This is Monumental!

Sin entangles and ensnares us and weighs us down. But Jesus! Jesus preached his first sermon in the synagogue. And it is monumental!  #Biblestudy #Luke #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Sometimes our lives look like a wild horse – untamed and disobedient to the Lord’s commands.  Sin has entangled us all.  It has enslaved us and burdened us down.  But Jesus!  Jesus came to heal the damage that sin has done to us.  He loves us and gently reins us in, so He can use us, for His glory.

Join me on this video as we look at Luke 4 and Jesus’s first sermon in the synagogue. It is monumental!  You don’t want to miss this!

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After Jesus spoke in the temple, he sat down.

As the people marveled at his gracious words, they asked for a miracle. When Jesus denied them this miracle, the crowd grew angry and led him out to a cliff, to throw him off of it!


Jesus did not just come with a sermon of deliverance – He came as a deliverer.  But the people did not see their need for a deliverer and only wanted a miracle performed. What is interesting to note – is when the mob led him to the cliff – scripture says that Jesus passed right through the midst of them and went on his own way.  So He did perform a miracle, as he walked right through the angry mob.

But the greater miracle is how Jesus can wash away the stain of sin from our lives.  He can set us free from the power and oppression of sin and give us a life of freedom.

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Do you know this freedom?

How has Jesus changed your life?

Walk with the King,





  1. Very powerful and insightful, Courtney! Thank you! And you look so beautiful and healthy….skin glowing. I can see Christ in you, plus, that shirt is a great color on you. You are an inspiration to keep moving forward no matter what. I would like to ask if you are on an eating plan of any kind?

  2. Assurance that I have a greater power that always is there to support me, comfort me, care for me…Knowledge that I have an ultimate purpose – to serve God.

  3. Amen- I have felt a loving peace and comfort like never before. I am thankful and blessed by the gift Jesus has given to me and all of us- as long as we have faith to believe.

  4. Mrs, Courtney, I’m knew to this site and I love it. It has been an inspiration to me. I’m going through a dark time in my life right now and could really use the prayers. Thank you????

  5. What a wonderful message. Thank you so much for posting this video and leading all of these studies. They help me to understand God’s word better!

  6. Thank you for all your efforts, for beign here every friday, sharing with was what God shows to you, so we all can grow and grow. And be sure that your videos help us to close the week and digest all read during the whole week.
    Keep walking with our king – forever!!!

  7. I LOVE this video and your analogy with the wild horse. This study is coming at exactly the right season and I am so blessed to be journaling through this with GMG. Thank you!

  8. L????king good girl!!! Jesus looks good on you…and love the top! Glad you kept it. Thank you for what you do for the Lord as we get the benefit. LOL

  9. I would like to tell everyone that I made a profession of faith tonight. I was saved about a year ago in the car at Mrs Jean’s house. I’ve been fighting a long time with my salvation if I was saved or not. Bro Yancy Magee seemed like he preached all week morning and night to the lost I finally came to the point I knew I was lost and didn’t want to go though life with out being saved and die and go to hell no more. I believed in my heart that I was a sinner and asked God to come into my heart and right then he saved me. I’m happy and I have joy in my heart for this peace I have found!

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