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Update 8/17/2014:

My sincerest apologies for the hurt and confusion that has transpired since 8/15/2014 regarding the GMG website.

The inaccurate LGG “Clarity” email and post from the LGG contributor team about me has been removed from LGG online; therefore I have removed my response to this post.

I sent a proposal with a peaceful resolution to Angela and her husband at 1pm on 8/16/2014.  Unfortunately it was not accepted.  They counter offered a proposal that would include permanently ending the GMG ministry.  Unfortunately, we could not accept that. We have chosen to move on seperately.

I know that many of you have contacted me seeking access to the past GMG studies and content. I unfortunately no longer have access to this information and therefore cannot restore the GMG studies for you but with the help of a reader – some of the old studies have been found here on-line through – woohoo!

My husband and I purchased the domain over (4) years ago when I started this ministry and we still retain that ownership and it’s legal trademark.

As it has always been, it is just me (and my husband when he is not at work) on the WLW end; so please be patient with us while we work to rebuild the GMG ministry. It will take some time and planning.

I will go on here doing what I’ve always done…and this will soon be over.

Much Love,


Original Post:

If you are coming over from welcome!!!

I woke up this morning to the same surprise that you did! Good Morning Girls has been renamed!!!

My unique challenge with this is, I founded the ministry of Good Morning Girls off-line in 2007, on this blog in 2009 and on its own site in 2010.  I stepped down from writing this past spring and shortly after the administrator changed my passwords eliminating my access to the content.

Now the content has all been moved without my permission to a new site! WOW!

I am the owner of the website so the Good Morning Girls ministry will go on.

The Ministry of Good Morning Girls will go on here starting with the book of Esther…more details coming soon – but here’s a sneak peek at what I have planned for the future.

Have you ever read through the Bible from cover to cover?

The Bible has been read out loud and recorded. It takes a total of 70 hours and 40 minutes to listen to the entire Bible. If you do the math and divide that number by 365 days you get 12 minutes a day. 12 minutes a day! That’s it. In just 12 minutes a day, we could read or listen to the entire Bible cover to cover –


Now for some of us, this is not doable because when we read scripture we aren’t trying to speed read it but rather we want to meditate on it and let it soak in. Others of us are in Bible study groups where we are doing an in-depth study of God’s word book by book.  We may never make it through the entire Bible.

So I am not proposing we read through the Bible in a year.  That’s just setting some of us up for failure.

Instead, I want to invite you to read just one chapter a day from God’s word with me – that’s more like 5 minutes of reading a day.

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament and 260 chapters in the New Testament. This gives a total of 1,189 chapters.

If we read one chapter a day – it will take me 3 1/2 years to blog through the entire Bible.

This is my goal as the writer here–and I hope you will join me.  This will take some steady endurance for me to complete.  All I ask of you, my reader, is that you take it month by month (or day by day and week by week).

In our fast paced society that may feel like a crazy long time to stick to this…but grace.  Do what you can. You can join me for a month or two. Take a break and start back whenever you can.  I’ll just be here plugging away for those who want to join me.

Let’s just do what we can because this is not an endeavor to earn Jesus’ favor. We are already declared righteous because of his sacrifice on the cross.  This is an endeavor to know God more richly, to grow in righteousness, walk with the King daily and to be women living well.

I will be here keeping you accountable every step of the way. Some will fall off the band wagon early – just hop back on whenever you can. Others will join us midway.  I’ll archive my old posts and make them really easy for those who join us in the middle to go back at the end and complete the loop.  I’ll also have a check-list for those who want to mark off which books they have completed and which ones they want to go back and complete.

How will we do this together?

First, I’ll provide a weekly reading plan every Sunday starting Sunday, August 31st and post it here and on my social media (at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).

Then on Wednesdays, (mid-week) I will check in with you all here on the blog with a devotional that goes along side this week’s reading.

Then on Fridays, I will have a wrap up for the week post with extra resources and other interesting things – perhaps a video or two. 😉

Does this mean that the blog – Women Living Well is changing?

No – this is in addition to my typical weekly posts. I will continue to have a Monday series focused on Marriage, Parenting or Homemaking and I will continue to post one recipe a week.

What do I need to participate?

Your Bible (I’ll be using the ESV version)

Optional: a journal and pen to write out your reflections and prayers.

Do you have a certain method for reading through each chapter?

Yes and No.

Reading God’s word does not need to be hard and complex.  If time is short – simply read your chapter for each day and pray. Let God speak to you through your reading of His word and then you speak to God about what you have read, your confessions and requests.

Optional extra method:

SOAP out your daily reading in your journal:

S- The S stands for Scripture- you physically write out the scripture……you’ll be amazed at what God will reveal to you just by taking the time to slow down and actually write out what you are reading!

O- The O stands for observation– what do you see in the verses that you’re reading. Who is the audience? Is there a repetition of words? What words stand out to you?

A- The A stands for Application- this is when God’s Word becomes personal. What is God saying to me today? How can I apply what I just read to my own personal life? What changes do I need to make? Is there an action that I need to take?

P- And finally, P stands for Prayer. Pray God’s Word back to Him. If He has revealed something to you during this time in His Word, pray about it. Confess if He has revealed some sin that is in your life.

Should I do this alone? Or ask a friend? 

You can do this alone, alongside your husband, your children or with friends from church, college, your homeschool group, or work.

If you have been around this ministry at Women Living Well long or you have a copy of my book – then you know that I am the founder of the accountability ministry named Good Morning Girls.

Having friends to keep us accountable in our quiet times is such a blessing and sometimes we just need the structure in place to have the courage to ask our friends.

What is Good Morning Girls?

Good Morning Girls Group is a group of women who love Jesus and love their sisters in Christ. The main goal is to keep each other accountable in their daily quiet time with God.

After you have your quiet time, each morning you email (text or Facebook) the group just to say – “I read xyz in my quiet time today.” The first person to email for the day begins the “thread”, then everyone else responds through out the day to say what they learned during their quiet time.  Remember grace, not everyone will be able to check in every single day.

I am already a “Good Morning Girl” – how is this different?

I am passionate about women being in the word and the concept of accountability.

When I created the original vision of Good Morning Girls, it was meant to be primarily an accountability group.  So a Good Morning Girls group does not have to all be reading the same passage. I know of many groups (including my own) with members who are each using different resources for their quiet times. Some are doing Kay Arthur or Beth Moore studies, some are doing topical studies and others are using “Read through the Bible” reading plans.

After 2 decades of leading Bible studies, one thing I have learned, that is universal, is that we all struggle to remain disciplined in our spiritual walk with God. So if you need accountability, ask a friend to join you and create a  “Good Morning Girls” group.

Not the morning type – then create a “Good Night Girls” group. Before your head hits the pillow, send your group a quick email sharing what you read in scripture that day and then say “Good Night”.

Grace. 😉

Do I have to enroll or sign-up?

Nope.  On the first Sunday of each month, I will post that month’s reading plan and that week’s reading plan on  All I ask is that you comment to let me know if you are joining me for that month! 😉

I’d love to encourage you along this journey. If you are not already subscribed to Women Living Well – simply enter your email address on the sidebar to subscribe. Then all of my posts will come directly to your email inbox.

Join me as we drink from the Living Well.

Jesus said, “whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 14:4

Walk with the King!


**More details coming this Monday!


    • Dorothy says

      Count me in too. Began reading through the Bible but recently got bogged down in Lev. and stopped, couldn’t face it, when I needed words of strength & comfort instead, so went back to the New Testament. Will try again with you, looking forward to it. Thanks, Dorothy Sorry for all that’s going on, SO hard to believe. (:

  1. Belinda says

    Oh, I love this idea! Thank you, Courtney! I’ve tried to read the Bible in a year, several times, and just haven’t been able to do it

  2. Deborah Cook says

    Please count me in. The verse I woke up to was…Let the words of my mouth and the meditationsof my heart be Acceptable unto to you of Lord

  3. MARIELLA says

    hello!!! I think its a great idea! I pray God gives me the desire and commitment to be faithful. This is a major struggle for me.

  4. Anna says

    Hi Courtney! :-)
    I would love to join you in this. Hope you will give examples on the Application part of SOAP, I always seem to be struggling with this part.

    Thanks for all you do on your blog! God bless.

  5. Angela Dorenzo says

    I will be joining you! Can you give a bit more info on the Esther study? I have a group that is ready to start studying on September 1st. Will you be doing an Esther study along with starting to read through the bible? I am heading out on vacation tomorrow and would love to be able to give them the details before I go. Blessings to you and thank you so much for all that you do!

    • says

      Hi Angela – this is so hard. I so deeply apologize. I do not want the GMG groups to go through this :(

      We will be reading one chapter a day. I will do a mix of Old Testament and New Testament books so that overtime we cover the entire Bible. I will start with the book of Esther – because of these circumstances.

      So we will be ten days in Esther (which is rather quick I know, but it’s just ten chapters long) and then we will move on to I Peter, II Peter, I John, 2 John 3 John and Jude – all in the month of September!

      All that matters is that women are in the word and I recognize this is so sudden that it may not work out for many groups.

      It’s okay. God is good and on his throne.

      I’ll be here for many months ahead, for those who can join me on this journey.

      Lots of Love,

      • Ashley says

        I am definitely in! I am so sad for you that things are happening this way. I will pray for all involved. I love you and have been touched by your caring and love for your readers through the years. I have been longing to read thru the entire Bible!! So your timing for starting this, for me, is perfect. :)

      • Jen says

        I have to say, I’m so confused, and really quite disappointed with how this has all come about. It feels like a “split”, and I so don’t want it to. I loved the original GMG, and did a number of studies through the GMG ministry. I’d love to go along with the study of Esther, but I am feeling divided over the whole thing. I know either way, whether it’s reading through the Bible, or focusing in on Esther, it is good and important, I just wish it didn’t feel like I had to choose sides. I have to say I’m frustrated on your behalf, I’m sorry this was a surprise to you. I hope that friendships have not been lost, and that there can be a good resolution to the entire situation.

        • Angell says

          Jen, I’m right there with you. I want to do the Esther study but I feel like the leaders are liars. When they talk on their videos (which I’m assuming they will be doing) with their sweet little voices, in my mind it will be tainted. I think I’m still going to do it because that is my favorite book in the Bible. But it will be hard to keep that out of my mind. I am really looking forward to doing Courtney’s chapter a day study. Interestingly enough, I thought God put it on my heart just recently (2 days ago in fact) to do just that, but I thought it wasn’t enough so I dismissed it. That same day I also said to myself that I wish GMG (or now LGG), would do an Esther study. All my excitement has been met with heartbreak over this whole situation. I’ve read Courtney’s blog for years and feel I know her. I can only imagine how she feels. Praying for everyone involved.

          • Jen Chavez says

            Can someone fill me in on what happened? I haven’t been on in a while and must have missed something that happened. did something happen that made Angela choose to take Courtney away from good morning girls? I can’t even imagine that! they were so cloSE. I could see if Courtney was putting inappropriate content up or something but That’s Not The Case So I’m Confused. sorry about the random uppercase letters in this, I was typing from my phone and for some reason I chose to do that.

      • says

        God bless you Courtney! This is a great way to read through the Bible!!! LOVE IT and YOU! I was sad when you were leaving GMG, God will bless you in a big way as you endure. I cannot beleive they have done this, my Ladies bible study used the Colossians study in the spring and I was planning on going into the archives again next year. Sad that it is all gone now because of pride…I say that because the little I see and what I have learned from past leadership experiences, it apparent that pride took over Angela’s heart. God’s will would not be to take away such a ministry to women, and clearly you will move past this and thrive. His will will be done through your ministry. I always enjoyed your videos! I will be one of your MANY prayer warriors and we all know the God is still on the throne, his love endures and his grace will cover you. <3 hugs and love :) May his comforting arms hold you in this and his wisdom guide you!

        • Sally Webster says

          I have had personal experience with Courtney lashing out and it is not pretty. Don’t be so quick to place all the blame on Courtney. I haven’t seen Angela pointing the blaming fingers (unless I missed it in which case, please link to the proof). Courtney is the one blaming everything on the other person. The truth is we accept their words, but sometimes people aren’t really the way they present themselves.

          • says

            Hi Sally – I’m so sorry if I ever lashed out at you. I do not recognize your name as someone I know or recall this incident. You are incorrect with your facts regarding Angela. Angela did send an email out to 60,000+ subscribers blaming me – but you are correct it is not linkable on the internet. They took it down but it sits in 10’s of thousands of email inboxes.

            You are also correct that I am not faultless in this situation.

            But here are the facts.

            It is not a sin to own the domain
            It is not a sin to own the trademark to
            It was not a sin for me to step down from writing.

            I hope you will offer grace to both sides. I still am hopeful for reconciliation. Please pray for us.

            Lots of Love,

          • Claudia Gaviria says


  6. Sherrie says

    Love this idea! Can’t wait to jump in – I struggle with staying accountable to myself for daily reading so I hope this helps me :)

  7. says

    I accept! I love that it is not done in a year, that is hard to commit too, sad as it sounds. I am so in for this and will blog my S.O.A.P. Thank you for all you do. I began following your youtube videos when I first started homeschooling. Praising God for your Ministry.

  8. Rachel Waggoner says

    I am so excited for this!!! There are some chapters of the Bible that are a struggle for me to read and to have someone explain them would be great!!!

    Also, I have a quick question. Concerning the S.O.A.P. method do you write down the entire chapter? How do you just pick a few verses to S.O.A.P.?


  9. Tambra says

    I love SOAPing through the scriptures! So appreciative you taught me how! I’ve been looking at starting a goal to read through the bible, but the required chapter a day, I fear will cause me to miss some deeper digging via SOAPing. How do you suggest tackling SOAP when we are reading full chapters & not a few verses?

    Appreciate you <3

  10. says

    Courtney, let me first say, I love your ministry. I love your book, I love your blog. God, through GMG’s and WLW has done more for me and my family than you can ever begin to imagine. So thank you so very much for all that you do.

    I have been a GMG for nearly a year. When GMG is on break from a current study, I work on one of the older studies I missed before I joined. Knowing me, I can not take a break from the daily study. One reason is I will get sidetracked and never come off of break. The second reason is my day and life goes so much better and smoother when I start each day in God’s Word.

    And finally the question I have… I am a little confused. In your blog it states the GMG study of Esther will be here on your blog, PLUS a daily chapter reading?!?! Are you going to run two studies at a time, or how will that work? I am so looking forward to the study of Esther, but I am also very interesting in committing to the daily chapter reading of the bible. I have never read through the bible from start to finish and have always wanted to. I don’t know if I will be able to handle two studies at once!

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Tonya Wiseman

    • says

      Hi Tonya,

      We will be reading one chapter a day. I will do a mix of Old Testament and New Testament books so that overtime we cover the entire Bible. I will start with the book of Esther – because of these circumstances.

      So we will be ten days in Esther (which is rather quick I know, but it’s just ten chapters long) and then we will move on to I Peter, II Peter, I John, 2 John 3 John and Jude – all in the month of September!

      All that matters is that women are in the word and I recognize this is so sudden that it may not work out for many groups.

      It’s okay. God is good and on his throne.

      I’ll be here for many months ahead, for those who can join me on this journey.

      Lots of Love,

  11. says

    I will be joining you in the study!! I was a bit confused this morning with the GMG annoucement, especially since I’m currently in the middle of a leadership study :/ I have also felt in my spirit the drawing to a more indepth Bible study – so for me, this will work out perfectly!! I look forward to joining you in this journey :)

    Do you have any suggestions for studying along, other than the SOAP method?

    • says

      I apologize but the administrator at GMG has both changed my passwords so I cannot access any of my GMG content and she has taken them to their new site!


        • Vanessa says

          I have the files for Ministry of Motherhood if you need them … I would be happy to get those files to you … email me and let me know what all you need I do have several of the studies in my dropbox!!!
          In Him,

          • Kelli says

            I may email you as well. I just started reading Ministry of Motherhood and I was hoping to have the GMG files as a supplement.

          • Crystal Espinoza says

            Can I get a copy too?? Sounds like a good study!! Will email you!! Thank you!!!

      • Cynthia Becker says

        I am just Curtis if you originally wrote that you were leaving back in April. It just doesn’t sound like your words. I have followed you for a very long time and know your heart belongs to God. I feel every weird out of your mouth on video it in text has pointed us to God not yourself. I love every example you have every given and reading this news has completely twisted my stomach. I feel that I truly know you and I grieve for u today in this news. But God will prevail thru this and he will be glorified!

      • Cynthia Becker says

        I am just curious if you originally wrote that you were leaving back in April. It just doesn’t sound like your words. I have followed you for a very long time and know your heart belongs to God. I feel every weird out of your mouth on video it in text has pointed us to God not yourself. I love every example you have every given and reading this news has completely twisted my stomach. I feel that I truly know you and I grieve for u today in this news. But God will prevail thru this and he will be glorified!

  12. Laura says

    Hi Courtney,

    Thank you for being so gracious in this situation. Hoping God works in everyone involved to bring healing to the relationships. I pray that followers of WLW & Love God Greatly will not be angry or spiteful but will learn about God one way or another, remembering that Jesus came and showed us grace, so we should do the same.

    I have to say that I don’t agree with everything you teach; however, I can tell that you love God and are a great teacher, so I continue to try to learn and grow by reading your blog. You more than anyone else have been incredibly instrumental in getting me in God’s Word every day. I’ve actually had a “dry spell” since you went on a blogging break (coincidental, not saying it’s because of your break!!)- so I am IN for your GMG reading plan! I’m getting married this fall and I know I will need God’s Word and your guidance as a Titus 2 woman for me as I prepare to be a wife!!

    Thank you so much for being a faithful follower of Christ. I hope your break left you refreshed and ready to come back :)

  13. says

    I am thrilled with what you are doing with Good Morning Girls!!! I started a Good Morning Girls group with friends from my Sunday School recently and I love the accountability it has given us and we have grown together in our friendships as well. I will be joining you in this and in the goal of reading through the Bible chapter by chapter. I’ll be joining you in Esther in September.

  14. says

    I am with you too. I have tried countless times to read through, looking forward to getting it done with you. Blessings to you and prayers during this turmoil with your content being moved without your permission. I surely, would have found you eventually, but I found you today because of it.
    Romans 8:28 (NASB )
    And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

  15. Misty Oldfield says

    I have been praying for all parties involved all morning and it truly breaks my heart to see the comments and posts from some. I want you to know Courtney, as I have told you before, just how much you have helped me in my walk with God. I am so grateful to your obedience to all the Lord has called you to do. I know how broken you can feel by cracks in friendships… BUT, I am also the receiver of God’s mercy to heal a broken friendship and it is stronger today because of it. Praise the Lord! God alone knows the hurt and God alone can restore. May you feel His presence and comfort today. He has not brought you all this far, just to let you go now. I believe that 100%.

    I will be continuing to pray daily for you all and for mending to take place. I support you and have recommended your site to many women over the years…

    I will join you this fall in bible reading.

    God bless!!

  16. Jenn Edwards says

    Excited for this new study to unfold! What a blessing :) I have a question though. Will the old/archived study materials from the original GMG site now be accessible on this site? My prayers are with you.
    Blessings, Jenn

  17. says

    Maybe because my english isn’t so well i do not understand well. but is the Esther study here and not on the LGG blog?

    What about all the facebook groups in the diffrent country’s will they continu?

    I for sure will gonne read the bible through along with you here.

    God bless you .

    Eveline from the Netherlands.

    • says

      Hi Eveline,
      From what I can tell, the Esther study will be happening in BOTH places, but with different resources. LGG will have one that goes for 6 weeks, and here with Courtney we will be reading through a chapter each day for a total of 10 days in Esther. Hope that helps!

  18. Alicia says

    I’m so excited and can’t wait to start this new journey with you and all the ladies. This will be my first time reading the whole bible. Iam a new BBC. I really enjoyed the summer study I did with a few friends and ha email your book! Thank you for being you! Alicia

  19. says

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this! I guess I had missed that you were on a blogging break (I have no idea how!!) and when I saw the name change this morning I was disappointed but never thought it was something you weren’t a part of! Luckily, I allowed myself to become a little curious and scrolled through some comments to find the link to this! Please, (whenever you magically have time) let us know how we can continue to follow you for sure and that the new website won’t be taking over the RSS feed or FB. ? I will do some looking around too to make sure that I am getting all of your info. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your video blogs!! Thank you for putting your effort into this and letting God use you! I will pray for blessings for all to come out of this ordeal!

    • Quin says

      Courtney actually does hide her negative comments. She’s stated multiple times that she’s gotten negative comments, yet, these very same comments are never shown. Seems odd that these other women just up and ditched Courtney. Perhaps it’s karma in the purest form. I for one find Courtney to be extremely prejudice of others that do not follow her beliefs. I’d be willing to bet that my comment doesn’t make it to her blog too. She only approves comments of people either praising her or telling her how much they love her. Sad, but those ladies probably have good reason :/

      • says

        This is untrue. I get hundreds of comments a week combined on my Facebook page, youtube channel, blog, Pinterest, Instagram and twitter. There are plenty of negative ones that are not worth my effort to respond to or delete and anger the commenter. I have not deleted any comments from this comment section and I very rarely delete a commenter unless they are attacking/bullying other readers repeatedly. The other reason I delete comments are if someone swears, links to a website I would not endorse or are promoting a cult.

        On three separate occasions there was an outcry against a post I had written. Each time I examined what I wrote to see if I was in the wrong or should just tweak the post. In the end, I took those posts down and apologized. I am a work in progress and I have blind spots. Writing tens of thousands of words each year inevitably brings out my personal flaws and though it’s not fun – you all see my blind spots and you teach me, stretch me and challenge me. I am listening Quin even though I am not always responding. And I very rarely need to delete a comment.

        Lots of Love,

        • TBG says

          Courtney, I love your heart and always like to read and listen to what you have to say. I completely agree, I absolutely personally remember a post where tons of people were disagreeing and Courtney did not delete them. I think it was one of the series you did in the Spring about what the Bible says on some issues. I know I have read plenty of comments that disagreed with Courtney and she did not delete them.

        • says

          WHAT HAPPENED??? His has led me to spend time with him in the mornings. I want to strengthen my relationship with Jesus. That is what I planned to do this morning but then I discovered this. Courtney I am so sorry this has to happen to you.

  20. Christi says

    Courtney, as owner of the GMGI know all of your content on that website was covered by copyright laws. My question is how can they take all your material from that website and transfer it over to the other website without your consent as the owner of GMG? It seems to me that by doing so, without your consent, they would be breaking some kind of copyright laws!

  21. Christi says

    PS: I will be following WLW & your Bible reading plan. I also did the Esther study done by Time Warp Wife, and it was excellent! Anxious to walk thru Esther with you to get your perspective, as well!

  22. Andriana Lamb says

    It is been on my heart to read through the entire Bible! So glad you are doing this, and I plan to complete it with you! I’m hoping I can stay on track and not get behind or discouraged. And whatever is happening between the Good Morning Girls new and old site, let me just say, it is all the devil trying to cause a ruckus. I know none of the story, but I know that things happen for a reason. Through all this, just know that you are an encouragement to those who follow your blog. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Rachel Conner says

      The youtube website is the song You Are Not Alone by Meredith Andrews. It came on my Pandora Radio after praying the Lord would give me peace about all this. :)

  23. Pat Champion says

    I had a stroke about two years ago and used to have ladies Bible studies. I have just recently started trying to remember Scriptures again! I have read but even had a hard time doing that.I am trying to study and read to check my comprehension but my memory is awful. I am looking forward to Esther. I am quite a bit older than most of you but The Lord is ageless! God bless you in your study.

  24. karen woodhull says

    Courtney – I have been following you and the other ladies for about 3 years and get involved in many studies with you and was heart broken to read what happened. I am in a mentoring program for the Esther study and am praying if I should continue. I already told my montoring leader. I want to be under Godly leadership and feel that with everything going on I would not be able to stay focused. I truly love your videos and style of studing so I want to join you in the reading thru the bible and I am so glad you are starting in Esther. I will also pray for healing in relationships that have been broken by this situation.

  25. Ashley says

    Hi Courtney,

    Thank you for sharing your heart and honesty regarding the events that have taken place. It’s very sad to see the other women involved making these decisions and doing so without telling you. The fact that it has hurt you like it has, makes me question their motives and if their hearts are in the right place in all of this. For that reason, I do not feel comfortable reading the “new” website as we are to be careful to guard our hearts. Christian women should be loving and encouraging others. I do not believe they are in a place of truly loving and looking out for your best interest spiritually at this point. To cause you pain like this and then pretending it is just a “name change” is so sad. They are not addressing the questions to the motives behind the change at all on FB. The fact that they are not only ignoring questions, but also deleting them-is disturbing. You on the other hand do not delete comments from those who respectfully disagree with you, now or any other time. You may not like a particular comment, but you always handle “disagreers or questioners” with grace and love. I truly hope there will eventually be reconciliation for all involved. I will pray that God will move in their hearts and humble them into being honest with readers and with you. It is not really any of our business what the details of the problems are/were, but I do feel if they are going to run a Christian website that aims to guide/teach/mentor women in the Word of God, they should be open and honest and not concealing wrong doing on their part. None of us is perfect. We have all caused someone pain at some point in our life. I wish they would admit it and ask forgiveness from you. I also believe them publically admitting they made a mistake would be an encouragement for other women who need to ask forgiveness and reconciliation in their own relationships. I love you and appreciate your years of dedication to growing women in their relationships with the Lord, husbands, and children. I will continue to learn from you and grow with you as we journey through the entire Bible! :)

    Much love,

    • Angell says

      Well said Ashley. I was on the fence about doing their Esther study. Since she is not only doing Esther but also the whole Bible, I think I’ll just stick with Courtney!

    • Sally Webster says

      What about Courtney publicly admitting her mistakes and asking forgiveness? I promise that she is not perfect and blameless as she paints it. I know the heart of the other lady as well and this is just a very sad messed up situation all the way around, but it is NOT completely Angela’s fault!

  26. says

    I would love to join you! A chapter a day is so doable. :)
    And if I may be frank, I’m thoroughly nauseated with the good morning girls situation. What an insulting way for women professing godliness to behave. It is in trials, big or small, when our fruit is on most easily seen and displayed. We’ll either be bitter or sweet. Your gracious response is very sweet fruit, Courtney. God bless you. I’m looking forward to going through the Bible with you!

    • Sally Webster says

      Her response wasn’t gracious. She blamed the other side completely and took no blame at all for anything herself. There is nothing gracious about that at all.

      • Jessica says

        What is there to accept blame for? The other parties stole her content and won’t return it. Seems like they were the ones who were flawed and classless here. How distasteful for a group of women setting out to be Biblically inspiring.

  27. Rhona says

    I’m so sad and to be honest so disappointed to learn of this behaviour among Christian women and so called friends :-( as a new christian I have looked to your blog and Good Morning Girls for guidance and role modelling, to find such unkind and underhand behaviour is very disheartening.
    I have so much to learn and thought I had found a community of genuine, caring and honest souls to teach me. Now I feel let down and a little lost, this isn’t Godly behaviour and if those responsible really think it is, I don’t want to be part of such a community. Those responsible have let a lot people down.
    If I could find a way of saying all this directly to those responsible I would but I’ve not been able to find a way of reaching them.
    Courtney, I pray all will be well again and sincerely hope my trust in you and your heart isn’t misguided too.

    • Renee says

      Rhona, this is an excellent opportunity to learn something you’re going to need to know as a Christian. It would be lovely if we were all just exactly Christ like all the time, but none of us are. In nearly 18 years of walking with Christ here is what I know: Neither side of this conflict is handling themselves perfectly. I say this not because I have any inside knowledge as to what has happened- in truth I don’t follow or participate in either of these ministries. I say this because I know that it *ALWAYS* takes two to tango. It doesn’t really matter who is doing “more hurtful” things- or at least it shouldn’t to any of us. This conflict is between these women and God. After the drama dies and the emotions simmer down, God will begin to do in each of them what needs to be done to fix this as much as it’ll be fixed in this life. After time, if you were to sit down with each of these women, they’d be able to say, “I had my hand in this”- that’s a fact. So, don’t come here and hope that your trust is not misguidedly placed in Courtney, she is already letting down because she has her hand in this (they all do). Keep your eyes on Jesus, put your trust in Him to reconcile these women who are not perfect. No leader of any ministry is. This problem between them will soften over time and it is not for us to adopt as our own. Both ministries are going forth in the Bible and we must believe that God’s word, once put forth, will not return void for any of us. Emotionally detach yourself from this, pray for the hearts of all parties involved, and go to which ever ministry best suits your needs for study in the word. Leave this to God, he’s got it under control.

      • Renee says

        From one Renée to another, I say “Amen!” There are two sides to every story, even among Christians, and I see culpability in EACH party. I, for one, will not choose sides and will pray for the reconciliation of this issue and our online friends — and that God’s Kingdom and His Truth will win out! The fact that this issue has been ungraciously handled online by EACH party just gives the Enemy a foothold to ruin fruitful ministry that helps so many. This saddens me tremendously!

        Women, please do not choose sides, but pray earnestly that God’s Kingdom will not suffer harm! We are on the SAME side, people, but Satan is pitting us against one another. Do you see it?!? This should not be!!! Pray for the success of each ministry and for those who are involved in teaching and leading in God’s Word!!! God has harsh words for those in leadership who stray from what they know is right — but that’s between them and God. (see Jeremiah 23:1 New International Version– “Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture!” declares the Lord.) Let’s leave it there without judging our friends, for each camp carries some truth and some murky issues, I feel.

        Matthew 12:25 — Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”

        1 Corinthians 1:10 [ A Church Divided Over Leaders ] I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.

        1 Corinthians 12:25 . . . so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.

        • Esther says

          Rhona, you allmost exactly wrote down my thoughts. We are a bit longer on our way, but recently had to leave our church because of much trouble and seperations. GMG felt like my spiritual home.. :( I cried SO hard..
          Renee & Renee, thanks so much for the wise comments!! Yes, let’s just pray for both sides and go on fighting our enemy and run our race well!

    • Jen says

      They are human just as we are. Life happens and not always the way we think it should or would. It is disappointing when someone you look up to does something you wouldn’t expect but the only one who is perfect is Jesus. I know we have all been in back and forths with other women at times in our lives. To me it sounds like Courtney is defending herself and where in the Bible does it say that she can’t do that? Sometimes we can graciously back down from something and let it go but sometimes we have to stand for what is right and I back her on that. I have followed Courtney for years and truly feel that she has a heart for God. She may look back and realize she made some mistakes through this but that is life. We make mistakes and grow from them. That is why I am who I am today. I do pray for their friendship and hope everything works out for the best and for the Glory of God.

      • Heather says

        It does say in the Bible that if a brother has done something, that you are to go to them privately. I just wonder that if Courtney was really surprised by the change why she would publish it for us to see right away and not go talk to them. It creates a lot of risk putting that out for new believers to see

  28. Lisa Maria says

    Dear Courtney

    I only just saw all of this and my heart is breaking right now. I have learned so much through GMG and WLW. You have inspired me so much and I came to you as a broken woman in a marriage that was in crisis. I firmly believe that God led me to you when I would have been led astray by others.

    I cannot pretend to understand or know what is truly happening but I want you to know that I am praying for all involved. I truly hope there is healing and resolution. I know that God walks with you in all situations and He is with you all in this as well. Sending you hugs!

  29. says

    I just read the Facebook comments concerning the GMG issue. I think more information is needed, perhaps even owed, to your readers if only to diffuse any further misunderstandings, strife and divisions. A godly example by those in leadership proves more powerful in difficult times.

  30. Shanna says

    Women Living Well & Good Morning Girls have been such a huge blessing to me—truly making me a better wife, mother, friend, and Christ follower. I have laughed out loud and cried tears of conviction as a result of things you have written or said. Thank you, thank you, thank you for remaining faithful to the call. I look forward to what God has in store for your ministry, and can’t wait to continue to grow under your leadership. Much love to you and prayers for wisdom and peace.

  31. Elizabeth says

    I am really disappointed about how this happened, but I am encouraged by you graciously and gently sharing the truth, Courtney. I’m glad that you are going to continue with your ministry, and pray that there is *true reconciliation* and that they do the right thing in terms of returning access to your own materials to you.

    Sadly I’m aware of a couple of similar situations in my own communities (online and real life)… someone tries to leave a situation gracefully in order not to damage the group, but it doesn’t work out like that. Hopefully there will be a better long-term outcome than in the other situations I personally know about.

  32. Vanessa says

    Courtney … I do have some of the resources from past studies if you would like I can get them to you via drop box or email… Whichever works for you! I am so sorry for what has happened over the GMG/LGG blog and website… I am sad for you and very concerned about the leaders that have pushed you out without you knowing … communication is such a big deal! I guess one thing I can say is at least the name you created will be preserved here! I am not sure what I will do at this time? Did you create the Esther study?
    I pray that everyone can show grace and mercy in this situation and that the issue cna be resolved quickly and everyone’s relationships and trust can be restored!
    In Him,

    • says

      Good Question! We will hop around otherwise I might lose a few as we go through Leviticus and Numbers. Lol! I will do a mix of Old Testament and New Testament through out the year and we will hit them all over the next few years!

      Thank you for joining me!

      • Angell says

        Courtney I could kiss you!!! I started a Chronological study a couple months ago and I am in Numbers right now! And I’m tired of reading it lol!! I’ve been dreading it, I’ve lost interest and so on. I love how you explain the Word and how you drip with enthusiasm. I can’t wait to follow what you are up to. You are such a blessing in my life!

  33. Amanda says

    I am in! Thank you, this is just what I needed. I have been trying to do a read through the Bible for the year program and while I want to continue with that, I also have that desire to stop, dig in and meditate on verses as well. I am praying for you Courtney, for wisdom and discernment, for strength and for comfort. Bless you.

  34. Rebecca says

    Ecstatic that you will resume leading a bible study again…and yes, I will be participating here ! I have been exploring other studies since you were no longer contributing to GMG. The spark and the motivation were no longer there. You have an amazing talent – writing and encouraging women! I pray and hope that God will bless you as you begin the study.

  35. Anita says

    I just want to say thank you so much for all that you do. You are a true inspiration and example to women everywhere for God. I will continue to follow your blogs and teachings, videos and bible studies.

  36. says

    I Just wanted to let you know I have been a faithful follower since 2010. I feel like you are a very good friend whom I have never met :-) I helped with your Women Living Well Book Launch Team. You have blessed and encouraged me personally, spiritually & with my family. I can not imagine how you must be feeling. I do not feel details in this matter are important unless you have prayed about it and feel it necessary. However I personally feel anything done in secret such as what was done to you is not Gods will.
    I will be praying for you as you continue your wonderful ministry, that blesses so many of us.women of God, wives & mothers. Thank you for all you do!! {{hugs}}
    Love your sister in Christ,

  37. melinda says

    Hi courtney,

    I will definitely be following your blog & bible studies. I was very saddened by this mornings events, GMG has truly set my heart on fire for GOD. I don’t usually like to get involved in matters like this, but i do not believe LLG is starting out their ministry the right way. I’m sure there is much more we do not know about & to be honest im happy with that, but in situations like this, they should have walked away from GMG & started afresh with whatever god lead them to do. Thank you for your honestly, passion & heart for Jesus. I feel that continuing to honor you & your ministry with lead me to grow so much more. God bless you

  38. JoLynnH says

    Courtney, thank you for your service to God and his people. I am looking forward to joining you in your bible reading this Fall. I love the approach you’re taking. No need to rush, just a need to be IN it :)

    I cannot begin to imagine what it must feel like for you at this time – being in the immediate “spot light” so to speak as blogs and multi-media are — but I will be praying for God to show his truth in all that is surrounding WLW/GMG/LGG to those leading and those following the sites.

    I truly look forward to your continued posts at WLW and GMG <3 God Bless!

  39. Kiley says

    Courtney – I am so excited to join this study with you!!! I started following you about a year ago when I stumbled upon a YouTube clip of your appearance on the Rachel Ray show!! I loved it, it was very inspiring!! I can say that your wisdom about marriage, parenting, homemaking, and especially Bible studying has improved ALL aspects of my life!!! Thank you! I am so sorry for your trouble with GMG, and I am grateful for your honesty! Prayers, hugs, and a wish of peace are sent your way from my little corner of this great state of Ohio!!!

  40. Kristina says

    I am in the middle of the Ephesians study and in it the unity of the body is reiterated over and over Yet I come here and I am really disappointed to see so many women making assumptions and getting into something that none of us know anything about. I think the powers and authorities in the heavenlies are cheering and Satan is just living it up. We are all one team ladies! There are no sides, we should be loving, encouraging and bearing one another’s burdens, not getting into drama. Who gets the glory there?! I think we all need to ask ourselves are we loving like Jesus or “picking sides” like school girls?

  41. Kim Hine says

    Hi Courtney,
    I am new to Christianity (July 2014) so I need suggestions on reading the bible. I would love to learn about Esther to start me off.

  42. Blanche says

    Hi, Court.

    Saying a prayer for you all the way from South Africa! You have been such a blessing in my life. SUPER exited to read through the bible with you!

  43. Rebecca says

    This plan sounds and feels like how it all began. Can’t wait to join you. The Lord is always in control. He taught me this week to never ignore or forget His softly whispered, “Trust Me.”

  44. Abby from Belgium says

    Dear Courtney and all you lovely ladies,

    I am gonna be open and honest: I am facing a faith crisis. And this message about GMG makes me wonder more. As I told you before I came to Christ because of you dear Courtney. But with an unequally yoked marriage, children going to Catholic school, not having a “community of christian women”, I am struggling. I do my best to read the bible, pray and talk to God …. but it is hard !!!!!

    I will join you ! And as always, Courtney, many blessings from Abby aka Ilona <3 X

    • says

      Remember that your faith needs to be focused on Jesus, not this broken world or the people in it. We are all sinners (each and every one of us!) and things happen in life that aren’t always pretty. Jesus said there would be tribulation. Don’t lose faith in Jesus when things don’t go as planned, or a person lets you down, keep the faith and turn more into Him and his love.
      Blessings to you in Beligum!

      • Yvonne says

        Dear Abby,

        I feel exactly the same, especially “not having a community of christian women”. That is something I really really miss. Maybe we can email each other?

        Many blessings from Yvonne from The Netherlands (close to Belgium ;))

        • Abby from Belgium says

          Hoi Yvonne,

          kunnen we doen. Eerstdaags zal ik je eens mailen.

          Hey Yvonne,

          thanks so much and I will email you.


          Take care !

        • says

          hey Yvonne and Abby, there are more from Europe here. I’m from the Netherlands.

          Vergeet niet dat ons geloof niet op Courtney of LGG of GMG hangt. Het gaat om God en Zijn zoon Jezus Christus die voor ons gestorven is en weer is op gestaan.

          Laat een situatie als deze je niet neer drukken, dit is precies wat de duivel wilt.

          Blijf dichtbij je Maker.


  45. Regina Lieto says

    Courtney, I’ve been following you probably since the beginning, I’m not about to leave you now. I’m in and thank you for all that you do! Hang in there sister!!

  46. Nancy A says

    I am so so sorry this has happened to you. Whatever has gone on behind the scenes or in the minds and hearts of the other women of your former group leaders, you have always shown through your blog and facebook page that you have a big heart. I am sorry to see your heart hurt today. While I hope this is a big misunderstanding that can somehow be resolved, I admire you for how you are handling it. Just remember God is in control and He will bring something good out of this. You are a great example for women to follow in how you handle things. Praying for you!!

  47. Karen says

    Hi Courtney,

    Thank you for clarifying the strange message we all received. My prayers are with you and everyone involved for God’s healing.

    I am still growing in my faith and have so enjoyed your enthusiasm and light which is what drew me to your site earlier this year. You sparkle love and joy and have made my heart yearn more and more for God’s love and developing deeper faith. I look forward to growing with you and all the lovely ladies here.

    Not sure I can help but please let me know if there’s something!

    In His Love,

  48. Janet says

    Hi Courtney,
    I am sorry for all the public disunity I am reading about. I have been a bit confused by the different emails, changes, and disunity over the past few days but I believe God is Faithful and I believe His Word that He will turn good from chaos, beauty from ashes. With that said….I am in with the Bible reading. Thank you Courtney for the beauty within this space. I look forward to the devotions from your heart. Have a beautiful day!

  49. April says

    YOU have truly blessed me! There’s a lot of comments here, so I won’t get into details, but I started following you years back and you’ve blessed me, my marriage, and my spirit! It’s been on my heart to read the Bible all the way through, and now I know why it was put on hold, it was so I could read it with you and these ladies that have said “I’m in”. Just a wonderful idea!!

  50. Chelsea says

    I have been a part of GMG with the same group of ladies for almost four years now, and God has used the ministry mightily in our lives. My heart is so heavy today as I watch this all unfold.

    Courtney, I am so thankful for the good work God has done through you. The addendum today, though, seems laced with pride (something I am not accustomed to seeing from you). You posted a passage on your Facebook page yesterday that says it best…you may have planted the seed, others may have watered it, but God makes it grow. The ministry has already continued for some time without you (and I’m sorry, but your goodbye was perceived as a true goodbye by many of us who read it…I remember crying even!). You make it sound here like the ministry can’t effectively continue without you, but the truth is, we are ALL dispensable.

    This public infighting has to stop. It’s a poor gospel witness and in no way glorifying to God. I am praying for humility, repentance and reconciliation over the coming days.

    • says

      I’m glad someone spoke up and said this. I’m brand new to this, starting a group with women who only know each other from our online interactions. The GMG format was recommended for us to start a study in an FB group, and it sounded like an excellent idea. Now my concern is that those women, some of whom are not yet Christians but curious enough to take an interest, will look into these groups and this is what they will see ~ and it does not promote a positive view of Christian friendship, particularly among women.

      I will pray for the parties involved, and also will pray that the public back-and-forth will cease, because I can’t imagine this honors God or furthers His kingdom.

    • Anita says

      I don’t believe regardless of what is going on behind closed doors that the material should have been removed if LGG was sincere in what they sd then they should leave material for both ministries to utilize not just them. Right or wrong someone needs to step up and do what God says. Remember blessed is the peacemakers . God does not bless a mess. I don’t think that any ministry will prosper the way God had intended it to if there is strife and discord, and dishonesty. I love all the help that I have received and I wish that LGG would have left GMG alone if they wanted to branch off great but the materials should have been left or shared. Just my opinion. God bless love and prayers, Anita

    • Sandra says

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Chelsea. While I read Courtney addendum, all I could think was that it was full of pride…and it is sickening to watch. The Lord must be so disappointed.

    • Jen says

      Im sorry but if someone sent out mass e-mails of something untrue about you wouldn’t you defend yourself? Has she publicly infighted before this?

  51. Melissa says

    I am so sorry for all the sadness that has happened with these ministries. The devil is trying hard to take hold of us and we will not allow that to happen. God Bless You all and thank you all for your love for God and for sharing your heart. :-)

  52. Adele says

    As a brand new GMG facilitator (Esther will be my second study)I am unsure where the right and the wrong lies in this situation…but know for certain that there is plenty of hurt and confusion to go around. I intend to go ahead and facilitate Esther (having been assured that your materials are not long the resources) but would also like to do your Bible Read Thru here.
    That way…I am taking neither side but simply helping spread a love for God’s Word…which I do know is the right thing.

    I wanted you to know in case you feel doing presents a conflict or makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Praying for all involved.

  53. Shannon Browning says

    I’m in, and praying for you as you walk with the King and continue to bring light into my understanding of the word. I’m sure this is a difficult time, but try and follow Philippians 4:8, for where the light shines, darkness hides…

  54. Delaney says

    Oh, how sad I am. I found GMG through your website, WLW. :-) I am so glad I did!!! I am praying for all involved. I am on the outside looking in, but I saw no reason to split it into a different ministry. I support you in all that you do and hope that everything works out the way it is supposed to. I am currently on day 44 of reading through the Bible in 90 days, but will gladly join you. You can never have too much of God’s word! Hang in there and keep your head up. You have a sweet and gentle spirit that is made to minister to women. You are where you belong… women’s ministry.

  55. Gina Windle says

    I am so sorry all of this happened. I will be praying for reconciliation, peace, and understanding in the days to come. I’ve been a part of GMG for a couple of years and plan on continuing. I find your posts very encouraging and founded on Biblical truth.

  56. carlyn says

    I began years ago doing a GMG group through email … and off and on through the years, have come back to GMG for a refresher. I just finished the mentoring team as a potential leader for a GMG group, and when I saw the email about the name change yesterday, I was confused. It just didn’t seem right. Reading your post literally broke my heart for you, and for everyone involved.

    I look forward to following your study through the Bible. I also look forward to seeing what God is going to create out of this mess. Sometimes God works through the mess to create something far more powerful, impacting, and beautiful … And I know He is at work in this situation!

  57. Mallory says

    I just want to say that I think both parties (you, Courtney AND the ladies over at “Love God Greatly”) are extremely unprofessional and unnecessarily catty. I do not read your posts to see you point fingers at others, I don’t want your “screenshots” of your cell phone. Are we in high school still? Seems like it. I am not saying that the LGG women aren’t to blame either, I just think you are both horrible examples of how someone should lead a group of women. I have really been struggling with my faith, and I have found BOTH of your readings, studies, etc. very helpful. I know we are all human, but the way that you are handling this situation so publicly has completely turned me off of Christianity. I am sure if Jesus were here he would be telling you both to chill out and just love each other, not jump on your computers and publicly blame each other for things. How petty is that? Modern, Americanized Christianity is something I know longer want anything to do with because of people like you. I hope you learn something from this. Didn’t Jesus say to turn the other cheek? Time to practice what you preach! I will now be unsubscribing to both of your emails, and although I am extremely disappointed in you, I wish you the best and hope that you can learn from all this drama you are both causing. Peace!

    • Kay says

      Yesterday everyone was clamoring to know what was going on. Today both sides complied and told their sides – NOW everyone wants them to hide everything.
      Ya know – If you don’t like it – just click the X. :)

    • says

      Honestly, as a strong Christian who has led GMG groups, I agree with Mallory to some extent. While the metamorphosis of ministry is inevitable and sometimes hard to swallow, as a GMG subscriber & group leader, I was under the impression that when you left GMG in the hands of Angela back in April, you were also leaving the decisions of the ministry to her as well. I don’t think it’s right to air all grievances and complaints publicly (creating division and the appearance of “war” with each other, and inviting the world to take sides depending on who’s story is the most believable) – it maligns the teaching of Christ. Courtney, you led GMG for a long time and enlisted others to help you when it got so large. You partnered together with Angela and the team to bring such a vibrant ministry to women worldwide. Then, you stepped out of the ministry because you were overwhelmed and you specifically said you were leaving it in Angela & the team’s charge. To me, that means despite your original intent and vision for GMG, you handing it over for good and all decisions for the ministry and content were now Angela’s and the team’s. I’m highly disappointed in the divisiveness of your posts and updates regarding this issue. You are not exemplifying humility and care for women’s spiritual walks, especially the team that you trusted for so long. While I greatly enjoyed leading previous studies with GMG, I now no longer want to be associated with it. These posts do not encourage unity in the Body of Christ, nor does it encourage peace among believers. With that, I wish you the best and I hope for continued growth in humbleness as you walk through this.

      • Anita says

        This is also how I feel. I come here for respite…not added chaos which my life is already full of. Disappointing. I will not be choosing anyone’s side but Jesus. Back to my own Bible studies, alone.

      • Renee says

        You said this so well, Holly, and it echos the feelings of my heart. This is how I understood the ministry’s path to have taken, and how I grieve over the new divisiveness in the tones of the emails. I am learning that sometimes God closes one door in order to open another door — but we mustn’t try to snatch the door back open once He’s closed it! Go on in His strength and leading, but stop the childish bickering!

    • anna says

      You shouldn’t let people’s disagreements or actions turn you off of christianity hun.People are human,they will sometimes unfortunately let anger,jealousy,and pride get the best of them.Even Jesus’s apostles messed up sometimes and let their human nature get the best of them.Please dont let that deter you from seeking God.Praying for you.

    • anna says

      Ill also say we should never put other human beings as our standard of what godliness looks like.If we do that we will constantly be dissapointed and bitter.Our standard should always be Jesus. :)

    • Jenny says

      Dear Mallory, I read your comments. I completely get where you are coming from…and it all makes me so sad. I just want to encourage you to NOT give up on Christianity. Keep your eyes on Jesus only. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit are our only source of truth, wisdom, and guidance. God bless you.

    • Jen says

      well, that was dramatic! That is why we don’t put our faith in people but in Christ. You haven’t found Christ yet if you are just up and leaving Christianity b/c of a few women who don’t agree. Power to you if you’ve never been in a disagreement with another woman. I would encourage you to find a local church and start having on going studies. But do know that humans are humans and make mistakes. We must show Grace just as God shows us Grace. If God just wrote us off every time we made a mistake we would have no hope for Heaven. I am thankful for his Grace and will show it to those in my life.

  58. Hannah says

    Courtney, I am sorry to hear about all the issues between you and Angela and the GMG ministry. I feel a little be disappointed though that both sides have felt the need to air all the dirty laundry over the internet. It makes me question the maturity and integrity of both of these ministries. I’ve gotten so much out of both WLW and GMG but with all the disunity, back lashing and unwillingness to handle these issues privately I am questioning whether these are people I want to be mentored and taught by. I understand that you have made your efforts to contact Angela and her team. I don’t know every detail, nor do I want to, so I can’t judge either side. I just wish that all of the followers on both sides weren’t getting drug through these issues and weren’t having to pick sides. I think at this point I am not going to do any study with WLW, GMG or LGG. I don’t want to pick sides or get distracted in my walk with God by all the issues between these sites and their leaders. I do appreciate both ministries but think its time for me to pull out.

    • Kay says

      Did you read the addendum? She DID try – multiple times – to solve it behind the scenes. I am sure there is a lot more to the story, but the fact remains that taking over a platform someone else built is extremely unprofessional, if not worse.
      I for one am glad to have some clarification. And yesterday everyone was clamoring for details…

      Notice, if you would, who is allowing comments and who isn’t, today. Despite the harsh criticism and backlash – Courtney has allowed us to comment as normal. LGG has disabled comments on their posts – no way to leave feedback. Very telling.

      • says

        Kay – you are encouraging blaming and shame, which is not what Christ says we ought to do in trying to reconcile with believers. I plead with you to stop posting such hurtful and divisive responses to everyone who doesn’t agree with how Courtney is handling this – you are only hurting the Body of Christ, not bringing peace to it.

        • Kay says

          So it’s ok to bash Courtney but not disagree with harsh commentors? :) (You didn’t seem to have a problem blaming and shaming Courtney)
          Commentors here have been unbelievably ‘hurtful and divisive’ towards Courtney. I realize you don’t agree with her, but I will always stand up for a fellow sister-in-Christ who is being ‘kicked when they are down’.

          • says

            I trust that people would see the difference between my one post & your many posts. My post has no intention of “kicking Courtney when she’s down”, in fact it’s out of love that I exhort her toward humility. In reading her update yesterday, Proverbs 28:25 came to mind. There is danger there. I desire her to strive to live at peace with everyone (Romans 12:18) and gird herself with humility (1 Peter 5:5-11, Philippians 2:1-11). There is wisdom and integrity in keeping silent and not justifying oneself – especially on a public forum. The gospel intersects with our lives, I’d rather see a Matthew 18 model of conflict resolution – even if there have been attempts made to reconcile privately, and then with one or two trusted witness, and finally with others leaders, I think posted point-by-point of who’s right and wrong and who owns what on the internet is not conducive to reconciliation. Jesus had every reason to justify himself against accusations and hardships, he had every “right” (as God) to judge those accusing him – however he kept silent in the face of accusations and wrongdoing, knowing that God’s glory to be revealed was more important than stirring up further conflict and bitterness. My public response to Courtney’s public post and updates, even if they are now deleted, are from a place of loving admonishing her toward godliness and holiness. I want to see God glorified in reconciliation and peace, integrity and humbleness, and an adherence to the Word that is proclaimed from all these women.

  59. says

    Ahhh Courtney, all of this is breaking my heart! None of us know the whole story, although I appreciate you doing your best to be honest and explain what’s been going on, but I do wonder – if you were okay with GoodMorningGirls continuing without you, why does it make any difference that the ministry continues as LovingGodGreatly instead? If you could clarify that point I think it would better help me understand what is going on. If God is equally glorified…then again, from my all too human perspective, I am outraged at the total lack of communication/dishonesty that you have had to deal with – how this must’ve hurt you when you were all once such good friends! And I’d imagine that GoodMorningGirls feels like your baby, too. I will be praying for both ministries and I am excited at the idea of a chapter a day. Know that you (and the other women too) are loved and prayed for!

    • says

      I will also say that I think you should take the screenshot of your cell phone down. Texts are meant to be private and we believe you without needing to see the physical proof

    • Kay says

      Yesterday everyone was clamoring to know what was going on. Today both sides complied and told their sides – NOW everyone wants them to hide everything.
      Ya know – If you don’t like it – just click the X. :)

      • says

        Hi Kay! :) I’ve been a loyal follower of Courtney’s for years and look up to her as a role model. I wasn’t trying to attack Courtney nor ask her to hide everything – I just feel uneasy specifically with the screenshot, and since she encourages comments and feedback, a fact that I love about her blog, I thought I would leave mine. It’s just one girl’s opinion and not meant to be hurtful. Thanks for understanding!

  60. Alice says

    My friends and I have grown together through your book and GMG. We have a deep passion for His Word now and have you to thank for that and the women you lead with. We are taking our turn now to pray for y’all since you have consistently prayed for us. Thank you for all your prayers and now I hope that you, Anglea, and others feel ours as you work through whatever is going on. Thanks for leading us to have a sincere passion for His Word!

  61. Sheila says

    I am so sorry that you are dealing with this Courtney…praying for you and your ministry which has GREATLY touched my life!

    Love you!

  62. says

    I have followed you since the day I saw you on Rachel Ray :) The only reason I’ve even known of GMG is because of you. In my mind, it was YOURS and Angela was just a facilitator. I have to say that as I have now gone to her blog post about all of this, she is not even allowing comments, so we, who have been with you for years, have no way of letting her know how we feel. I find this very interesting and quite cowardly.

    I will no longer be participating in anything she has to offer.

    Thank you for remaining honest and truthful and open with your readers, as you always have.

    Many blessings as your move forward,


    • Renee says

      Our American culture may consider it “cowardly” to not allow free comments on issues, but step back a minute and think about what God’s culture calls for. I think the airing of dirty laundry panders to gossip, back-biting, and slander, and that is not what He calls us to do. Perhaps instead of being “mean,” it really is wise to limit the potential for more damage to be done to God’s Kingdom. Think about it!

  63. Marcy says

    I love everything you write. I look forward to your emails in my mailbox! But this whole thing makes me sad. Since you stepped down, I wish you could’ve let it go. What is really “ours”? If we have to make private mAtters public then we have the wrong agenda.
    Praying for you.

    • Kay says

      Yesterday everyone was clamoring to know what was going on. Today both sides complied and told their sides – NOW everyone wants them to hide everything.
      Ya know – If you don’t like it – just click the X. :)

  64. Dawn says

    Several years ago I did the Prov 31 study. I learned so much from other women and grew in my many roles. I am excited for the upcoming studies! Very sad to learn of the recent problems.

  65. Heidi Fletcher says

    I’m in! I have tried many, many times to read through the Bible but never succeed.
    I ma saddened about the GMG situation! Everyone please PRAY for all parties involved.

  66. says

    God reminded me this morning, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. I pray today Courtney God will give you peace and heal your broken heart. I pray you will have the strength to get past the negativity from others, and continue doing what you have been doing for the Kingdom of God. I am praying for you sweet sister in Christ!
    Love and blessings to you!

  67. says

    Hi Courtney,

    Just for clarity’s sake, I think a few of the dates you added were wrong: It says:
    “3/16/2014 – Addendum.
    Below are some clarifications on a few of the inaccurate statements in the LGG post of 3/16/2014:”

    Anyway, I do pray God’s peace and blessings for you. I love GMG and the ways I’ve been encouraged to live for God, study His Word, and serve my family.

    “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33

  68. shaun says

    Courtney, while I wish you the very best, I have to age we wholeheartedly with Holly Brown. In one stroke of your keyboard you opened the door to Satan and I am so very saddened. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry but feel I can no longer follow your ministry personally. May God bless you.

  69. says

    Christians are not immune to misunderstandings and/or conflict. The difference is how we handle and resolve it. This is an opportunity to show and teach others how Jesus wants us to handle conflict and resolution—as he did in Matthew 5 and 18. Remember beloved—our ministries are not ‘our’ ministries–they all belong to God! Let’s invest our ‘talents’ (Matthew 25) for His good and His glory! xoxox

  70. says

    If you and the other lady’s want the best for us members, stop talking and act. make sure things are will be worked out.

    You have your group and Angela and the others her group. Who care who payed. who care who made the grapics or what ever. If you want the best make sure we can start the Eshter study.

    And behave as you both teach the mebers of the groups.

  71. says

    Do you ever picture satan sitting back and watching ministries GROW & GROW…along with tiny seeds of pride that he has cleverly planted so he can watch them crumble? This makes me sad.
    I think one of the most dangerous things we can do is claim “ownership” of what is God’s…while we discount satan’s passion for destruction.

    ” Control yourselves. Be on your guard. Your enemy the devil is like a roaring lion. He prowls around looking for someone to chew up and swallow. ” 1 Peter 5:8New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)

    Let’s not ‘help him’ chew up these ladies. Time to pray – fervently.

    • Kelli says

      Another amen from me, Lori! I’ve been reading this evening thinking two things….
      1. Satan is a crafty devil.
      2. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. Psalm 19:14

      I’m praying for this situation…especially for unity and wisdom for all involved.

  72. says

    Thank you for doing what you do. As part of your book launch team I can honestly say that your ministry and book have encouraged me so much. Yes it not nice to see arguments being played out but I don’t see that you had a choice. You are an inspiration to so many women and the fact that you left the comments open show your heart too. I am praying for all of you. And I’m looking forward to reading the Bible with you – I was only saying the other day that I really need to get stuck in because I’ve never done it all before!

    It’s hard being in the public eye as you are, having to live out your faith so much more openly than any of the rest of us and having so many more people ready to knock you down, but please don’t let it get you down. You are human – just like the rest of us – as some of your readers might like to remember, and you are obviously hurting right now. None of us have your influence and know what it’s like to be so openly judged. And of course none of us have any right to judge.

    Praying for you and for all the ladies involved.

  73. Shelia Rice Engemann says

    I started following you with GMG and WLW.
    I want you to know that you truly have touched my heart several times with your studies…
    Prayers going up and blessings coming down…

  74. Peggy says

    Blessings Courtney … I too recall the beginnings of GMG here with you in 2007 and onward! This breaks my heart. I appreciate that you have clarified and detailed all that’s going on and I pray God restores the GMG as He desires and the relationships involved. I love all you both have done worldwide for GMG and it should remain… you have given good resolutions, I pray that an understanding and agreement is reached. Meanwhile, peace to you, my dear sister in Christ and I love what you have set out for as your ministry and your continued plan here of staying in God’s Word. The ministry and your insights have always blessed me! Thank you for your honest, vulnerable post! My prayers are for you, your ministry, friendship and a good agreed upon resolution leaving all in tact. May God ease your hurt and everyone’s to look beyond and be loved by the Problem Solver who holds the key …and you, girlfriend, keep walking with the King!
    (((hugs)))love and peace in Christ,

    • Peggy says

      Oh …I forgot to ask my question … is your WLW reading Esther in 13 days… being read to coincide with their study of Esther or are they totally separate now? Yours is more of a reading plan and theirs is a study? … either way that was thoughtful of you to start with that book! Thanks! Looking forward!

  75. Samantha says

    I am looking forward to reading through the bible with you. Also very much looking forward to your homeschooling posts!

  76. Erin says

    Romans 8:28 (NIV)
    28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
    This verse has helped me tremendously when I felt like everything was going wrong and didn’t understand God’s plan in my life. I hope it comforts you during this difficult time as well.

  77. Emma says

    Dear Courtney, this has all come as a BIG shock for everyone, and how much more for you.
    I’m so sorry this has happened. You will have my full support and I have been praying for you that God will comfort you and bring reconciliation and healing to all involved.

    The thing when these conflicts arise is the fact you may lose friends/ followers – even if you’re the innocent party… That’s just the way it is! People will not always understand.

    We went thru a similar situation a few years ago – and you never know quite how to handle these things. The only thing we can do really is to keep in fervent prayer and ask the Spirit of God to reveal how to deal with this in the right way.

    This situation needs to be dealt within the body of Christ eg if she won’t speak to you speaking to her Pastor? Matt 18 verses 15-17 this is the correct way to deal with this matter.

    Love and ((hugs)) to you sister!

  78. marie says

    I think we should remember we are only hearing one side of the story. people are upset that the lgg girls have taken down comments and not replied to these accusations. however, Jesus was accused of many things yet he quietly stood and took it and did not defend himself. I’m not sure the most Christ like way to handle a private matter is via social media. it seems more harm to the body of Christ and both wlw and lgg ministries has result because of it.

    • Evie says

      I disagree on hearing one side of the story.
      If you are subscribed to LGG’s blog you should have gotten the e-mail by Angela with her side of the story.

      But I agree with you : they should have handled things more privately!

      And both parties should have waited with posting things on the internet untill they talked to each other!

  79. says

    Hi Courtney! This sounds great and I love the 12 minutes a day thought! Do you have any recommendations for Bible on audio that you really like? Praying for you and all involved in all that is going on.


  80. Kim says

    This is so sad but unfortunately we don’t have all the details from either side so it’s difficult to judge and determine the truth. When Courtney blogged and stepped down from writing for GMG, we don’t know if specific plans were outlined as to how she would remain involved with GMG or what would happen to the site itself and the content…if all rights were handed over, if leadership decisions were left in the hands of the remaining three GMG women including Angela. And that’s not necessarily information the public should be privy to – of course until situations like this happen and then no one knows how to proceed with study groups.

    I began GMG with the Colossians study and was so encouraged with Courtney’s videos. I was at a tough point in my mothering and needed a Bible study but couldn’t commit to one out of the house. GMG was so great for me and I ended up meeting two great friends because of it as I led a group for one season. I also loved the SOAP study method and what transformed my Bible study. I pray that this situation is resolved in a godly way that honors Christ but I also know you can only live in peace with others as much as it is up to you if the other party is not responsive or willing.

  81. Wendy says

    I am not sure about all that has transpired, I am really upset , to tears about it all. I have been studying with Courtney and her posts for many years now ( actual count not sure) but have been blessed by all the studies. It has drawn me closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for that I am truly thankful.
    I am excited about the reading through the Bible, I have read it a few times on my own and have found that I read but do not actually know what I read because the plans I have always done are for multiple chapters a day. I am actually very excited to do a more in-depth study, as I am so hungry for the Word of God. We all need to go to our Lord and ask what He would have us do before we condemn or criticize another. I am in prayer for all concerned . Through all this may our Lord come out victorious. Courtney I love you and your leadership and am praying for healing for you my dear sister in Christ. So count me in for this time of reading through God’s word and I pray that the Lord will touch each heart that chooses to read and study His word, may we not only read but meditate on it as well.

  82. says

    I’m in!!! This is great, I was just thinking I would like to actually read through the Bible, for once in my life. So excited to begin this. I love the story of Esther too, so much to learn from her, and Ruth. Which I just finished reading.

    Courtney, I seem to recall something you’d written about how you memorize scripture? Am I remembering correctly…if so, what’s the link? I’m also wanting to memorize His Word.

    Praying for you, and all involved in this situation. God is a God who can cause great things to happen.


  83. Jessica says

    Praying for healing…it is hard enough to experience relational conflict where dear friendship has been, but even harder to try to process and reconcile when it is tied up with the public and our well-meaning, but severely limited points of view. It is hard not to feel as if immediate public defense is necessary, but how many of us have sent that reactive email or text only to regret the words we chose and wish we would have waited a day or week for the emotions to die down? While I am saddened too at the way this has unfolded publicly, these women need prayer, grace and gentle encouragement–and for us to not let their first drafts be the whole story. I love the encouragement from other dear commenters not to let Satan win here–he is the real enemy! The rest of us are sisters–and we can all relate to pain and mistakes. The Lord is bigger! He is the great Healer! Come, Lord Jesus!

  84. Emily says

    I can’t wait to start this with you! I’ve wanted to do this for awhile now, and didn’t know where to begin! Thank you!

  85. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says

    Oh Courtney…I know this saddens you greatly because you and Angela are/were such good friends going back to high school. TBH, it saddens me too. I found your ministry first and I believe what you are saying here. The fact that she won’t even speak to you now? Wow, just wow!

    I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this. I’m sure many tears have been shed by you. Know that I’m praying for you and for this to be resolved. Sending you a big hug!!

    I’ll be happy to join your new Bible study! Xox

  86. DD says

    I have been following this blog, and, I believe watched almost every one of Courtney’s videos on you tube. This has been one source of support for me as a stay at home mom and wife. I truly find myself feeling very isolated as a woman who gave up a career to take care of my family. I receive no support through my church. I have joined several women’s studies and seem to find myself being the center of conversation where I leave feeling almost attacked because I do not hold a paying job and we homeschool.

    This may sound very selfish. But, please, please, find a way to continue offering support to women like me. As I pray someday I will have the opportunity to do the same, in some capacity. I have never commented here, that I can remember. The only reason I am doing so now, is because I am really hoping, in all of these comments, you might see that there is something special about your ministry that is hard to find elsewhere. I truly believe families are under attack, and I think you have something here that a lot of women can benefit from. I do not pretend to know what you might be going through right now. But, I am hoping that amidst all of the negativity, you would not step away from sharing yourself in the way you have over the years. In my opinion, that may be just what the enemy is hoping for.

    That being said, I am hoping to be able to join the upcoming bible study here and perhaps find a group of women who will lift each other up. I am certain as everyone get’s into Gods word together, the rest of the details of these unfortunate circumstances will be worked out in their own time. God will bring healing and grace, and perhaps everyone will come out of this a little more refined.

    Please, let me know what else I will need to do in order to join a study group.


  87. Stephanie says

    I’m so sorry for all of you! Ive been in a similar situation and it is painful. Unfortunately, as Christians we are not immune to disagreements and conflict. Acts 15:36-41 comes to mind. I’m also sorry that others feel free to judge you without knowing the circumstances or your heart. I’ve been praying for you all day and will keep doing so. God bless you!

  88. Sarah says

    I think all of the ladies need to step back for a time and spend some time with the Lord. If you are trying to lead others in His word and are not following what you preach it concerns me. I know Courtney may have felt like she needed to defend all of the things the other ladies said but she would come off better if she had just ignored it. I pray that these ladies will resolve this. I feel if they cannot I am not sure that I would want to sit under their teaching. It is not about taking sides. It is about extending love grace mercy and forgiveness to each other. Satan loves this whole thing. I will be praying for healing of relationships among all of these ladies.

    • Sharon says

      Been praying all day about this whole confusing mess. One thing I realized is, that anyone who truly knows Jesus will not be able to continue on in a deceptive manner. I have no way of knowing exactly what all went on that led up to this very confusing event and am not choosing sides, etc. But, it seems to me that if someone is truly a follower of Christ, the Holy Spirit would be pricking their consciousness continually about being untruthful. As someone already said, I imagine both parties have done some wrong or whatever you want to call it. I don’t necessarily want or need to know all the details, but this shocking event has truly been on my mind all day long. I just don’t understand what/how it came to this.

  89. sheila payne says

    I am in. I read the April 15 (I think the date is right) and that looked like you were not going to be a part of GMG anymore. So did you choose to stop or did the others push you out? I got list somewhere.

  90. Jessica says

    I’m in! Sorry about what’s going on! I will pray for you and them! I started out with your blog, and will continue on with you as well! Thanks for your ministry!

  91. Jacqueline says

    I’m looking forward to going through the Bible with you all. I have been greatly inspired and encouraged by your ministry, Courtney.

  92. says

    I have lost so much respect for you, Courtney. You handled all of this in a very prideful way. I am so sorry for this whole mess, but I find it very hard to believe you have done absoultey nothing wrong. And part of dying to self is dying to our need to be right – you seem very determined to prove that you are right and Angela is wrong. That, to me, is not loving toward Angela at all – even if all you say is true. You should love her enough to be wrong.

    • Cynthia says

      Ms. Amanda, I am saddened by your message to Courtney. The only reason she came forth with any of this was to offer any confused ladies an explanation, as she herself was surprised. There is nothing wrong with wanting justice. She’s not being vengeful. The apostle Paul must seem very prideful to you, since he often defended himself. I’ll save you most verses, but one of those times was in the book of Acts (Acts 16:16-40) when he and Silas were beaten and thrown in prison. When they were to be released, Paul refused to leave secretly after being treated so unfairly as Roman citizens and asked for the city officials to go themselves to let them out. I don’t find your comment to be loving toward Courtney, just as you don’t find her actions to be loving toward her sisters in Christ.
      The truth is that we don’t know everything, but we know enough to know that Courtney truly wants to honor God in this, just like every area of her life.
      May God bless you, Ms. Amanda. And may He convict us all of any wrong we might have done, said, or thought against one another. Have a blessed day.

  93. Jennifer says

    I am so sad at this MESS that is displayed for all to see…

    Can you believe that I lost my husband… suddenly at 37 years old… without any warning…. and I came to your website through my tears and sickness for ENCOURAGEMENT at my time of tragic pain and heartbrokenness…. I have just lost my best friend and am left with 2 little children who lost their Daddy….

    Unfortunately, instead of encouragement and refreshing wells of grace to help me… I see this nasty fight that is more about ‘who is right’ than WHO REALLY MATTERS…. Our beautiful Lord… who gives us life everlasting. Please know how short life is… it is a vapor… and God can call us home at any second… to waste time on ANYTHING that does not GLORIFY GOD is worthless!!! Who cares who is right or wrong or hurt or upset…. Glorify God and forget the persecution! When we see Jesus face to face… that is all that will matter— how our lives (and conversations) glorified Him… (or in this case discouraged an already broken heart and hundreds more I am sure…..

    Are we really ‘women living well’ ????

    • Tamara says

      ((((Jennifer))))) I am SOOOOO sorry for your painful loss of your husband. My heart is breaking for you and I just wanted you to know that I am stopping right now to pray for you and your 2 little children as you grieve this loss.

      Dear Father, You hear the heartache of Jennifer pleading for peace to cover her and her children beyond understanding. Your plan is far greater that any of us can see right now and we pray that Your loving arms wrap around this family and let them feel your warmth and security to fill this earthly void. We praise You, Father, for Your master plan and gift of life beyond this trial. ~Amen

      Please know that you are being heard and you and your children are dearly loved.

      • Tamara says

        Jennifer, I just wanted you to know that you are STILL in my prayers and hope that you feel the Father’s soothing comfort surround you. My heart is so heavy for you.

        “…weep with those who weep.” Romans 12:15

        You are loved!!!

    • says

      Oh my dear sister…I’m so sorry for your loss, and cannot imagine the pain and grief you’re feeling. When my older child passed away, I was blinded with grief, and full of pain. Please know, that I too am praying for you and your children in this dark time. The Lord sees you, and He provides His peace without measure. ((((hug))))


  94. Jamileh says

    Interesting how some feel Courtney was/is being prideful about this situation however what about Angela’s comment….”The ministry has been fully funded by Angela and her husband in its entirety since began in 2010.” Is this not pride as well??!! Emotions aside…praying for all involved.

  95. Lori says

    I’m in! I’ve been struggling all summer to be disciplined in my quiet time. I’m looking forward to reading through the Bible with you.

  96. says

    Blessing Courtney.
    Thank you for taking the time to update your post. May His mantle of peace surround you. Look to Him who is your victory and the lifter of your head.
    May He anoint you with His love and surround you with His peace that passes all understanding.

    Isaiah 54:17New King James Version (NKJV)

    17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
    And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
    You shall condemn.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
    And their righteousness is from Me,”
    Says the Lord.

    May your words continue to be like apples of gold in settings of silver (Proverbs 25:11)

    In His time He will make all things beautiful

  97. Older Woman says

    How interesting that in this place, that exists for the purpose of encouraging each other to live according to the principles we read in God’s word, very few women used God’s word as a reference for their comments. Oh, friends, this should not be so. Neither should there be this taking of sides. I’m an older woman now, retired from church ministry, but still active in ministry. I have learned a few things over the years — many the hard way. Troubled waters are stirred to a foul degree when we make the mistake of picking up someone else’s grudge. Problems intensify when, in the name of justifying ourselves, we take our hurt egos to someone who is not a part of either the problem or the solution. Social media makes this far, far too easy. Another thing I see here is that independent ministries, be they ministries that sprout like mushrooms on the internet, small groups in churches or large independent ministries without boards, almost always run aground on the rocks of ego, (“this is MY ministry”) hurt feelings and people gathering supporters around them… and thus begins the ugly choosing of sides and destruction of ministries. I would advise (I’m older, please listen; I speak with love for the good of those who are younger in Christ)…I would advise that because of their size, and for their own protection, that if they haven’t already done so, both these ministries appoint impartial boards (and yes, let’s include some godly men on this!) to oversee them and help the leader(s) gain perspective at times like these. The rest of us….let’s leave this between God and Courtney and the LGG ladies. I believe Courtney has shown herself to be what we all are or were at one time: young, human, hurting, and all of us still working with God on the pride thing. No matter what we’ve done, written, or how few of how many “likes” we have, Satan will use that one till the day we take our last breath. Dying to self is a DAILY thing, and the hardest part of living for Jesus. (The only thing harder in life is dying to chocolate, I think. :) ) Now we all have the chore we would not have had a few days ago, had this been handled correctly: We must, along with Courtney and Whitney and the rest, FORGIVE. That means being willing to bear the pain of anothers’ sin against us. The Word says not to let a root of bitterness spring up “therefore defiling the soul.” As so many have said here, Satan is chuckling as he rides what looks like a big wave headed onto his beach. Girls LET IT GO. Courtney, darlin’ LET IT GO. Step back a bit. Heal. Work this out with your friends. As sisters in Christ, we have only one choice: to love. That’s all. Warts and all. To do good to those we feel “spitefully use us.” To shower them with love, so much love that the world looking on will be amazed and say, “Behold, how they love one another.” If you respond to this biblically, you will end up stronger spiritually. Trust me — I’ve had lots of practice, both making mistakes and forgiving them. For a great exploration of a disagreement between two biblical giants, Paul and Barnabas (and that happened about two thousand years ago–imagine how long people could be talking about this!) leave this blog and read and pray as you explore that story: Let’s hold hands and hearts and be what God sees us as: ladies in the Kings Court. The world is not long for this world, I think, and time is too short to waste it arguing over something that was never ours in the first place. That’s all…good night ladies.

  98. Carol says

    I am in, I hope because I received this email today that I am signed up automatically for this. Can’t wait sounds like a challenge but something I am up for.

  99. Jessica Allen says


    My heart breaks for you right now and I will praying for you and this situation.

    Thank you for starting this journey through God’s word. Two years ago, I read the entire Bible along with Wendy Blight. I was SO blessed. I have been wanting to do this again, so I am thankful that you are starting this. I am SO in!!!!!


  100. Lauren says

    Praying for you, Courtney. I can’t imagine how much this situation must hurt your heart. My husband and I do know what it’s like to have everything you have worked for unjustly taken from you. We don’t yet know what He’s doing, but we do take comfort in knowing He has a plan and He uses ALL things for good. I believe He’s at work behind the scenes for you as well. He will fight your battles for you. Take others’ criticism with a grain of salt as He is the only one you have to please and He knows your heart. I personally admire that you are real enough to share your struggles with us. I know it isn’t easy.

    With love and grace,

  101. says

    Hello Courtney. I was a member of the children’s resource team for GMG and I have a quick question for you…All of the studies that we created…are they going to be accessible anywhere for the mothers that want to use them? We put a lot of hard work into those studies and I (can’t speak for the rest of the team) would love to see them still available to mothers, father, grandparents, etc, that want to use them.

    I wish you the best and look forward to hearing from you. :)

  102. Julia says

    I can only imagine the tears you have cried not only over whatever happened between you and Angela but reading the comments posted. My heart grieves for you. I will say I was a bit surprised by your post and the addendum. It doesn’t read like your other posts. We can all clearly feel your frustration. My prayer is you take a deep breath, hand it all over to the King, and ask that He not only heals the wounds but uses this as a launching pad for something bigger and better than pettiness, anger, and bitterness. Too many people are watching your reaction. Let them see God shining thru you. One of my favorite quotes from your book: “If holiness is not our driving force, we will be blown to and fro by the ways of the world and the emotions of our hearts.” Don’t be blown by the emotions of your heart!!

    I am excited about reading thru the Bible and reading your posts along with it. I have tried many times to read it all but never quite make it. So I will gladly read along side you as we “walk with the King!”

  103. Monica says

    I discovered your website this afternoon. I’ve been reading through it all day!! I absolutely love it!! I can’t wait for August 31st!!! Please count me in on reading through the bible. I’ve tried reading the bible but I’m so intimidated! I don’t know where to start and I get so down that I can’t interpret it like many so I give up. I hope this is the start of a great thing!

  104. Kimberly says

    Thank you, Courtney, for explaining the situation with honesty and transparency. I know you will get a certain measure of “flack” for *anything* you have done to try to resolve this mess.

    I do not believe it is prideful to explain yourself. I do not believe it is wrong to lay out the matter for the community of followers to see because it deserves explanation and does affect everyone. You’ve been wronged and it hurts. It is not sinful to experience the human reality of it. It is what it is – painful. Your response to it is where the sin can surface. Thank you for doing all you can to “walk with the King” in that regard.

    For followers, it is less a matter of “taking sides” as it is of needing to make a decision on where to participate into the future. A division has occurred; it cannot be ignored or denied, and people will follow someone and not the other or not at all. It cannot be avoided. I find it difficult to understand why commenters are expecting you to say nothing and just “let it go” without a word. It needed clarification. Each “side” revealed themselves. Followers will choose who to follow. All of us ultimately should be looking unto Jesus and learning from this mess not to look to any human leader as more than always just that – a human. It’s about Jesus. I feel you are and will make that your agenda, so thank you.

  105. Melinda Jahn says

    Courtney – just four months ago you wrote the blog below on being overwhelmed and that being ok and then being overwhelmed. You indicated all your relationships have suffered. You indicated you left GMG because you were overwhelmed and you left all ministry in Angela’s hands to make decisions. If you had a problem then with anyone it should have been stated in truth and love. I pray no root of bitterness takes hold as that will defile every person and every relationship and every project started. I pray reconciliation.

    April 15th you wrote:

    Today is a sad day for me as it is my final day to write here at Good Morning Girls. This ministry has been so very close to my heart since its birth so many years ago. It is hard to say good bye. I have told the story in the past of how Good Morning Girls began and never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how it would grow and grow and grow.

    Our God is alive and at work here at GMG! I love the hunger and thirst you all have for His word!!!

    I LOVE you guys! {I write this with tears in my eyes friends} I truly deeply love you all.

    It seems in my life that I go in cycles of feeling overwhelmed and then overcoming…then feeling overwhelmed –then overcoming. I so long to be strong and capable and able to manage all that is on my plate –but like the spring flowers here in Ohio this week that got covered in snow…things happen.

    The margins of my life have been very slim and as a result when I am overwhelmed, I find it hard to do anything well. I struggle with being the wife, mom, sister, friend, and writer that I long to be and at the end of the day –this troubles me.

    As I look at these spring flowers – covered in snow…they display how I feel right now in life. How I long to bloom where I’m planted but where I’m planted has much stress. I sense God moving me on from this ministry at GMG.

    Angela, Jennifer and Whitney are talented and godly writers and the ministry teams here are amazing! I know with Angela at the lead, this ministry goes on strong and God has great things for you all here.

    I love these girls!

    • says

      Yes – this was all true the day I wrote it. Though I did not state in this post that part of what was stressing me out, overwhelming me and giving me the sense I should move on was conflict behind the scenes – that is the reason I stepped away. When I stepped away from writing it was to bring peace to the situation behind closed doors and for the good of the ministry. It was a terribly painful time. I have always given the women there – who I love deeply – the freedom to do whatever they please on the GMG domain – maybe this was my mistake? I have not interfered in any of their current ministry goals and had told them I support them going forward. That is the reason for my surprise to the redirection of my domain and the destruction of the content.

      I want to make this point 100% clear, on April 15th, 2014 I stepped away from writing at GMG primarily due to exasperation from behind the scenes conflict. At no time did I ever give up ownership of the website or my legal trademark to . Just like if I was generous and allowed someone to drive my car for a few months, that does not entitle them to the ownership of it.

      Thank you for asking this question and seeking understanding. I apologize for the confusion.
      Lots of Love,

      • Lisa Maria says

        Dearest Courtney

        Thank you for once again trying to bring clarity to us from your own place of pain. It must really hurt to feel that you must defend yourself over and over again and so many have disparaged your efforts. Some have even abandoned you for your transparency. That’s what I have always loved about you…you are REAL. What you see is what you get. You humble yourself to admit you are flawed. Friends, many have felt Courtney’s actions to be prideful or UN-Christian, but she is human and regardless of how anyone else feels she should have handled herself, she deserves grace. The Courtney we know and love is the same woman who has brought so much joy and passion to encouraging women all over the world in their marriages and motherhood and to be godly women. This incident is NOT the sum total of who she is. Whether she is right or wrong in this…it does not negate all the good she has done. None of us know the whole story and it isn’t our place to judge. My heart hurts for all involved and I truly pray that healing and restoration takes place as you have reached out to try to achieve. Much love and hugs from the Caribbean!!

      • Grace says

        Courtney, thank you so much for bringing clarity. You did so with such graceful discretion. Your analogy of the car reminded me of an episode of Seinfeld (if I may refer to it) where Jerry’s mechanic takes issue with the way Jerry cared for his own car and kept berating him over it. When Jerry didn’t consent to some extreme mechanical interventions for HIS car, the mechanic actually stole the car and justified it with promising that the car would then would get the care it ‘deserved’. :(

        Therefore, no matter what the LGG team’s assertions may be, their “authority” is subject to the direction, consent and wishes of the OWNER. Period. That, and that alone, is the bottom line of the matter in my humble opinion. The rest is just sorted details. I pray for a peaceful resolution and a heavy heart of repentance would come upon those who have “stolen the car”.
        Blessings to you,

      • SarahJean says

        This is the missing link I was looking for. Thank you for this further clarification. I won’t list my opinions on all this matter-too many have already been aired. I just needed help seeing my way forward. I like the personal approach you give Courtney. I know it is more work for you, but I will say that the videos on GMG as of late have been off-putting to me because of the sense of superiority and impersonal vibes I get from them now.

      • Sarah Block says

        I am brand new to GMG (this summer study was my first) and as an “outsider” who has no “loyalty” to any person running this ministry, I have to say, your April 15 post does not in any way imply that you were “lending” (ala your car analogy) it to the other girls. You said you were stepping back and essentially giving them the reins. It seems really shady to me that you would suddenly be claiming ownership now when you clearly gave it up and stepped away in what appeared to be a permanent manner before. If you had stated you were taking a break, or stepping back for a few months, that would be a different story. I hope I’m wrong, but this issue you’re having seems like it is more about you than anything else.

  106. says

    I would hope and pray that if I were overwhelmed and even felt like I need to step back from a current ministry, my close friends and colleagues would recognize it and support me! Help me through whatever struggle I was having–whether it be something between me and them or something internal. I think it’s a shame what has happened….those other women have no idea the damage that thy have done to this huge world wide, Multi language ministry. I still cannot believe they hijacked the Facebook page to advertise their new site! I have no idea how Courtney is even managing to keep it together at all after being betrothed like this.

  107. Elaine says

    I am in! Haven’t read Esther for a few years, and I’m looking forward to it. Praying for peace, joy, love, forgiveness and grace to prevail in the GMG situation. <3

  108. says

    Hi, Courtney! If I could reach through this computer screen and give you a hug, I surely would Please know that I am praying for you and everyone involved.

    I hope you’ll see my comment because the Lord led me to download all of your studies off of the GMG website in July (So glad I obeyed His leading!! I still remember the thought going through my mind, “Just in case.”). I have I John, Advent, Anything, Colossians, Ephesians, Intentionally Focused, James, Living Like Jesus Luke Study, Living and Leading Like Jesus part 2, Living Like Jesus part 3, Proverbs 31, Why Easter Matters, and You Are Loved. I download everything for each study. If you would like, I can email it all to you. Just let me know. :)

    Your Sister in Christ,

  109. says

    Courtney, Thank you for your commitment to us ladies on reading through the bible! I look forward to it! I am definitely in! I need it! I know I need this season with my God and you ladies! Praying for you during this season in your life and your family life! Because of what your created 4 years ago, I have met some amazing ladies that I can truly call my friends and sisters in Christ! I have learned more in the last couple of years than I have learned growing up in my church. Thank you for all you do!

  110. M says

    I’ll spare any comments on right and wrong. However, for those looking for the old studies nothing on the internet is ever gone. I have used the way back time machine many times. Go to: and enter the GMG site in the search box. Pick a year from the results. Click on the studies tab. For instant here is the Colossians study. If it will direct link. Regardless, go to

  111. says

    I am excited to be joining you on this journey through God’s word. I have loved our previous journeys and your books my husband bought were very well used over the summer in my garden meetings with young women looking for direction in their lives. Than k you for for your perseverance. Count me in!

  112. Shelley says

    Wow. I am so sad and disappointed in all the leaders of GMG.
    This could have been such a great example of how we can resolve conflict and love one another and work together for the greater good.
    You can write great content (talk the talk) but the true test is to walk the walk.
    This is not about one person it is about a group.
    Satan is so happy.

  113. HeartsRejoice says

    Thank you!!! — for recovering the previous studies. I’ve had to go back and catch up and was missing a few of the weeks from Colossians. I am so into the “Go Eat Pop Corn” –this has been a time of renewal starting with Galatians!! So, happy to see this posted tonight to get the final pieces to the study. It’s the only way I’ve been able to participate with the WLW community.

    Fall is right around the corner. Many lessons learned this summer season. Many more lessons to follow – as always, in life.

    It will be refreshing to begin a new study, with a NEW season. …..for as we know, “to everything ‘there’ is a season, a “time” for every purpose under heaven.” Eccelesiastes 3 ~ Everything Has It’s Time -NKJV

    Walk if Faith, Trust & Believe,

    Rejoice always ~

  114. Kim says

    I’m so sorry this has happened. I’ve unsubscribed/unfollowed all of LGG (posts and social media). But am curious how they are still using the GMG Facebook page? Will you have any ability to regain control of it?

      • Kim says

        Wow. I’m so sorry the FB page will not be returned to you. So surprised they wouldn’t want to begin their own domain and social media given the circumstances…. rather than taking GMG. Such a disappointing way for this to play out that they would run with something you started instead of leaving it to you and starting their own ministry. This just feels so wrong. This was a ministry you started. How it could be taken from you is beyond understanding. I’m so sorry this has happened. All the best as you move forward from this.

  115. mary sowjanya says

    Count me in. Courtney I follow both GMG and WLW and it has been a blessing in times of need. I have started reading the bible so many times and couldn’t sustain it. Your plan of 1 chapter a day would be perfect for busy bees like me. So im really looking forward to aug 31st. May God give you divine guidance, wisdom and perseverance so that you would touch the lives of many. By the way even im interested in the previous studies anf materiald. Is there any way I can get them?

  116. Lyn says

    Courtney~I’m in and looking forward to it and will continue to support your ministry in prayer. : ) You have showed yourself once again to be a woman of God in how you are handling things. I’m grateful to you and for your teaching and can’t wait to start reading the Bible with you. Prayers and love~Lyn : )

  117. says

    I look forward to the upcoming content. I appreciate your ministry and the support and encouragement you offer women. I highly value your contribution to the kingdom of God. Your book, website, and blog are full of valuable teaching, which I have enjoyed immensely. You have encouraged me to continue to walk faithfully with my King each and every day. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you overcome these current challenges.

  118. Alane says

    Courtney, I want you to know how much I have thoroughly enjoyed your commentaries and posts, books and writing. For whatever reason, I have always gleaned much SO more from your posts while doing GMG studies. As this new home school year begins, I had been really looking forward to accountability — and I will be following your reading plan and I know it will bless my and my family.

    I also wanted to just give you a virtual ((hug)). My husband and I recently had to sever a business relationship with our partners (another Christian couple) and it was very painful. So, I can really empathize with your situation. I know I personally I still have a long way to go in healing from this situation, and I think God really wants me in the word with some accountability as part of the process. Bless you and your sweet family.

  119. Sara says

    I’m in! Can’t wait to read through the Bible one chapter at a time! I am so sorry for all the pain and heartache you’ve had to deal with. Praying for you, and sending you a virtual hug, and praying that God blesses the new beginning for Good Morning Girls! I was just thinking about how your fall challenge of Making Your House a Home was so great for our family … I’ve already got my candle ready to go for this year! Keep on keeping on, Courtney! You are a blessing!

  120. LeoraRames says

    This sounds like the opportunity that I’ve been looking for. So often we get caught up in other bible studies and not really being in the word itself. Count me in.

  121. Brandi says

    I have been following Good Morning Girls and Women Living Well for about 4 years. Both sites and ministries have helped me when I desperately needed it. And I’m still in desperate need of the help that is provided in the form of bible studies and Godly support. My husband has been unemployed for almost 2 years. We have been kicked out of the rental we were renting due to his unemployment, even though rent was still being paid. We threw away almost all of our belongings to make a move from Colorado to Oregon with our three children and all that we could fit in our car. We experienced the loss of our fourth child due to ectopic pregnancy and I developed pulmonary embolism as a result. We then had to move back to Colorado from Oregon. Only a month after my arrival back to Colorado, I lost my grandfather. During our time in Oregon up to now as I type this, we are considered homeless and have been living with non-Christian families. But by the grace that only can come from God, we are together, we are warm, fed and healthy. It has been almost a year since we disposed of all of our belongings and picked up to move to a new state and all the events that transpired afterward. And I cannot begin to express how difficult this has been for me and my faith. But I have also learned that God has giving me this life for me to become weak and to lean on Him for strength instead of seeking strength from the flesh. I don’t know if it has made me stronger, but I’m much more humble than I once was. Instead of expressing disappointment in Courtney and the other ladies in this situation, we should show them all the grace that God continues to show us every single day. We don’t know why this has happened but we need to trust that God has a purpose for it. We need to pray for all the women involved and pray that God with humble their hearts and that they will turn to Him and lean on Him for strength and wisdom. God allows bad things to happen so that we turn to Him and lean on Him and seek Him. We have a perfect example of this in Job. We are to lean on God instead of question why we are suffering or hurting. I pray that all the women involved will humble themselves before the Lord and seek His wisdom in this situation.

    Courtney, you have been a source of inspiration to me. You have encouraged me and I have found myself still looking up even when I can’t even hold my head up. Your ministry has taught me that God is faithful. I’m very happy that you are continuing your ministry and I hope that you find His wisdom in this painful situation. You are a beautiful soul and I’m bless that the Lord has put you in my life when I needed it the most. I hope you find encouragement in the days to come and continue to beam as brightly for God as you do. I pray for you and the other ladies, because we are imperfect and our flesh is weak. Blessing be to all of you in the name of Christ!

  122. Marcia L. Jackson says

    Good morning Courtney :-)! I will be joining you in our study through the Bible. Thank you for your faithfulness. I will keep you and your husband lifted up in prayer.

  123. TammyThompson says

    I’m in! This is great, I’ve been watching some of your videos and am just so grateful for you! Thank you!

  124. Angela says

    Hi, I am interested in receiving the posts as emails if possible.

    I am currently reading Women Living Well, which was given to me by a very dear and sweet friend!

    I am learning so much!

    Thank you for opening my eyes to so many things!

  125. says

    I understand some of these comments. I too, was wondering what was going on. But some of these comments on here are so sad. I received the same email, and in the end we will never know who has fault in this matter. What we do know, however is that we are human. We are flawed. We are imperfect people. This is what the enemy wants. Division in the body. Instead of pointing fingers lets unite and begin warring for these women. As sisters in Christ we are to share in each other’s burdens. We serve an amazing and powerful God that can restore the impossible. The ministries have gone their separate ways, yes. There is nothing we can do about that. But we can pray for restoration between these women. We can rebuke this spirit of divination that is attacking this ministry.

    Courtney, I have followed your WLW blog for a few years now. Actually, one of the blogs I first read. I know first hand how it feels to have division tear down friendships and ministries. I am founder of Whole Magazine and along with my husband we founded God Over Porn. We have had that same spirit attack us, especially when important decisions had to be made. My prayer is that the Lord sends you the right women to help you. If there is anyway I can help you. Web or graphic design, social media anything.. Please do not hesitate to contact me at Stay encouraged sister!

  126. says

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