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Tasty Tuesday: The Duggar’s Tator Tot Casserole

Your family will love my verseion of this very tasty Tator Tot Casserole that was featured on The Duggars 19 and Counting. #easyrecipe #beef #tatertots #dinner
If you watch the Duggar’s Show titled 19 Kids and Counting, then you may have heard Jim Bob say this Tator Tot Casserole is his favorite! Look how simple it is with only 5 ingredients – woohoo! That’s my kind of recipe and yes – it’s good – the kids ate it! (Alexis took some coaxing but eventually she ate it lol!)
Ingredients for the Duggar’s Tator Tot Casserole:
1lb ground beef, cooked
2lb bag of tator tots (frozen)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 12oz can of evaporated milk Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then layer the ground beef first and the tator tots second (frozen) in a 9×13 pan.

Mix the soup and milk together and pour them over the meat and potatoes.

Bake them in the oven for 1 hour!

Voila! A wonderful meat and potato dish. Just add a side salad and you are set to go!


Walk with the King!


  1. WE love tater tot casserole. I make mine with sausage instead of hamburger. It is gobbled up!

    Thank you for sharing!

      1. there’s one up in Sherman and i think there’s one in Dallas not sure though…..they are making there way into Texas though

      2. We are about to get one in Corinth. Have had to shop at the one in Denton or Lewisville. Lot’s opening in Texas!

  2. We love this too and in fact just had it last week!
    What's funny is that I actually got the recipe from a friend before I ever saw it on the Duggars' show. It's a little different. We don't use the milk and we mix the soup in with the meat. Then we top it with cheddar cheese. Yum!!

    1. We’ve done this same recipe for over twenty something years published in an old church cookbook without the milk it’s great thanks for sharing

    2. That’s exactly how we make it…..I make my soup with milk and season then add browned hamburger and onions and layer with tots and cheese and every layer is the same gravy tots cheese gravy tots cheese gravy tots cheese lol

      1. Yes…this is how I just made it…..12 more minutes to go and we will try it with a hot fresh pan of biscuits!!

  3. This is a favorite among my crew as well!! I just make a simple white sauce and add onion and diced mushrooms to it instead of the soup – but that is because I never remember to buy the soups at the store LOL!!!


  4. Ooh yum, Courtney! I'm glad you posted this. My sis makes a tator tot casserole and I always love eating it. I just never asked her for the recipe. So simple! I'm definitely going to try this. My hub would love this recipe as well. He's a meat and potatoes kinda guy. He's a casserole guy too…well, he's really an anything I make kinda guy, haha. It's not too hard to please him , he's a blessing to me :-).

  5. Hey Coutney! I am a recently new follower of your blog and I'm loving it! You have really spoken to me in so many ways and I'm thankful for your thoughts and words (my husband really liked the video of intimacy with your husband… but of course!). Thank you for sharing all you do!

    Now, about that casserole… I make it as well but throw in a bag of mixed veggies and top it with cheese. Really easy and yummy!

  6. Making this for dinner tonight except I don't have all the ingredients so I'm using sausage and french fries instead 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  7. I'd like to try this. We have to watch out for Cream of ___ soups because of MSG allergies in our house. Otherwise, it sounds nummy!

    1. Donna, we are the same at my house. The book Fix, Freeze, Feast has a recipe for a white cream base that is flour, butter, chicken broth, and half and half. We’ve used it with really good success in place of and cream of whatever soups. There are other recipes floating around the internet that are very similar. And, you can freeze it too, which is nice.

  8. It's "Duggar" night at my house tonight. I'm making tator tot casserole for the first time tonight, then we'll all sit down to watch the show! 🙂

  9. It looks so good. I have been meaning to make this since I bought the Duggar's book (the recipe is in there). I would definitely jazz it up with some cheese, but I am a Wisconsin girl!

    I found your blog on Tempt My Tummy Tuesday, btw. 🙂

  10. We love tater tot casserole, too. I love all of the variations mentioned in the comments. It's a really versatile meal. YUM!

  11. i love your recipies! my hubby made me the orange julius on mothers day, i loved it! keep them coming and thanks for sharing your recipies!

  12. Wow! You all have excellent ideas of ways to change this up! Awesome – it will be fun to take this recipe and jazz it up – I can make it more often if I do it different ways lol!! Bonus!

    Erin – I'm not sure about the crockpot? but double yay for Aldis!

    Suzel – a tator tot is kinda like french fries or like shredded potatoes pushed into little balls!

  13. Hello,
    Thanks for the answer we can find some in France, so I will try this casserole.
    Thank you for sharing

  14. Tater tots are loaded with fat and the soups are loaded with salt and msg, a healthier alernative would be to use homemade shredded potatoes and homemade sauce but I guess that would defeat the easyness of the recipe. Just don't make it too often. High fat diets are linked to gallstones and coronary disease and high salt intake isn't good for your blood pressure or health either. If you start eating better when you are younger it will be easier as you age to keep doing what you are doing now. Ground low fat turkey is also a good substite for the hamburger esp if you season it up with spices (italian, hot spicy, vary for diff outcomes)

    1. I’m so glad you mentioned this because I was thinking the same thing…I love you Courtney, but this is one of the one things I do not like about the Duggars (and I really really love and appreciate they way they raise their kids and their family life) But they do NOT eat healthy. I think because feeding so many people it probably is quicker, easier, and a lot less expensive to make things like this tater tot casserole…but it’s a heart attack waiting to happen. No offense meant, just an opinion. 🙂

    2. I thought the same thing! I like the ease of the recipe and kids would love it…but health is needed! Low fat hamburger would be a good place to start…and reduced salt and fat soups. How about adding fresh onions garlic and some herbs and chopped fresh tomatoes? I love the idea of using fresh shredded potatoes. You might add 10 minutes to the meal but in the long run it is worth it!

  15. I just tried this last night… hubby asked me to throw it into the rotation of meals 🙂 Thanks!!


  16. Our version is hamburger, green beans, broccoli cheese soup, then tater tots on top so they get crispy. A family favorite!

  17. For those concerned with using tater tots, my English friend made her version “Shepherds Pie” using left over mashed potatoes and it’s great too!

  18. Like others may have noted, we add green beans in with the meat – YUM! Cheddar on top after it comes out of the oven if we have it on hand. 🙂
    Thnx for sharing this recipe!

  19. We love this! My family loves cheese, so I usually top it with loads of cheese right before it’s done cooking. We also eat it with green beans and usually french bread!

  20. I haven’t made this in so long. I will have to do that again. I made a new version with chicken for the meat. I put green beans on top of the chicken and then the tator tots and cream of chicken soup then top with cheddar cheese. Very good both ways. Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful dish.

  21. I made this for supper last night but instead of Tator Tots I used shoe string hashbrowns and I added corn and peas. It turned out amazing!! My three year old loved it! Thanks for a great recipe!

  22. I usually add corn, green beans and lima beans to this, and use ground turkey instead of beef. I wish it wasn’t 90 degrees out today, I’d totally make this tonight!

  23. We’re not mushroom fans and I loved the cheese idea so I subbed a can of cheddar cheese soup for the cream of mushroom. Meat, potatoes and cheese is the trifecta of perfection with my crew.

  24. We make this a lot but minus the milk. My husband recommend baking the tater tots first to make it crunchy. We love it. We do add green beans as a side….Easy and makes a a lot for our big family

  25. Hi Courtney!
    A friend and I did your WLW study last spring and it was a life changer. I admit it’s a constant struggle for me but I remember to forgive myself when I fall short and keep walking with the King.

    So this morning I was on Pinterest…. 😉 and saw your Tator Tot Casserole recipe. I’m from WI where we live on casseroles and hotdishes! This is our traditional family recipe our parents used to make that now my siblings and I cook for our own families. All the kids love it, especially our spouses! It is simple but hopefully just as tasty.

    Tater Tot Hotdish:
    1lb ground beef
    1 small onion
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1/2 the ’empty soup can’ of milk + 1tbsp
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
    1 small bag of frozen peas
    Salt & Pepper to taste
    1 bag of frozen Tator Tots

    Cook beef and onion until beef is well browned, stirring to break up meat. Pour off fat.

    Stir in soup, milk, Worcestershire, peas, salt & pepper. Pour into 9 X 13 baking pan.

    Top tater tots evenly in rows over the hamburger mixture. (the more the better!).

    Bake @400 degrees uncovered for about 40 minutes or until tater tots are golden brown.
    Serve with buttered bread, & ketchup for the kiddos.
    Enjoy! 🙂

  26. Eva,
    That’s exactly how we made it in the 70s and we loved it.

    Now, I wouldn’t dare eat this way anymore but my love of this old favorite was calling (especially after seeing this post- I don’t watch TV) so I made it this way:

    browned half low fat ground beef and ground turkey
    browned 1 small chopped onion with the meat above
    drained fat from meat and added to 9X12 pan
    added 1-2 cup fresh sliced mushrooms
    added 1/2 c frozen peas
    lightly salt and pepper and stirred in 2 cloves chopped garlic
    made in saucepan: basic white sauce (as someone posted above) added 1TBL worcestershire and my left-over beef broth (about 1/2- 2/3 c)
    topped with 2-3 layers of thinly sliced potatoes (au gratin style) and lightly salted the top.

    It wasn’t the old casserole – but it was really a tasty and healthier homage to the old 70s version.

  27. our favorite casserole ever! I use one can of cheddar cheese soup for a bit of the cheesy taste and once in awhile use bacon. Enjoy!

  28. Has anyone tried this with french onion? My boyfriend is not a fan of cream mushroom, I can usually switch the two in certain recipes and he loves it.

  29. Really a lot of Carbs, wouldn’t be healthy for DIABETICS at all !
    There wouldn’t be anyway to fix it for a diabetic so they didn’t get the carbs… What I fix for myself I fix for my kids, try to teach them early to watch their diet, and make healthier decisions, even at the grocery store they are given a choice, sometimes I let them slip in things they would want, got to let them feed their sweet tooth sometimes… But as a concerned parent and granparent I try to influence good choices…

  30. I am going to make this tonight. Just going to make as directed in recipe because I’ve done the add mixed vegetables or peas thing to several recipes and it ends up just making it gross imo. So we will have veggies sides. ????

    1. Yes, Ashley, I agree as well! What’s wrong with green beans on the side? Then I can enjoy the full flavor from them and the full flavor of the casserole as is. Sometimes mixing extra ingredients in doesn’t do the dish any justice.

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