Part 2 – How Do I Clean in the Midst of These Kids?

I received the sweetest note from a friend named Regina. She had read Monday’s post titled, “How Do I Clean In the Midst of These Kids?” and then she posted these pictures of her precious children on Facebook and sent me this note:

Thanks Courtney. Your site is where I got the idea. You are the one who encouraged me to do this and I am so happy the way it worked out. I know as time goes on they might grumble but for their first time…..they were having a blast. I went to the dollar store and got a box of gloves and got them both their own feather duster (same color… so they have nothing to fight about). We actually did have fun working together one room at a time. It really opened up Jacob’s eyes though by helping. He would always say “Mommy, why are you always cleaning?” I would tell him that it gets dirty if I don’t. He didn’t understand until he helped clean this morning. He noticed how dirty the toilet got. I explained to him the importance of cleaning so we can use clean things in our house. I think he got the picture. hehehe Thank you Courtney for all the wonderful posts you put on your site. I get lots of wisdom from you. Keep posting more wisdom my way. I need it!!!!”


I am humbled by her email and wanted to share it with you because her heart is just so tender and teachable. She is right – the grumbling will come. But I must admit that my children are both about 2 years older than hers and the grumbling is truly rare. Thus far, I have been able to keep it fun and interesting and my children have moved from working along side of me – to having specific duties and chores that they are able to do on their own. I believe this came through the training they received when they were much littler.

Tomorrow I will share my chore system – I don’t use charts or big boards or anything too crazy – it’s simple and it WORKS! I had to find something that wasn’t too hard for me to consistently do – and well – charts are hard for me to keep up with week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out…!

Walk with King!


  1. Thank you for the beautiful comment you left on my At The Well post!

    I, too, have my children help out with the cleaning chores. It really helps me out and teaches them how to do household chores efficiently.

  2. This morning we cleaned the living room and they were excited. I had the music going and we were dancing to it while dusting. Jacob helped me rearrange the furniture. Then we moved into the office and by then Jacob said, "Ah mommy, can't you just do it yourself?" I had to laugh. I chuckled and just explained to him that we are doing this as a team and if we live in this house than we need to be helpful and participate in doing chores. He then kept dusting and then he swept (which he loves to do). I rewarded them with a nickle and they were thrilled. I love this plan. Things are getting done and they are not bored. I already feel like I have more time in my day now. Thanks again Courtney!!

  3. Sweet photos! Thanks for sharing Courtney, and good on you for putting things into pracrice so quickly, Regina.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog! I can so relate. Great ideas! I love getting kids involved. We played "cinderella" all day today. Tonight, we're rewarding our kids with yummy dessert!

    Love the insight! I'll be sure to "follow"

  5. I have three boys ages 12, 10, and 7. Since they were little they have worked alongside me to help with housework. Today I was away all day and my oldest was the "babysitter". He called to tell me there was a surprise for me at home. I arrived home and found all of the windows and mirrors cleaned, house dusted- upstairs and down, kitchen counters cleared and wiped down, kitchen floor swept, dishwasher unloaded and loaded, and their bedrooms perfectly cleaned. So girls, keep up the good work. Your cleaning may take longer today as you teach your child, but you will soon be reaping the benefits of raising hard-working children with the skills needed to maintain a home!

  6. Kristen (my sister!) – I love those boys! That's so awesome they did that! Thanks for your encouragement – you are an excellent role model and your boys are excellent role models for my kids – thank you!!!! I admire you!!!

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