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Do you have trouble managing all the teacher notes, permission slips, reminders and just paper paper paper that is coming into your home? A mom friend of mine was talking to me about how overwhelming it is to keep all her kid’s school papers in order and when you add in mail, receipts, slips of paper with things jotted on them like lists or phone numbers and coupons – our kitchens can become a cluttered mess and with clutter comes stress.
So I purchased this NEW and cheap organizational tool at Office Max last week – it’s called – Post-It Pockets.
I stuck one inside my kitchen cabinet to hold all the calendars that are coming home with the kids through sports, church and stuff.

I love it because it gets the papers up off the kitchen counter so the kitchen is clean – and they aren’t hanging on the fridge looking messy. They are tucked neatly away where I can always be sure to find them on the way out the door.

This package contained three envelopes that are three different sizes – letter, bill and receipt. The cost was $12. I bought two packets because there was a special – buy one / get one half off. Now I can label one with my son’s name and one with my daughter’s. I can also add one to the school room and one in my office for my little lists I love to make – but then can never find! I am just so excited about these little pockets!
They could also hold restaurant coupons, rebate receipts, memory verse cards or phone numbers.

Do you have any fun organizational tips for how to handle your paper stuff – feel free to share in the comments section!

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  1. oooh – those have my name all over them. 😉 thanks for the tip!!

    Managing paper is not my strongpoint, although I'm getting better. One tip I learned a while back (but struggle to follow) is to try to touch each piece of paper only one time. Ie: pull the junk mail out of the mail box, throw it straight into the recycle bin. Open the bills, sort them by date, throw away the envelopes. Take receipts from your purse and enter them instead of throwing them on the desk.

    Sometimes I do well, sometimes my desk looks like a tornado has hit. 🙂

    Those pockets would be nice for recipes and stuff I'm saving. hmmmm…

  2. I'm with Kristi, these have my name all over them!!! Can't wait to make a trip to Office Max Friday=) I hate the clutter that always ends up on the kitchen counters from receipts, recipes, coupons, mail and papers galore. Thanks Courtney!!

  3. LOVE IT! I can't wait to try these things. They are going to be so helpful for school and misc. papers. Thanks Courtney!

  4. That's kind of cool. So they come off easily like a post it note? Are they staying up well even if they're loaded with paper?

  5. Morgan – yes, they say they come off easily – so I'm trusting the package claim. And yep, for now – it's loaded up and sticking. We will see what future days hold hehe!

  6. Oooo, those look really cool!

    One thing I use alot of are page protectors. I used them to hold credit card and debit card receipts, lists of what is in the closet and taped inside the closet door, etc…

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