What If You Knew You Only Had 6 Weeks to Live?

Last night I went to my favorite blog – “Girl Talk Blogs”. It’s written by 3 close sisters and a Godly mom – (I relate to them a lot since I have two close sisters and a Godly mom.) They had a link to a website titled “Death Is Not Dying” and when I went there I did not expect to find what I found – I found perspective and conviction.
I found a video of a Godly woman. She is just 37 years old with two young children (around ages 5 and 7). She beat breast cancer 5 years ago – but a few months back she learned that her cancer had returned to her liver and from there has spread to her bones and now her skull. Her days have been numbered to 6-16 weeks – but she felt compelled to speak and share with the world her message – “Death is Not Dying”.
As I watched her video – my heart was broken for her – she talked of all the times she told her children “no- we can’t do a craft right now – it’s too messy”, “no I don’t feel like playing a game”, “no – don’t jump on the bed – then I’ll have to straighten it.” As a mom of children of little ones, I so relate to those moments! Cancer has changed everything – especially her perspective of playing with her children. She is finding herself saying – “yes” much more these days.
She profoundly implored her listeners to remember “I am not the only one dying – so are you.” We don’t know when our days will be up – tomorrow something tragic could happen and you could breathe your last breath. Death is inevitable for all of us.
What if you knew you only had 6 weeks to live? Would you change the way you play with your children? Would you be more patient with your husband? Would you draw nearer to God and care less about temporal things. Surely our perspective would change.
I know this video can be lengthy – and for moms with little ones it will be hard to get through the entire thing – but even if you only hear 10 minutes – I know that you will find encouragement to live your life completely surrendered to God.
When the video ended – I proceeded with my nightly ritual – I headed to the treadmill. As I walked down the stairs conviction hit me – I need to thank God for my healthy body. Too often I wish I were a different “cup size” when I should be thanking the Lord for my cancer free cup! Too often I wish the number on the scale was smaller when I should be thanking the Lord for my good health! God, forgive me for those days I am discontent with my healthy body. Thank you for giving me another day to hear the birds sing, to see the sun shine, to kiss my sweet husband and listen to the laughter of my children. Help me to live my life completely surrendered to you.
Walk with the King!
To read more about finding hope as a loved one battles cancer go to: Lorrain’s Story


  1. Oh Courtney, thank you for the beautiful, thought-provoking post. I’m going to watch the video now. I think about this often…and would love to post about it too…and I will link to you. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Thank you for the reminder Courntey. I’ve found myself saying many of the things that she said too. Living as though you’re dying creates a different perspective. I will be checking out her site too. Have a wonderful day Courtney-

  3. Thank you so much Courtney…just finished listening to this amazing video testimony. It was so moving and such a blessing. A beautiful picture of a heart fully surrendered to the Lord and the initmate relationship that exists between the Lord and His Child!

    Thank you for this reminder…

  4. Wow, I just had time to finish the entire Death is NOT Dying video earlier today. Rachel gave a very simple yet profound message. I love the 4 things… KNOW GOD, KNOW The GOSPEL, Know Yourself, and Know your purpose!!! She makes everything very clear and concise… I believe it could be a great tool for witnessing and I think Rachel would be pleased for it to be used as such… she spoke clearly to those who have not yet come to repentance as well as to those of us who need to be sharpened! Thank you for putting this out here!

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