Homemade Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

This is my FAVORITE Starbucks drink!

There can be 10 inches of snow on the ground and I still crave this icy drink!

But we all know that these little Starbucks drinks are $4 a pop! So I was DELIGHTED to find that my oldest sister, Kristen, has discovered how to make these at home – bless her heart!

This is what older sisters are for right? lol!

My Sisters! L to R: Kristen (oldest), Me (the baby), Jennifer (the middle)

So she whipped one up (actually two and she offered me thirds but who’s counting right?) and it was delicious!!!

Ingredients: 3/4 cup double-strength coffee, 3 tablespoons granulated sugar, 1 cup low-fat milk, 2 cups ice, 3 Tbls. Hershey’s Chocolate

 Make double-strength coffee by brewing with twice the coffee required by your coffee maker (that should be 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per each cup of coffee).


Then combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until ice is crushed and drink is smooth.


Pour into two 16-ounce glasses, and serve with a straw. Voila – enjoy!

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino
3/4 cup double-strength coffee
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 cup low-fat milk
2 cups ice
3 Tbls. Hershey’s Chocolate

3 Tbs whipped cream

MOCHA Version:

For this version, add 3 tablespoons Hershey’s chocolate syrup to the original recipe and prepare as described. Top each glass with whipped cream, if desired.

CARAMEL Version:

For this version, add 3 tablespoons of caramel topping to the original recipe and prepare as described. Top each glass with whipped cream and drizzle additional caramel over the whipped cream.

If you have one of these going in the blender you must invite me over – cause there’s enough for two you know? Enjoy!

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  1. I am making this ASAP!!!! YUMMY :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another awesome plus to your recipe is that it is WAY healthier than the Starbucks version. I worked there for a three years and although their treats are so incredibly tasty, at 3 T of sugar and Hershey’s chocolate sauce I can tell you that your recipe has drastically less sugar than what is in the sbux frap base, chocolate sauce and whipped cream! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. do you have the recipe for the strawberry and cream version? i would love to be able to make that at home!

    • The strawberries and cream version is strawberry puree (you can but at grocery store), ice, and milk. We don’t put coffee in it. =] We do put frap base in it to keep it smooth, but just add a few spoonfuls of powdered sugar or more ice.

    • Ingredients
      2 cups unsweetened coconut milk
      1/3 cup strawberries, frozen
      6 medium strawberries,fresh, roughly chopped
      1 tsp, vanilla extract
      1/2 tsp. stevia (one packet)

      1.Freeze coconut milk in a shallow dish. Once frozen, leave on counter to thaw a bit or microwave for about 30 seconds until it’s thawed enough for your blender to handle. Just don’t overheat it.
      2.In a microwave safe dish add the frozen strawberries and defrost for about 45 seconds. Mash strawberries with a fork. You are looking for the juice of the strawberries.
      3.In a blender add coocnut milk, vanilla extract, frozen strawberries with the juice, fresh strawberries and stevia. Crush/blend until incorporated about 2 minutes.

  4. What kind of blender is that I REALLY need one!

  5. Sounds yummy! How about the recipe for the Vanilla Bean version?

  6. Kory Graham says:

    How about a hot version? If anyone has a recipe for that I would LOVE it!

    • Mochas are just espresso (strong) or coffee is how i make mine at home, and mocha syrup (you can fudge this together with choc syrup and/or cocoa powder, and milk. If using espresso, only put one shot in the drink, the rest is milk and mocha. If using coffee, use half coffee half milk and mocha to preferred taste.

  7. I love the coconut mocha fraps! I wonder if you did like half coconut milk/regular milk with the mocha how it would taste? I’ll have to try it and find out!

  8. Oh my this is going to save me a lot of money! :) Thanks for posting!

  9. A tip: If you find that your drink is separating, which I’m guessing it probably is, you can add a pinch of xanthan gum and it slows the separation process down. I make these all summer and sip them poolside while the kids have swimming lessons! :)

  10. I’ll second the question about what kind of blender you have? Mine doesn’t chop up ice very well. I’d love to get one that does. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  11. Have you had the Mocha Frappes at McDonalds? WOWSER! Divine!! I wonder if this recipe is close to that? Hmmm.. I’m trying SOON!!


    • I tried it…it was gross. One of the worst “coffee” drinks I have ever tried. I couldnt believe I spent that much on it when I could have had a real coffee frappe for just one dollar or two more! Same with Burger Kings, they taste horrible :(

      • A teen who loves coffee says:

        I like McDonald’s Carmel Frappes, their okay, but I’m sure this recipe tastes much better because it’s more “real” than what you get through drive-thru. My opinion though is that it doesn’t matter who makes my coffee-drinks as long as it’s sweet, but don’t listen to me, I’m just a teen who loves coffee. :)
        I need to save this recipe…

  12. I save my leftover coffee and freeze it in ice-cube trays, then I put it in the blender with chocolate milk! I need hot drinks when it’s cold out though. :)

    • I’ve done that before, and I find that the coffee cubes have a different “texture” than regular ice cubes, they are much easier for my blender to handle and I get a smoother drink :) I’ve even crushed the coffee cubes with a spoon after a few minutes in iced coffee.

    • You can also do the same with milk because milk doesn’t freeze to a hard ice.

  13. I popped over for the recipe but I just wanted to tell you that I love how your faith shines throgh on your blog…a light for sure!

    Oh & the name Roo caught my eye on your sidebar….I named my youngest Roo :)

  14. VANILLA bean version??? :)

    • Vanilla Bean powder is sold at a grocery store, or i think Starbucks is still selling it on their website but just put that in instead of the cocoa and syrup. also, the vanilla bean doens’t have coffee in it. its just ice, vanilla bean powder and milk.

  15. Here is a different recipe for the Mocha Frap. Initially I used the Mocha powder from Starbucks, but it was discontinued, so we came up with the “recipe” for the powder. To make the powder, mix together 8 T. Ghirardelli Unsweetened Cocoa with 5 T. sugar. (I keep this mixture in an old Starbucks Mocha Pwd. can.) Freeze leftover coffee in an ice cube tray. I make mine in a Vita-mix. You need a blender that can crush ice. Mix 1-1/2 Tbsp. of cocoa mixture, 2 tsp. honey, 1 c. milk (2% is what I use), 3 coffee ice cubes and 7-8 regular (water) ice cube. Blend for 30 seconds. The whipped cream is optional. I don’t need it. Redi-Whip works great if you want it topped off.

  16. YUM! I cannot wait to try these…. Summer feels right around the corner (with the unseasonably warm winter we are having), so I’m bookmarking this to make soon. (I’m a hot coffee kinda girl until summer) LOVE that blender gizmo… will have to keep my eye out for one. If anyone has any recipes like this for a hot coffee drink… would LOVE to hear them! :-) Have a great weekend all!!!

  17. WOOOHOOO!!!! I don’t know if I should thank you, or pretend I never saw this post?! The mocha fraps are my fav too! Can’t wait to make up a batch this weekend! Also a great idea for the women’s night I have on the 9th! Thank you!
    Happy Friday everyone!

  18. Stephanie says:

    This is such a great idea! Now that the fraps are over $4, it’s nice to have a substitute. I was wondering if you could get the Ghirardelli Unsweetened Cocoa at a grocery store (comment by Sherry)? I know you can get it at places like Cash & Carry, but I don’t feel the need to buy a 10 or 25lb box of it :/
    I’d also add, if your having trouble with it separating, using some sort of powder will help as well. It can be a nesquick (sp?) powder or anything you have on hand that will taste good in the drink. It helps hold it together. Thanks so much for the recipe :) God Bless

  19. I was also going to suggest freezing the coffee in icecube trays, that way they are always on hand and ready! Another thing you can use if you don’t have a coffee maker or drink coffee regularly, is instant coffee. Whole milk is better in my opinion for these…no reason to avoid the fat! It would be better to have a full fat milk in this drink and use an alternative to the refined sugar…then you could have a guilt free frap!

  20. I make my son homemade fraps (without the ice most times). I have gotten to the point where I don’t even like Starbucks drinks anymore. I like the homemade better.

  21. Wow! What an awesome discovery. I am thinking I could use some of the powdered instant espresso I got at the gourmet grocery and let it cool rather than brewing double strength coffee to save some work. Thank you for sharing.

  22. I found the Ghirardelli Unsweetened Cocoa in a 10 oz. can at Target. My daughter stirs the cocoa/sugar mix into her hot coffee and it works, too! I am like Chris–I prefer the taste of my homemade Fraps over Starbucks Fraps! I think you can experiment with other cocoa powders. I have used some Hershey’s regular cocoa in a pinch when I was out of Ghirardelli’s.

  23. Just found this on pinterest – THANK YOU!! Totally going to make this weekend. I actually have the same “margarator” slushie machine & had never thought to make a frapuccino in it!

  24. Yummy! Thank you for sharing.

  25. Christian Ministries says:

    You need to start following the Bible young lady. I cannot believe your husband would allow you to get away with this abomination of a website in which you are attempting to “teach” us Christians.

    1 Timothy 2:12

    • Common Sense says:

      Wow…I know that there are people who don’t like Starbucks. Not sure that this qualifies as an Abomination of Biblical proportions.

      I checked my concordance and could not find Starbucks mentioned in the Old or New Testment.

      • Hi, my wife comes on here and told me about you “Christian Ministries”. I have just read your comment and I must say that I am appalled. Jesus spoke about people like you.. I call them fault finders. My bible says to preach the gospel.. And that means preach the good news. Putting on a recipe from Starbucks has no bearing on someone’s relationship with Jesus. WOMAN as well as men can preach the gospel in or out of church, I am blessed every day from a preacher called Joyce Meyer. I would say to you to get a life, mind your own business and start loving people into the Kingdom of God. And when my wife is affected in a positive way from this MINISTRY, I am not only thankful to God for a WOMAN like the one who runs this site. But will pray and support her. Please go and be a Pharisee on some other site.

      • what in the world says:


    • Jeannette says:

      I agree that the verse you are quoting says women shouldn’t teach men IN CHURCH, etc. however, this is a blog where she is teaching other Christian ladies how to save money and make treats for their families. Hhhmmmm…sounds like this would be covered by Titus 2:3-5. Have a wonderful day!

    • Um…yeah. You’re just kidding, right?

    • KwarnDC says:


    • Shame on you Chirstian Ministries, it is very appropriate for her to mentor and teach women and children, and may God bless her for it, otherwise Sunday schools and Bible studies would also not be appropriate. I respectfully suggest you read ALL of your Bible and may God Bless YOU

    • I am afraid you’ve reached the wrong website. This one is about sharing a recipe for frappuccino. Please get your own website if you have some Christian propaganda idiom thing you think people want to “learn” from someone who would denigrate a perfectly happy group of people who want to save money and drink frothy non-alcoholic beverages.

    • BWAHAHAHAHA! Seriously? The cheese has done slid off your cracker if you are finding fault in a recipe for a simple treat.

    • I’m not really into to any of that religious stuff but my moms aids of the family is extreamly catholic so iv read to the new and Old Testament and I’m pretty sure there is nothing satanic about a women sharing her knowledge with people about how to make mocha frappes.

    • i love me some coffee says:

      Christian Ministries… I am going to pray for you. I am absolutely disgusted!

  26. I work at starbucks, if you want it more Mocha-y then put powdered cocoa in it too!

  27. I always get my mocha fraps from Starbucks without the coffee. I think it’s actually called a mocha creme? Anyway….was wondering if there’s anyway to make that home. We don’t drink coffee and so we don’t own a coffee machine.

  28. My nephew LOVES these and I just spend a fortune on them while he was in the hospital (better than balloons and flowers he said.)
    Now that he’s home I can go make him some!

    Thanks for the timely post

  29. So you will be over tomorrow around 4 p.m.? Awesome!!! Thanks for this delightful recipe. ALL my boys will probably gain weight over this!

  30. We tried these at our house tonight – we are BIG Sonic Mocha Java Chiller fans at our house, and these were a huge hit! I made mine using my handheld emulsion blender and it worked great. Thank you for sharing with us.

  31. This sounds fantastic – can’t wait to try!!! Does anyone on here have a variation of this recipe for a java chip frap? That’s my weakness, but I haven’t been able to go lately – they get too expensive and I get too addicted :)

  32. That sounds so yummy, I can’t wait to try it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  33. Yeah! I can’t WAIT to make me some!

  34. This sounds divine! It sure will save us a pretty penny. Already added this to my grocery list! Thanks and I love your site. So encouraging and uplifting.

  35. What a great idea! Buying these does add up even though I only get one or two a month. Now I can make them at home. :) I improvised on your recipe – I used Slimfast powder mix (chocolate royale), milk, 3 tbsp sugar, 2 cups of ice, and sugar-free decaf powder (french vanilla). I used chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass too. My husband and I had it together and he loved it!

  36. anyone know how to make the caramel one? that’s my absolute favorite!!!!

  37. I’ve got to try this! Thank you.

  38. How about a sugar free option? I LOVE Starbucks but trying to watch my carbs/sugar intake and Starbucks don’t mix! Is there a version using Splenda or ideal and maybe cocoa? I live the caramel version.

  39. I think I need a blender! or a magic bullet… help!

  40. Do you think a food processor would work instead of a blender? My blender isn’t exactly the most….powerful… >_>

  41. question, (since I haven’t had a blender in years) when you measure 2 cups of ice cubes…are you just filling your liquid cup measure with cubes, or do you measure the water and figure out how many cubes that would take? (my cubes would leave lots of empty space in my measuring cup :) ) meanwhile, a smoothie maker is going on my list of things to look for. Dear Hubbie has been wanting one to make malts with since our old blender died…now I have two reasons, and it seems to me that a smoothie maker would do a better job on ice… :D

    By the way, I found you via tip junkie, and I’m so happy about it. God bless you, and keep it up!

  42. Thank you! I have been experimenting myself on how to make this tasty drink! I am definitely going to try this! Thanks so much! :)

  43. thank you thank you thank you!! I am going to buy what I need tomorrow. I love these but at NZ$6-7 I no longer buy them but I cant believe they are this easy to make!!

  44. Can you please tell me if anyone has a recipe for the Green Tea Frappachino? I have tried several online and none are even close to the real thing. I’d be so grateful for it! Love those things!

  45. i have made this with soy milk or almond milk, as i am vegan. it’s delicious!

  46. Does anyone have the recipe for the chocolate chip version? That’s the only one I drink because I hate cofee and it doesn’t have any. Thanks!

  47. Sounds Yummy!!!

  48. Fantastic recipe thank you SO much for this!! We replaced the coffee with Baileys tonight. Was super yummy!!! Will make it with coffee tomorrow. Thanks heaps!!

  49. it’s even better if you make it with Toddy Coffee instead of double strength brewed coffee. Toddy Coffee is cold brewed coffee syrup, it is never bitter. You can buy a Toddy Coffee maker (we LOVE ours!) but it isn’t necessary, just google methods for cold brewing coffee syrup. The cold brewed syrup works well in baking recipes too, and really adds some punch to chili in the fall.

  50. what if you don’t what coffee in it? i like the strawberry or chocolate frapps!

  51. Now…Can we make this in vanilla? lol

  52. I noticed a lot of people need a blender. I wanted to suggest a Ninja. I have the stand one and its great! They are a bit pricy ($170 I think mine was) but well worth it! It crushes ice just like in the infomercial. :-) I make smoothies all the time as I love Jamba Juice about as much as Starbucks and there isn’t one where I live. I put all my fresh and frozen fruit with juice and ice in and it takes longer for me to.put things away than the Ninja does. It also does dough and works as a food processor too. I am definitely going to try this recipe! Thanks for all the suggestions too!

  53. Thank you so much for this! Just made it and it is delish!!!

  54. Jacob King says:

    Hey ladies. Thank you for sharing this! I am so so so ecstatic to try one of these. I hate paying over $4.00 for ice, milk, and a dash of coffee! cha-ching for me and boo hoo for the chains of coffee companies.

  55. Jacob King says:

    *By the way* I bookmarked this page for future use!

  56. Could you please find the recipe for the double chocolate chip trap?

  57. Loved it but was a little bit chunky from my blender :P

    • Em, try working up to the hardest to crush last… in other words: first the liquids, then the powders, then the ice — but not all the ice at once. Good luck!

  58. Thanks for the recipe! I gave my own version ago and really recommend soy milk. Gives it a slightly sweet, creamier flavour http://londonisforliving.com/2012/07/08/why-spend-a-fortune-on-a-starbucks-frappuccino-when-you-can-make-your-own-for-pennies/

  59. This mocha frappuccino is a close second to the real thing. It was really good but missed a special texture that Starbucks’s frappuccino’s have. I would possably make this for a friend but I’m not sure yet. Over all for me I give it three and one half stars.

  60. Here’s my favorite.

    Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

    Here’s a delicious, rich, chocolate mocha Frappuccino you can make at home in about a minute.
    The calories are about 120 for 12 oz. The secret is the pudding. It makes the drink thick, rich and non-watery.

    I think this tastes better than the one from Starbucks, and it doesn’t cost $ 4.00 for 12 oz.

    1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
    1/2 cup Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer – sugar free (liquid creamer)
    1/3 cup powdered non-dairy coffee creamer
    2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
    2 Tbsp instant coffee crystals
    1 (3.25 oz) Jello Vanilla Pudding Snack Pack (prepared pudding cup) – sugar free
    2 cups ice cubes

    Add ingredients to blender in order given.
    Blend on HIGH for 45-seconds or until smooth.

    Makes about 4 cups. 48 oz.

  61. This recipe was really yummy, thanks a lot! But it does ring a bell to me… 4 years ago, another website, grouprecipes.com posted the.. exact same recipe.. It isn’t big of a deal, so whatever!
    Viva frapuccinos! :) x

  62. omg yh kimmy;s right… but whatever, it was yummy! :D

  63. Do you use both chocolate syrup and powder for the mocha version?

  64. Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

    Here’s a sugar free, non-dairy version. Really good!

    1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
    1/2 cup Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer – sugar free (liquid creamer)
    1/3 cup powdered non-dairy coffee creamer
    2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
    2 Tbsp instant coffee crystals
    1 (3.25 oz) Jello Vanilla Pudding Snack Pack (prepared pudding cup) - sugar free
    2 cups ice cubes

    Blend on HIGH for 45-seconds or until smooth. Makes about 4 cups. 48 oz.

    The pudding cup make a smooth, milkshake like Frappuccino.

  65. I’ll be whipping up a batch as soon as I get my smoothie maker. It looks delish!! Thanks for posting the recipes and pictures.

  66. So from experience, I found an even better version of your recipie (or a tweak, if you will :). Combine all ingredients expect for the ice in a ziplock bag. Put the ziplock in a Tupperware container and put in freezer. Leave there till frozen (or nearly frozen). Take out and blend in blender. This makes it über smooth, great consistency, and doesn’t water it down. Love it! Hope you do too!

  67. Just saying was really enjoying your recipe for coffee drink..but as a Jewish woman married to a Catholic guy the religious garbage just sickens me because of the hatred. Thxs for trying to be helpful

  68. Wow! Just made this recipe today! Delicious!! Taste just like Starbucks!!

  69. Lindsey says:

    Just made this and its mine and my moms new favorite coffee recipe!! We have a lot of allergies in our home and my mom was never able to try the mocha fraps at Starbucks. i loved them but hated paying for them!! We used all natural ingredients free of corn or wheat products and it tasted even better than Starbucks! Wonderful recipe! i know we will be enojoying this for years to come(:

  70. Omg it tastes better than Starbucks in my opinion!

  71. Hi I was wondering what frap base is and where can I buy it? for the mocha frappucino thank you

  72. Rachel Waggoner says:

    I know I am a couple years last commenting on this but I was wondering if you add additional chocolate syrup to the recipe to make it Mocha or you add 3T total?
    If you make the caramel one, do you add chocolate syrup and caramel to it?


  73. Great recipe. We’re fans of the vanilla frappacino, so used 3 T. of vanilla syrup flavoring in place of the Hershey’s. Also, we cold brewed the coffee. The main benefit for cold brewing is that it doesn’t go stale, so you can make enough for the week & store it in the fridge. Thanks so much for sharing & helping us save some $!

  74. Hi! What coffee is best to use? Starbucks pike place? Medium or dark roast? I would like it as close as to the original starbucks frap flavor.


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