New Series Begins May 1st: Habit Tracking Tuesdays!

Take this habit tracking challenge with these gorgeous 3-month habit trackers. Start making new habits today and in three months you'll be so glad you did.  #WomenLivingWell #habittrackers #bulletjournals

This comment was left out on Facebook:

Loving my Habit Tracker so far. But the first Habit that i need to Track is using the Habit Tracker. lol ♥”

Can you relate?

Do you already have a Habit Tracker and need accountability? Or have you thought about getting one but are not sure if you will use it?

Then this series is for you!

Beginning on May 1st, I’ll be starting a new series titled

“Habit Tracking Tuesdays”!

For 5 Tuesdays in a row – I’ll be cheering you on.

If you are new here – here’s what’s inside.

All 3 Habit Trackers are the same.

These 3-Month Habit Trackers were designed to help you reach your life goals. Each of us has a unique set of priorities but all of us should be growing in our walk with the Lord.

First you will find a place to track your Prayer Requests and Bible Reading. These spiritual trackers are to be used for all 3 months.

Behind the spiritual trackers, you will find a set of Habit Trackers broken down into 3 separate months.

The trackers included for each month are:

Health Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Calorie Tracker

Housework Tracker

Meal Planning Tracker

Gratitude Tracker

Note Tracker

These monthly trackers are repeated three times.

Behind the 3 months of Habit Trackers, you will find 90-lined pages for journaling, along with an inspirational verse per day.

The more often you complete a habit, the stronger the habit will become.

As you track your success and identify areas of weakness, you will find motivation to keep your good habits going.

Is there an area in your life where you’d like to see change? Where you’d like to create a regular practice but currently you are not consistent?

There’s a saying that goes like this:

“Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going.”

Check out these newly released 3-Month Habit Trackers to see if they could be of help to you and join me on May 1st as we begin this new series together.

You will never become tomorrow what you aren’t doing today.

I hope you will join us!

Walk with the King,


Available exclusively on HERE.

To see pictures of the interior click the “Look Inside” feature out on Amazon.



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  1. Are there any sample pages to see the inside? I feel like maybe I saw a post on them in the past but can’t seem to find it.

  2. I absolutely LOVE my habit tracker! It is really eye opening to see what a lack of sleep I have been getting, the crazy amount of calories I eat, and a lot of other imbalances. It is helping me make healthy changes!

    1. Hi Laurie,

      I’m so glad it’s helpful to you!

      And I totally agree with you on tracking my sleep and calories. It is eye opening for sure! And it works!

      Keep on going.
      Lots of Love,
      Courtney 🙂

  3. I have had my habit tracker looking at me accusingly from my bedside table where it has remained since I skimmed it and told myself “this is it, we start tomorrow!” several weeks ago! LOL. This is so needed. I am in the midst of a heavy spring cleaning of my house, myself, my priorities, etc….looking forward to having some online accountability!

  4. May we join if we use another system. Or shall I say stare at our other system ad I always grid out my month to create habits that I absolutely need to instill, but without fail I never use it. Grrrr! I do love your habit tracker though I am already extremely regimen in my eating and working out so this are not really what I need to track. ALTHOUGH I could white that out and put my habits in!!!! Yeah that’s what I’ll do

  5. Is there somewhere we need to look for the habit tracking Tuesday? I am not seeing what time and such.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      The blog post with the weekly check-ins will be posted on Tuesday mornings (they’ll go live in the middle of the night or late on Monday evening). So you can join us anytime on Tuesdays that works for you. 😉
      Lots of Love,

  6. Thank you for using my quote about using the Habit Tracker. I know there are others like me. Heather (above) for one.

    I am really in need now, to make new habits as i had hip revision surgery 2 weeks ago. =)The stronger i get, the more that i can accomplish, even under restricted duty.

    See y’all tomorrow morning!

  7. I just received my book on yesterday, but I am starting today. Started the morning off by reading Proverbs 1

  8. Is this still going on ? Are there still Tuesday morning emails? Can I still join and learn how to use the Habit tracker?
    Thank you

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