My New 2010 Weekly Schedule!

It’s a new year – it’s time for a new weekly schedule! A while back one of my readers, Nicki, shared her weekly cleaning schedule in the comments section of of a post titled “Smiling At Home”. I loved it! I saved her comment and when I pulled out my shiny new 2010 calendar, I also pulled out her schedule. As I wrote birthdays, important phone numbers and other information into my new calendar, I also added this schedule along the top, above the days of the week.

My 2010 Weekly Schedule

Mondays – Menu and Market Day
Tuesdays: Toilets, Tubs and Towels Day
Wednesdays: Wash (laundry day)
Thursdays: Dust
Fridays: Floors

I am very excited about this NEW schedule!!! It’s easy to follow since the task matches the first letter of the day. I will not follow it rigidly – so if you bump into me at the grocery store on a Friday – do not be dismayed! I use my schedules as guides to be sure I get everything done every week.
It’s easy to write a schedule -the hard part is following it! It takes discipline, diligence and eagerness to get it all done every week. I am reminded of Proverbs 31:13 which says “she works with eager hands.” Do you have eager hands today? We must role model this eagerness for our children and train them to have eagerness also – the home is a classroom for our children and mothers – we are the teachers. So pursue an eager spirit as you take care of your home today.

If you have a weekly schedule – please share it in the comment section – you never know – it might become my 2011 schedule lol!!

Walk with the King!


  1. LOVE this Courtney! I remember reading this and it is now the schedule I TRY to follow.
    I used to try to get the laundry, dusting, sweeping, floors, etc done in one day!!! Don't know why I did all that but it would make me very grumpy with my hubby and kids at the end of the day because I was so exhausted!
    I love this new schedule! Keeps a balance for me to not try to do it all in 1 day!!


  2. I have a basic cleaning on Monday with washing sheets, Tuesday is son doing laundry, Wednesday is whites, Thursday – towels, Friday – colds. I need to ge tmore into deep cleaning again.

  3. That's great that you have a schedule for cleaning! I seem to do everything on a whim right now, but having a plan down sounds nice too.

    I have a question for you- will the message board you set up always be public, or do you plan to have it go private (where only members can view posts) at some point?

  4. Morgan – great question.

    I must admit that I have not thought that far in advance :-(!

    But I like to have feedback – would you prefer that it weren't so public? Is that an issue for people? No one has mentioned it as a problem yet -but if it is a problem – I would definately consider making it more private…

    What are your thoughts?

  5. I just started trying to get the scheduling thing down, i used to think that schedules were no fun and you couldnt be flexable, with this new year i have started with trying a little at a time, right now i have a schedule for morning time and one for night time everyday…

    this helps me to get up and get my quiet time done for the day and also to not be in bed when my kids get up and then it also helps with night time..we always had some sort of routine but i have narrowed it down much more and we now are having family devotions everynight!!! Our kids really look forward to it which is really cool!! It also gives me and my husband time together and I even get my exercise in for the day.

    I am sure that this little change will inspire me to schedule more of my life.

    What i have learned so far is that i NEED to be flexable in order to keep my attitude right, I tend to flip if i mess up with my times(silly i know)…the Lord is teaching me alot though this and i totally notice a diffence in my kids!!!

  6. I have been working on my schedule. The thing I have to remind myself is to be flexible. I am one of those all or nothing, perfectionist or procrastinator women. There is not medium. But the Lord is showing me how to work in this area as a New Homeschool mom.

  7. i've been thinking of adopting a cleaning schedule…i have the "fly lady" book and think it's great. i do love the simplicity of your new schedule. thanks for sharing.

  8. A couple of you mentioned flexibility and I do believe that is key. We can plan our week – but we can't predict it! Inevitably we have sick kids, a car that won't run, or a toilet overflowing.

    But if we have a rhythm of life that is predictable and planned the entire family can know what is coming next and work together as a team accomplishing each day's tasks. For me routines cut out procrastination and stress.

    Each day has it's tasks to complete – when they are complete I rest because tomorrow's task is for tomorrow. Vice versa – each day has its task and I must accomplish it or tomorrow will be a bear.

    My schedule is a motivator and tool that helps my home have some sanity :-)!

    Great job sharing your plans – I love hearing them!

  9. I like the idea that you have to sign-up to view the forum. That way people are more open to share things without worrying that whatever they say may end up on a google search as well as just keeping things more private.

    Others might feel differently, though. Some people might enjoy having it open that way they can read the forum and get helpful advice without making a commitment to join.

  10. I was really motivated and encouraged this year by Karen Ehman's "A Life that Says Welcome." It was great timing for me as I was doing some re-thinking of home management. Just think I "get it down" and then I move to a new season of life and it all changes. Love the simple plan you offered.

  11. My weekly "schedule" is adapted from Flylady…

    Monday: Wash Day– everything washed AND put away

    Tuesday: Plan and Play Day (Menu planning and grocery list making, looking at our schedules, planning family activities, etc.)– and Flylady puts the Play day in there to remind you to do something for yourself… if you get all the planning done, you should be able to relax a bit doing something you really enjoy!

    Wednesday: Anti-Procrastination Day (Anything you have been putting off… you know what needs to be done! 😉

    Thursday: Errand Day (Try to schedule any dr. appts. for this day, anything that would make us need to be out of the house, including a trip to the market, etc.)

    Friday: Clean out car, purse and "light" general housecleaning– I like everything to try to be somewhat in order for the weekend so I can feel I can relax in peace.

    I guess all the "housecleaning" tasks end up getting done on Monday, Wednesday or Friday: floors and dusting. I do something in the bathroom each day.

  12. I love your tips. Before I started working I used to work on one major cleaning task per day. Now that I'm working full time I try to squeeze in what I can. The hubby and kidlet fill in where they can.
    I have to be organized. We very busy and if I don't put appointments on the calendar well, it's not pretty.
    Today, I forgot that I had a doctor's appt on Wed. Ugh!
    Have a great weekend.

  13. I enjoy your blog!

    My schedule:

    Monday: kitchen (it gets cleaned everyday as used, but on this day the top of the fridge gets dusted and cleaned inside & out, the cabinet fronts washed, baseboards and floors scrubbed, appliances wiped, etc…

    Tuesday: bathrooms, mending as needed

    Wednesday: Living room/main areas (dusting, windows, carpet/walls spot cleaning, cobwebs, etc.) ironing as needed

    Thursday: bedrooms and playroom (sheets washed if needed, closets tidied, dusting, etc..)

    Friday: home office, hallways, entryways/doors, laundry closet

    Saturday: vehicles and patio/porch areas

    We have photos hanging up on the back of the door in each room, which shows what the room should look like. This helps little ones when it is their chore for the day.

    We have five children, so as long as I do a load of laundry every morning, it stays under control.

    We have a daily kitchen helper schedule, a different kid each day helps with cooking and meal clean-up.

    The children also have a different daily chore.

    I still strive to stick to this schedule, but when I discipline myself to do so, life goes much smoother. It usually just takes a half hour at the beginning of the day


  14. Thank you for reminding us of this schedule at Relevant. I am using a new calendar/organizer system for the next 90 days and will be incorporating this into those plans. While I finished my degree I actually had someone come into our home and help a couple of times to keep things manageable, now I want to make sure these tasks are done each week.

  15. That's very basic, yet easy to remember! Thanks for sharing the schedule, Courtney! I'm also following an identical schedule to what you've shared here, only that we hire carpet and rugs cleaners to complete our carpet cleaning, Kansas City homemaking tasks. Why? We're so busy with our family business and cleaning our rags and carpets takes time. After all, carpet cleaning in Kansas City is simply the best!

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