Thrifty Thursday: Clothes Swap

I Timothy 6:18b says “Be generous and willing to share.”
Last Friday I had some friends (the Good Morning Girls) over and we had a clothes swap! It was so much fun!!! We all cleaned out our closets and collected lightly worn shirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, purses and jewelry. Then we spent the evening trying each others things on and chatting. In the end, I received a couple new pairs of pants, skirts, some workout clothes, a beautiful pair of earrings, a purse, and a whole bunch of new tops – FREE!

It’s funny because we all are different shapes and sizes – I am 5’2″ and the other two girls were over 5 inches taller. Our shapes and curves are in different places too – but it still worked out that we all were able to find stuff that worked and the extras went to a friend who couldn’t make it to the swap.

This is a thrifty way to update your wardrobe – consider inviting some friends over who wear a similiar size and style as you and do a swap! Also, don’t forget that you could do this with children’s clothes, toys and even your husband’s clothes. Often times it’s easy to drop all of our stuff at Goodwill. This is my first time to share with my friends – and I must say it was delightful to see old things take a new life once again rather than being wasted!

Walk with the King!


  1. I wouldn't have guessed that you're 5'2"! You're about my size then : )

    Having a clothes swap does sound like fun. You could even swap purses, shoes, scarves, and other fashion accessories.

  2. I need to do this with my friends! I think my church did something like this once as one of their Women's ministry outreach events. I wish I had gone now!

  3. hey courtney. thanks for the awesome idea. you know i started my good morning girls group. not always do they respond, but it has blessed people more than I even know. And in return has blessed me. I do it every day. Thanks for giving me a way to put discipline back in my life!!

  4. We used to do this in the college dorms all the time. I should try this again. I love new to me clothes, but I hate spending the money.

  5. I'm also 5'2" (and curvy), and get most of my clothes from friends who are tall and thin. Okay, so there's no way I can use their skinny pants, but when their shirts shrink up on them, they're a great fit for me. I also found out from their hand-me-downs that I'm not the medium size I thought I was, but a SMALL.

  6. I did this a few weeks ago and yes it was fun, although I wouldn’t do it again in summer because people are so busy that the turnout wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. We still had fun and most everyone went home with new to them stuff!

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