Let God Restore Your Soul

As we learn to rest our bodies and rest in the Lord, we must also learn to allow Him to refresh and restore our soul as only He can. #Biblestudy #restandrelease #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls
He restores my soul.
Psalm 23:3

Resting is good.

Releasing is good.

Music and candles and flowers are good.

Sleeping is good and bubble baths are good.

BUT…if that is all we do and we miss connecting with God each day…

That is not good.

We may rest our body but it is God who restores our soul.

Did you used to have a fire and passion for God and then because of troubles and trials it fizzled? God wants to restore that fire in you.

In Psalm 23, we are reminded that the Lord is our shepherd. He is personal – He is YOURS! We can lie down in green pastures because he keeps us safe and secure. He leads us beside still waters so we don’t fall in. He restores and refreshes our soul.

Even though we walk through dark valleys, we do not have to fear – the shadows won’t hurt us. God is with us and guides us. He provides victory through our difficulties now and in the future.

Sometimes I don’t like God’s plans for me.

Sometimes I wonder why he doesn’t just fix everything because I know that He can.

He is strong, mighty and powerful. He can hold the entire ocean in the palm of His hand (Isaiah 40:12) so why doesn’t He just do what I ask?

Perhaps it’s the other way around and He wants me…to do what He asks.

Isaiah 55:9 says that God’s thoughts are so much higher than ours. I cannot possibly understand all that God is doing in my life. But this I know – my story is not over yet and neither is yours.

Our shepherd is walking beside us every step of the way. We are never alone. So we can light our candles, rest, release, sing, enjoy bouquets of flowers, and bubble baths!

Our shepherd’s got this.

Let Him restore your soul!

Reflection Question:

How has God restored your soul through your past 4 weeks in His word?

Walk with the King,


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  1. It has been hard. I am going through a separation after almost 19 yrs together. I have learned to leave all my pain and worries at Jesus feet and know He is in charge.

  2. I have had some serious health issues over the past year with the accompanying financial concerns. It’s been a blessing this past four weeks to be reminded that I can release all of this into GOD’s hands and rest …. “Casting all my cares on HIM, for He cares for me.” “HE keeps on giving life to me! “

  3. I have been questioning my career choice for awhile now, but God keeps saying this is where He wants me. Being human, I keep asking, “Are you sure?” My job is overwhelming and it seems to be getting worse and worse each year, and I’m trying to be faithful. I’m learning not to put my work first and saying no. It’s been a tough road, but I keep studying God’s word and resting in Him.
    I appreciate this study because it makes me reevaluate who I really work for and why. Thank you Women Living Well!

    1. Good Morning Andrea,

      I am facing the same concerns with my career. Previously, I worked in the Oil & Gas Industry and when the industry took a downturn, I had to rely on my previous work experience in the Healthcare Industry. It is entirely different and not what I am accustomed to handling. I am an Administrative Assistant whereas before I was an Office Manager. I keep praying and relying on my faith that I will get through this but it is indeed difficult. We all know God has plans for us, but right now I am keeping my faith while I search for other jobs back in Oil & Gas.

      I am so grateful that we have Women Living Well for support and encouragement.

  4. I’m learning to completely surrender my daughter over to God. It is a continual battle but I will continue to work at it. God is good!!

    1. Me too.
      I confess, I have an urge to avoid my daughter because she seems to be vitriolic and spoiling for confrontation. It gets so old.

      I have also taken my quiet independence to the extreme. I go for walks and listen to the word. I don’t feel guilty, but I am convicted of allowing my husband to shoulder the burden. He is so patient.

      I need a healthy balance. I am seeking it, but I need it in my home. I need to not feel the need when my daughter starts yelling or blaming. I let my husband interface with her at those moments, but being in the house makes me want to run.

  5. Our oldest is on a missions trip to (of all places) Hollywood. She and her classmates are caring for and ministering to the homeless. She is in her last year of high school, and she has yet to demonstrate a deep desire to follow after Jesus, unashamed (translation: she goes through the motions, ie. goes to church, but we don’t see much fruit, and realize she could choose the world over Him). Prayer, prayer, prayer.
    So, we HAVE prayed, in advance of her trip, that God would move to touch her heart with revelation while there, that He would use the experience to help her begin to see that He calls us to Him, that there is a calling ON us. Here is what He did…
    She was sitting and talking with a homeless person who was once “famous” in Hollywood (a voice over actor for a classic film). They spent 45 minutes talking and with her listening to his life story. When they were done, he gave her his boots, which were originally very expensive (I have no idea the condition they are in now, but if heavily worn, as I suspect, it brings home God’s message all the more.)
    My dh texted her Mark 12:41-44 (the widow’s offering). He explained that some give ALL that they have, and that THAT is the heart God seeks from us. I believe our prayers for our dd were answered in a POWERFUL way. Her story left me simultaneously heart broken, awed at God’s moving, and so touched by the homeless man’s gesture. What a complicated mix of emotions.
    So yes, God HAS restored my soul. He has heard my cry and cared about my concern, and He has shown me that He is moving. All in His time.

  6. I have not belonged to a church for over 4 years. I left my last church because I was fed up with the behavior of some of the members, with group leaders abusing their position by using church property as their own, and overall hypocrisy. But I keep hearing the Lord say, “it’s not about you, what you like or dislike. It’s about Me, you keeping your eyes on me alone and worshipping me!” I get caught up in what others do or say instead of keeping my eyes on Jesus. I’m still a work in progress but have slowly begun to search for another church.

    1. I can relate, Martha. And I’m believing, for you, that God will bless you as you seek to be in community once again with others.

  7. I have been battling with depression due to a fetal death in second trimester, I miss my princess and it seems like I cry all day long. I didn’t get the help I should have when I barely lost her cause I thought time heals but in my shoes it hasn’t. I am tired of being strong. I’m weak and tired and feel so overwhelmed.

    1. Dear Christina, I am truly heartbroken with you. I wish there was something I could do to help with the pain. I have never gone through that, and even if I had, I doubt that I could say anything to help. But I know that Jesus can heal you. Here is an absolutely beautiful article that touched my heart. It might not seem relevant at first, but keep reading. https://www.desiringgod.org/messages/god-did-not-spare-his-own-son
      With love, Katie
      (p.s. if you would like an ear to listen, message me back and I’ll give you my phone number)

  8. God has been working on restoring my soul and teaching me about forgiveness. God has helped me forgive and restore the relationship in my life that I never imagined could happen. Seeing God work to restore that relationship, helps me not to be afraid when people hurt me because I know when they do that his restoration is better than anything else. When you turn to God daily and ask for his help, he will do more than you can ever imagine. Thank you, Courtney, for this study and the daily reminders of how God loves us and wants us to rest in Him because He has it under control!

  9. My health has taken a hit after the stresses of the past 7 years. I am the “calm & capable” Mom who “fixes” the family problems & is the emotional glue for my husband & daughters. There have been mental & physical health concerns of family members, career changes, relocations, school/college concerns, etc. I am grateful for our blessings and realize there are always those with more serious concerns. Praying for a season of health, peace, and stability for my family & me.

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