How to Respond to the Labels – Intolerant, Judgmental, Hater

Impossible to please everybody J C Ryle quote

 Some might think I live in a bubble because I’ve homeschooled my kids for the last 5 years…they’d be wrong.  For the first 18 years of my life, I attended public schools.  I also worked in the “real world” as a waitress for many years and later as a receptionist, Administrative Assistant and Business Sales Rep.  During those years, I made friends with all sorts – gay and straight, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist and every denomination from Charismatic to Fundamentalist to Methodist and Presbyterian. I sincerely enjoy people and anyone who is kind to me, I quickly adopt […]

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5 Ways to Defend Truth

God's word defines truth.

Before we get started with the #TruthInLove series, we need to define some terms. Truth is reality…what really is. Subjectivism is where truth and reality are determined by the subject or person. Relativism is the theory that there is no objective standard by which truth may be determined.  There is no absolute truth. As Bible believers we believe in absolute truth which means we stand opposed to relativism and subjectivism.  Truth is not relative to time, location, and people groups.  Truth is not subject to peoples opinions or culture.  God’s Word defines truth. Whew – that was a lot of […]

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Being a Creationist {In Opposite World}

evolution 2

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. ~ I Peter 3:15 Our homeschool group went to the Natural History Museum in May.  We started out the day with a presentation in the planetarian.  The lights went dark and the speaker began. “Billions of years ago there was a dense ball of energy that expanded and formed our universe.” ………………………..really? One of the other moms said our sons both whispered out loud “wrong!” Then this speaker explained the marvelous galaxies that our God created and I […]

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Election Desperation

    We are down to the wire! Both candidates  are pulling out all the stops in their final desperation to get out the vote!  My home state – Ohio – is a swing state and there is a thick political cloud of tension hanging over our state.  The Airforce One has landed here quite frequently this month and Romney was in our hometown this past Friday and will be back again this week.  We’ve attended rallies and posted our signs in the yard (and had them stolen once – then we got new ones and they were pulled out and thrown in the middle […]

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How Religious Is Your State? & WLWW Link-Up Party!

Gallup just released their newest polls and research on Religiousity in America and I thought it was interesting.  Photo Credit Photo Credit Just because someone calls himself “Religious” doesn’t mean they have a “Walk with the King” or have an intimate walk with Jesus…but I think this map shows us where more evangelism needs to be done…some states are saturated with Bible believing churches on every street corner – while others are desolate! I love the power of the Internet that shines light into every dark nook and cranny of America!!! For my readers in the U.S., how does your […]

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Theology Thursday: My Conversation With An Atheist


(I apologize in advance for this extremely long post! ) Over the last 3 years, I have received many emails and comments that are less than kind.  Mocking blog posts like this (by a blogger who has over 163,000 twitter followers) and forums that have devoted threads to attacking me,  have brought a lot of angry emails into my inbox.   In the beginning, I attempted to dialogue with angry commenters.  I found that it always was a deadend road.  Now I hit the delete button on every mean comment (ie. swear words, name calling, threats). I leave up people who disagree with me in a respectful manner because I am comfortable with […]

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