Trusting God In Difficult Times

In difficult times we're tempted to trust in things like our bank account or experts. In the Psalms, David tells us why we sould be trusting God instead. #Biblestudy #Psalms #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Do you ever feel like you have one problem after another after another?

Recently, I found myself longing for just a few days in a row that are trouble free.

In the book of Psalms, David cried out to God over and over during his difficult times –and God answered his cries.  David found that the strength this world offers does not compare to the strength of our God.  I have found this to be true as well!

Join me on today’s video as we discuss: Trusting God in Difficult Times.

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David said in Psalm 20:7

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
    but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

In Bible times, horses and chariots struck fear in the hearts of military men.  They symbolized strength.  But the world’s strength does not compare to the strength of the Lord our God.

Who or what are you trusting in today?

It is tempting to trust in our money, possessions, friendships, college degrees, pleasure, food, fun times and a whole host of other things this world offers – rather than in God, to get us through our difficult times.

But there is only one who is victorious in spiritual battles and that’s our God.  He is a winner!

I don’t know what troubles you may be facing today but I pray that this would be said of us – in the midst of our difficult times, we trust in the name of the Lord our God!

Walk with the King,



**If you are in the midst of a very dark storm, I encourage you to visit my Bible Study page on the book of Job. If you scroll down past the introduction to the section titled “The Book of Job Blog Posts”, you will find links to some of my blog posts that talk about…when God seems silent, when you wonder if God is really in control, what to do when your misery drags on and not losing your hope in God when bad things are happening.  I hope something there will comfort you.

**Another study I recommend is the Rest and Release Bible Study.  This video series may have something to encourage you ——> Rest and Release Free Video Series


  1. Only enough worries for today, as tomorrow has its own worries. Something great to hold onto and I remember that song…one day at a time, sweet Jesus…..

  2. Great Courtney!
    Thanks once again for your encouraging message.
    Sending our love and God bless.

  3. Thank you!! What a blessing you and your Bible Studies have been for me for almost 4 years now. May the Lord richly bless you and your family.

    1. Sandy – thank you for sharing that you have been here for 4 years!! I’m so encouraged!!

      Keep on going!!!
      Lots of Love,
      Courtney 🙂

  4. Thank you for this encouraging word! After a day filled with tears and crying out saying I can’t take one more thing, this was the word that I needed to wake up to!

  5. Thank you. I’m trusting in God and God is faithful. I’m glad that God has shown us that we can trust him. When man is involved things already end up worst. At least, we have the victory with God amen.

  6. May I share a link to this video “Trusting God in Difficult Times?” I would like to put it into my website called “Bringing Jesus Home (from Church)” (
    The focus of my site is to offer suggestions and help to parents and grandparents, in order for them to better incorporate Jesus into their children’s everyday life, and not have Him be someone they only talk about or interact with except on Sunday (and possibly Wednesday!).
    Thank you so much in advance! Jan Eldred

  7. Courtney, I have been with this bible study since you started it, it is the first time in my life that I have been able to consistently read and study the bible.
    Your study and your words have gotten me through the last several years as our family has dealt with the blow of finding out that our teenage daughter had been repeatedly sexually molested by a very trusted cousin. The dark days that followed, and the ones that continue to this day, are only possible because of the faith I have, and that faith is, in a large part due to your study and your encouraging words. Thank you so much.

  8. Whack-a -Mole is such a great comparison to dealing with life’s troubles sometimes : )
    What really struck a chord in me, from your video, is the truth that our desire for a trouble free life is actually our spirit’s longing to be home, our spirit’s longing for eternity. Wow! When I heard that, boy did that put things into a whole new perspective for me. I never thought about that. The only place where there is no trouble, is in the presence of God. It highlights the truth that we really are spiritual beings FIRST, traveling in physical bodies. There is no trouble free life. The closest thing to that is communion with our Creator and heavenly Father. Falling in love with him and living in that love is how longing of our spirits are satisfied.

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