Raising Your Children to Change the World

The book One Million Arrows – Raising Your Children to Change the World has just been released.

Dennis Rainey says: “One Million Arrows…casts a God-sized vision for parents who long to see their children used by God in mighty ways.”

This book is also endorsed by Franklin Graham and Josh McDowell says “One Million Arrows is a great wake-up call for parents of this generation.”

I will review this book on a post March 1st – but I wanted to share this video created for the book. It’s a quick 1 minute promo and they have included a picture of my family in the video! (We are after the word “Vision”)

I love the final statement “Leave a mark for eternity.” I pray on my knees that God would use my children and their children and their children’s children to leave a mark for eternity!

Walk with the King!


  1. I am listening to a lecture by Noel Piper about Sarah and Johnathan Edwards. She said that a man named A.E. Winship made a study of 2 families. One had been a drain on society and one was the Edwards family. He said that most of their good character and achievements were largely due to Sarah and the kind of mother she was to her 11 kids. "By the 1900's the Edwards family had produced 13 college presidents, 65 professors, 100 lawyers, 30 judges 66 physicians, 80 holders of public office, written 135 books, entered the ministry in platoons and sent 100 missionaries as well as many who served on mission boards as lay trustees".
    Amazing what the faithfulness of one mother can produce.

  2. Love the video! I cannot wait to read the book!!! That's why I love being a mom and serving in children's ministry. I want my kids to love the Lord, but I want them to grow up to be strong servants as well! They are the future of the Church!!!

  3. "Leave a mark for eternity" – such a simple statement – but so powerful. Thanks for the recommendation – I will need to check it out! Came over by way of "Coming Clean . . ."

  4. Jennifer, I've heard that before too. Amazing woman and so inspiring to be so devoted to praying for your children. Some days I am over whelmed at training my four children I can't imagine having 13 and doing all the things she did. Sarah Edwards is someone I would love to have met=)

    Sorry for hijacking your comments Courtney;-)

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