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Happy Birthday To Me!

Guess what? It’s my Birthday! So I read a few verses addressing the issue of selfishness. Why address selfishness on my birthday? Because I have noticed in past years – since having children – that the temptation to feel that I deserve a “special” day on my birthday has begun to creep in.

Of course – when it actually turns out really special and everything goes my way – I am happy. But oh – if the kids are difficult and my husband has forgotten to buy me a present – I turn into a grouch and for some reason I feel justified – it’s my birthday! But I don’t see an exception clause in the Bible for selfishness on special occasions (like Mother’s Day – for some reason selfishness creeps in on that day too – yucko!).

I Corinthians 13:5 says Love “is not self-seeking” – so whether it’s my birthday or not – my kids should not have to go through the day with a “self-seeking” mommy. Philippians 2:3 says “Do nothing out of selfish ambition” – my husband should not have to go through the day on pins and needles trying to make his wife happy.

Acts 20:35 says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

This principle is true everyday of the year and on Birthdays too – because God’s word is always true. “It is more blessed to give than to receive” – even on my birthday! So off I go to cheerfully serve my family like every other day of the year – but this year I feel steadfast on watching that no selfish ambition or self-seeking attitudes creep in.

By the way, my hubby has a business meeting all day today so we won’t be able to be together on my birthday… I’m trying to not dwell on that. But I do have two gifts that the Lord has given me – my son and daughter, who are going to be with me all day and they plan to take me out to dinner – I am honored to be their guest!!! Wonder where they will take me? I’m not sure I’m selfless enough to let them choose or I could end up at the golden arches for my birthday…hmmmm… what’s that verse in Acts again??? Lol (Laugh out loud)!

Walk with the King!


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful Courtney! That was a sweet post. I hope you have a wonderful day! My husband was busy with work or traveling on many of mine and it used to fall on the first day of school…real bummer. My girls always made the day special for me, even if it were a porch picnic breakfast of Krispy Kreme donuts. Yours will do the same.
    God Bless!

  2. So here's a funny one – I heard the kids whispering this morning – "go get mommy's present". Then my son came in and said "mom you remember that box that was under the dining room table – where is it?" I threw it out and the trash man already came! My gift from the kids was IN the box that to me appeared to be filled with tissue paper from daddy's present over the weekend. I have two very sad little people – who wanted to give me something special and now cannot. I feel just awful for them 🙁


  3. Amen! I love this post. A few years ago God opened my eyes to my selfish attitude about mothers day and my birthday. I felt so convicted for how I treated my family so I try to be intentional to focus on others on those days and not on me. I think John Piper has a message on this somewhere. Have a great birthday=)

  4. Happy Birthday Courtney! You give us much to think about here. I personally am thinking about how horribly selfish I was just this year on my birthday. I didn't even get a card from my husband because money is just that tight for us. I should have been spending my day in the Bible like you have. Thanks for sharing this, I will surely be thinking of it next year on my birthday!

    Hope you have a grand day and a beautiful dinner with the kids!

    God bless!

  5. Oh no, I'm sorry it was thrown away by accident. I hope you have a happy birthday and two happy little kids today too!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I wish you would have posted this Monday!! Monday was my birthday, and my husband didn't get me a gift, and I felt all bummed all day… although it is hard, you are so right!! It is not ok to be selfish on my birthday!!! Ugh!!!

    Our Lord has surely BLESSED all of us with knowing you!!!!
    I see Jesus in YOU!!! Hugs!

  8. Courtney, thank you for OFTEN pointing out things we all know to be true but are too prideful to admit. Wow, we all need less of us and more of Jesus! But, I'm sure the Lord wants you to enjoy your special day too! Be Blessed, Jenny C.

  9. This is a toughie for sure!! I really try hard to not expect much on these days so then I cant be disappointed and cranky. I find I enjoy everyone else's birthdays more than mine because I dont feel I need to expect anything. Mine's coming up next month and I will remember this post and remind myself to not be selfish and count it a joy to be able to celebrate another year of life on this earth with my awesome family and friends!

  10. Dearest Courtney, I hope that you had a very blessed birthday! Thank you for the reminder on selfishness…maybe an idea would be to plan to do something 'out-of-the-ordinary' special for someone less privilaged or struggling on our birthdays! That way we can bless others with God's love.

  11. I read this post a few months ago and since today is my 30th birthday I decided I needed to come back to it. After my husband made me breakfast I decided it wasn't his job to cater to me all day so I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. Thank you for reminding me that just because we have a Birthday we do not have the right to become selfish.

  12. Wow Emily!!! That's great!

    Happy Birthday – I know you'll have a wonderful day because you have the right perspective!!!

    Keep walking with the King!


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