers and I give thanks in advance to the the Lord for the miracle that I know He will bestow.

  42. About to get evicted out of home little resources as far as money is concerned, I’m asking that you pray that God make a way and help us find the right place that is affordable with the money we have right now, thank u.

  43. Praying for you all, sisters. Last year I was in a very dark place and I approached Courtney for comfort, she took the time to send me a sweet message though I was a perfect stranger. Now that I read about your trial Courtney please remember you’re in my heart in prayers x

  44. I’m praying for a home of our own and a nice good running dependable car. So that I can get my husband and a the couple I care for to and from Dr appointments. The car I have now could go at anytime. We want the home to call our own so that I can care for my husband easier than this little bitty apartment.

  45. I have a lot of information that strongly suggests my husband has been having an affair with a coworker for quite some time (at least a year). When I ask him to clarify work trips and why itineraries don’t match up to what he originally told me, etc. he just has excuses for me, even when his stories start overlapping and don’t make any sense. He has verbally agreed to go to counseling with me. I am currently waiting on counselors to get back in touch with me so we can set up something ASAP. I ask for your prayers that my marriage be saved and my husband be restored. He harbors a lot of pain and suffering and feelings of abandonment from his childhood. Many issues he has never sought help for or worked through he has been dragging around his whole adult life and they have made that continual problems of infidelity and lying have kept popping up over the past 12 years. I ask in Jesus’ name that you pray that these chains of the enemy be broken once and for all. Much love!

  46. Going through the comments and prayers above they are in the past. So i want to say thank you God for touching the lives of every one that has put their prayer requests and for answered prayers God that has started a good thing will complete His work.

    Please pray for me that God in His infinite mercy will pour is spirit and power upon me and my household. God to please restore us financially, spiritually, morally, maritally.
    Need a bigger space new home or provision to extend but God please new home new area.
    please help me pray for my son he gets angry easily, prefers to just play game if asked to leave gets so moody and angry the Lord to please remove that spirit of anger and to focus on his studies.
    I am going for an interview please pray for me for God’s favor and for God to give me a creative mind to start my own business and make it a success. My husband starting a course to help in restoring financially please pray that God to help and make it a success. Please pray for my daughter for guidance knowledge and peace.

    God I need you

  47. I have been praying for God to deliver me from my pain and suffering of a break up. For so long I thought this person was the one. I know that if God closes a door it’s because he has a better one. Yet I can’t seem to resonate wirth the fact it’s God’s will and not mines.

  48. Please be in prayer for my mom, she’s very ill and we’ve been praying for her for a long time, wanting the Lord to heal her.

  49. I need prayer for a new job, for my dear pet of 13 years to be healed of cancer, for me to get my personal life straight, for even stronger physical health, for my car to be fully repaired, for my family and I to get closer and for these prayers to be answered so that I can freely do more work for my church.

  50. Thank you so much!! I needed this message today!!! Emotionally I was so tired of everything around me!! Thank you!! Please pray for my fiance that he may gets a project to work on, and that may Jesus resolves every poor issues in his job life. Please pray, we desperately need this.

  51. I’m glad to come across this tonight. I am feeling this way in a few ways. I am a single mom of 3 teenagers. Having some issues with oldest college student with disrespect, lying to me, being self centered. I have suffered a lot of loss this year with my grandmothers unexpected death and my house foreclosed the same week. I have struggled to find a new home for my family and now only have 3 weeks to be out. My long term long distance boyfriend suffers from major depression. He has had major dark episodes since November, shutting me out often and doubting himself. It’s all taking a toll. I’ve prayed for guidance and direction in the housing issue, that my daughter will not lose sight on how she was raised and sees her wrong doings and that the pain my BF is feeling is eased and he begins to see happiness more. Instead of guiding me, answering my prayers, I’m given more struggles. I need god’s relief and support in making these things more livable.

  52. I am sitting in my room crying disappointed because my son wants to move back home with his wife and my 15 month grandson because they are struggling, he hasnt been the best when he lived with my husband and I before and my husband is his stepfather which seems that he doesnt want him in our home again…my husband has a daugter in a foreign country so he knows he will never be in this situation with me having to decide his daughter fate….I really deep down feel my son will be ok even if he cant come back home but its just the thought that someone that has been forgiven for an infidelity 2 times and porno watching practically saying blesphemy against God and saying he doesnt exist etc and alot more seems to want perfection in my son!! that is what is hurtful!! He was strugglimg to get a job and he was hired on a good company today but my son that has a past has struggled to get a good job hence the financial woes!! but my husband who practically denies that God even exist is now walking around gloating because he has a good job!! just walked in and got it!! I have prayed for my wayward son for practically 15 yrs and I still dont see the basic needs met for my son even when i see him trying!! why?? I have served God for most of my entire life and I am 57,, why wouldnt God want my son to be ok??? why would he give a man that is boastful, hurtful, without mercy, empathy, narcissist more power to act the way he does and cant answer a prayer for basic needs for my son!! why??

  53. I have been fervently praying to have my daughter returned back home. The first hearing the judge was given false testimony and my lawyer did not submit factual evidence. The second hearing today went even worse. The judge refused to hear new evidence from the new attorneys and allowed a guardian who is demonstrating bias to remain. I’m distraught as I have been praying fervently. Reading Gods word daily and keeping my faith in trust in God and nothing. I don’t undesrstand. I don’t do drugs, drink, or smoke. I work as a nurse practitioner and I am being persecuted by the judicial system as well as my current family all because I left my abusive ex!

  54. Hello I’m asking for prayers the situation I’m in Is so Stressful Effecting my health I would like to move out of state And find a job That is the right fit. And i could find stabilty In my life again. You article on God on unanswer prayers It really hit me I have been praying and waiting for the door of oppuunties to open nothing happen But it not my timing it God Thank you in Jesus name Amen

  55. My husband left me about 4 months ago he now lives with his girlfriend. I have forgiven him and I’m praying for marriage restoration. I don’t believe in divorce and in my heart I feel God wants me to fight for my marriage. Also praying my husband founds salvation.

  56. healing and restoration for my marriage. My husband has been unfaithful and now believes that he is supposed to be alone (while he still sees the girlfriend and spends little-to-no-time with me, his wife.) I’ve been praying that God would give him a Damascus Road experience like he did Paul and would change his heart and his mind. I’m starting to lose hope and my heart is so broken when he tells me he’s meant to die alone.

  57. I have been married for 30 years and my husband cheated on me twice while I was in another city with our rwo kids. I was trying to get my career going again thinking our marriage could sustain. He assured it would but when he asked me to return he didnt make me feel like my marriage was in trouble if I remained hoping my career would pan out, our kids dreams would happen and even hoping his job would transfer him back to Los Angeles. Things became worse when my mother passed 2 years ago. One moment our marriage seems like its on the right track but then somehow this other women remains in the picture. He may not be seeing her physically but keeping in touch to check on her 12 year old that is not his job and it doesnt help. I have prayed and prayed to GOD. How can my one time best friend turn so cruely. GOD is veey silent in helping me. I have meditation time were I pray and pray and pray. I am hurting so terribly, my life has fallen apart and I ask GOD for inner peace and help with my marriage, with my once best friend. Silence is too much. I know he has already figured it out, knows all and can do anything and when he does it that is the right time…but I am hurting because my marriage isnt getting better and I think of our once beautiful union. My career isnt working, lost my mother and now my marriage is bad, maybe even over..so tired of hurting.

  58. Facing eviction from a slumlord who does cocaine. I tried to not judge but it finally come back around to me (as I have seen others). Currently in a large custody battle. If I’m evicted I lose my custody battle. God has recently shown me that others respond to me negatively because I’m so competitive. I don’t compete with others, I just want to be a better me. I would like prayer that I’m not evicted, the slumlord is immediately healed of addictions or fired(she’s really hurt a lot of families), that my son comes home to me where he is safe, my family shows me the love and respect I deserve, and that I GRACIOUSLY learn to better myself without intimidating others (I’m not aggressive, just competitive). I wouldn’t mind moving if I could find a good apartment in the same neighborhood. I’m just concerned about the eviction on my record. I’ve worked hard to pay rent on time for 6 years. Thank you for your prayers. Love & Blessings.

  59. Praying for marriage restoration. Remaining faithful in my walk with God. Praying he breaks the chains of adultery and leaves his girlfriend and comes back home! In Jesus’ name!

  60. Please pray for peace and happiness for my husband. He seems to be very unhappy in his life and job. We have been married for 22 years and I feel like we are so disconnected and don’t know how to make him happy.
    Thank you,

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